Do Nose Piercings Hurt – Why Does My Nose Piercing Hurt And How To Deal With It

You look so beautiful with the nose jewel but isn’t the piercing painful?

This is one question you will hear whether you have a studio or like to talk about the piercings.

Although I know it’s more painful than the ear lobe piercing, you never get all the details. In this article, we will talk solidly about the pain for you to understand everything easily.

Notice that the nose piercing is one of the most popular ones after earlobe, and of course, it’s because most of us look perfect with it.

So while it’s painful, I can’t say it’s too bad that you shouldn’t get the piercing. It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid of the pain or not; if you like nose piercing, think of the end goal.

Will the nose piercing hurt?

Notice that it’s a form of piercing where you have the needle going through the skin. When the piercing happens then, it has to be painful.

When you look at the nose’s anatomy, you will see that the outer skin is just part of a bigger side of the nose. It has a larger size of the cartilage, and the needle will go through the cartilage. This is why it’s more hurting.

If you are going to pierce your earlobe, it won’t be as painful as the nose. Also, I want you to know that the pain will not be the same for everyone.

Different people will experience different levels of pain. Some people will experience even more pain, while others experience no pain at all.

For other people, their nose is susceptible, which means they’ll experience excruciating pain.

Some people feel like the pain is more psychological because of the needle you see close to your eyes. As such, you should always close your eyes during the piercing.

But is it that bad?

Like any other piercing, if you are already nervous when you are going out for the piercing, it will be more than painful.

So you will need one thing, and it’s to be relaxed as that reduces the pain dramatically. But you will experience the following in regards to pain.

This pain will make your eyes watery to the very least, and this is because your nose tissues connect to the sinuses. Therefore, when you irritate the nose even a little bit, it will send a signal to the eyes to start watering.

So what if the tears you saw in your friend’s eyes while they were making the piercing were just about the sinuses’ reaction, not the pain?

Have you had your ears pierced? If you have, then we’ll compare the nose piercing to the ear one.

The earlobes are a little painful because you don’t have the cartilage pierced. So don’t go out to pierce your nose, thinking the pain will be the same.

Have you done the ear cartilage piercing? Those are often more than painful because you are going through a soft bone. So the pain is almost the same as this. But with the teary eyes too.

Expect the pain to be a little more but know that it’s manageable pain. There’s more fear-mongering than the pain itself.

Don’t be caught in the loop. Go for the experience to see if it’s something you can manage.

For how long will the pain last?

This is another one of the burning questions when you are out getting the piercing. But you will feel the pain during the piercing and then after. For the first few seconds, you will feel out-of-the-norm pain; then, it goes on.

Expect to feel some soreness. The new piercing will often swell and get red, but after a few days, it will be okay. This is then to say that the pain will completely go away in five days.

For some people, the pain never goes, which means the piercing may be infected and may need medical attention.

Sometimes you can go to your piercer for further consultations. They will most likely give you antibiotics.

What are some of the risks involved with the piercing?

It’s not new that whenever you make somebody modify, you can expect some risks. This is why you always need to familiarize yourself with the way in advance.

The following are some of the risks related to nose piercing that may also be very painful.

Septal hematoma: from the name, you would think this is an infection related to only your septum piercing. But if you are experiencing difficulty in breathing, pain, and even swelling, then chances are that you have the septal hematoma.

In this case, the blood has collected around your septum and perichondrium. Since this is a severe condition, you will have to see your doctor.

Infections: this is the most common kind in the piercing world. The bacterial staphylococci are present not only on your nose but also in your hands.

This is why most times, the piercers tell you not to touch your piercing. The good thing is that you could even cure it with home remedies.

When you experience swellings, pains, aches, pus, and excess bleeding, you can be sure the piercing may be infected. Sometimes, this occurs due to poor hygiene, while other times, it’s just a body reaction.

What if you inhale the jewel while you sleep? This is the worst risk because it could then lead to choking and death. This will rarely occur, but you have to rush to the hospital for an operation if it does.

Necrosis: is another one of the most famous types that will form when you have an untreated infection. This occurs when the tissues of the nasal walls begin to dry out. If this goes on, the tissues may deform, which means that they will have to be removed.

Perichondritis: this occurs when the tissues on your cartilage are inflamed. Again like above, it may lead to tissue death.

Your body may reject the jewel: this may have happened in different manners. Your body may try to push the jewel out. However, the worst-case scenario is where the body holds the jewel into the skin.

Will cleaning the nose help with the pain?

