What Side Should I Get My Nose Pierced

Does the side matter? Choosing the right side to pierce can be confusing, especially when you don’t mind whichever part.

Everyone has a reason why one side is better than the other. Nose piercing is not new, with its roots dating back thousands of years in the Middle East and Asia.

Different cultures had reasons why they preferred piercing the left or right, as you will see below.

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The piercing is supposed to be an add-on to the face beauty, you know. And aside from the common question ‘should I pierce my nose?’ another one you will have people asking all the time is which side should it be.

Different people choose the other side for reasons known to them. We are going to break it all down for you to choose the one that works for you.

Things to consider when piercing the nose side to pierce

I mean, you should think through the side you would like to go for before you dock in the studio.

Some of the factors that determine the side you choose are below. By the time you settle for one side, then you will have factored in everything.

The Ayurveda beliefs

The nose piercing links to the Ayurveda beliefs, and it dates back thousands of years ago. While you may not be one of those who practice Ayurveda, it could determine your decision. This is especially true if you understand what they mean.

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For this culture, then nose piercing is related to the female reproductive system and childbirth. They say that it will help to reduce menstrual pain and even endometriosis. So in some instances, it’s medicinal to the Hindus.

With this cultural belief also, the guys should pierce their right side to complement the girls. If they do it on the left, then they’re gay.

So if you will follow the Ayurveda, then you should pierce your left side. Remember, you don’t have to be one who believes in it, though.

The face shape

I would assume that this is a factor we must consider. Of course, there’re many reasons why one wants to pierce one side and not the other, but the main point to consider is the face shape.

To get clear, it doesn’t matter whether your face shape is symmetrical or asymmetric. Anyone can decide to pierce it at any time. However, if you have an asymmetric face, you can choose to pierce any side: left or right.

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However, if yours is asymmetric, you should know that the piercing will change your face look thoroughly. It would help if you pierced your face based on your jawline and your facial structure. When you have chubby cheeks, it can be hard to tell which side you should pierce.

In this case, therefore, you can wear your fake nose ring to guide you to the right side to pierce. This will give you a candid picture of how you expect to look. Go on to choose the side that suits you the most.

The routine

It may look like a minor point, but it’s just as essential. You may face a healing problem, for example, because of your routine sleep side.

Which side do you sleep on? You can decide to, therefore, pierce the opposite side to make sure you heal faster.

Other people have a problem knowing how to replace the jewels to choose to go with the comfortable side.

Is there any logic to it?

People like to find the logic to any decision, but there’s no real logic for piercing one side or the other for the nose piercing.

The clearest piercing that has logic is for those who believe in Ayurveda. They associate the left piercing with female reproductive health.

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This is for specific people, and it hasn’t been scientifically proven, so many people will question it. I say there’s no single rule to fit all, and as such, you can choose the one that works for you now.

For me, the best thing to do is find out if it will suit either your right or left side of the nose.

Do you have other piercings on your face?

It would help if you considered the other piercings on your face. Ensure you match it with the other piercings; you will find that the piercing will suit you better when you match it with other piercings.

Also, you shouldn’t have too many piercings on one side of the face. If you already have many piercings on your left, then consider the right side piercing.

Take into consideration others’ advice.  

Sometimes your piercer or a friend you are with during the piercing will give you ideas.

Look at the piercer and ask him/her which sides seem fantastic to pierce and then gauge it with your most preferred side.

Let’s talk about the cultural significance.

For a long time, nose piercing has had a significant impact, especially in the middle east and the Asian world.

As mentioned earlier, in the Hindu culture Ayurveda, women pierce the left side of the nose.

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Through this then it can connect both the mind and soul to make sure everything is balanced in their reproduction.

For the traditional Chinese left side, piercing is ideal for women too. If you, however, pierced the right, then this was considered the masculine side. Although some of us still use the same connotation, to this day, you can pierce any side.

Which side should a female side pierce?

I’m not the type to badge into the idea that one side is better than the other based on what people say. But let’s see what’s out there.

Where did this originate from?

Four thousand years ago, in the middle east, women started piercing their noses, which was a perfect representation of their wealth then.

Notice that during weddings, a husband would give the woman a gold nose ring as a gift. Also, the size of the nose rings signifies the amount of wealth the man’s family has.

