What Does A Nose Piercing Mean

Nose piercings are a cultural and ancient art of beauty that came into existence years ago. It’s one aspect of beauty that today people around the globe have embraced. It is the second most famous body type piercing after the earlobe piercing.

Culturally, nose piercing is understood to have different symbols. In other countries, nose piercing symbolizes wealth and prestige, while others see it as a defiance form. Whichever way you see it, we can all agree that the tiny jewel on the nose calls for attention.

But, what does nose piercing mean?

Nose piercing is a body piercing method that involves puncturing through the nose cartilage and the skin. Depending on where you’re piercing, you will either have it go through the cartilage or the skin.

When we say nose piercing most people, think of nostril piercing, but you can pierce different other parts of the nose.

Different types of nose piercing.

Septum piercing

Septum piercing

This is today one of the trendiest choices of piercing thanks to celebrities. It is a more elaborate style of piercing that you should only pierce with skilled personnel. The septum piercing is where you pierce the septum.

But the ring should not go through the cartilage. It should be between the front of the nose and the flesh just around the cartilage, also known as the sweet spot.

After piercing, the piercer puts a ring. Usually, it’s a horseshoe ring. The advantage of a septum jewel is that you can flip it inside if you don’t want it to be visible.

High nostril

High nostril


It is a unique but traditional method of nose piercing. It also varies slightly from the nostril piercing.

The piercing is done a little bit higher, usually around the curve of the nose. The spot in which the stud pierces through is thicker than the part of the nostril piercing.

It may sometimes be challenging to reach and requires a highly skilled piercer to avoid complications. The choices of jewelry in this type of piercing are very restricted due to the flesh’s thickness.

Bridge earl piercing

Bridge earl piercing


The piercers will always pierce the bridge of the nose. On appearance, the jewelry may look to have punctured the bones and the cartilage of the nose. The needle goes through the surface of the skin; thus, no damage happens.

Nasallang piercing

Nasallang piercing


Nasallang piercing is the most difficult to undertake. The jewels have to pass through both nostrils and the septum of the nose at the same time. It requires an experienced piercer to do it safely. At first sight, it may seem easy. Only one needle goes under the nose.

With Nasallang piercing, you won’t have a wide range of jewels to use. The straight barbell ring is the most commonly used.

Don’t worry, though, because if you take good care of the piercing, it will take 4 to 6 months to heal.

Vertical tip piercing

It is also called rhino piercing. The nose ring runs vertically from the tip of the nose and in between the nostrils. The ring used is usually visible both above and below the tips of the nose. The location of this type of piercing makes the process of piercing painful.

It takes longer to heal because of the depth in which the ring goes in piercing through the nose’s tissues.

Curved barbell rings work best with this type of piercing. You can use straight bars, but they have to be flexible enough because the straight ones can cause complications.

Triple nose piercing

Triple nose piercing is not a frequently used type of piercing, but it adds a sense of style when done.

It requires a high level of precaution because any small mistake will damage the nerves of the nose. Usually, it takes the triangular form.

You can choose to put two studs on one side of the nose and the remainder on the opposite. It depends on the taste and preference of the individual in question.

Austin bar piercing

It almost resembles a Nasallang piercing; the difference is that the septum is not involved in this piercing. Austin bar piercing is a very unique and rare type.

You will need to do the piercing horizontally with the jewelry passing between the nose tip’s fleshes.

It is not a risky type of piercing and takes about three months to heal.

It is advisable to use barbell jewelry.

Nostril piercing

Nostril piercing


Lastly, we have to talk about this nostril piercing being the most common of them all. Although it started in the Middle East today, people across the globe have embraced it.

According to the Ayurveda culture, the jewel on the left side of the nose would regulate the menstrual pain wh8ile making it easy to conceive.

Nonetheless, you can choose to pierce any side you wish.  Nostril piercing has a wide range of jewelry from which to choose.

The origin of the nose piercing and the rings

When you look at history, most people but particularly the warrior men, wore their nose rings. Back in 44000 BC, the aboriginals of Australia made the bone that fit through their nasal septum.

Similarly, the culture of piercing the nose for beauty began in the Middle East 4000 years ago.

With time nose jewelry started to spread across the northern parts of Africa and many other sides.

Hindus were never left behind, either. By the 1500s, they started to use nose rings and piercings too. This culture went on to spread across many countries in the East.

The hippies were the ones who would then introduce the nose rings to the west. They went touring the East and came back in the 60s wearing the nose jewel. For a long time, though, most westerners perceived the piercing as a rebellious act.

Today more people have embraced it, but some parts still view nose piercing in a negative light.

What are the beliefs that regard nose piercing?

The history of traditional beliefs towards nose piercings dates from way back in the olden days.

