Jewelry Metals – Metals For Jewelry Making

Well, the one thing that determines the perfection of your jewelry is the perfect metals. But remember we can’t use all the metals. Depending on the kind of jewel you want to create, you have various metals to work with.

Of course, jewelers’ have tried to create jewels from any kind of metals successfully.

Today we have a list of jewels metals you can use to make the ones you like quickly.

This article will help you choose the best metal that will work for you.

The most precious ones



No metal will capture your heart the way gold does. Since time immemorial, people have valued gold for their jewels. This metal is one of those you have to blend with other metals if you want to mold it.

Gold is very soft, and it will not retain the shape you create by itself. This is why jewelers create the alloys to make it manageable and robust. The alloys they form include white gold, rose, and yellow gold.

White gold: here, you will make the silvery-white color that you mostly see over the rhodium plating. It features an alloy of different metals: silver and palladium or nickel, copper, and zinc. Some jewelers use the palladium or rhodium coating for even more shine and durability. So then remember the coating will peel off, and you should then re-dip it.

Yellow gold: naturally, gold is yellow, but like silver, you can’t make it manageable unless you mix it with other metals. You can use silver or copper to make it manageable while making its color vibrant.  It will also be durable and easy to shape too.

Rose gold: well, you can also have the pinkish gold color. For this one, you will add copper to the gold, and the color will be pinker if it has more copper.

Lastly, the gold jewel’s hallmark will tell you how much gold you have in the alloy. The karats will show you how much gold was used. The higher the karat, the more the amount of gold was used. Always go for the ones between 18-22 karats.

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Platinum necklace2

This is another one of the most precious metals, and it has a silver-white color. It came to popular existence back in the early years of the 20th century. Today it’s popularly used for engagement rings and wedding rings.

Although it’s pricey, these metals will not be affected by the weather changes. You won’t experience corrosion, fading, or even corrosion.

This, therefore, says that Platinum is durable yet reliable. The primary reason why it’s still very pricey is that it’s a rare type of metal

It’s a top choice for most people who want to invest in a high-end metal because it doesn’t cause skin allergies. Platinum is a blend of all the goodness.

Sometimes jewelers create alloys with metals that look like Platinum. You will find an alloy of rhodium, iridium, palladium, ruthenium, or osmium with Platinum.

Notice that for the platinum jewel to be considered pure Platinum, it should have up to 90% platinum. Any lesser percentage we classify under the platinum alloy. But you would understand why people use alloys, right? Platinum is rarer than even gold.

You will enjoy its luster because you will minion it through the time you have it. This piece is harder than most metals.

People like it for engraved jewels because the words will be more visible. Now you will know the piece is a platinum piece if it has a PLAT indication.

Sterling silver

This is another one that’s readily available compared to the ones above. In the past, people valued silver even more than gold. And although today they value gold more, it is still one of the most loved metals, and since it’s readily available, it’s cheaper than most other options.

925 sterling silver

Again like gold jewelers, you can’t use pure silver to make the jewels.  Silver is very soft, and therefore you have to create alloys for it to work. The most preferred one though is this sterling silver with 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

It’s always shiny and always comes as white gray or bright white color. Notice that sterling silver will tarnish quickly, so you have to securely store it if you want it to serve you over a longer time.

Also, be sure to polish and clean it frequently. Lucky for you then you won’t need to spend a lot on the same.

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Other metals

As alternatives to the above favorite and expensive options, you will find the ones below.

Stainless steel

Today stainless steel is one of the most common metals but especially the surgical steel type. It’s a cheaper way to wear a silver-like jewel.

People like it because it’s durable and can use for almost any kind of ornament. This is the most prevalent metal you will find at home.

Stainless Steel chain 1

People use them in the kitchen, in the cars, and also for jewels. It’s more popularly used for watches.

People mostly like it because it won’t even corrode. Jewelers love to use the 316L or 304 stainless steel. This one comes in a silvery-white color, but you will also enjoy the mirror-like finish. It’s easy to clean; it’s durable yet scratch-resistant too.

The only problem is that some of the stainless steel metal will cause skin irritation, mostly because of the nickel presence.

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Titanium 1


It’s one of the hardest metals available, yet jewelers can use it to make some of the best jewels. You can make the jewels with pure titanium without adding more metals for an alloy creation.

The best part is that people are using them for the most important occasions of their lives today too. Notice that it has a silvery-white metallic color. Furthermore, it’s a blend of all the goodness. It’s durable yet scratch resistant and won’t tarnish. You won’t have it corrode either.

