Top 27 Most Expensive Jewelry You May Want To Know

Do you love jewelry so much you would buy them at any price? Some gemstones are not only about the color, shine, and brightness; they are also rare. This is why they are sold at way higher prices.

Notice though that like we say, expensive jewels are very hard to get, and you will often just find them in select places.

Prepare to spend millions of dollars on the same because the stone you see here is invaluable. In this article, we are showing you the most expensive jewelry.

1. The most valuable diamond and platinum brooch in the world

The diamond and platinum brooch of Larry and Lucille bell were both presented to Larry bell but in secret.

This happened in 1942 by King Peter II who was King of Yugoslavia but also was the “godson” of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I of Great Britain. At the time, they also delivered a silver bullet brooch to Larry.

The brooch was supposed to symbolize the cooperation between Great Britain and America. The collaboration happened during world war two.

To date, this brooch is still some of the most valuable items in the aviation field. It’s a national treasure. For a long time, these pieces were held in a secret bank with the only persons having access to them being the lawyers.

They were also in the care of bell helicopters founder Lawrence Dale Bell. This diamond is the most valuable brooch in the world. It has about 202 round cuts of diamond with 26 other different cuts of diamond.

Its history is more about the people, countries, international security, aviation, and its symbol in world war two. As such, no one has sold it as it’s considered invaluable.

2. How much is the hope diamond worth?

hope diamond


This is another one of the most expensive jewels yet the more famous ones. Here you have a 45.52 carat blue stone jewel that comes at about $250 million. It has an unusual blue color, which the experts perceive to be the result of boron impurities in the diamond. But that makes it even look better.

It’s further the color that makes it easy to identify the hope of a diamond jewel. To date, in the market, this is considered the most valuable option.

In the ancient years, the most attractive feature of the jewel was its luminescence. It further has traces of boron, which will always glow to a startling red color when it’s not in the presence of light.

Before it was named the hope of diamond, it was more significant than we see it today. It was first discovered in the Golconda mines of India. But over the years, it has changed ownership hands.

The first buyer was a French gem merchant called Jean Baptiste Tavernier, and he named it Tavernier blue. But soon they would cut it and call it French blue.

It didn’t take long before someone else bought it. King Louise XIV bought it in 1668. It was stolen from the royal family in 1792 upon the king’s death. Also, they gave it a different name. It was then found in the London banking gem family and called hope diamond.

It went on to have different owners until 1911 when a socialite by the name of Evelyn Walsh bought it. She died, and that’s when the hope diamond was sold again. In 1949, Harry Winston bought it, but he later donated it to Smithsonian for display. To this day, you will still find it displayed there.

3. What celebrity has the most expensive ring?

celebrity most expensive ring


I know how important it is to say I do, but for some, it goes way beyond words and feelings. They show it with the expensive ring they order.

We have seen celebrities flaunting their beautiful high-end ring, but none is yet to beat Mariah Carrey’s engagement ring.

The engagement ring has 35 carats, yet it’s an emerald-cut style of ring. Wilfredo Rosado made this ring, and she was given the ring then by her fiancé. Even though they went on to cancel the wedding, she still kept the ring.

The ring cost James a cool $10Milion, and as you would expect, anyone would love that ring. Mariah got so obsessed with her ring, and to date, she is still on the charts with the best and most expensive rings.

Other celebrities with such expensive rings include

Elizabeth Taylor was given a 33 carat Krupp diamond ring. The actress received this ring in 1968 by Richard. Although she went on to earn more rings, none stood out like this $8.8million one.

Kim Kardashian got an upgrade of her 15-carat ring that got stolen when she was in Paris. Today she has a 20 carat one that comes in at the price of $8.5 million. Lorraine Schwartz created this.

Beyoncé also got a great ring from her husband, Jay. It features a 24-carat ring that’s also an emerald cut. It was worth 5million dollars, and she received it back in 2008.

Parris Hilton received a great 24-carat ring. Its cost was about $4.7million, but they did auction it when they went their separate ways.

Jenifer Lopez has received several great rings, you know. Her husband gave her a rare kind of diamond that was 8.5 carat, but that was better than what she had before from her then-fiancé Ben. The ring had 6 carats. Recently though, she receives one from her fiancé Alex that’s worth $1million for being 15 Carat.

Let’s just say the list goes on and on. So many have received great rings already.

Most expensive ring in the world

If you want a jewel to enhance your hand’s beauty, then you should buy a ring. But some of us don’t want just any ring we want to buy the best, the most expensive, and the ones that are worth millions of dollars.

If you don’t want to use them as engagement rings, you can use them as wedding rings.

4. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring

Wittelsbach Graff Diamond Ring


When we are talking of the most expensive rings, the top on the list is this one. It costs $80million, and it has been in existence since the 18th century. This rear diamond was first discovered in the Kulloor mine in Guntur district India.

