I Have Big Nose, Will Nose Piercings Look Good

Our body features are never the same, and they shouldn’t be. After all, diversity is the spice of life.

Some people will have a small nose while others have a larger one. Well, it’s easy to find the right rings for the different parts of your small nose.

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If you have a bigger nose, though, you will have to know the one that works best for you. In this blog, we strive to show you everything you need to know about your nose rings.

Is your nose really big?

Don’t base your answer on the selfie images you see frequently. Selfie images tend to make your nose look bigger than it is.

Now some people are just conscious, yet their noses are not big. You have to be sure that you have a big nose, and it’s not just a making of your head.

What is the regular size of the nose?

Remember, your nose will grow fully up to the age of fifteen for men and 13 for women. Generally, you expect the length of your nose to be 2 inches for women and 2.2 for men. If it’s, however, longer, then we consider it large.

Remember, it may also show the differences based on the width. Once you know your nose’s size, therefore, you are ready to find the right ring.

But what makes the nose larger?

Well, this looks more of a self-explanatory thing. Notice that it’s a genetic thing or more like DNA. Sometimes it also has to do with the adaptation of the place you are from. So, often it has to do with evolution too.

You will find people with a wider nose being from warm and humid areas. Also, expect the opposite to be in colder and drier areas.

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Sometimes even ethnicity contributes to the size of the nose. If they come from an ethnicity with larger noses, you also expect them to have larger ones. This, though, looks more geographical.

The point, though, is that it’s not bad for you to have a big nose. It will mostly be matching your facial features, and that’s fine.

But enough of that already; we aren’t even as interested in why they have bigger noses than the rings they can wear.

Things to consider before purchasing a nose ring

There are things you have to consider, as you will see below.

The size

The good thing is that you will always have rings that match your nose. So you should always get the perfect size just for you. The aim is to amplify your fashion, not make it look ridiculous.

So the size matters. It would help if you didn’t choose the larger rings or jewels, making it look awkward. Go with the small to medium size jewel to be on the safe side.

Nose Piercings


So then, if you have a big nose, you should use nose ring hoops instead of giant hoops. Also, the ring hoops look gorgeous.

You can use the studs or the barbells. Also, don’t shy away from trying the different styles of rings. It’s only in trying that you will know the ones that serve you best.


You don’t have to use the huge gems as they will also look funny. You can instead decide to use the medium size ones. It’s vital if you intend to choose slightly larger rings. Remember never to use the very large ones.

Try any metal of your liking.

There’s no need to restrict you to the different metals; instead, choose any type that pleases you. You can try titanium, stainless steel, gold, or even platinum.

All of such metals are safe to use; thus, they will never cause damage to you. If you are skin sensitive, choose safe metals.

Types of rings

Again you should know the type of nose rings that you can comfortably use. Remember, different people can use different types of rings. Below are a few unique choices that you may use here.

  • L-shaped

Here you won’t have a problem as they fit all the different sizes and styles of noses. The thing that makes it perfect is that it’s mostly tiny with the perfect colors. When you want to wear it or remove it, you won’t have a problem as it fits you just right.

  • Nose studs

You will further have edgy and cute heads too. Studs often hold gems, and they are the perfect choice for any size of the nose too. They are the perfect fit, and as such, you should never have a problem when it comes to wearing them.

  • Septum retainers

If you again have the septum, you can use retainers. Anyone can use such retainers as long as you know you look perfect with the septum piercing.

  • Hoops

You can never go wrong with the hoops but especially when they are smaller or medium size. They look nicely simple; therefore, you can use them with both your big and small noses.

  • Nose screw

This is nicely perfect, especially if your piercing is not very fresh. They are useful because you easily secure them in place.

Lets talk about the gauge.

The gauge is the thickness of the ring that will go through the piercing.

Just like regular noses, if you choose the right size, then it will fit you right. Mostly your piercer will know the right size for you, and they range from 18G to 22G. Most piercers make the 20G gauge as it’s the most comfortable size for us.

This one will depend on the size of the hole on your nose. You can therefore decide the size that fits you best.

The gem size

When you, therefore, want a gem, you can choose any size.

1.3mm – 1.5mm, this is nice little, and it will therefore give you just the right sparkle.

2mm this is still small, but it’s not dainty

2.5mm – this is not too little, but you can also wear it and look fine.

3mm is also one of the best options since it’s still large but with the perfect sparkle.

What of the color

You can choose different ones with different colors. If you would like the bright colors, then it’s OK. If you don’t like shouting bright colors, you can even use the nude color.

What makes the ring good

Its safe

If you choose a safe ring, then it will last long. You should make sure you choose materials that don’t cause skin sensitivity. You can even wear it in different environments, yet it won’t read.

So the jewel must be hypoallergenic and nickel free. It doesn’t indicate such a feature; then, you don’t have to trust it as most likely, it’s not a good one.

Its tarnish resistant

While tarnishing doesn’t affect your skin, no one wants the green color on the nose. I mean, that’s a more visible space, so you always need to keep it good-looking. This is why you should avoid metals like sterling silver, even for your big nose.

The perfect fit

When it has the perfect gauge size and length, then you are safe to go. You have to confirm that it matches your skin color, but the size also makes you look your best.

Its easy to use

Anyone who wears any jewels and make up knows they want it to be easy to use. That’s what you want with any nose ring, even when it’s for the big nose.

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One of the best jewels to use is the hoop, and the good thing is that the hoops here come in different sizes, which is why you can wear them even when you have a big nose. You can use them for your septum or nostril.

Made using safe surgical steel, you are sure it will never cause skin sensitivity.  Notice that this piece is comfortable to wear and secure, so it will never come off. Besides, the silvery style will look good on almost anyone.

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Another one of the most common rings styles is this kind of studs. They will fit you in different forms, whether you have small or thick nose rings. Here we have the best quality of stainless steel as it won’t even cause skin irritations.

Notice they come in different sizes, and therefore you can choose the right size to fit you.

Do nose piercings make your nose look smaller?

It will depend on the jewel you wear, though. It has less to do with piercing and more to do with the jewel you choose. To be precise, the piercing makes it look lovely as you intended for it too.

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Go with the mentality that you are looking for a jewel that will amplify your style and not really the jewel to make it look small. Always, you will find a jewel ideal for your nose type.

Do I look good with a nose ring even when I have a big nose?

Of course, yes, you will look unique. They look perfect as long as you choose the one that works for you. Just get this that you will never please everybody. If someone says it’s not looking great, that’s their business, not yours. Look in the mirror and if you like it go out.

We can’t change everything about us. Realize that you are beautiful with a big nose. This will mean that you won’t ever ask whether you look good in the nose rings because you do. Don’t expect to look like any other person but yourself.

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