Top 11 Jewelry Manufacturers USA

Are you starting your business, or are you just trying to spice up things for your store? Well, you have come to the right page. If you look around, you will notice that there are thousands of manufacturers worldwide, but today, we are only interested in the USA’s ones.

Whether you want to partner with some of them or look for one with a particular jewel of your dream, you will have the suggestions. We only bring you the best you can use to search for some of the best jewels below.

1. Custom fashion jewels


Here you have one of the best fashion jewel manufacturers. And they will make your design dream jewel unique for you to enjoy the different pieces. The good thing is that they will even package it for you, ready to go into your store and sell.

These manufacturers are America’s greatest silver, diamond, gold, and even brass jewelry manufacturers. Sometimes all you need is a one-stop-shop where you can do all the things you need at once. Well, this is also the site to visit all at once.

Here you will have the quality jewels at the perfect pricing, and they deliver everything on time. Of course, with the happy staff, you can rest assured that your orders will come to you on time.

Whether you want them to cater to your small scale business or large scale one, you don’t have to worry. This site can do it quickly.

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2. MKM jewelry


This one is ideal for those in LA or its surrounding. This manufacturing company is here to serve you well.

Their concrete aim is to bring creativity, elegance, and the best pricing of the jewels you need for your shop. This is one of the best and reputable jewelry manufacturing companies in the country. They often go above and beyond to make sure you receive the best jewels as per your requirements.

Some jewelers aren’t even attentive, but that’s not the story here as they maintain the keenness. That’s why they have been in business for a long. When you want a society with the right technology to deliver only the best jewels, this is the place.

They are further equipped with the state of the art equipment you need for jewelry manufacturing. If you, therefore, check their review online, you can be sure it finds only the positive ones, which is why you want to work with them.

For the environment friends, this is the site to use as they only follow the protocols to sustain the environment. You can be sure to get the best jewels from this Los Angeles company.

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3. Stuller


If you like to have a vast majority of options to choose from, this is the place to go. You will find all kinds of jewels, but most importantly, they sell even high-end options. Matt Stuller’s curiosity into jewelry during his teen years led to the birth of a jewelry passion.

With passion, he came up with this shop to create the perfect relationship between the customer and the client. Fifty years later and many awards to show this is a trusted company that will only give you the best jewel you need to sell.

With his focus on making sure he takes good care of the employees, he has had a successful career in creating all the unique jewels you can think of.

You will find a wide variety of products to choose the best one that works for you. Whether you want fine jewelry, finding metals, gemstones, diamonds, or tools, you will have it here. Or maybe you are looking for the best cutter, stone setting, and custom imprinting; you will have it here.

You can have so much from this single site that if you have a jewelry business, I believe you must be knowing about this brand already.

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4. The Welman group


For those living in Maryland, this is the wholesale jewelry site to visit. They like to make stainless steel and sterling silver jewels. So if you are in the business of selling only the two metals, you will find this company to be of importance to you.

Of course, they will offer you competitive prices and keep you coming to give you massive discounts. This site is also ideal for you if you are looking for a site to dropship for.

Welman Group is a successful company, and you can attest to that since they have been in business for such a long time. I like the site for one; they offer a wide range of options at a reasonable rate.

So you have an online store where you can find all the different kinds of jewel you would like. These jewels, you know, come in varying styles. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, you can have the right jewels here.

The process of finding the right jewels from the site is further much easier. Here you will have the expertise offering you their quality service.

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5. Au enterprise INC


For over thirty years, this brand has worked to deliver only the best jewels. This company, though, is best known for casting, CAD, and CAM. With the upcoming businesses more focused on the environment, this is the one manufacturing site that cares for the environment.

This company is more involved in the industrial aspect to ensure they only produce the best jewels. It’s easy to maneuver the site when you are looking for a particular style of jewel. This company further has a lot more customers. They will always deliver the state of the art jewelry.

When you want a multimillion-dollar company that focuses more on delivering the best jewelry, then this is the site to visit as they never disappoint. For over 25 years, this company has created some of the best looking customer jewelry products.

