Jewelry Plating – Know The Different Types Of Plating

Creating jewels is artistic, and there are so many styles available to make different styles of jewels. The most common method of making jewels is jewelry plating.

Put this is the process where you place another layer of metal over the base metal. The essence is to make it look better and give it a high-end feel.

The best example of plating is white gold jewels. Notice that gold is yellow, but with gold, palladium, and nickel, these metals appear silvery.

However, since the metal is sometimes yellowish and non-hypoallergenic, most people use rhodium plating to make it colorful and shiny.

Why do people use jewelry plating?

Jewelry plating, although very delicate, is a people’s favorite. It’s all because of the following reasons.

  • It’s cheap

You may want to buy the gold jewels, but you can’t afford them now; in such instances, therefore it’s okay to use gold plating. You will have the same shine and fine look. It will give you the same glow and colors as gold, silver, or platinum.

  • Readily available

Unlike the precious stones that are scarce, jewelry plating is relatively standard, especially since it’s cheaper to use. So you don’t have to search in vain for it.

  • They still look good.

They maintain the perfect look as long as you sustain them. They have the ideal features of high-end metals. Even though they will still look like real metal, you must remember that the peeling will soon peel off.

They will give you the perfect precious metal look, especially if you intend only to use them for a day.

  • You look elegant

When you like high-end jewels, but at the moment you don’t have the funds for the same, you can use plated jewels.

Types of jewelry plating


The name here explains it in the easiest way for you to understand it. You can therefore use the electric current to coat the metal surfaces. This method you will use on almost any metal. Some people prefer to use it with their sterling silvers.

Note that the kind of coating you therefore use will determine the durability of the metals.

Ion plating

It’s the physical vapor deposition process. The next step is then to create a bonding agent using an electric charge. It does have a significant benefit that you don’t have to invest in maintaining the jewels with this method.

It will deliver an easy cleaning process where you can use soap and water. So you don’t want to damage the jewels.

Ion plating is hypoallergenic. It’s not like most other plating methods that cause hypoallergenic reactions.

Gold plating

You can use the plating method on almost any item, and gold plating is the most common style they use.

Do you know you can even use this method on costume jewelry? You can use it for jewelry with plating as well. So the easiest way is to plate it with gold.

Gold plating ring

So the best way to go about it is to repair the jewel of all the dents first before you even start to plate it. Next, then you can put the layers of gold over the metal. This is the ideal choice if you have metals that you are sure won’t get scratched heavily.

If the metals go through hard labor or friction, they will still have the perfect plating. Notice that you can also have the rose gold plating.

Rose gold plating

Some people refer to this as pink gold. It features gold and copper, but in most cases, we use 18K gold. In this case, you can use the rose gold metal to plate the base jewel. Of course, gold plating is a favorite regardless of the kind of gold you are using for the process.

rose Gold plating Bracelet

Unfortunately, this doesn’t last as long, and that’s why most people don’t use it as such. However, if you will use the hard rose gold plating, you can be sure it will serve you for longer. It will, in fact, offer you the perfect finish for any base metals.

Silver plating

In most cases, when you are using the silver for the plating, then we use 100% pure silver over the base metal. The best way to go about it is to choose the perfect thickness just for you.

silver plated Bracelet

Often it will deliver the right protection against scratches while making it look perfect. You will need to select the level of consistency you would like for either side of the jewel.

In most cases, the plating used is the e-coating method.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating is one of the most common methods of plating just because it uses the white plating method. It will appear nicely shiny, and people like it more because it will mostly prevent tarnishing and corrosion. You will find that the thickness ranges from 0.5 microns to 2.3 microns.

Rhodium plating necklace

However, if you want it to serve you longer, it’s best to choose an even thicker plating. You will like its glitter and dazzling shine as well as the mirror-like finish.

Of all the different plating styles, rhodium plating is the best because it will make the jewels stand out. It will increase the durability of the jewels, making them serve you longer.

Sadly, although it’s perfect, it will often wear off with time. You should take good care of it if you want it to serve you longer. You will have the perfect sheen that no other plating delivers.

Chrome plating

This is where you use the method to attain the finishing for the electroplating where the chromium is used to make the perfect finish.

It’s the application of chromium to the base metal that gives it a mirror-like finish.

Chrome plating Bracelet

It’s best if you are going to use the nickel. It’s best to use the thicker version of the plating if you want to have it serve you longer.

