7 Best Men’s Septum Jewelry Of 2020

The world is changing rapidly, and gone are the days when men shied away from using different body jewels. Today they use all the different kinds but particularly the septum one. Now they won’t wear the same septum jewel women and girls wear. The market has some best suited for the men.

When you are going for a specific function, and you would like to attain a classic and edgy look, you can use the septum jewels. Today we will show you some of the best choices to use.

More celebs are wearing the septum jewels and other types of jewels today. From Zayn Malik to Chris brown, the use of septum jewels is nothing new.

We could name up to a hundred celebrities who wear the jewels, which is why more people embrace them to date.

Different men wear jewel differently. Some will wear it small with a slight accessory while others will wear it barely noticeable, and others make it large and thick.

For each of them, it could represent their confidence level.

They like to use the ball captive rings; others decide to use the bull ring.

The origin of septum jewelry in men

Septum piercing for men originated from the warrior traditions of native America, Papua New Guinea, and pacific islanders.

men with Septum ring

In the recent past, we have just had the septum piercing being related to the punk people of America. This is why today, more men in the west rock the septum piercing among other styles.

Why do men wear the septum piercing?

Contrary to what you would generally believe, they are making the piercing for the women they aren’t. Of course, we always want to look good, but it may not always be about the girls.


Sometimes the men want to rebel, maybe against the parents who are strict with them. Or even when society is dictating their lives.

To stand out

Who doesn’t like to stand out? We want to look gorgeous in a crowd but also visible. This is especially true for a celebrity going to different events.

You feel like it looks good.

The only reason anyone wants to wear the septum jewel is that they know they look the best. This will make it easy to amplify your look as you stand out. It will always give you an edgy look.

 Jewseen Clear Gem Vampire Bat H

JEWSEEN Clear Gem Vampire Bat Halloween Hinged Segment Ring Tear CZ Daith Earring Helix Tragus Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

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Here you have one of the most versatile hoop rings. You can use it for the nipple, ear, septum, and many other parts of your body. Coming in at a 16G means it will fit in almost any kind of piecing hole most securely.

The bat addition to the piercing makes it more masculine. It features the use of high-quality surgical steel, which also means that it contains no nickel, and it, therefore, won’t cause a skin reaction to you. It’s ideal for you if you experience skin reactions because this is hypoallergenic.

Notice that it’s easy to open and close too. It’s further easy to clean, yet it will make it easy for you to heal your piercing fast.

It will make a perfect gift for your loved ones.  Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find this piece useful.

ORANGELOVE Hypoallergenic Nose Rings

ORANGELOVE 10mm Nose Rings 10 Gauge Black Nose Ring Hoop 10g Cartilage Earring Surgical Steel Helix Earring Conch Earrings Lip Rings Labret Jewelry Lobe Earrings for Women Men Nose Piercing Jewelry

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Although we refer to it as a nose ring, this pierce will work for the nose septum and sometimes even your ears. The piece is further easy to open and close in place. But the style and color also give you a masculine vibe.

It will always give you a smooth surface, making it easy for your piercing to heal faster. Made using surgical steel, this piece is safe to use since it doesn’t have nickel or lead, otherwise causing the reactions. You will like the fact that you don’t need to worry about allergies.

They look stylish and fun for the different sexes, but you will like it most for its durability. Check the charts to make sure you choose the right size for you.

Ftovosyo 20pcs 14G 16G Clear Flexible Septum Retainer Plastic & Surgical Steel Nose Septum Ring 

Ftovosyo 20pcs 14G Clear Flexible Septum Retainer Plastic & Surgical Steel Nose Septum Ring Piercing Jewelry for Women Men Bioflex Silver-Tone Rose Gold Black

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This is a piece that you can use for both men and women. Some of the pieces are made using plastic, while others feature the use of surgical steel. Both metals are excellent choices for you when you want to try out a different yet unique style.

Notice that you have the multicolored jewels to make sure you can change them as much as you want to. Besides, they come to you at a reasonable price for the quality they give.

These pieces don’t cause any skin reactions, and they are lightweight. You will have it lasting long since it’s durable. These pieces are comfy to wear over your piercing. Also, the pieces are further great to use on a day to day basis.

They retain the color, and you will enjoy the craft. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman; you will find that it serves you well.

 SCERRING 12PCS 316L Stainless Steel 16G Circular Barbells

SCERRING 16G Nose Hoop Rings 316L Stainless Steel Circular Barbells Septum Eyebrow Lip Ear Tragus Horseshoe Hoop Rings Piercing Jewelry with Balls & Spikes 12mm 12PCS

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The barbell is excellent since they come in different colors. Everyone will therefore find the one jewel that matches the8ir style. Again these options are great because they are made using surgical steel, which is not only durable; it’s safe.

You can trust Sceering brand to be one of the best brands that will always give you nothing but the best. They are free of nickel and lead, which means you can use it even if you are skin sensitive. Here you have the pieces with just the right size of the arrow and the ball.

This is the best solution if you will sometimes hide the jewel or, better yet, flip it.

