26 Best Necklaces For Your Girlfriend (updated 2022)

I know you love her so much, and maybe you are considering going the extra mile for her. Gifts are the perfect way to make the relationship memorable.

Of course, there are different gifts you can use, and one of the most common ones is necklaces. You can use it for any other occasion or thought.


We always want to get it right when buying the gift for our ladies—choosing the necklace, though, can be a struggle.

If you want to receive that extra appreciation, when you deliver the necklace, keep reading. Remember, while we can give you all the suggestions here, you are the only one who knows what your girl is and what she may like.

Note that personality, character, and likes are into play here too. After you have in mind the lady you are buying the piece for, you can come and check the following options.


Things to consider when buying your girl, a necklace

Do you know the kind of jewel you would like to buy?

You need to familiarize yourself with jewels before you get to choose the necklace. You will need to know the types of necklaces we have in the market. You can buy pendants, princesses, chains, beads, crystals, and operas.

You see, the pendant is becoming more common by the day. It has a diamond, crystal, and about any other metal hanging on the chain, and sometimes it has some words.

The statement necklace is mostly mid-length, and it can have something hanging on it, not necessarily a pendant but sometimes some words.

The chain necklace is impressive and they are never that long. They will come as a single strand or multi strands too.

The Opera necklace stands out for its length.

The Princess necklace is more like a necklace that looks like the traditional royal one.

Multilayered necklaces: another of the most common necklaces is the one with multiple layers. These are traditional antiques or even modern. Notice that they may have diamonds and beads hanging around them.

You can decide to use a dramatic look for the necklace.

Which occasion?

Often you can gift your woman with the best necklace for different occasions. Now the different necklaces suit different times.

Is it because of your new relationship?

There will be necklaces suitable for new relationships. For example, if you have been together for just a few days, then you can find a necklace that shows your love, but don’t make it too deep. Sometimes the kind of necklace you choose may scare your partner away.

Necklaces For Your Girlfriend

So at such a time, you can find one necklace that shows you care about them. I always find the name on the necklace being personalized and perfect.

Are you falling for her?

Love, like any other thing in life, will grow over time. So, of course, you may feel like you are starting to fall in love with her. If you are one of the romantic partners, then you will gift her with a jewel.

When you are getting serious in the relationship, the best way is to gift her. It shows that you are ready to take the next step. So, therefore, when you feel like it’s getting deeper, you can use a necklace to show this to her.

The unique special times

I know most guys don’t know the dates like women master them. However, if you are one of the few unique ones, then you can gift your girl on special days like this. Choose the unique necklace that will make a statement for such occasions.

Here you can choose the jewels with the perfect gems that speak to the partner about the anniversary. You may even use the locket necklaces for this with a little message inside, and they will last forever with them.

When you are about to propose

Now, this is very special for any woman; remember, they will never forget the gift you send them. Of course, the ring has to stand out, but so does the ring. It has to be memorable. Here you are considering a necklace that suits your girlfriend that will soon be your fiancé.

Sometimes you may just gift her the necklace even though there’s no special occasion.

Do you already know her style?

You will only enjoy it if you are already familiar with her style. Of course, if you brought something that’s out of her comfort zone, then she may not feel comfy wearing it. If you notice that your women love color and flashy things, then you can bring the flashy jewels too.

Remember, we don’t all like being flashy; some of us like the low profile. If you, therefore, choose a necklace that will match her style, then it means that you are observant and loving.

Well, if you aren’t very sure about her style, then you can watch her dress from time to time. This makes it easy to identify personal taste.

Necklace For Your Girlfriend

Also, you can have a guide by checking if she likes to wear the necklaces. If she does, then you can use the kinds of ones she wears as a guide.

Is she choosing the colorful ones, beads, pendants, or just what types does she lean towards? This will give you ideas.

I know sometimes it will be even harder if they don’t use the necklaces completely. Does your girl like to dress formally then choose a more formal jewel?

You can use the trendy options.

Of course, the one that matches her style is the perfect choice to use, but then you can choose the one that is in the market lately. The trendy ones are great because they will not go out of fashion immediately.

Just check the ones she has already to avoid repetition

Of course, you don’t want to buy her the necklace only to come back and find that she already has the one you purchased.

So the best secret is to make sure you know the kind of necklaces your girl has. Go to her closet or even watch her dress code to understand.

