How Much Is A Nose Piercing – Things You Need To Know

‘I want to get my nose pierced. But isn’t it just costly?’ This is one of the many questions people ask just before they go for the piercing.

Notice that the decision to pierce your nose will come with all its expenses regarding the care. There will be a few factors that you have to consider regarding the price, as you can see below.

What will you use to pierce – Are we talking about the needle or the gun?

Check your nose, and you will realize that the nose is not only the skin; instead, it’s also part of the soft bones better known as cartilage.

For this reason, you should never pierce using a gun. It will cause shock to your nerves and other parts of the inner side of the nostril.

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Even though it’s cheaper to use a gun and a one-off piercing, it will also be excruciating. Besides, some states render it illegal to use a gun for other parts of the body piercing aside from the ears. This leaves you with the option of needle piercing.

So when someone claims they’ll use a gun for the nose piercing, you have a red flag there. Just leave and find another studio with more professionals.

This is also the reason why you will always need to go to the tattooist for the piercing. They should also use a one-piece needle for you and not share it. Nothing to worry about the pain because it will most likely be the same or lesser.

People prefer the needle because then it means you don’t hurt your nerves, and then the healing is quicker than when you use the needle.

Exact cost

The piercing will depend on a few factors. Mostly the questions are; where are you going to get the piercing from?

What jewels will you use and the cost of the piercer? This is why its price will differ from one studio to another.

So, where will you get the piercing done?

You will like the fact that you can get the piercing in almost any place. If you want to visit a mall for it, you can find a piercer there; similarly, you can go to a professional studio.

This is why you should balance your comfort and safety when choosing the piercer that will work for you.

Remember, if you can find the tattoo or piercing studio, then you have it all. But you will need to check their cleanliness and professionalism.

This, you can quickly know if you check their review online. Don’t just go out to any shop; instead, do your research to find the best.

Professionals know they have to mark the right point before they even go for the piercing. Once they mark the point, then they know where the needle will go through.

If you went to any local studio, they sometimes would do it without even piercing as they trust their gut. This makes room for the piercing to go wrong.

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When you pierce it all wrong, then you know what to expect. It may just create unnecessary infections making the healing process a nightmare.

Bottom-line, ensure the place you are getting the piercing from is safe and hygienic. This is the only way to assure yourself of your safety.

Notice that it will be easy to find a piercer around your vicinity, especially since you have to ask around for the same.

Sometimes you can find out through google. Just key in the words; ‘places for nose pierce around my location.’ It will always bring you to the top sites you can go to.

Before you finally settle for one place, then go on to find out whether they’re certified. Also, go on to check other areas before you finally agree on one place.

Now the more professional the place, the higher the cost of the piercing. Remember, it’s in such sites where you will get the best piercers that charge higher rates. Expect to pay up to $100 for the best services.

Let’s talk about the nose piercing types.  

When you visit the store or do online searching, check the type of nose piercing they give. If they are comfortable piercing any part of your skin and nose, then they should mention it.

Otherwise, you shouldn’t guess that just because they pierce your nostril, they will comfortably pierce your bridge.

Expect the nose piercing prices to be different because the level of difficulty in piercing differs. Again don’t expect the price to be the same from one shop to the other.

Its prices will vary from one shop to another and from country to country. There will never be a fixed rate, and therefore you expect different prices from time to time.

Notice that the piercing price may be a little high or low, depending on the place you are. It doesn’t matter whether you want the septum, bridge, Nasallang, vertical, or any other style.

So then when they are posing the price, what’s in it?

Most of the studios you choose to go to will give you the price of the piercing together with the price of a basic style of jewel. In other shops, they will charge you extra for the jewel.

But it won’t be much as they charge you anything from $10-$100. It all depends on the kind of jewel you choose to use.

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Notice that the price may or may not include the aftercare services. But I often prefer the ones that give you all the things altogether. Notice that the aftercare will cost you anything from $20-$60.

They will further show you some of the safest methods to use in hastening the healing process.

The jewelry material

Notice that the jewel material matters; some of them will cost you a little more than usual, but it’s just because of the preciousness. Surgical steel is the one you use most to remember.

You can also use other metals like titanium, some types of gold, platinum, or more. Remember the availability and the type of jewel we talk of here matter.

Even though precious jewels may be costly, they will never cause skin sensitivity.

Expect to pay $4 for surgical steel and titanium and up to $62 for platinum and more for genuine diamond.