Well, this culture isn’t about to vanish as northern Africa and the Middle East still practice it just as they used to.

The good thing about this is that when the man divorces the woman, she will still keep the ring for financial security.

How about Indian culture?

Around the 16th century, the business moguls brought nose piercing to the Indians. For them, females look better when they pierce the left nostril.

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Besides, to make it even better, you will notice some women piercing the nose and linking it to the ears while using a gold ring.

Nonetheless, Ayurveda has encouraged the rings’ use to believe that it improves the female reproductive system.

To the west

The hippies started to travel to the east for self-discovery. During this time, they got attached to the different piercing styles, with the main one being nose piercing.

When they then went back to the US and Great Britain, they brought back the same culture. From there, then people started piercing their noses as they couldn’t resist the beauty.

The modern nose ring style

In the recent past, the nose ring has separated from the traditional message: the nose ring, aside from beauty, enhances fertility. Today every culture and person, whether they believe in the culture or not, use the piercing to adorn their beauty styles.

Though modern, some women still want to show their commitment to their traditional culture, which is why they make sure they pierce it anyway. If this is you, then the left side is what you will pierce. If it’s not, then choose the side you like the most.

So where should you pierce?

There are different parts of piercing you can have on your nose. You, however, have to choose the one side that’s more comfortable than the other.

Left side

This is the most common side of piercing in the market. For some, it’s just a comfortable side of piercing. However, most people associate it with Ayurveda beliefs, which is okay if that’s what you believe.

If you don’t, you can go for the one side people feel the most comfortable piercing. It will even make it easy to change the jewels if you would like to.

Right side

Most men will comfortably pierce the right side just because society expects them to. But if you are nontraditional, then it doesn’t matter; you can choose whichever side you like.

There are other places where it indicates whether you are gay or not. But don’t worry about such options as they don’t matter.


I fear the use of a needle for piercing my nose. Why don’t I use a gun?

While it takes a second to get the nose or any body piercing with a gun, it’s not the best one to use. Gone are the days when piercers encouraged you to use guns; today, we know it’s more painful and not ideal for some parts. Notice that although it’s cheaper, the cost of healing may be too high for you.

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The truth is that it’s fast to use a gun, but it’s more painful than the regular needle pain. With such, you will be scarred, and infections are just next to the door. Luckily some states don’t allow you to pierce using guns for piercings except for the ear lobes.

Notice too that the piercing studs are made to suit the ears, not the nose, so don’t even try. If you went to a shop and the piercer said they would use a gun, walk out because they seem not to be serious with it.

How much will the piercing cost me?

It will depend on where you are, the piercer’s price, and the part you are piercing. If you go to rural areas, therefore the price will be lower than if you go to the city centers. The type of jewel you use will also determine the prices. If you would like to use precious metals, then you can be sure it will cost less.

There’s no direct cost that cuts across all shops but expects a price range of about $40-$100. However, before you go out to the piercer, remember to call the studio to inquire about the prices.

Is it okay to piercer wherever I would like to in my nose?

The size and shape of your nostril will determine where you should pierce. Notice that also the part where the nostril creases will guide you to the right piercing. You have the thinnest part of your nose to pierce.

I know you would ask which part of your nostril creases? You can quickly tell this when you look into the mirror. It would help if you flared into that mirror as you are looking into the mirror to find the exact crease point.

It doesn’t matter which part of the line you, therefore, pierce as you will get the best nostril piercing.

Can I ever remove the piercing and leave it empty sometimes?

I know for some jobs, you will have to consider this point. And yes, when the piercing is fully healed, you can leave the piercing empty.

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Just remember you shouldn’t leave it open for days on end because the nose will close sooner than other piercing styles.

If possible, only remove the jewel when you have another jewel to change to.

How long will it be until I can change my jewel?

When you have just pierced it, remember you will need to leave the jewel until you are sure it’s fully healed. Give it at least four to six months.

Which side will you therefore pierce? Left or Right

I say no one side’s better than the other. It’s not about the side you are supposed to pierce rather about the side you’re comfy piercing. One side that will make you look your best but it might not do the same for your friend. Choose the side you like based on the features above.  Any side is fine as long as you like it and know the right jewels to use with it.

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