You can know this by observing the kinds of necklaces she wears. If you notice that sometimes she uses the big pieces, then you can be sure she likes to try new things sometimes.

She knows you can’t read her mind, so you don’t have to get a hit statement

You may want to choose something big and flashy, but it doesn’t have to be all that extravagant. At times we just don’t want to glitter, but other times we do. Just be a little creative, even if you are going to use the jewels.

You don’t always have to make a big statement. Sometimes they just need the pieces that they can enjoy on a day today.

Versatility is everything

Don’t wait to gift her the necklace only when you have a special occasion. You can gift her this necklace for anything, including just nothing. Generally, a versatile piece is everything as she can use it with any kind of cloth you would like.

Only choose the ones they can use with their different dresses, not just one. If possible, make sure they can use it for various events as well.

If you can plan on this the better

If you are thinking of gifting your girl, then you should start finding the necklace sooner. It allows you to choose the one that works for the occasion or matches her personality. Also, you can also customize it soon. This gives you time to change if you need to change too.

Quality is thoughtful

If you take time and invest in a great piece, it means that you value her. So take the time only to send the best quality ones. This will send a message that they can be secure in your hands and that you are thinking too.

Choose the perfect necklace

Check the length: you can go with the long ones or the short ones. Depending on the occasion or the girl’s style, you will know the one to order.

What style will you like to have? Remember, you can have the pendant the chain then choose the favorite gem style too.

Best necklace for a girlfriend

Cool necklace girlfriend

1. CDE Forever Love Heart Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated July Birthstone Pendant Necklaces for Women

CDE Forever Love Heart Women Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Birthstone Pendant Necklaces for Women with Cubic Jewelry Gifts Birthday Gift for Mom Women Wife Girls Her

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This is one of the meaningful gifts for your girlfriend. And what better way to tell each other how you love another. The heart pendant with such words is enough. You also have circular pink stones to create a focal point.

This one is made using the 925 sterling silver, and well, it’s one of the latest options we have. It features the use of white gold and rose gold plating. Notice that these pieces have a low level of oxidation and sensitivity.

Furthermore, although it looks flashy, it’s a cool gift for the woman of your dreams. It has crystals that are nicely shiny and right-looking pieces.

Diamond heart necklace

2. Dancing Diamond “Love Wrapped” necklace

1/6 Carat Natural Diamond'Love Wrapped' Dancing Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace for Women in 925 Sterling Silver with 18 Inch Rope Chain (I2-I3, 0.15 cttw) by MAX + STONE

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Diamond is a girl’s friend, and I can’t tell you how much your lady will be dancing when you deliver this perfect piece. Besides, it features the use of heart design even to show how much you love them.

Besides, the necklace features a multifaceted piece. The necklace features the use of diamonds and sterling silver. These are both precious metals in the market. It will be a fun and feminine style for you to use.

If you are thinking of a particular way to convey a message to your girl, you can choose to use this piece. It will even reflect the light to make it stand out in a crowd. Moreover, this necklace will look good in any of your clothes.

Meaningful necklace

3. EFYTAL Necklace Gift for Girlfriend

EFYTAL Gifts for Girlfriend, Dainty Sterling Silver Compass Necklace, Girlfriend Gifts, Gift for Anniversary, Gifts for Wife or Girlfriend, Valentines Day Gift for Girlfriend

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Sometimes the gifts speak louder, and that will stay in their heart. It shows you are thoughtful, and it reminds them that you love them. This necklace is made using 925 sterling silver, and you will like the fact that it maintains the perfect quality.

It has the perfect chain that’s dainty, and it will last a lifetime, and the necklace will not even turn your skin to green color. This is an ideal way to convey your message without talking too.

This necklace isn’t very long, so it will suit any dress codes you have. Whether she likes to go formal or casual with it, she will enjoy it. Also, it won’t tarnish; instead, it maintains the same color.

Beautiful necklace

4. HXZZ Fine Jewelry Natural Gemstone Gifts for Women 

HXZZ Fine Jewelry Gifts for Women Natural Gemstone Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Birthday Gift for Wife Mom Her Girls

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For a little spice, you can have the blue topaz. So you will have it also encased in the pendant for more visibility. Remember, the piece features the use of the perfect sterling silver. Notice that it has a long and short necklace to let you change the length when you need it.

