How Much Does A Nipple Piercing Cost (Quick Answer With Details)

Nipple piercings have gained popularity in recent years. They’re sexy, stylish, fierce, and strongly associated with body confidence.

If you’re considering getting this piercing, knowing what to expect is essential.

There are three main issues with nipple piercing: the procedure, the pain, and the healing time. But the cost shouldn’t be ignored either.

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As beautiful as a nipple piercing may be, if you can’t afford it, you won’t be able to get it. That’s why many people wonder, “How much does a nipple piercing cost?”

Here’s a simple guide to the cost of nipple piercings.

What Is The Average Nipple Cost?

On average, the cost of a nipple piercing ranges from $30 to $100 per nipple.

Prices for jewelry range from $10 to $30, with some metals, such as 18k or 14k gold and fancy designs, costing upwards of several hundred dollars.

So on average, you should expect to pay $40 to $130 per nipple, including the cost of the jewelry.

Note that piercing studios/body piercers often offer discounts. Usually, these are available for double nipple piercings (done at the same time), for multiple piercings (nipples and other body parts such as nose and/or earlobes), and for repeat customers or groups.

Factors Influencing Nipple Piercing Cost

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The nipple piercing costs vary based on many factors. Research is therefore essential to obtain a quality nipple piercing for a fair price.

Among the factors that can affect the cost of this piercing are:

Whether You Do-It-Yourself Or Go To A Professional

A high-quality nipple piercing done by a professional piercer is more expensive than the one you do yourself. This is because professional piercers are trained and certified to do this.

They also have the tools and equipment to do the job safely and correctly.

You can pierce yourself at home to save money, but that’s actually not a good idea.

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It’s almost impossible to create a clean and sterile environment at home. Plus, it can be challenging to pierce precisely where you want it, and you might lose your nerve halfway through.

If you’re doing it at home, you’re probably doing it on the fly, which means you don’t have the right tools.

A piercing needle is extremely sharp to avoid pain and make a clean, precise cut. It hurts more, bleeds more, and heals less quickly and effectively if you use a sewing needle instead of a body piercing needle.

The Piercing Studio Matters

Again, the cost of a nipple piercing depends on where you get it done.

Nipple piercings can be gotten cheaply from a backroom piercer or at a sketchy piercing/tattoo parlor, but there are too many risks involved.

Usually, the procedures used there aren’t safe, and you’ve no guarantee that things are properly sterilized. That means you risk body trauma, a nasty infection, and scarring.

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For this reason, many people prefer to go to a professional piercing studio. Albeit costly, registered professional studios have trained professionals who use proper sterilization techniques and nipple piercing equipment and procedures.

Experience Of The Piercer

The cost of a nipple piercing also depends on the skill and experience of the piercer you choose.

Qualified, experienced piercers typically charge a higher price than less experienced ones. Despite the higher cost, an experienced piercer will give you a more professional service, resulting in a nicer piercing.

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Remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t rely solely on cost when choosing your piercer. If a piercer charges significantly less than the usual fee in your area, they may be cutting off in areas they shouldn’t, such as sterilization and other safety procedures.

In addition to the cost, you should carefully consider your piercer. A nipple piercing can be a sensitive procedure, so you need someone you can trust who will do the procedure professionally.

Where You Live

Geography affects nipple piercing prices as well.

Piercing studios in upscale suburbs or big cities are generally more expensive than those in small towns.

As a matter of fact, piercers know that people in affluent areas are mostly wealthy or like to splurge, so they charge more.

Running the studio in the upscale areas is also more expensive due to things like high rents and operational costs. So a studio has to be more expensive to keep its business afloat.

Similarly, you may have to pay higher prices if you live in a touristy location where many people visit and get body piercings.

Nipple Piercing Jewelry Cost

Of course, the price of a nipple piercing depends on what jewelry you choose.

Jewelry for the nipple can take many forms, such as shields and captive beads. Compared to regular barbells, these are more expensive.

There are also different types of jewelry materials that can increase the price. Nipple jewelry made of 14-karat gold is more expensive than titanium or surgical steel jewelry.

Nipple Piercing Jewelry

You also pay more for fancy nipple jewelry than for plain jewelry.

Note that most piercing studios perform these procedures using their own jewelry. So if you wear the jewelry from the studio/piercer, the cost can be much lower than if you bring your own jewelry.

Studios usually charge higher fees to discourage clients from bringing in jewelry from outside, which may be unsafe to use.

In any case, don’t skimp on nipple jewelry. Nipple piercings are among the most delicate body piercings. Therefore, you should use a high-quality metal that won’t react with your body chemistry and cause allergic reactions or contaminate the open wound.

If price is an issue, you can always get one nipple piercing at a time.

Location Of The Piercing Matters

Where the nipple is pierced significantly impacts the cost of the piercing.

Horizontal nipple piercings are often more complicated than vertical or diagonal ones. Therefore, most piercers charge more for horizontal piercings than for other locations.

This type of nipple piercing is more expensive as it is more difficult to pierce and requires more work to place the jewelry. Also, different people have different nipple structures, making horizontal nipple piercing more difficult and expensive.

Single Nipple Piercing Or Double?

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Whether you get both nipples pierced or just one also affects the cost of a nipple piercing. Even if you choose to pierce both nipples, piercing shops will most likely charge you per nipple. As mentioned earlier, nipple piercing prices typically start at $30 (per nipple).

However, you can always negotiate a discount if you get both nipples pierced, although it will still be expensive. Some studios/piercers offer a 2-for-1 price for double piercings.

After Care Products

The aftercare products you choose can affect the cost of your nipple piercing.

Piercing professionals generally recommend using antibacterial soap and plain saline to clean the area.

You can also use special creams or ointments to prevent infection in this area. All of this adds to the cost of your piercing.


Sales tax, which is applicable in some U.S. states, also increases the overall price of nipple piercings.

For example, the state of Arkansas imposes a 6% tax on the total price of piercings. If the price of a nipple piercing is $60, you pay $60 + $3.6 tax, excluding the cost of the jewelry.

In most regions, piercing itself is not a taxable service, but jewelry is. So if the sale of the jewelry is subject to a fee, the nipple piercing is also subject to sales tax.

The good thing is that sales tax varies from state to state but generally does not exceed 10%.


While cost is an important factor in nipple piercing, it shouldn’t be the only one. Focus on finding an experienced piercer and also wear quality jewelry.

Body piercing is not a new art or skill, which is why dozens of piercers exist everywhere. These professionals have different pricing policies, some of which are much cheaper than others.

Remember that a piercer who charges less does not necessarily mean they offer inferior nipple piercings.

So before you decide on a piercer and get your nipple piercing done, shop around, compare prices and find the most affordable one. However, ensure that the quality of the nipple piercing is not affected.

All in all, you should be prepared to pay a premium for quality jewelry and a professional piercer, two things you shouldn’t skimp on.

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