Where exactly is the studio?

The nose piercing cost also depends on where the studio is placed. For example, if you are talking about a studio in an urban place, it will cost you more. If the studio is out of town, then it may be cheaper.

Remember, though, that although they offer you a better deal, it won’t mean they pierce better.

Do they give discounts?

Notice that you can expect the difference in price for those times that you’re piercing three parts of your nose consecutively.

Also, the fact that you go to a shop that has several piercing studios call for discounts. You can be sure it will cost you lesser since they want to stand out. Of course, the main factor is whether they will offer you the safety you need during the piercing.

Here are some of the discounts you may have

Buy one get one free: whenever anyone wants to give you a discount, you will notice that they use the terms two for one. So, of course, this means you can decide to pierce two spots, and then they’ll pierce one other spot for free.

Re piercing: They may not charge you the same as they do for the new piercing. For example, if you are getting a re-piercing, then it should be easy. This means that the cost is even lesser.

Multiple: again, if you are going to pierce numerous spots, then expect to receive discounts. They will tell you that they charge you lesser than they usually would.

Back to school: one of the most common offers is this kind. This is ideal if you are a college student to get a better deal even as you are going out to school. Sometimes though, they give students a different deal.

Other important factors

The experience will also determine the price

When you know the studio you will go to; you’ll also want to know their experience to be sure of their work. But the more experienced they are, the better, but the higher the price.

Recheck your piercer to confirm its credentials. They should have the certificates displayed to show you that they are good at what they do.

When someone is experienced, you will be sure they will pierce it faster and make it a little painless. If you, therefore, notice that the piercer has return customers, it can only mean that they work well.

The piercing technique matters

It may look unnecessary, but it matters. Whether you use a gun or a needle will show your prowess. It’s essential for those who still like using guns to note that this is ideal for beginners. If you are a professional piercer, then you can expect to use a needle.

If you want to know whether the piercer is a professional or not, then you should ask what technique they use in the piercing. Also, don’t just ask; let them explain why they prefer one method over another.

In a nutshell, it’s more expensive to pierce with a needle than it is to use a piercing gun.

Is it a popular store?

During this age of social media, you can easily advertise your studio or shop. Well, find out if the place you are going to is popular. If it is, then it must be an excellent studio for piercing.

When it’s popular, you can also expect it to cost you more. Through social media, you can tell whether the price point they set is worth it or not based on their services.

General nose piercing price

With the above factors, you can now know the best place to go and the factors that will determine the cost.

Nostril piercing: this will cost you between $25-and $100. For some, this is inclusive of the jewelry, but you will have to add a little more for the jewels. Don’t worry though you may find other people who charge you anything from $10-$50.

Septum piercing: this is another one of the most famous types, but it will cost a little more too. Notice that it’s costly since it will cost you $40-$120. This entails more work than the nostril piercing.

Bride piercing: this is rarer, but you can expect to spend about $40-$100. As we had said, this may be inclusive of the jewelry.

High nostril: when you want to pierce the high nose, you can expect it to be a little costly. You will spend $50-$80 together with the jewel you are choosing to use.

Surface piercing: this is surprisingly costlier, but you can expect it not to be as painful. You will expect it to cost you $50-$90.

Nasallang piercing: is another one of the most common styles of piercing today. You can expect to spend anything from $50-$120. I know you would say it’s cheaper than you wish, but it’s because you are piercing different nose parts.

Vertical nose:  another one of the most common ones is this vertical, and you can expect to pay anything from $50-$100.

Double nostril piercing: since you are piercing two spots at a go, you will receive a discount as expected. You should be ready to pay $60-$90

Septril piercing: is another one of the most popular styled of piercing where you expect it will cost you $40-$60

Triple piercing: this is another favorite that will cost you a little higher than the double one—$ 60-$140.

What’s included in the price

We had already clearly mentioned this, but you can expect the price to contain the following.

  • The piercers fee
  • The consultation
  • Sometimes the aftercare fee and instructions
  • The jewel you will use.

Do we ever have the additional cost?

Yes, we will always have an additional fee, with the main one being the gratuity, which is 5-15%.

If the piercer recommends the aftercare products, you can be sure it’s not part of the prices.

Also, if you want more style and gem, then the cost will be a little higher.

That’s it for the nose piercing cost. As you can see, we can’t give you a direct price, preferably the general one. It may vary, but it will always be between $30-and $120.

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