The fact that it has an elaborate design makes it even better to wear. Talk about the perfect fashion statement and a good piece as well. This will suit your personality also if you are the shy type of girl.

The metal that made the necklace is all about the luster, shine, and quality; that’s why you are sure it will last long. Girls like this option and I’m sure your girl will too.

Unique necklace

5. NEWNOVE Love Heart Pendant Necklaces for Women

EleShow Angel Wing Love Heart Pendant Necklaces for Women Made with Swarovski Crystals (A_Purple and Blue)

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This will talk to the amazing and unique woman in you. This is for the chosen special ladies. We may refer to it as a pendant necklace since it brings all the attention to the pendant. With the shapes of the crystals, it sends the message that he will be available to protect you at all times.

Although it works as a mother’s day gift, you can also use it for your girlfriend too. I mean, who wouldn’t like this gift? Also, we all hope to be moms at some point in life. Its chain is about 18 inches, but you can adjust it with an extra two if you like.

It contains some Swarovski crystals, and yet it’s made using sterling silver. With this also you are showing her that your heart belongs to her, so she feels secure. It will glitter in the night, too, so she will like it during your date nights.

Simple necklace for girlfriend

6. BB Becker Wherever Sterling Silver Necklace 

BB Becker Always In My Heart 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Graduation Gift for Her Daugher Wife Birthday Girlfriend Birthday Gifts for Daughter

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Do you want simplicity? You can have this piece as a simple gift or fit for your girl. Notice that the message is what makes it perfect.

It says she is always in your heart, and you can be sure that’s what every woman wants to hear.

Besides, it features the use of sturdy metal sterling silver. While it’s a durable piece, it will have you know you are always in your man’s heart. Every time she looks at this necklace piece, she will be thinking of you.

It features a handmade piece that’s further safe to use. It can stand different environmental conditions without causing allergies.

Cute necklace

7. Jstyle Stainless Steel Men’s Women’s Couple Necklace

Jstyle Stainless Steel Mens Womens Couple Necklace Pendant Love Heart CZ Puzzle Matching

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This is one of the most popular and cute necklaces you can use or give to either the man or woman. It’s more of a puzzle that brings out heart design. It’s ideal for an indication that you love your significant other. You can use it for special days like valentine’s day.

The words ‘I love you are everything you need to show how much you love your girl. This is luckily a great piece to blend with all kinds of clothes you may want to use. It features the use of a unique heart pendant necklace.

If you are looking for a piece to show a woman or man that you are soon getting engaged, then this is the piece to use.

Everyday necklace for your girlfriend

8. Billie Bijoux 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Bracelet One Sets Forever Love” Infinity Heart Love

925 Sterling Silver Necklace Bracelet One Sets – Billie Bijoux “Forever Love” Infinity Heart Love Jewelry Sets White Gold Plated Diamond Women Necklace Gift for Christmas (A-silver)

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Your love is forever is what every couple wants to hear. If you would like a necklace, she can use every day with a meaningful message on it; then this is it. It shows that although time will pass and we will leave, the love is infinite for you and her.

Well, you can give it to anyone; your family, friends, and lovers too. This is a powerful message to the recipient. It features the use of 925 sterling silver. Notice that the line of cubic zirconia will add the much-needed subtle difference.

Here you have the pendant held using a 16-18-inch-long chain. It’s mostly ideal for those moments when you are on fire for love, and you want to remind your significant other of how important they are.

Sterling silver necklace

9. Bali Style Octagon Stabilized Turquoise Gemstone Filigree Pendant Necklace

Bali Style Octagon Stabilized Turquoise Gemstone Filigree Pendant Necklace For Women 925 Sterling Silver With Chain

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We have already shown you several options that are made using sterling silver. This is one of the most famous ones, though. What makes it stand out is the turquoise color that creates the focal point.

It will look perfect with any clothing you have, and most of all, you will never have it rusting or even tarnishing. It’s durable and will offer bright attention for you to stand out wherever you go with it.

Popular necklace

10. Jane Stone Fashion Statement Collar Necklace 

JANE STONE Fashion Statement Collar Necklace Vintage Openwork Bib Costume Jewelry

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Of course, this is one of the styles you can have your girl wear with that strapless dress you like. This bib necklace comes in different versions for you to choose the one you want the most. It contains no nickel, which then means you can wear it even if you are skin sensitive.