Did you know that titanium though strong, is very light? The men mostly prefer it for their jewels though even women use it. Since it’s very strong, you can make it a piece to wear daily.

It’s versatile, and therefore, you can use it for bracelet necklaces and other types of jewels.

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Some people don’t classify it as a metal by itself because it’s in the platinum class of metal. The good thing then is that it’s cheaper than Platinum yet one of the best options you can use. Also, it’s readily available; thus, the price is lower.

When you use this metal for the jewels, you don’t need to make alloys. However, to ensure you are buying an authentic piece, just buy the piece with 950 palladiums. They will sometimes mix it with 5% ruthenium.


This is one of the common options in the market. And if you ask whether we are talking of the same cobalt we use on the jet air crafts, then yes it is. Cobalt is harder than stainless steel and even titanium.

Cobalt is a favorite because of the best features that come with it. It’s safe to use, and yet it’s scratch-resistant. Did you know that sometimes they use it in reconstructive surgeries? This makes it one of the safest metals to use.

This metal features a blend of copper and nickel, which then makes it not so ideal for those with nickel sensitivity.


This means heavy stone in Swedish and literary it’s a heavy stone. But it varies in appearance so it can be confusing for some people. It can be in white or steel grey—people like it for its high tensile strength.

Tungsten ring

If you want a metal that will never lose its shine and need you to polish it from time to time, you have it in tungsten. It’s hypoallergenic, making it ideal for even those with skin allergies.

While you will like it, the problem is that you can never resize it when you need to. Therefore you may have to make a new ring if the one you ordered didn’t fit.

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Precious metal clay

The advantage is, you can have the metal coming to you at different prices, thus suiting the various markets. It mixes parts of silver, gold, and Platinum to create such an excellent quality alloy.

Therefore, it has a pliable clay-looking alloy, and that’s why it has such a name. You can shape it to whichever style you like. Don’t forget its readily available option.


The meteorite is one of the most common metals that makes jewels today. It features the use of metal remains that are found on the surface of the earth.

The meteorite is either iron, stony-iron, or stony. You can use this metal to create the most favorite pendants. Notice though that these rust are easy, so sometimes they use alloys to make the jewels durable.

Things to consider when choosing the metals

You will need to check the factors that matter to you. What would you like to have?

Which one matters the most to you: the cost or the value?

One thing you should consider is that if the metal is rare, then it will be costly. Often the precious metals are also the valuable ones, and of course, that means they will cost you a lot more.

We prefer to use Platinum and gold, but unfortunately, you may have to spend a lot more than you have budgeted for. Remember though that the market demand will influence the price so you may sometimes buy it cheaper than it often is. Just check the demand, and if it’s high, then the price is high.

The truth is that it will be hard to balance the value with cost. This is because the higher the value, the higher the price. Confirm that it meets your demands at the right price.

Is it hypoallergenic?

While this may not mean that it won’t cause the skin reaction, it will minimize the allergies. So you should confirm that the metal will not cause any chemical reactions before you buy it. To be safe, maybe you should only purchase metals with a high purity level.

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If the metal you are choosing contains nickel, it will most definitely cause reactions. Sometimes copper too causes skin allergies.


You will find that some metals may be durable but will scratch when subjected to harsh conditions. You want to avoid such, especially if they are costly. It doesn’t matter if it’s durable, and it’s easily affected by a simple scratch since that will cause damage. Choose those that won’t even dent easily.

What about care and maintenance?

Before choosing your dream piece, maybe the question to ask is: are you looking for the ones that focus on too much care to maintain the shine? Or the easy to care for types? This then will let you choose the right metals just for you.

Notice that sterling silver is beautiful with the perfect shine, but you have to take care of it to maintain the shine.

On the other hand, Platinum and palladium are shiny, but you don’t have to spend time cleaning it.

Have you thought about the weight?

I know what you are thinking, the weight? Yes, some metals are hefty and are only good for you if you don’t mind the weight. If it’s heavy, then the jewel will not be for everyday wear.

Metals like titanium are very light, but if you choose Platinum, for example, you can expect it to be heavier than gold by over 40%


The most crucial factor is in this. No one wants to buy a metal that they can only use once and then discard it. Choose the right metal that matches the cost. I like those that can last for even decades.

Whats your style?

The main factor of concern is the style you are choosing. They will show you personal expression. If you like a professional look, go for more professional jewels over casual ones.


You may have a metal that is your personal favorite, but as long as it’s rare then it’s unreliable. It will take you too much time to find it. Unfortunately, even when you do, the cost may be way too high.

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