6 Best Nipple Piercing Retainers

Nipple piercing, although very sensitive, is one of the most beautiful types of piercing we have. Similarly, you also have several jewels you can use, and one of the most common ones is the nipple retainer.

Notice that since it’s a body jewel, you will need it to be safe and hypoallergenic.

In this article, though, we will show you some of the best nipple piercing retainers.

Nipple piercing retainer is one of the soft, flexible jewels that you wear on your nipple piercing. It will maintain the lightweight and comfort too.

Remember, you will have the retainers in different shapes to suit the different desires.

They can be the ones with the end balls, flexible barbells, or even conventional barbells.

1. Ruifan 14G 16mm Glow in The Dark Flexible Acrylic Straight Tongue Nipple Ring Retainer Piercing

Ruifan 14G 16mm Flexible Acrylic Nipple Tongue Barbell Ring Body Piercing Jewelry Retainer 6PCS (Assorted Color 1#)

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I like the colored style of jewels, mostly because they are attractive. This is a flexible barbell bioplastic that you can easily fit on the nipple. Notice that they are smooth, and thus, they will never scratch your nipple piercing either. You will further like it because it’s versatile, and you can use it for both your nipple and tongue.

The colored ones are much beautiful, and the colorless options are even better. Notice that it blends perfectly with any of your skin types. It will further fit in the right with any of your nipple piercing sizes. You can wear them quickly, and even when you are going for the MRI, you can still have it on.


  • It’s colorful
  • It’s safe to use since it’s hypoallergenic and nickel free.
  • You can even wear it in the MRI machine.
  • The balls won’t strain you to fit.
  • They are versatile to use.

2. Forbidden Body Jewelry 14G -16G Hospital Grade PTFE Flexible Piercing Retainers 

Forbidden Body Jewelry 14G 16mm Hospital Grade PTFE Flexible Piercing Retainer with 4mm Acrylic Balls, Plus Free Bonus Barbell

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This option is very versatile, so you can use it for different parts of your body jewels. You can use it for the navel, lip, tongue, cartilage, nipples, eyebrows, but even more places. It’s one of the safest jewels you can ever have since it contains the hospital-grade PTFE. It’s further nontoxic while being 100% metal-free.

Notice that it has a flexible shaft that you can easily bend. But you will find that it’s allergy-free and adjustable as well. This long barbell is great as you can cut it at any point you like to. Once again, you have a jewel that you don’t worry about reacting with your skin since it’s free of chemical toxins.

It remains biocompatible and even flexible to use. This is regardless of whether your breasts/nipples are getting even bigger. Notice that you can wear these pieces in the hospital, too, without the doctor asking you to remove it for any test.

Understand that they are easy to wear and use as well as they are to wash too.


  • It remains flexible and lightweight to use
  • It remains one of the best options because it’s even hypoallergenic.
  • Since it’s made using solid acrylic, you won’t have to struggle with it chipping off.
  • It’s flexible even if you had your nipple grow a little larger.
  • You will enjoy it just because you can use it for different piercings.


Some clients complain that the balls are a little larger than necessary.

3. SCERRING Grade 23 Titanium Externally Threaded Nipple Bar Barbell Rings Piercing Retainer 

SCERRING Grade 23 Titanium Externally Threaded Nipple Bar Barbell Rings Piercing Retainer 14G 9/16Inch Sold as a Pair

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This is one of the great choices because you can even use it as a tongue barbell too. Although it features the use of metal, then this metal is the safest there is. Remember, they use G23 titanium and more like an implant grade titanium.

This one will work as an excellent option for the time when you’re looking for a gift to use. Notice that it features 316L surgical steel and titanium, both of which are safe to use. In most cases, you may fall in love with the metal like a jewel on your nipple.

It has the perfect finishing that’s also smooth on your piercing skin; thus, it will never rough it up. You will like the ball being shiny. Remember, it’s designed to fit your nipple piercing, which generally makes it fit the nipple piercing.


  • It looks stylish
  • It will never rust, and it’s safe to use on the nipple together with other parts.
  • Everyone enjoys the metal like look on the nipples.
  • For most people, it will give you a comfortable fit.


  • In some instances, you may still react.

4. Ftovosyo 14G 16mm Glow in Dark Flexible Acrylic Straight Tongue Nipple Ring Retainer

Ftovosyo 14G 16mm Glow In Dark Flexible Acrylic Straight Tongue Nipple Ring Retainer Body Piercing Jewelry for Women Men 36PCS Mix Color Bioflex Plastic Acrylic Nipplering

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If you are the type that likes to change the colors every so often, then this is a great choice. Notice that they come in different colors for you to keep changing. Here you, therefore, have bioplastic types of barbells. They are made using high-quality acrylic, which is also why it’s nicely flexible and easy to use.

You can go with them to the hospital without fear of losing them either. They are hypoallergenic, and you will find it comfortable to wear even when you are going for the MRI.


  • These are easy to wear.
  • They are stylish for having different colors.
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • For many people, these pieces are much comfier to use.

5. Lcolyoli 36Pcs 14G Glow in Dark Flexible Acrylic Straight Tongue Barbell Nipple Ring Retainer

Lcolyoli 36Pcs 14G Glow in Dark Flexible Bioflex Acrylic Straight Tongue Barbell Nipple Ring Nipplerings Retainer Piercing Jewelry for Women Men 16mm Bar

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Here you have one of the best options for retainers. It features various colors of the jewels for you to have a wide range of options to choose from. Notice that such pieces are surprisingly nicely comfortable to use. These options are even hypoallergenic, so it remains safe to use at all times.

