Nose Screw Vs. Nose Stud Vs. Nose Ring – Which One Should You Choose

We have different jewel options you can use for your nose. Most people, look the same, and they classify them as nose jewels.

However, we have nose rings, nose studs, and nose screws, all of which are excellent nose jewel options. Notice that different people have different reasons why they prefer one over the other.

One factor determining which jewels is the best is if they won’t fall off. However, if you get a high-quality option, you can be sure it can never fall off.

The differences in definition

You see, although we wear them all on the nose, they aren’t the same as you will see below.

Nose screw

Nose Screw

The main reason people go for it is that it’s secure. You won’t have to struggle with the nose screw falling off. It has a curved hoop design where it’s easy to insert and set in place, making sure you don’t lose it.

A nose screw is also a nose stud that has a smaller hook. The hook here is slightly bent to make sure it remains in place. This is what works as a backing since it will hold the screw in place.

The good thing is that you will have both the right and left bend, making it easy for you to choose the one that works best. Whether you can wear it or not depends on where you pierced.

When you look at it on the outside, then it looks just like a regular stud. It’s often safe and secure on your nose piercing. So as you can see, they almost look like the L-bend type of stud, only that the screw will twist or spiral from the middle.

So these parts are going to spiral in the nose, and settle on the nostril.

Such nose screws give you the safety you need as the nose stud will never fall off.

They are also comfortable to wear and remove when need be.

They are further lightweight in that you will never even know you have a nose screw on.


  • It will give you the perfect fit.
  • It’s secure in place, and it’s hard to lose it.
  • You can have it in different styles.


  • This is not as easy to insert into the piercing.

Nose stud

Nose Studs 1

The next one looks so much like the nose screw. The nose screw is sometimes referred to as a nose stud based on its structure.

This one is also a favorite because it stays put for most nose piercings. Besides, most people find it easy to handle the nose stud than other nose jewels.

They have shorter posts, but they fit right, and sometimes they have the flat back to secure them in place. Remember, the nose stud covers all the post-style nose jewels. You can call even the L nose jewel a stud.

Notice that you will quickly push it through the piercing, yet it comfortably sets in.

People like them because they are comfortable to wear and remove.

They don’t make the best choice when you just pierced your nose, and you’d like to give it healing time.

This is also one of the nose jewels you can use that aren’t visible, which means anyone can comfortably use them.


  • It gives you a secure fit on your nose.
  • You can choose the very tiny options that are rarely visible.
  • They come in different styles to fit different occasions.


  • It’s not the best choice when the piercing is fresh and healing.

Nose ring

Nose Ring

This is one of the most common types today. You know, generally, people refer to all kinds of nose jewels as nose rings. However, the real nose ring is like the one you see in the diagram above.

Therefore, if you have the septum piercing or the healed nostril piercing, this is the other common one. It’s also a very comfortable option to use.

The rings, in this case, are often circular or semicircular. Such choices are, therefore, significant because they will be securely close to your nose. Nonetheless, depending on the choice you go for, it will click in place or stick in place.

This is the oldest style of nose jewels that, to date, still symbolizes marriage in the East. Today though, anyone can wear them for whatever functions they would like to attend.


  • It’s stylish, and you can use it for different functions.
  • They come in different styles and varieties for you to use.
  • They won’t strain your nose with too much pressure, and that’s why you can use them even for some piercings.


  • This one you can’t hide so people will see them.
  • They don’t give you many options to use the gem for them.

The differences in function

Of course, they vary in use. For example, you can use the nose rings for the septum piercing and the nostrils only. Some types are also made to fit your other different parts of the body.

However, when you are using the nose stud, you can’t wear them on the septum piercing. They will mostly fit the nostril and the high nostril.

Unless you use the barbell styles, you can use them on the bridge and other parts.

Similarly, the nose screw works for the nostril and the high nostril as well. It appears to be comfier for your nostril since it just goes to sit comfortably on the nostril.

The way they are structured makes it easier to wear the nose stud than to wear the nose screw.

The difference in the way they look

You don’t need to be told that they look different. You can see the difference at a glance. The ring is circular and sometimes semicircular.

On the other hand, the stud is a post that goes through the piercing, and in most cases, you use the back part to secure it.

The screw comes in different styles, and you, therefore, secure it using the twist that forms at the end.

