13 Best Places to Buy Nose Rings Online

Would you like to buy new nose jewels? When you are looking for jewels, you want to buy the safest, authentic, unique, and versatile one.

The internet is home to various styles of nose jewels. And regardless of your budget, you can always get one for you. The problem, though, is that you could buy so many sites from that you could wind up confused.

nose rings at hand

This is why we want to show you some of the places to buy the jewels.

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When you are looking for the jewel’s stylish and vintage sets, this is the place to go. What makes it stand out is its emphasis on uniqueness and creativity.

The sellers on this platform are creative in making the best jewels for their buyers. This is why they create all the unique and stylish jewels.

This community will make it easy for you to find anything you want and the unique pieces of nose jewels. It’s easy to operate in ETSY because you will find it easy to pay them and work with them too.

Anyone who wants a variety should go to ETSY because you will find all good in using this site for your search. Besides, it brings millions of sellers and buyers together, ensuring you only sell the best.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/about

2. Amazon

Another one of the most talked-about sites is Amazon. It stands out in all sectors or niches. You’ll find what you are looking for on this site because all the best brands also have their shops.

They offer competitive prices and a wide range of options for you.

Amazon brings together different kinds of jewelry sellers, even the high-end one. You will therefore find the best looking nose jewels here and at the fairest prices.

I like that of all the sites; Amazon is the one place that gives you a detailed description of any good you are buying. This makes it easy to understand what you are getting into. However, their reviews are needed. They will make it easy for the buyer to decide on whether to buy from them or not.

Today they also have the handmade section to encourage the creativity of the sellers. And being on Amazon, people will still buy from them too.

Website: https://www.amazon.com/

3. Body candy body jewelry

Body candy body jewelry

These focus only on the body jewels but not as much any other thing like the two sites above. This site will give you the nose rings, the studs, the earrings, the belly button rings, to mention a few. They will also bring a wide range of choices to choose the one that works best for you.

Since they only focus on jewels, you can be sure to find the one that serves you the best. You will find the different kinds of nose jewels like nose rings, L-shaped, nose studs nose screws, among others. They also make sure they get you the different metals you to use for the jewels.

Notice that you will also have the sparkles. You will have different kinds of precious stones jewels, including the sapphire, colored diamonds, and even opal. Therefore, you will find high-end ones as well as the cheaper options.

They make your work easy because they have a section where they sell inexpensive jewels. Besides, the jewel will be looking nothing like the cheaper choices.

The only strange thing you will find here is that they offer the shipping cost, and it’s higher than other sites. I’ve found most people encouraging you to use the VIP processing parts as they make it cheaper than the regular.

Website: https://www.bodycandy.com/pages/nose-rings

4. Painful pleasures

Painful pleasures

Generally, this site is for anyone who likes piercing and is either looking for someone to pierce them again or a jewel to use. They focus on all the different parts of the body, but you will also get the unique nose jewel pieces.

So the site ensures they focus on the traditional ear piercing and every other unique piercing part. It features a tattoo business as well, and they sure have a large client base. It will give you a holistic approach.

Again they’re a global site offering the sales of their services and jewels across the board.  There no strange piercing they can’t give you. Also, tattoo art is another one of the must-do options.

Site: https://www.painfulpleasures.com/

5. Diamond nose rings

Diamond nose rings

This brand was made with the buyers in mind. But contrary to what the name suggests, this brand sells more than just diamonds. You will get the diamond and gold options too, and you can always be sure that they will offer you beautiful designs.

You will also find the ones you can buy cheaply as they are made using cubic zirconia and other less expensive metals.

If you are also one who likes to be unique, this site will ease customizing the rings from scratch. Nonetheless, you will need first to choose precious metals. So you can choose from platinum and white, rose or yellow gold.

You can then choose the style of the nose rings. Will you want the L-bend, the screw, straight, or bone ball end?

Go on to choose the gauge of the ring.

Then finally, select the right size of the diamond you would like to use. Here you will have to choose the color, shape, and even the size.

Make it your style and the pierced choice with the help of the team of diamond rings. Visit the site to see if you can find what you would like.,

Website: https://diamondnoserings.com/

6. Crazy factory

Crazy factory 1

This is another excellent site for you to find the nose jewels. They’ll give you tons of discounts as well as promotions.

You will find the right jewels for any part of your body here, but they also have a page where you only find the nose jewels.

You won’t, however, have the piercing services from here. Nonetheless, if you like their page on Facebook too, you will always know what’s on offer. Moreover, you will have the right parts to choose your language translation, making it easy to buy your goods even when you are using another language.