It features the use of a deep blue diamond style that has 31.06 carats. King Philippe first owned this rind.

5. Pink star diamond ring

Pink star diamond ring


For those who love pink-style rings, then you have one here. It follows closely after the Wittelsbach-Graff. It cost about 72 million dollars and was first discovered in Africa. Originally it was 132.6 carats, but today it stands at 59.6 carats, and it’s a national treasure today.

6. The Graff Pink Diamond Ring

The Graff Pink Diamond Ring


If you still enjoy the classy look and the pink color, then you can wear this type. This $46.2 million ring has 24.7 carats. You have to remember that although it’s pricy, then it’s beautiful and with the perfect shine.

It features the use of a pink diamond in an oval shape mostly. Nonetheless, today you can mold it to your favorite shape style.

It further has a silver band that makes it look even better and stylish.

Most expensive jade

If you simply enjoy the variation of color, you will find jade being a beautiful-looking jewel. Did you know that it has an alluring luster with the perfect shine? Its durability and diversity have won hearts over. Notice that these pieces were first used in the stone age years.

Today more people are using it to make jade jewelry, but you will find it mostly in museums.

Notice that this stone has two different minerals. You will have the sodium aluminum silicate and calcium magnesium silicate. They are in the form of jadeite and nephrite. They were indistinguishable from one another with your naked eyes.

Notice that the jadeite is a rarer type yet more precious. It comes in green color, and the gemstone will, therefore, give you more clarity. For some, they will even talk of the spirit world.

You will find jade in China, Guatemala, and Russia. Some types are found in the Swiss alps, New Zealand, and western Canada.

7. Necklace with a ruby and diamond clasp by Cartier 

Necklace with a ruby and diamond clasp by Cartier


For $27.4 million, the Cartiers bought the jadeite jewel, and at this point, a new world record was set for the jewels. Barbara went on to receive the necklace from her father as a wedding gift. Not much is known about the 27 jadeite beads that regard their origin. But to date, it’s one of the most expensive jadeite jewels ever to sell.

During her time, they would change it to its original look, which included the yellow gold clasp with caliber cut rubies and the baguette-cut necklace.

She loved the green color and would do anything to maintain the look.

Why is jade so expensive?

Today jade-like any other metal jewel has many fake counterparts. So you will need to know the way it looks as you study it more.

Notice that the gemstone jade is mostly associated with China.  However, the truth is that authentic jade comes from Myanmar and Central America. I can tell you that jade has more spiritual value in China, and maybe that’s why it’s one of the most loved pieces.

  • People like its color

Nowadays, it comes in a plethora of colors. But the authentic and original one was a vibrant green color. For most people, it’s the most common style of jade. In the past, there was a unique green type of jade that was exclusive to imperial China.

To this day, it still is one of the most popular choices. You can, however, also have lavender jade for your favorite jewels.

  • You will like its transparent

People like it most because of the way it interacts with light. It will show you the coloration and maybe even the differences. Nonetheless, the typical jade ranges from opaque to semitransparent features.

  • Its amazing texture

It will mostly depend on the kind of jade you chose to use because the color can be anything from very fine to very coarse. When you find an excellent grained choice, you will notice that it has a high luster and will enjoy its smooth texture. Of course, such then are more valuable than the round of inconsistent grained choices.

  • The cut

Although you may think it won’t matter, it does. The symmetry and the weight will make it valuable or not. Notice though that China has more jade bangles than any other country. They are the most sold jade jewels today.

8. What is the rarest diamond in the world?

You know the diamond is generally a rare kind of metal that is further expensive. The world has very few places where you can mine diamonds too. Nonetheless, a unique kind of diamond is usually colored options.

To be precise, there are 12 colors of diamonds that come in different hues. But the fancy colors will, therefore, only come to you as 0.1% types.

Understand that the most common colors of diamonds are yellow and pink. Most jewelers even market them more than they do any other kind of jewel. Yet the price range varies a lot. The yellow diamonds depending on the carats used will be less expensive than the colorless ones.

Red diamond

Red diamond


It’s hard to come by the pure red diamond, you know. No one has found the real red diamond type yet, but you can have them in different shades. You can have the brownish red or purplish-red option of red diamond.

The two common types of red diamond though, include Mousaieff red and Hancock red. Such is very famous, and still, their value is very high.

Blue diamond

Blue diamond


Here we have another one of the rarest types of diamonds. They, together with the pink diamond, are considered some of the rarest options we have. The most common blue diamond, therefore, in the hope of diamond and Wittelsbach Graff.

