Nose Piercing On Both Sides-Ultimate Guide

Nose piercings are trendy nowadays.

In the past, piercing meant piercing the earlobes. But with changing trends and fashions, piercings on the nose and other body parts have become fashionable.

Currently, nose piercing on both sides also referred to as paired known piercing, is also trendy. This form of piercing is becoming increasingly popular as an acceptable form of body piercing. It is no longer a piercing for rebellious punk rockers or hippies only.

With its increasing fame, nasal jewelry has expanded beyond traditional body jewelry.

If you’re interested in getting your nose pierced on both sides, here’s everything you need to know beforehand.

Nose Piercing On Both Sides Meaning

Nose Piercing On Both Sides


A nose piercing on both sides means that a person has the cartilage pierced on both the right and left sides of their nose. Initially, it was popular among women, but now there are male fans too.

The idea of double nose piercing has also expanded to include septum piercing, nose tip piercing, and bridge piercing.

Cultural Appropriation And Spiritual Meaning Of Nose Piercings

Nose Piercings


Nose piercing is believed to go back to biblical times.

A translation from the Book of Genesis speaks of a gift to the wife of Isaac as a “golden earring.” The word used also translates to “nose ring.”

In some cultures, a nose ring is given to a woman when she marries. The stone size, such as a diamond, serves a dual purpose. It can signify the family’s wealth and also serve as financial security for the woman.

This idea is not unlike other, more modern cultures that sewed gold coins into clothing to safeguard their fortune.

Other cultures, especially in Africa and South East Asia, pierce their noses for warrior status, as an aid in childbearing, or for coming-of-age rites.

In America, the first few people to get their noses pierced were hippies returning from sojourns in India and fans of punk rock. So initially, the idea of nose piercings seemed disestablishmentarian.

But as I said, piercing a nostril is hardly considered “punk” or “rebellious” in today’s world. Even workplaces are now allowing for nose piercings.

I must say that of all facial piercings, this is probably one of the piercings to achieve benign responses from older or more traditional members of society.

Is It True That Nose Piercing On Both Sides Hurts? What About The Risks?

It depends, as the pain levels vary from person to person.

Nonetheless, if you touch your earlobe and nostril, you can tell that they are different. The nostril has more cartilage, making it harder to pierce than the ear.

As a result, the nose piercing process is slightly more painful than getting your ear pierced. But this can be managed with local anesthetics.

In addition to the initial pain, the probability of infection in this part is relatively high, and it also causes discomfort during the healing

For this reason, it is strongly recommended to seek professional help. Many reputable and reliable stores offer this type of service today.

Before getting pierced, ensure that the materials used are sterilized. Many diseases are associated with skin piercings. Therefore, it is best to ensure that your needle is new and sterile.

A needle is preferable to a piercing gun because needles can be fully sterilized, while a gun cannot.

Still, ensure that the piercing site is clean before piercing and that the piercer knows what they’re doing. This will help prevent infections and complications during healing.

Remember to clean the piercing well every day to allow it to heal properly and fast.

More importantly, pay attention to the jewelry you’ll be wearing. Your body can react to the jewelry in the form of irritation. Poor quality jewelry can also cause infections, so watch out for that.

Can I Get My Nose Pierced On Both Sides At The Same Time?

As mentioned above, nose piercings can be painful and are highly prone to infection. They also take longer to heal, about two to three months.

So to avoid unnecessary body trauma, it’s not advisable to get your nose pierced on both sides at the same time. Instead, you should pierce one side and give it time to heal before getting the second piercing.

Is Nose Piercing On Both Sides Cute On A Black Girl?

Nose Piercing On Both Sides On A Black Girl


Black girl, white girl, Latino, does it matter?

Anyone can wear body jewelry.

If you think paired nose piercing is cute and want it, I say GO FOR IT! No matter what color skin you have.

My advice for anyone thinking about this is, “don’t worry about what other people think or say.” Do what you want to do with your body. It’s, after all, YOURS!

If you end up not liking them, you can always take the jewelry out when the piercings heal.

Nose Piercing On Both Sides With Septum

Nose Piercing On Both Sides With Septum


Besides piercing only the sides of your nose, you can also pierce the septum, so you have three (or more) nose piercings.

The nasal septum is the hard cartilage wall between each of the nostrils. It is typically pierced towards the bottom to penetrate the softest cartilage.

Usually, a horseshoe shape ring is worn in this piercing with a ball screwed to each end.

Sometimes, this piercing is “gauged.” This means that the hole is gradually enlarged by inserting a slightly larger ring into the piercing every six to eight weeks. Often, this is done primarily with earrings and septum rings but can actually be done with any piercing.

Many say the procedure isn’t painful but somewhat uncomfortable when the larger size is pushed through the piercing.

How Much Is Nose Piercing On Both Sides

The cost of paired nose piercing varies depending on the store and the type of jewelry used.

Some jewelry shops offer free nose piercings if you buy jewelry from them.

Others charge between $30 and $60 (or more) per piercing. However, in most of these cases, you’ll have to pay for the jewelry in addition to the piercing.

And while there are cheaper options, you want to choose something that’s of good quality to avoid any cases of irritation.

Surgical steel, Titanium, or 14k (genuine) gold nasal jewelry is ideal. This type of jewelry is relatively pricey but will last a long time and is less likely to agitate your skin as it heals.

Nose Piercing On Both Sides Jewellery

Nose Piercing On Both Sides Jewellery

There are a variety of jewelry styles for nose piercings on both sides.

We have:

  • Nose studs/bones
  • L-shaped pins (fishtail)
  • Nose rings, ball rings
  • Captive bead rings
  • Nose hoops
  • Circular barbells
  • Nose screws

You and your piercer will decide which jewelry is appropriate for your lifestyle. Remember that the initial jewelry for the piercing may not be what you have in mind.

You’ll need to choose the jewelry that best fits your face to withstand the inevitable swelling later.

The type of jewelry recommended for new nose rings is actual rings, not the nose screws most untrained piercers use.

Rings or hoops are easy to keep clean and move around, both of which are essential to healing.

A nose screw looks like a regular stud earring, except it has a twist at the end to keep it from falling out. This type of nasal jewelry is not as easy to clean or move around.

Because of the nature of the area, nose rings can be prone to infection, so it is crucial to be diligent about cleaning during the healing process.

If you prefer nose screws, wait for the piercing to heal to wear them.

Once your paired nose piercing has fully healed, you’ll have various jewelry options besides the nose screws.

Double Nose Piercing Ideas

nose piercing on both sides 1


Or nose piercing with hook and stud.

nose piercing with hook and stud


Nose piercing on both sides with chain is also quite fashionable.

Nose piercing on both sides with chain


If you also have a septum piercing, circular barbells or loops go well with stud nose piercing on both sides.

loops go well with stud nose piercing on both sides


To summarize, like piercings on other parts of your body, paired nose piercing can be a great way to express your style. Unlike tattoos, you can take them out if you no longer want them.

Depending on the person, the hole left behind should heal and disappear. However, this is not always the case; a small hole can be left behind.

It is essential to know the facts before doing any body-altering procedure, such as piercing both sides of your nose. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your new accessory and not regret it.

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