Ruthenium plating

Ruthenium plating is one of the very best options that work for jewels and other tools like kitchen gadgets. People like it the most because it’s resistant to corrosion and scratches.


This method will, therefore, protect it from oxidation, scratches, and corrosion. This is the reason why the jewels with ruthenium plating last even longer. If you know the black nickel finish, this is almost the same style and color but with a harder finish.

The plating features the use of a chemical and durable finish. With it, therefore, you can prevent scratches and abrasions on the surface.

The best feature is that you can avoid the oxidation and discoloring of the jewels.

Is jewelry plating good

The jewelry plating is useful, especially if you find good-looking options. They make you wear the high-end-looking jewel while spending just a little amount. Often they are safe, and they prevent tarnishing and many other effects.

The downside to jewel plating

  • It’s not durable

It looks perfect for your different looks, but the truth is that it will not last as long. Remember, it’s a layer of plating that’s sometimes very thin.

Anything that triggers it, therefore, will lead to its peeling off. Nonetheless, learn to take good care of it if you want it to serve you longer.

  • It’s not water-resistant.

Sometimes you may forget and go into the water with your jewels. If you do so with your plated jewel, then it will peel off. Remember, it has just a thin layer of plating, which can therefore come off in the water. So you aren’t allowed to use the plated ones in the water.

  • Most of the plated jewels will tarnish.

Of course, it will mostly tarnish when the base metals finally seep through the plating. Although when you have a nice thick layer, then it will take longer to start the tarnishing.

  • It will chip off

With time the plated jewels will start to chip off, and unfortunately, you can’t prevent it. You can only delay it, though. Since you will have just a few layers of the metal plating, you will realize that it just starts chipping, and when that happens, you must re-plate it.

  • It’s of lower value

Of course, it’s not the real deal, so as you would expect, your will expect its value is lower. People who like the high end may not feel as great in them.

Well, it’s cheaper, which is the reason why people use it, but otherwise, it may not give you the perfection and value you would like.

Things to consider when buying the plated jewels

  • Do you know the jewels?

There are hundreds of plated jewels styles, but you can’t take just any type and expect it to serve your needs. Check out the plating method and the thickness. You should know its durability and if it will cause any form of allergens.

Before you go buying it, therefore, understand the language of the jewelry. You will get the one that uniquely serves you if you take the time to research them.

Here you should factor in your taste preference, and that will give you the perfect solution for the jewels to buy.

  • Where will you buy the jewels?

I know the plated jewels are more readily available than any other style of jewels. But then there’s a difference between the plated ones and the coated ones.

Sometimes you will have the jewels being coated and not plated. This is why you should buy your plated jewels from reputable jewelers.

Although you will find that most of the jewels sell at a high price, you’re sure you won’t be scammed in buying the plated jewels.

  • Have a budget

I know the plated jewels are never that expensive, but it’s best to have your budget still. You don’t want to spend a lot on something you would spend lesser.

With the budget, you can search for the kind of jewel that will satisfy you. This process will always make you stop buying things on impulse.

  • Check the plated jewels.

Even though it’s plated, it still has to make specific quality standards. No one wants to buy jewels that they will only wear once. Check out the nitty-gritty to see that it’s not in a poor state because if it is, you will soon damage it.


So how long will the plating last?

It’s hard to give you a definite answer to this because it will mostly depend on the care you give it when all factors are held constant. Remember that the thickness of the plating matters as well as how often you wear it. Also, the environment you subject it to matters.

Are plated jewels real?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve answered this question. Although we use the real jewel, the metals that make the plating are not the whole metal component. The gold, silver, or rhodium is in its lowest amount.

If it’s a plated ring, can I resize it?

Most of the jewels you buy today are resizable but not plated ones. If you resize the jewel, then you will damage the shape and style of the jewel. The first thing that happens is that your plating layer starts to chip or flake off. If you are therefore going to buy the plated ring, then you should choose the size that fits you best.

Are the plated jewels worth anything?

If you are going to buy real jewel metals, you can be sure it’s expensive. The gold-plated ones are great and worth a few times use even though they have no intrinsic value. You will still look your best even if you use the plated jewels.

Can I clean and polish them?

Of course, you can clean and polish your plated jewels. That’s the only way you get it looking as shiny and lustrous as you bought it.

Back to you

Now you know everything about the different types of plating. Which one will you choose from the ones discussed above?

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