Nose Piercing Care – How To Clean Nose Piercing

Regardless of where you come from, nose piercing has a way to amplify your look and style.

When you get a piercing, then there will be a need for healing time. During this time, how you care for it will either shorten or lengthen the time it takes to heal.

Generally, nose piercing involves puncturing or better known as piercing through the nose cartilage to allow you to wear different jewels styles.

Nose Pierced

But before you can start changing the other jewels, you must go through the healing duration, which means you also care for it. This is what we are concerned about today.

How long will the nose piercing take to heal?

We have different parts of the nose that people pierce even though nose piercing people refer to the nostril piercing in most cases.

They will take other times to heal, but it also depends on the care you give them.

Expect the piercing, for example, to heal in about 4-6 months. Remember then to follow the aftercare procedure for about six months.

This will then mean it heals fully but while taking all the time to do so. Remember, some piercing types will take a shorter time, especially when you pierced it right and focused best on the aftercare.

Notice that the pain level will keep going down over the coming weeks. In fact, you will have gotten used to it over time, such that the pain goes down.

After a few months, the piercing will start to look like the regular parts and piercing styles.

The septum will take about 6-8 weeks to heal if you took good care of it and the pierce pierced it right. However, if they instead pierced the cartilage because you don’t have the sweet spot, it will take6-8 months.

The vertical piercing will take longer to heal. When you take good care of it, then it will heal in about 6-9 months.

Like the lobe, the bridge is the easiest to heal since it will take about 8-12 weeks. Remember, they will pierce the skin and not the cartilage.

Generally, you will have different time frames for the piercing healings.

What should I do on the day of the piercing?

Did you already find the one person who will pierce you? Please make sure they are professional piercers with certifications. Go to a studio that has positive reviews to be on the safe side.

Septum Piercing Faqs 2

If you know a few people who have done their piercings in the past, ask them where they did theirs for recommendations.

Cleanliness is everything

On the day before the piercing, make sure you maintain cleanliness. Check to see that your body is in a good state of health and that you had sufficient rest to have all your cells active.

It would help if you surveyed to check the studio where you will have the piercing. Is it clean? Check the surrounding whether they sterilize their tools before you even go for the piercing.

It’s better to back off and be safe than go along with the piercing and get diseases.

Water is life

Water will help you flush out all the toxins and this then enables you to flush out the possibility of infections.

So you will need to drink a lot of water on the day before the piercing and then the same day when you are going for the piercing.

With this, you’re sure to get rid of the toxin. I mean, it’s a form of detox.

How to disinfect the piercing?

The only way to make sure the parts you have therefore remain clean is by disinfecting them.

This will keep them free of all infections. You should observe the healing process as you take steps to make sure the surfaces are clean.

Follow this simple process to di infect it every two times a week.

  • Start by washing your hands. You want to get rid of all the bacteria and dirt you may have.
  • Do you have a saline solution? You can use the homemade ones or the store-bought ones.
  • Take the cotton wool or balls to clean the pierced areas.
  • Rinse it thoroughly to make sure you have all the dirt and bacteria cleaned.
  • You will learn how much rinsing the different parts of piercings require with time.

How to clean the nose piercing?

Different parts of your nose will require different styles of cleaning. This is the most crucial aspect when it comes to the care of the nose.

What will you use to clean it?

Don’t worry; in about 2-4 months, you will not have to clean your piercings anymore. Before that, though, you need to clean it frequently for easy healing.

Septum Piercing Pain 3

If you just pierced your nose, you will need to have:

  • Saline solution that you can make by mixing ¼ teaspoon of salt into the water. Go on to stir it gently, making sure you dissolve everything.
  • Cotton balls
  • Cotton clothes

Depending on the part of your nose that you are cleaning, it will either be easy or not.

In the first weeks since you are avoiding the touching, you can use the spray bottle to spray the sailing solution around the pierced area. This will prevent the need to rub the part with a cotton ball.

You can also soak the nose part gently in the sea salt saline solution for even thorough cleaning. You don’t have to do it every time; instead, do it once or twice a week. It makes it easy to prevent infections.

This is not the time to use hydrogen peroxide or the alcohol-based solution. It will often cause even more damage to your nose.

However, as you’re cleaning it, you should check it to make sure the piercing is safe without infections.

4oz Piercing Aftercare Spray

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This is one of the sprays you can use to cleanse your piercing. It’s surprisingly affordable but also great to use.

It will make it easy to remove the dried discharge and lymph secretion. Just remember to use it at least 3-to 4 times a day.

This sea salt solution reduces your healing time, and when you use it, you can be sure you won’t have other adverse effects.

Of course, this is not a chemical solution instead of just natural seawater, which is safe to use.

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I like that the sprays are travel-friendly and, therefore, most ideal for anyone who loves to travel a lot. You won’t even know it’s working on the piercing because it doesn’t sting.

In this case, the good thing is that the product is ideal even for the nose. It will keep your piercing safe while making you heal even faster.

Cotton Balls Organic by Sky Organics

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I know you most likely already have the cotton balls in your house, but here are some to buy if you don’t.

These pieces are eco-friendly and easy to use. The balls don’t have a fragrance, making them safe to use even with your new piercing remember.

Notice that the balls, in this case, are soft on the skin and will, therefore, not scratch the skin.

How often should I clean it?

Of course, too much cleaning may make it hard to heal also. So most people ask how often they should clean their noses.

When you first pierced the nose, it’s best to clean it at least twice a day. Of course, do this on the inside and then outside the nose.