16G CZ Crystal Centered Stainless Steel Hinged Segment Ring for Septum

16G CZ Crystal Centered Stainless Steel Hinged Segment Ring for Septum, Nostril, Lip, and Ear Piercings 5/16' (8mm)

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Here is another one of the best quality captive rings. Notice that this option has the ball that will fit in between the ends. The septum ring won’t require any threading for the jewels. Although you may find it hard to secure the bead in place when you are using a captive ring, setting it right makes it look classy.

This is ideal for different kinds of piercings, including the different parts of the body, like the septum, the ears, and the lip together with a nipple.

It comes in a 16G thickness size, and the cubic zirconia is th4e perfect addition to the septum jewel, remember.

Lacey Single Opal 16g Septum Hanger Clip On Non No Piercing

16GA Lacey Single Synthetic Opal Clip On Fake Non No Piercing Septum Hanger Ring (White)

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If you like the septum piercing, but you still don’t want to pierce the nose, you can use a faux to achieve a similar style or look.

This is further the easiest way to know whether you will look good in a septum ring or not. This crown-like style is even better. Remember only to choose the right size because often, the ring will start to fall off. It may just embarrass you in the crowd, so be sure to choose the one that fits you perfectly.

Dyknasz 11-14Pcs 14G-16G Surgical Steel Septum Clicker

Dyknasz 11Pcs 14G Surgical Steel Septum Clicker Ring Seamless Lip Daith Cartilage Helix Tragus Hoop Ring for Women Men 10MM Black

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This is a unisex kind of clicker septum. This is a set of different options. Remember, it brings to the captive retainer and the clicker as well. The color is what makes it suit the men to. It features the use of high-quality stainless steel. Furthermore, it’s hypoallergenic, making it free of nickel and other toxic chemicals.

This jewel will maintain high standards. They remain perfectly polished, and that will also fit your piercing correctly. This piercing is ideal for those with sensitive skin too.

The buying Guide

It should be masculine

Although you are buying the septum jewel this time, it’s not for the women but for the men. Remember, the shops have so many feminine options. Here, therefore, you should buy the one that looks more masculine, like the options you see above. Alternatively, only choose the ones that are designed for the men.

Check the material

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying it from the men or the women. The requirement is the same. Make sure the jewel material is safe to use. Don’t go for the ones that will cause skin reactions. Remember, there will be metals with nickel, or sometimes they aren’t even hypoallergenic.

Sometimes it may indicate that the jewel is hypoallergenic, but it doesn’t always mean it won’t cause skin reactions. The level of the reactions is, however, lower.

Always check the size.

You are only safe when you choose the right size of your jewel. Notice that they will come in different styles just as much as they come in different sizes. You may not know your exact size at first, but soon you will know the right one that suits you best.

It depends on how you want to wear it because the one you expect to use or your daily wear should fit you just right. You can also choose the one dainty type of jewel too. You can set it aside to choose a dramatic look when going out.

The fashion

Septum rings are stylish, so they don’t have to be boring looking. Every once in a while, you can get one of a kind jewel to make you stand out. I mean, be creative with your style with the sole intention to stand out in terms of elegance.

The high-quality choice is the best.

If you want to benefit from these kinds of jewels, you will need to choose high-quality options. Check to confirm that they are made using the best material and that they say it’s durable. Sometimes the price may be higher but if it’s worth it, then still buy it.

Whats your budget?

You should have a set price to guide you to the right septum piercing. They will come to you at a great price. Have a range and then go to the market to see what’s there at your range.

Remember to read the reviews.

If you are going to buy the jewels online, the reviews will be your only guide. They show you whether to trust the jewel or not. Remember only to seek advice from the verified purchaser, though.

Read the description

Depending on where you will buy the jewels, you will have the product giving you a detailed description. If, for example, you buy the jewel from Amazon, you can be sure to have the seller explain everything to you. When you, therefore, understand the product, you can go out to buy it then.

My top pick

Jewseen Clear Gem Vampire Bat Halloween Hinged

I like this one of all the jewels you find here because it gives me more of the masculine vibe. But you will find that it’s also safe to use yet easy to wear. Remember, it’s further not costly. If you bought this jewel, then you know you will have it for a long time.

Drawbacks to wearing septum jewel


While you may have fully embraced your jewel, society may still struggle with it. Be ready to experience judgment. This is the point where I usually say you should develop thick skin. What you like is what matters. If someone criticizes you based on how they want you to look, then that’s up to them.

Its hard to clean it.

When we are talking about a new piercing, I must say it’s hard to clean it. Remember, most of the time; you aren’t supposed to move it, which will mean it’s hard to keep it clean.

Some jewels are hard to remove

Although you may just enjoy the clickers, you should remember that it’s going to be hard to set it in place and remove it. Take your time, though, when handling the jewel on your nose.

Where will you buy the jewel?

Now that you know which one to buy where you intend to buy it matters too. Amazon is the best place to source the jewels. You will have a wide range of options, yet the reviews further guide you to the right jewels or not. Take your time to read the reviews to make the final decision.

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