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6. Casting house


For peace of mind with your different styles of jewels, consider this brand. There’s a reason why hundreds of jewelers only believe in casing houses because they will always find the different kinds of jewels they want.

So they lift the heavy work for you, making sure you only get the best custom made jewels. Here you have a set of jewel professionals who will only buy from you some of the very best jewels. They work hard to show you that they sell the best quality jewels only.

They will design the best-looking jewels and manufacture them as they make sure you have the perfect finish with the jewels. When all you focus on is the custom-made jewels, you will be better at going to this site. This is for those who want to deliver the perfect prototype design.

If you want, you can go to their site in Chicago to see the best jewels. To understand what we mean, you should check it out today. They have several options you can try and even if you wanted to use them for weddings.

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7. Digital jewelry technology


Here you have a premier jewelry designer but also great manufacturers. It gets its name ‘the digital jewel technology’ because of the digital jewels. All the jewels are made here using digital technology.

The founders of this company have over 100years of experience. They were Italian craftsmen and artists today; they continue to produce unique and stylish jewels for the other retailers to buy. They only sell high-quality products making sure their clients keep working with them.

You can only expect the A grade quality product from this site. They further make sure they only deliver high-quality products, which means they sell the best-looking jewelry. You will find the rings the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and just about any jewels, you need to use. The good thing, though, is that you can also find the medals if you lie.

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8. Atlanta jewelry supply


Here is another jewelry supply company you may consider. You will find them here when you are looking for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and all other jewels. They mostly focus on creating stainless steel jewels. This is one of the most common manufacturers of jewels.

They mostly focus on bringing to you the jewels you order and on time. You can even personalize the jewel choices, remember. If you like inscribed jewels, you are lucky because you have them here. This is the site to go for if you also intend to choose the religious jewels as they sometimes even make crucifixes.

The company is in Atlanta to serve those who mainly live there. If you know when to shop though, you will make better sales.

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9. Evershiny jewelry


One of the best manufacturers that will focus on jewelry marketing in America and jewelry selling in other countries. Buying from this site means buying from the best because they bring together some of the best world-renowned craftsmen. Their aim is always to utilize creativity by some of the very best buyers.

You will, in fact, find the very best buyers that last for ages. They are also focusing on upcoming trends, which can only mean that they sell to you up-to-date jewels.

The creativity of this company will amaze you as each year they create 2500 new designs. Understand that it doesn’t matter the kind of jewels you are looking for because when you come to this site, you will always find the ones you would like to have.

You will like the fact that they have over 96 brands that trust them. They further aim to deliver some of the best jewels while saving the environment. They recycle metals like silver. It’s easy to associate with them because they allow you to visit their site and discuss your projects. This will also give you the exact idea of what you would like.

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10. LA jewelry manufacturing


The name shows you exactly where the jewelry company is the famous LA. For about 30 years, they have made it their business to manufacture the very best looking and creative jewels. Additionally, over the years, they have gotten ahold of the market, and they, therefore, handle massive and small-scale clients as well.

The company has sustained its image by holding the image of excellence. They also offer you the highest standards of jewels. This means it’s one of the best options you can use at any time. They are the best when it comes to creating custom jewels. They will always create for you whether you have a small or large business.

It doesn’t matter what you need them to do for you regarding jewelry; they will do it and do it correctly. Even when you want them to make that keen to detail piece of jewel, they will comfortably do so. Whenever you are thinking of a custom design, think LA.

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11. We silver jewelry


Here is your most trusted company to sell your unique jewels. Although they are based in the US, they have their factory in Thailand. That’s where you will find all the unique styles of jewel that you can use for the different events.

They are the most trusted, and although they pose as wholesalers, they are also great manufacturers. So the name shows you that it’s a team of employees that will also show you some of their best services. They have production workers and designers who aim to make sure you get what you want and on time.

Notice that all of them are qualified in the field they go to. And notice that shopping with this brand has never been this easy. Visit the site for ideas.

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The best place to find the manufactures for your jewels is not in a far of country rather just here. Take your time though to choose the best manufacturer that will make the best jewels just for you. The ones we have shown you here are the best and well known sites across America.

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