Note that you can use it for any occasion you have in mind. It will look perfect for parties or any other event of your choosing.

This necklace is elegant and good-looking, yet it’s an ideal gift for your loved ones. She will be happy you bought her this piece as it again creates a focal point.

The perfect necklace for your girlfriend

11. Eglin 14k Real Gold Simple Vertical Bar Chain Necklace for Women

GELIN 14k Solid Gold Bar Pendant Necklace for Women

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If you would like to have an original design piece, you should buy this type. This piece will offer you simplicity with elegance too. The fact that it gold plated makes it even better as it looks precious and valuable.

The best thing is that it will match almost any kind of dress code you have and would like to have. It features the use of a perfect chain, and it comes at a medium length of 18-inch. This makes it ideal to use for formal and casual functions.

Nice necklaces for your girlfriend

12. Dainty Butterfly Necklace for Women 18K Gold Choker Necklaces

NICEMOVIC Dainty Butterfly Necklace for Women 18K Gold Choker Necklaces Butterfly Choker for Wife Girlfriend Friends Gifts (Gold)

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Notice that you can use the choker necklace as a gift too. Isn’t it just a nice one though. Here you have a merely luxurious and beautiful looking necklace. It features the use of butterfly designs to make it look even better.

It sends the message that your loved one is present in your life, even when they aren’t in your vicinity. Are you going for an event, and you want to look the simplest you can? You can use this durable style of necklace. You will enjoy that it remains durable to serve you over a long time.

Love necklaces for girlfriend

13. Elle, I love you necklace

ELESHOW Mothers Day Gifts I Love You Heart Pendant Necklaces for Women March Birthstone Necklace, Birthday Jewelry Gifts for Women Girls

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I don’t know any other way to show that you love your significant other than such a piece. The blue gem creates a focal point, and right there, you also have the message you like. The best part is that the crystal will last for ages.

This is the easiest way to deliver the ‘I love you’ message. You have the right size chain for you, and if you would like to adjust it, you can as well. This piece is elegant yet charming too. You can use it for the different women in your life, but especially your significant other.

Gold necklace

14. Kooljewelry 14k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold 10 mm Round Disc Necklace


Kooljewelry 14k Rose Gold 10 mm Round Disc Adjustable Length Necklace (adjusts to 17 or 18 inch)

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Here you will have the simplest, perfect looking, elegant yet fashionable necklace. To amp your look, therefore, you can use this rose gold pendant. It’s radiant, and it offers you just the right shine to make it visible everywhere you go.

It’s ideal for women of all ages, and it offers you the perfect focal point charm and great looks. Whether the lady will use it for formal or casual events is all okay, it will look excellent at all times. It will look glamourous, shiny, and perfect.

Initial necklace

15. PAVOI 14K White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Initial Necklace 

PAVOI 14K White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Initial Necklace | Letter Necklaces for Women | K Initial

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Sometimes it’s easy just to go cool when you buy a necklace with initials. The pendant is what makes the jewelry even more lovely. It looks classy, and yet you won’t spend much on it. Moreover, you can wear the necklace daily if you like.

Cheap necklace

16. 18k Gold Satellite Chain Choker

Gold Choker Necklace for Women 18k Gold Plated Curb Ball Satellite Chain Dipped Short Chokers Dainty Layering Jewelry 16’’

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You don’t always have to spend a fortune on your necklaces. You can get some gorgeous options like this for less than $10. You will use it with any of your favorite dresses, which makes it even better to use. Notice that choker necklaces are perfect for different outfits and occasions.

Personalized necklace

17. Misstrend Personalized Name Necklace

Misstrend Mom Rings Personalized with Birthstones, Custom Engraved 2/3/4/5 Names Rings for Women Customized Birthday Gift for Mother

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Is your girlfriend’s name Sarah? You have the perfect personalized gift for her. The necklace with the name will show off your personality without you talking. This piece is great because it doesn’t even irritate your skin.

It will suit the different girls in your life with such a name, but you want to enjoy the durability. Don’t worry; you can also find your name if you search through this brand, and if you don’t find one, then you should consider customizing.

Cross necklace

18. YFN Cross Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

YFN Cross Necklace Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Cross Infinity Heart Love Pendant Necklace 18'

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Do you like cross necklaces? You can find a stylish one, especially if your girl is not so much a religious person. Here you also have it creating a heart. You have the cross being a tiny pendant addition to amp your style.