It doesn’t help you with the pain; rather, it will help with the quick healing. If you clean it right with the saline solution, you will ensure the pierced area is never infected, thus no more pain. Also, it will help it dry out quickly and heal.

In a nutshell, expect a mild sharp pain with some form of pressure. The good thing, though, is that it will go away sooner.

What influences the pain even more?

When your body is in balance, you can expect to feel lesser pain than when it’s not. Your mental state also determines o=how much pain you’ll feel. Check out the following features, though, to see what will cause the pain more.

Enough sleep

The day before you go out for the piercing, you should make sure you aren’t fatigued. Get enough sleep to have your body and its cells recharge in preparation.

Such a simple thing will make it easy to stand the pain. On the other hand, if you are sleepy or tired, you will feel more pain.

Your immunity and health

Your health matters; remember, if you already have some strong ailments, the cells won’t heal the piercing faster, so it can be even more painful.

Therefore, it would help if you waited until your immunity is at a level higher to use pierce your nose.

The kind of piercing you receive matters?

Notice that we have different kinds of piercing, and they are all the same. They will also have different levels of pain.

The bridge piercing is surprisingly the least painful, yet most people think it’s the most painful. The nostril is painful, but not as much as the septum is if you dint pierce the columella.

Did they use a gun or needle?

Unprofessional piercers will want to pierce your nose with a gun, but it’s not safe. If you use a gun on your cartilage, you can be sure it will be excruciating.

A good piercer knows you should only use a needle for the nose. The gun will often hurt a lot more, but it’s possible it can also cause a bump.


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If they are good, they should know the points to pierce with the needle fearlessly without causing even more pain.

Don’t take drugs

Some people think that if they use the drugs, then the pain will not be as much, but it’s still just as painful, if not worse. The problem is that these substances will increase the awareness of the presence of the pain.

If you know by now, what we are saying is that your mind also tricks you into expecting so much pain, and so it is. Don’t take painkillers; you don’t need them as the pain will soon go.

Your pain tolerance

Believe that your pain tolerance is a significant influence on the level of pain you feel.

Please don’t take it for granted, but what you consider painful will be easy for another person. Just know that your level 1 pain may be a level 7 for another.

Is the piercer experienced?

This is why you should take the time when you are going out in search of a piercer. If you want a good deal, then you will need to choose an experienced piercer.

You will know that from the reviews and also when you visit and see their credentials displayed.

Is there a way I can reduce the pain?

Mostly I say the way to get rid of the pain is to forget about its presence. I mean, that’s mind work, but it looks weird for many. When you focus on other things, then the pain will soon be none existent.

Focus on the aftercare and do everything as per instructions to make the pain go away sooner. If you don’t clean and take the necessary precautions that were suggested already, you will have the pain on for longer.

Attractive modern girl with nose piercings face and ear

Calm down and stop touching it too much as that emphasizes the pain.

Sleep and eat healthy if you want to reduce the pain.

Let it be you will be okay in a few days, and you won’t even know the piercing exists.

There is generally no easy way to say this, but the piercing pain is just that painful. You’ll get used to the pain eventually, but you must experience a level of pain before that.


Generally, will I have some of the piercings hurt more than the others do?

Remember, the different parts of your nose have other anatomic structures; therefore, it will hurt at different levels.

However, they say the least painful is the bridge because it’s a surface piercing. Your nostrils, on the other hand, are more painful, and so is your septum.

Can the jewel I have cause pain?

Of course, if you wore a jewel that you are allergic to then, you will experience the itching sensation, and then with time, it will be painful. Choose the safer gems that won’t react with your skin.

Now that it’s painful, can I use the numbing agents?

Your mind will send you to use the numbing agents even though it’s never a good idea since they are ineffective. Most piercers discourage the use of numbing agents.

Can aftercare ease the pain?

In the long run, it will make the piercing a little comfortable. But the pain is from within, so the aftercare is to help the piercing heal sooner. As for the pain, as long you keep it all clean, it will go.

Can I pull the nose ring out by accident?

Of course, you can, and I hate to say it, but it will be painful. Sometimes it’s going to tear your tissues.

The most common way is when you have your nose itching a little from the jewel’s reaction. If you are absent-minded, then you would take it off.

How will I blow my nose?

Sometimes you develop a cold or want to blow your nose and notice that you can do it, but you have to learn how to do it.

Notice that your piercing won’t let you push over it. If you have clean hands, you can rinse your piercing, then blow your nose the regular way to avoid the pain.

Are you ready for it?

Now you have all the things you need to know and the pain you may experience, so are you ready for it.

Don’t worry; we are not making you fear the piercing; instead, we want you to be informed before you go for it.

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