Notice that this is not a bend instead of a twist. You don’t need the back to secure the nose stud.

The size

Notice that the jewel’s size matters; it will show you whether the nose jewel will fit you right or not. They come in different sizes, but the standard one to fit you is about 18-20G. Some people, though, will choose the 14 G.

Take the time to buy the one that fits you right. Remember, it will only matter the style of jewel you are choosing.

For the ring, the diameter, and size is important but will depend on how high the nostril is and the size of the piercing. Often they come in at 8mm and 10mm.

If you aren’t sure about this point, you should go to your piercer to help you decide on the right measurement.

Official or casual

Although most workplaces today accept nose piercing, you should know which jewels work best for a formal setting.

You should use the nose stud and screw for the formal setup and the nose rings for the casual ones. Remember, you can easily hide the nose stud and screw.

When you like the gemstones

You see, both the screw and the stud are in the same category, and you can use the different ball gems to amplify your style. If you want, you can have it look like a dot, heart, or star.

On the other hand, the ring is different, and while you can set the gem, it’s not as easy as it is when you are using the stud style of jewel.

What are the features that you should consider when choosing the ring?

What metal will you use?

You will notice that you can have different metals for the jewels. If you choose gold, diamond, or platinum, you will spend a lot more because those are precious metals. However, you can also use titanium the regular silver, among others.

Be sure to keep off the metals that cause skin reactions, though, remember. If the metals contain nickel, lead, or cadmium, it will always cause a skin reaction; remember that.

This is also the place where you are going to choose the right gemstone for your jewel. The diamond that sticks over the jewel will make it look nicely shiny.

Always choose the right size.

Remember, if you don’t choose the right size, you will look funny. Also, it will be uncomfortable to wear a jewel that’s of the wrong size.

Notice that you should be cautious about making sure you choose the post’s right side in the piercing.

You should, therefore, measure the length of the post. Notice that you will measure the jewel using the millimeters measurements.

On a regular, the standard measurement is going to be 6.5mm.

The gauge

This is also the primary measurement to be sure about. Notice that the gauge tells you the thickness of the metal you are therefore using.

Remember, the gauge sizes are in millimeters. You will most likely find that the thick gauge is 18G, but you can also choose the 20G, which is even thinner than 18G.

Some people prefer to use 16G. So then you should choose based on the thickness of the post you would like to have.

The style matters

There are several nose jewels you can use for your piercing. The ones we have discussed above are just some of the options we are talking about. So you can choose the nose studs, nose ring, or nose screw, among other choices.

However, the good thing is that most of the rings you are choosing will come with a suitable fitting back.

Want color will it be

You see, the jewels you are choosing will matter, especially if you want them to match a particular event. They can come in the regular silver color or the gold’s yellow color; it’s all okay.

When you buy the jewel, you should consider the style you like most, also based on the color. The style you therefore choose should make you feel much more comfortable.

Main factors to consider

Where will you buy the jewel?

Where you buy the jewel matters, it will indicate whether the jewel you’re therefore choosing is of high quality or not.

There are many other different shops you can choose the jewels from. So then you will decide on one place to get the ideal one.

Amazon is the best place to get them, though, and heres why.

They offer a wide range of options for you to choose the best one for you. You can have different styles of jewels, different colors, and from different shops.

They give you the best and most competitive price. You are, therefore, sure no one will ever overcharge, you remember. If you want to buy budget jewels, you should go to Amazon.

They offer a detailed product description for you to understand what you intend to buy. I bet unless you wish to visit the physical store, most of these online stores won’t give you as many details as Amazon does.

It further gives you the reviews to guide you in making the right decision. Only choose those with detailed positive reviews.

Whats your budget?

The good thing is that theirs always a set price for jewels. You can choose the jewel that matches your budget range when you know the amount you intend to use.

The part you intend to wear the nose jewel matters.

Remember, you have different parts of the nose to wear the jewel on. This then means that you should choose the jewel based on the parts you will be setting the jewels on.

Which one are the best between nose stud, nose screw, and a nose ring?

I won’t say you should take one over another because it depends on the parts you wish to insert the jewel on.

Also, some people wear nose rings where you can wear the screw. All the jewels, in this case, are great, so it’s all about personal preference.

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