Pink diamond

Pink diamond


As we have mentioned above, the pink diamond is just as rare as the blue one above. Still, it has a very high demand, which is why it’s expensive too. Pink is to women what blue is to men, and most women would instead just use the passionate-looking pink.


orange diamond


Here you have another set of fancy-looking and stylish diamonds. Anyone who understands the nature of the orange diamond will be the first to buy it; then they sell it.

Although they have lower demand than other types, they are the great choices you may use.

Green diamond

Green diamond


Another one of the excellent choices that almost looks like some jadeite jewels. Notice though that, unlike other colors that are hard to enhance, here you have an authentic green. You will quickly know if it’s an artificial one.

Most expensive diamond in the world

Generally, it’s important to note that diamond is one of the most expensive pieces in the world. But in the list of the most costly, we also have ones that are more expensive than others.




I would say this one would be one of the most valuable possessions because you don’t have a price label. It’s a useful piece that has been passed down generations since 1294. It further has a 105.6-carat piece and, of course, more than you would want it to cost.

Over the years, therefore, the British East Indian community confiscated the diamond, and set it on their crown. No one has given the exact value, although you would expect it to cost even more than a billion euros.

10. The Sancy

The Sancy


As you can see, it comes in a pale yellow colored piece of diamond that mimics the shield shape of jewels.

You will find it in the French crown jewel collection in the louver of Paris. But like many other valuable jewels we have seen above, this one went through various ownerships.

It features 55.23 carats, and it’s convenient for use, yet it acts as a shield. Since it’s a scarce choice, not many people have sold it. This one too is priceless no one knows how much it would sell for just yet.

11. Cullinan



Found in the mine is South Africa, this may be the one type of gem quality that’s also very expensive.

Originally it had 3106.75 carats, but today people have cut it to form 9 diamond jewels, and you will find it on the crowns. Let’s just say that it may be the most significant gem ever discovered. It’s one of the British crown jewels. It comes in at about $400 million.

12. Hope diamond

This one is by far one of the most expensive since it comes in at about $350 million. It features the use of a 45.52-carat jewel. Its unique blue color is beautiful, and people can’t stop praising the boron atoms that will often change to red color, thus giving it another level of greatness.

Most expensive necklace

Another one of the most important ways to showcase your love is to use necklaces. You do know the women and jewels are lovers, but when it’s one of the costly options, then you can be sure you woo them over.

13. A heritage bloom

heritage bloom


Thanks to Wallace Chan, we still have this glorious piece of jewel. And did you know that it’s worth $200Million? This piece prides itself of 383.4 carats; it further has 19 perfect colorless diamonds and 114 green jadeites.

Also, it has 600 pink diamonds, and don’t forget the colorless central diamond. It brings all the best features and precious stones together; no wonder it’s this costly.

It will take time to make it, but it’s all worth it, don’t you think. You further have modular designs that will allow you to wear the necklace in 27 different ways.

The incomparable diamond necklace

The incomparable diamond necklace


Here you have this unique piece that will match your different styles of clothing.  Its uniqueness makes it the second most expensive necklace. You will like its asymmetrical design but also that it has about 407.48 carats.

The diamond used in making the necklace was first founded by a little girl in 1980. The stone that’s set on the diamond necklace is just the additional spice that also adds to the cost, remember. You will buy it for $20Million if you want to today.

Most expensive chain

14. The hundreds by Ben Baller

The hundreds by Ben Baller


The most expensive chains are also the weightiest—the reason why it’s expensive is that it features diamond-encrusted gold kind of jewels. The hip-hop community uses most of the chains that the brand makes. Here you have different musicians who like it.

This one though has 700 Carats, and the solitaire diamonds no wonder it costs about $3.1 Million.

Most expensive gold chains

One of the most expensive gold chains is the hundreds above. But you can also have the following.

15. Gold Cuban chain

It’s one of the most popular but unique chains that Jay z uses. This chain is heavy, but it still stands out.

Although he first wore it in 2013, it still stands out as one of the best ones.

Most expensive earrings

I know before today you probably didn’t know such expensive earrings exist. So here we are going to show you a few of the best choices you can use.

16. The Artemis and Apollo diamond earrings 

The Artemis and Apollo diamond earrings


No one is yet to break the record set by these earrings set. They were auctioned for $57.4Million. They got their names from the Greek gods. They were auctioned separately, but the same buyer bought them together at the price set above.

The blue diamond has a unique blue, and it has about 14.54 carats of diamond. It’s further graded highly in the world of diamonds; no wonder it goes for such a high rate.

The Artemis one though is classified as the purest form of diamond we have. It’s a 16 Carat diamond, and everyone loves the pink color somehow. They come in a pear shape and are more than expensive jewels.