Also, it features the perfect sterling silver, which is safe to use even if you have skin allergies. It’s an ideal gift for any woman, but especially your girlfriend.

Cheap heart necklace for girlfriend

19. CDE Love Heart Pendant Necklaces for Women 

CDE Love Heart Pendant Necklaces for Women Silver Tone Rose Gold Tone Crystals Birthstone Jewelry Gifts for Women Birthday/Anniversary Day/Party (G-Feb.-Rose Gold Purple)

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Do you like being extra? Well, you can have a cheap heart necklace but with an extra twist to make it look even better. You can choose your favorite color for the crystal at the center. But, the rose gold finish is the perfect addition. The necklace is safe to wear since it has no nickel nor lead, and it will work even if you have sensitive skin.

Engraved necklace

20. U7 Women Girls Photo Locket Pendant

Flower Heart Locket Necklace Black Side Engravable 18K Gold Plated Photo Locket Pendant Personalized Christmas Gift for Women Girls

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The fact that it’s heart-shaped makes it instantly a piece you can use for your loved one. It mostly suits the girls in your life. You can use it for different occasions. It’s a piece to show you that you have them in mind.

Beads necklace for your girl

21. AKOAK Bohemian Long Black Beaded Chain Elephant Pendant Necklace

AKOAK Bohemian Long Black Beaded Chain Elephant Pendant Necklace for Women Girls

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It may not look like a perfect gift for girlfriends, but it will work just fine if the lady likes cultural looks. I particularly like its uniqueness and the colors that make it pop out even more. Of course, it’s ideal for casual occasions especially if you are wearing plain clothing.

Pearl necklace

22. HinsonGayle 2-Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Gemstone Necklace

HinsonGayle 'Mardi Gras' 2-Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Multi-Color Stone Necklace & Earrings-40 in length

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This is not for everybody; it will only suit you if you like pearls and a little bit of drama for spice. If you know your girls like strapless dresses, you can be sure it will serve her right. You will enjoy the exceptional quality and elegance that comes with this piece.

Also, if you like the layered options, this will be an excellent option for you to use.

Firefighter necklace

23. FUSTMW Firefighter Gift

FUSTMW Firefighter Gift Keychain Necklace Matching Set Fireman Jewelry Gift for Firefighter Wife, Girlfriend, Mom, Daughter May God Protect You from Harm (Silver)

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Do you like your firefighter girlfriend? This piece will show the appreciation you have for her career and effort. It will also show you have her in your thoughts when she is out at work. This is a beautiful, thoughtful gift, remember.

Locket necklace

24. LIFETIME JEWELRY Two Hearts Locket Necklace

LIFETIME JEWELRY Photo Locket for Women and Girls [ Two Hearts ] - 20X More Real 24k Gold Plating Than Other Heart Locket Necklaces That Hold Pictures (Yellow Gold Pendant with 18' Chain)

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Lockets have been around for generations. Well, you can have these options to gift your girl. It looks so much like an expensive gold option, so you will have the space to keep in your pictures. The good thing with the locket gifts is that you can pass them down to generations.

Key necklace

25. HXZZ Fine Jewelry for Women Natural Gemstone 

HXZZ Fine Jewelry for Women Natural Gemstone Amethyst Sterling Silver Key Love Pendant Necklace

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It doesn’t have to be the regular key; you can make it stylish just like this one is. The additional gemstone makes it even better. Now, this is a high-quality pendant that has a message to her; maybe it’s the key to his heart.

Princess necklace for her

26. Flyow 925 Sterling Silver White Cz Crown Princess/Queen Pendant Word Charm Necklace for Girlfriend 

Flyow 925 Sterling Silver White Cz Crown Princess Pendant Word Charm Necklace for Girlfriend Wife Daughter Granddaughter Graduation Gifts

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Here you have one of the most common and favorite necklaces for every woman. It can work great for a birthday or Christmas gift. It uses sterling silver though it will remain durable over a long time.

It further has the rhodium plating to have it last longer. The good thing is that it will never fade and it will make you look your best.

Are you going to buy a necklace for your girlfriend?

When you urgently need to buy your all-time favorite necklaces, consider visiting Amazon. You will have all the different options you would like displayed here.

The price range may be way lower than ordering them elsewhere. The best part is that you can read the reviews before you settle on one.

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