Know this; the healing will occur when it’s ready. Even if it takes longer, it doesn’t matter because, in about two months, you can start cleaning it just once a day.

Some people, though, use the sprays three to four times a day for immediate healing of the nose. Find the routine that works best for you and use it.

When is it time to stop the cleaning?

We all can’t wait for the time when we finally say it’s enough, and we are ready to play around with different jewels.

When we think about cleaning the piercing for the next six months and more, it just looks excessive.

You will need to observe your nose, and if it heals at six months, you can stop. Other than that, a time will come when you can clean it just once a day. After two months, you can focus on cleaning it once a day unless otherwise infected.

What if my nose piercing is infected?

It’s not uncommon to have your nose infected once in a while. One thing that is common is that the nose piercing will sometimes bleed or produce a discharge.

If you notice that the discharge is excessive and the pus is yellow or green, then you can be sure it’s infected.

Sometimes it will even be itchy, and in such cases, you, therefore, need an antibiotic or, better yet, consult your doctor.

The nose piercing aftercare

It’s easier to get a nose piercing than it will be to work on the aftercare. Within a few days, you will notice that the piercing becomes red, swollen, and sometimes itchy. But you can take care of it if you want it to last.

  • Have a saline solution

When you have this kind of piercing, you will always need a saline solution. This is what kills the bacteria and viruses making them easy to heal. It would help if you, therefore, used the saline solution at least twice a day.

  • No, don’t remove the jewels.

Don’t remove the jewel even though you may want to try other jewels. If you do this sooner than you should, then you will disrupt the healing process.

Aside from that, your skin may react to the other jewels, especially since it’s sensitive. You have a risk of bacterial infection when you keep changing the jewels.

  • Only use clean hands.

When the piercing is still new, you will always need only to touch it with clean hands. If possible, start by disinfecting your hands before you go out to touch the jewels.

It doesn’t matter whether you are touching it for the second time today; make sure your hands are clean at all times.

  • No, don’t start playing with the jewels.

You may want to start playing with the studs or hoops but don’t because that will contaminate the jewels. Also, turning it around will halt the healing process.

Don’t forget the fact that you can easily get an infection because you keep touching your nose. Give the area some time to heal quickly without touching it.

  • You like makeup, but can you avoid them around your nose piercing for now?

Some of the reasons why the nose piercing will never heal faster are because of makeup. Remember the cosmetics have some chemicals that will contaminate your piercing.

If I were you, I would avoid makeup around this time. However, if you have to, though, make sure you only use the clean brush and sponge to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Keep off any harsh chemicals.

If you want to make it easy to heal, you should stay away from any harsh chemicals. So use the products you enjoy while making sure none gets into the piercing.

  • Take time to find out if there’s an infection.

As you are cleaning or doing anything else, make sure you check to avoid infections. It would help if you observed for infections signs like bumps, pus, and the jewel sinking into the piercing. If you notice anything not so good, you can then seek doctors’ advice.

  • Use home remedies

Often we trust the store-bought products, but they sometimes are the same ones that will cause us more damage. For example, if you want to make a saline solution, you can use salt and water.

Sometimes you can use lavender oil to soothe the pain. You can also use turmeric, which is an excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Let it be; it will heal at its time.

Contrary to what most believe, sometimes you may want just to let your piercing be. Give it time to heal, and it will do its magic by itself.

Septum Piercing 4

If your mind is all on it, you don’t give it room to do its thing regarding the healing.

What if you develop a bump?

Sometimes you may find that the nose piercing develops a bump. So why will it occur, and what should I do?

  • If you used the wrong aftercare products, then the bump will occur.
  • If you have an infected nose rings
  • If you used the wrong piercing material
  • Sometimes you’re just allergic to some jewels

If you have done everything right and still see the bumps, you should consult your doctor.

The safety and precaution

When you know what not to do for the nose piercing, you will also be learning how you can maintain the piercing.

  • Don’t go swimming

Chlorine is not such a great friend to your piercing. You can hold yourself not swimming at this time. Also, the water parts have bacteria floating and roaming all over.

This will go into your piercing, causing even more infections, which will not be suitable for your piercing and would make you hurt.

  • Avoid over-the-counter antiseptics.

I know sometimes the piercing will be infected but don’t apply the over-the-counter antiseptic. Just use the saline solution, and if it’s not improving, then go to the doctor.

  • Be cautious of the jewel you choose

Which one will it be but for your new piercing? Make sure you only choose the safe nickel-free jewel to be safe.

When you have a new piercing, you have to check and only select the new-looking types of gems.

  • Only let the professionals pierce you.

Don’t go to any studio for the piercing; instead, choose the professional piercers for the same. This is the only way you will get the best piercers. You had better pay more but be safe from risks.

  • The jewel is dull you want to change? Just don’t

Remember, when you want to change the jewels, it’s better to do it once the piercing is fully healed. If you start removing the jewels before then, you will tamper with your tissues, making them hard to recover.

  • Look out for infections.

As you are cleaning the piercing, keep looking for possible infections. It’s better to cure your infection sooner than later. Take the time to observe it, and if it’s infected, then clean it properly.

If I care for my piercing, will it still be painful?

No, after a few days, you should have the pain deteriorate. If the piercing is still painful more than six months after, then there’s a problem with it. You will need to seek medical advice. Take all the precautions you need to make sure you are safe.

Back to you

Now you know everything that regards this topic and that makes it all easy to take care of the piercing. Maintain gentleness when taking care of your piercing at least during the healing window.

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