17. Boehmer Et Bassenge Earrings

Boehmer Et Bassenge Earrings


Can you forget this piece in the list of most expensive earrings? They weigh more than 50 carats, and it stands out as it’s mounted on gold. It fits the type 2 diamond category. It, therefore, is one of the scarce choices in the world. These earrings were last auctioned in 2016 for $17.5Million.

The most expensive gem in the world

18. Pink star

Pink star


This rare diamond gem is famous for its oval shape, and today it’s the most expensive gemstone. It was auctioned in Hong Kong for $71.2 Million. It features a 59.6 carat and was sold to the highest bidder, making it the most recent world record holder.

It’s also why the pink diamond in the Graff pink with 25 carats sells at $46 Million.

19. Oppenheimer blue

Oppenheimer blue


This is another one that just a year before making the pink diamond, a record holder was the world’s most expensive gem. It was named after the buyer Phillip Oppenheimer. It’s a 14.62-carat diamond that auctioned for $57.5 million.

Most expensive jewelry brands

If you love jewels and the game of auctioning the most expensive jewels, you must know some of the most valuable brands globally. This is mainly an ideal list for those who like to make a grand appearance. You should know where to buy or where you can buy your favorite jewels.

Harry Winston

This is a household brand for those who like expensive jewels. Although it came to the business in 1932, it has been on the top of the list since. They use the finest metals and the best gemstone to accentuate their jewels. They further only have masters in jewelry craftsmanship to ensure they make the best.

Those who know it say that when you want the finest quality with the rarest stones, you should use Harry Winston’s jewels.


Founded in 1860, Cartier still makes it at the top of the list of the most talked-about brand. They mostly made jewels for royals who wanted to personalize their ornaments. This is a French brand that’s popular for both the best watches and the jewels.

Van Cleef and Arpels

This one is a permanent collaboration between Esther Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef. They like to focus on the perfection of the collections found in the old world. They also have new world lines that show their creativity and style. Expect the blend of tradition and technological expertise from their jewels.


This is another Italian luxury brand; it’s popular for its impeccable quality of jewels. You can expect stylish, high-end gems from this brand. They mostly though adhere to the roman style of jewels.

Most expensive bracelet

When we are talking of stylish jewelry to accessorize, some of the ones you can buy are bracelets. Like the one we have discussed above, we also have the high-end ones here.

20. Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet

Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet


Now, this is a pearl bracelet, and it includes rings and earrings, yet it costs $31 million. It’s the most expensive bracelet today. It has 24 diamonds in it, which is why it remains costly. You won’t buy it separately; instead, you have to take a set.

21. Wallis Sympson Onyx and Diamond Panther Bracelet

Wallis Sympson Onyx and Diamond Panther Bracelet


When you want to be a part of history, then you should choose this bracelet. It features a single-cut diamond and a single-cut onyx. It’s the third of the big cut jewelry, and it cost $12.5 Million.

22. Emerald Bracelet

Emerald Bracelet


Another one of the most expensive bracelets on the market is this emerald bracelet. It features a mix of emeralds and diamonds, which is why it costs $ 4Million.

Most expensive type of pearl  

23. Pearl of Allah

Pearl of Allah


Although it’s still listed as the world’s most expensive pearl, there’s one in the Philippines. Nonetheless, it still doesn’t have a name, so there’s not much we can say about it. The pearl of Allah, also called pearl Lao Tze, costs $35Million.

The Philippines pearl will cost $100Million. There’s still the naming of the pearl, so we still don’t know its real identification.

24. La Peregrina

La Peregrina


It’s the world’s most expensive pear because Elizabeth Taylor first owned it, or because it has 50.6 carats isn’t clear. Either way, it remains one of the most costly pearls. Also, it costs about $11.8Million. It was gifted to her by her two-time hubby Richard Burton.

25. The most expensive promise ring

You know this is just an exchange of your love. You use the prose ring to show the other person your commitment to them.

The most expensive promise ring


Some people say that it doesn’t have to be very expensive since you will be buying your other engagement ring. Some men, though, just like to go all in. This is one of the choices to go for when you want to please your significant other.

Most expensive brooch

26. The peacock brooch

The peacock brooch


Graff diamonds made this beautiful brooch. It came to the market in 2013 in the Netherlands. It gets its name from its shape since it uses a peacock-like shape. It has the fanned feathers that make you think it’s an actual peacock.

It has 120.81 carats. It further has 1300 different kinds of stones. They come in different colors with a very rare pale blue pear diamond sitting at the center parts. The brooch is worth 100Million dollars.

Most expensive watch

For the love of watches, we have the most expensive too.

27. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300A 010


For those who love watches, we have the most expensive one here. It goes for $31Million. It’s made using high-quality stainless steel, and it has all the different and unique features you would like.

In a nutshell, there are thousands of expensive jewels you can find if yo9u like the high-end ones. The ones listed here are the most expensive ones.

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