Like the diamond ring site above, they also give you a platform to design the jewels as you like. This will then mean you can be as creative to make some of the best looking ones.

The good thing is further that you will only find the items you can trust from the website on this site. The quality control team makes sure they only choose the quality products for you.

Website: https://www.crazy-factory.com/en-US/

7. Body jewelry shop

Body jewelry shop 2

Here you have another one of the US-based sites where you will receive free shipping every time you spend more than fifteen dollars. They focus on different kinds of jewels like nose jewels. You can trust that they are here to stay, especially since they’ve been in business for over the last 20 years.

Again it’s still famous because you can be sure to find all the cute designs and styles you would like to have. The good thing, though, is that the goods aren’t too expensive. It’s important to note that most of the jewels you will find here go for five dollars.

They will recreate the celebrity look, making it look stylish for you. Besides, you will also have different makeup products here together with the jewels.

Aside from the different jewels you get that you can wear on your different piercing, this site is quite informative. There’s so much to learn that regards the jewels piercing and makeup.

Website: https://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/

8. Body jewelry

Body jewelry 1

Please don’t confuse these two as they are different brands. This is an online jewelry company that sells all kinds of jewels, including the faux clips, which means you should take the time to search for the clip that works best for you.

So look for the name of the jewel you are looking for and order it to buy them. Don’t worry, though, the price of the jewels is reasonable. You will find titanium and gold jewels, which are actually of fair value. You will get any range of jewel from quirky, cute, fancy, and stylish types.

They will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The good thing is that you will receive it in 24 hours and you won’t need to pay the shipping fee.

9. Urban body jewelry

Urban body jewelry

When you want a wide range of jewels, then you can choose from this site. You will find nose rings, L bends, nose studs, and more. If you also like the silicone retainers, you will find it here too. Urban body jewelry offers you 700 different styles of nose jewels.

It doesn’t matter whether you are picky or just like any jewel style, then this is the site. I know you may think about how you will maneuver the 700 styles to find the one that works just for you.

You will have the filter options to select the jewels based on the styles, colors, material, and price.

You will find the jewels made using stainless steel, titanium, gold, but you may also have the niobium jewels remember. You will further find the options that have cubic zirconia.

Website: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/

10. Icing


This is your other site to go for when you are looking for different kinds of jewels. You can have the studs, rings, and any other style you intend to use. Sometimes they even give you multipacks that will mix the jewel up.

Here you may also use the faux rings that look as though they are new. You can use the filters to choose the jewels based on the price, color style, and preciousness. If you want, you can choose the lightweight titanium.

You will further have the jewels decorated with the cubic zirconia. Also, you will have different styles that look stylish too. This is one of the US-based sites that you may use. What I like about them because you can have hot must-haves from these sites at any time.

Are you looking for stylish nose rings? Visit this blog today for the best ideas.

Website: https://www.icing.com/us/

11. Body art forms

Body art forms 2

If you would like to go to a one-stop-shop, then this is the place for you. Here you will also have different attires to use. Y0ou will notice that the shop has a variety of jewels that you can see and buy. Again this site will give you the filter options. You will have space where you can key in the details you need, and then it will filter to show you the right jewels.

Contrary to most other sites that will never show you the metal composition, this site does. You will, therefore, know what you are buying. They will further have the contact lenses in the site for Halloween. When you want the nose jewels, you will get the stylish options here.

Website: https://bodyartforms.com/

12. Fresh trends

Fresh trends 1

Here is another site to shop for some of the finest trendy jewels for your new nose piercings. You can expect to find the perfect design for platinum and solid gold jewel. This site also has a shop in Florida beach. You will have the gold jewels being made from scratch.

They don’t mass produce; instead, they make the jewel based on the orders you have. This means the jewel is mostly made to your desire. If you want the nose jewel, visit this site and order.

Website: https://www.freshtrends.com/pages/about-us

13. Rebel bod

Rebel bod

The last site we have on this site is this one. Here you will also find the fine body jewels. It offers you one of the most extensive retail services. The brand makes the jewel from custom and natural materials. They like to use the 316L surgical steel material, which is durable and safe to use.

You may also find others made using gold, titanium, and sterling silver, all of which are safe to use. So they mostly make the different styles of jewel that include the nose jewels. They will make your purchasing process easy. Remember, you can have all the unique styles you want from this site.

Website: https://rebelbod.com/

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