Although you buy them like a nipple ring, you can also use them as a tongue ring. The straight barbell will work for different other parts of your body.

Notice that you have other options that glitter, and that means you will enjoy the glitters being visible through your skin. This is the most comfortable choice to use mostly because it will fit you just right.


  • It’s quite affordable
  • You will enjoy the different styles and colors of jewels here today.
  • They are versatile, and you can use them not only on your nipple but on the tongue as well.


  • If you aren’t careful, you will soon lose them.

6. Pierced Owl Titanium IP Double Cz Nipple Bars Barbells Rings

Pierced Owl 14GA Titanium Plated 316L Stainless Steel Double CZ Crystal Nipple Barbells, Sold as a Pair (Black)

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Isn’t this just one of the most beautiful choices anyone can ever use? The fact that it’s neutral means anyone can use it. You will particularly like it for its glitters on the balls. It features stainless steel, which is equally safe to use even when you go out to the hospitals.


  • This piece is hypoallergenic
  • It’s easy to find and also safe to use.
  • You will enjoy the glitters on the balls.
  • It’s further safe to use.

Benefits of using the retainer

They are hypoallergenic

Notice that most of the retainer jewels, especially those made using the acrylic bioplastic titanium and safe surgical steel, are hypoallergenic. Nonetheless, when you are buying the retainer jewel, you will need to choose the one containing no nickel.

Check out to know more about Hypoallergenic Jewelry.

This jewel is flexible to use

Contrary to most other jewels you may decide to wear on your nipple, the retainer is the best since it’s flexible. Remember, it can bend easily to fit the piercing right.

It offers you a comfortable fit.

It doesn’t matter whether you are having the new piercing or the old and healed one; they will always fit you right. It won’t strain or scratch you, so you will feel safe.

Notice that the retainer is comfortable to wear

It’s one of the easiest to wear retainers. You only have to remove the ball, and then you can comfortably fix and secure it.


Although not many people have the piercing, you will notice that the jewels are readily available than others. You can have them in different styles, colors, and shapes. Also, you can find them in different shops, you know.

Nipple Piercing Retainer

Things to consider before buying the jewel

The material

Remember, you will be wearing this piece on your sensitive nipple.

When you choose the jewel, you should be sure that the metal they say is safe is for sure safe. The best one, though, is made using titanium, stainless steel gold, and others.

You should only take the jewels you can also use in the hospital if you were going for tests. You don’t want to cause any more itchy sensation. Confirm that it’s a safe metal. If not, then choose bioplastic acrylic to be safe.

The style

Of course, there are different retainer jewels styles, so you should know which one would work best for you. Most times, people choose straight barbells as the best choice to use.

Are they comfy to wear?

The one thing that will make anyone want to wear the retainer more every day is comfortable using. Once they set it in place, then they don’t have to think about it. So the question is, can you wear it quickly and also remove it easily?

What’s the budget?

You don’t need to spend a lot on the same, but you still must know the price range. There will be different jewels that come at different prices. So you can choose the ones that match your price set. Of course, you should go for the one that suits your budget first then know how it will serve you later.


Can I wear these rings when pregnant?

Of course, at the time of your pregnancy again, your immunity goes down. This is why you should check for the safest choices to use. You can wear them but remember, your nipple may enlarge a little, so you will need one to accommodate.

Go for the ones with longer posts so that you can cut them later. As long as you find the safe ones and you can have them stay put, you’re good to go.

Also, buy the one with the safest metals. You don’t want to use the ones that contain nickel, lead, or cadmium, and that’s even if you are never affected by them.

So, yes, you can wear the ones we showed you here just because they are already safe to use.

Is it fine to have the nipple piercing?

Yes, that’s okay to have the piercing, especially when you know how to nurse it. Notice that nipple piercing has a higher rate of infections. There’s a bacteria that lives on the milk duct, which will always cause more risk of infections.

Before you, therefore, go for it, you should know what kinds of infections may occur when you pierce them. This will then help you keep safe and get rid of the infection before it happens.

Notice that if the piercing is swollen red oozing painful, then those are the perfect indicators that you have an infection, and maybe it may be time just to remove it.

The sensitivity

You may lose most of the sensitivity when you pierce the nipple. This is just because you let the needle go through the nerves and thus killing the sensitivity. Are you ready for that?

Does it hurt?

Of course, it hurts a little. I mean, you will feel some level of pain even when you are going to pierce. How much it hurts, though, mostly depends on your piercer too. Sometimes how sensitive your nipple is will determine the pain too. Remember to choose the right needle, as well.

It will hurt more than the earlobe does as you expect it has more nerves. Nonetheless, its pain is lesser than that of a genital piercing.

What happens when I wear large jewel

It’s going to stretch the nipple piercing. Do not expect them to deform the nipple piercing, but you will have them enlarging it. As you would expect, the nipple is quite soft, which is also why it causes rapid damage.

Overall pick

You can use the different styles of nipple piercing jewels, but one of the very best one to use is Forbidden Body Jewelry. It’s effortless, and the colorless nature means it will fit on any skin color. Most people like and enjoy it for its safety.  Besides, you won’t have to spend a lot on the same.

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