For example, in the Hindu culture, piercing the left side of the nose would reduce the pain women undergo during menstruation. It makes childbirth possible, too, in Ayurveda.

In the Middle East and North Africa, nose piercing was a symbol of prestige and wealth. It’s no wonder the husband would give the wife a nose ring during the wedding to show how much wealth they have.

The families were considered wealthy by how large the nose piercing rings were when the rings in the piercings were large; it symbolized that the family was the richest.

The reasons why more people are embracing nose piercing

It’s outright beautiful.

There’s no better way to say this other than it makes your style pop. You will look more than beautiful with whichever jewel you decide to use.

When you know where to pierce your face, then you will find it looking nice. The nostril piercing is one style most people like because you can even accessorize it with your ear piercing.

You have several jewels to use

Something out of the ordinary is that you can have as many jewels to use on your nose piercing just as you do on your ears.

Whether you want the most precious and high-end ones or just the ones for daily use, you can always have something to match your style.

If you want to know this is true, go out and check the different styles of nose jewels on Amazon and other places.

You can easily pierce it, and it heals fast.

The good thing is that most professional piercers are familiar with a nose piercing, which means there’s no room for mistakes.

You will have piercers doing an excellent job to pierce just the right spot.

This also means that your piercing will heal based on the time it’s supposed to. Besides, it’s easy to find high-end nose jewels just as it is to find midrange priced ones.

You can further find the jewels and studios to go and pierce the treasures easily.

Its just different and out of the norm.

Are you one of those who like to be unique and different? Well, you can use the nose piercing to stand out in a crowd.

Everyone is always piercing their ears, so when you add your nose, you look gorgeous and different.

What is the meaning of the nose ring?

It features any piece of jewel that is worn on the nose, whether it’s on the septum, bridge, or nostrils. This is then to say that we have different kinds of nose rings.

But what does it mean to the different people across the globe?


In Hindu tradition, wearing a nose ring on the nose was used to show that the lady is now taken. They wear the nose jewel on either side of the nose, depending on where the bride is coming from. This culture, although slowly fading, we still have people who hold on to it dearly.

Sometimes, Men would gift women with a nose ring as a form of financial security if they are divorced or widowed by any chance.

The rings sometimes were used as a form of dowry payment, and it is a practice that we still have in the Middle East and parts of Africa.

Wealth and prestige

In North Africa, the Berber community wore nose rings to symbolize their amount of wealth. Women were given nose rings by their husbands to prove that they are more than capable of taking good care of them.

In this tradition, the larger nose rings signified a very wealthy man or woman. It’s an easy way for a man to show off his wealth and abilities.


Historically, nose piercings were a very sacred and essential culture in the east. It was a tradition that symbolized different meanings to their communities. However, western countries regarded it as an unattractive body change.

In ancient tribes in North America, the nose ring was a rite after completing certain events. These piercings later were related to rebel groups like the punk movement.

The shift in culture from traditional to modern has changed the perception of nose rings. Thankfully people have embraced it today and are letting go of the stigma.

Fertility and Ayurveda

Most cultures in India had the ladies pierce their noses on the nostrils as this had precise meanings related to their cultures.

Many believed that piercing their left nostrils is co-related with childbirth, sex, and healthiness.

People believed that nose rings reduce the amount of pain during the menstrual cycle. It also had significance during childbirth.

Modern era nose piercings

Western culture has always been against the culture of nose piercings. However, thanks to the hippies, the wave of stigmatization of people having nose rings are slowly coming to an end. It is now a sense of style and fashion as public figures use the nose rings more often.

Nostrils, for example, are acceptable even in our workplaces today. Nonetheless, we still have work to do as some places still forbid nose jewelry.

Can anyone pierce their nose?

But why not if that’s what you like. Therefore, no restrictions go out and find the jewel you want and pierce the nose today.

Its too painful

I won’t lie that it’s not, but the pain level differs from one person to another. Nonetheless, it’s also nothing you can’t handle. Go into the piercing with the end goal in mind to have the freedom to use all the different jewel styles.

Myths of nose piercing

People who pierce their noses are rebellious

I would say society makes them rebellious by judging them based on their preferred look. The piercing has nothing to do with your character. It’s just been an easy way to stand out. The person who pierces their nose is just like you and I.

If the hole you pierced on the nose is blocked, can you pierce it again?

No, this is not true because your scar tissue is weaker. You may, in fact, develop tissue damage by doing this. It’s better to pierce another side, not the same one, therefore.

You can get a child when you pierce the left nostril.

This is true for those who believe in this Ayurveda culture, but it won’t work if you don’t. Notice that the belief isn’t scientifically proven, so I can’t say much about it.

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