7 Best Plastic Belly Rings

When you wish to buy your belly jewels, the first thing to consider is material and safety. Note that the jewel comes to direct contact with your skin, so safety is paramount.

Whether you decide to buy the metal or plastic, your safety is paramount.

The most important thing is that you don’t want to use the jewels that will react with your body fluids, thus harming you. This article brings to you some of the best plastic belly rings you can use.

Understanding the plastic jewel and what is it made of?

So the plastic belly ring is a jewel that’s made using plastic material. This is often not any plastic, preferably a specific type. We have several people whose bodies reject all the different kinds of metals. If this is you, then choose plastic jewels as you can never go wrong.

Contrary to the belief that plastic is cheap and inferior quality, it’s one of the metals’ best choices.  You know, although they have a lesser reputation, it won’t cause complications for you.

They contain no nickel and lead; thus, you are sure there won’t be reactions like the metal options.

Plastic Belly Ring

You will save yourself from the problems with infections, irritation, and the never healing piercing. Also, people like them for their flexibility, compatibility, and quality too.

But not all plastic materials make fabulous jewels. Check out the following options to see the types that jewelers use for their best jewels.

Lucite: this mostly makes the Lucite flowers. It’s one of the brighter and glossier types of plastic.

Bakelite: is popular among the jewelers too, and it’s a vintage type of plastic remember.

Vulcanite: this is one of the best types that’s also a plastic jewelry polymer.

Vinyl or PVC: this is another one of the common types that’s also durable.

Regardless of the type you therefore use, the point is to consider safety. Remember to only choose PTFE or Bioflex type because of their safety. They will consequently reduce the healing time, thus making it easy for you to recover fully.

So although you can use the types above, it’s best if you chose the Teflon ones. Also, go for the acrylic types made using PMMA. They further shouldn’t have monomers or fillers.

Why do people use plastic for the belly ring?

It’s inexpensive

Of course, it will depend on the jewel’s quality—nonetheless, it’s less costly than any other precious style of jewel you may have.

They are safe

This material, unlike most metals types, will never react with your skin to cause infections. Your body, too, will sometimes reject the jewels. The good thing, though, is that it never rejects plastic.

It will heal easy

If you decide to use a plastic jewel, you can be sure your piercing will heal much faster. You know it never has a bad reaction to your skin, so it will keep looking gorgeous. This will mostly happen because the plastic is biocompatible, skin-friendly, yet hypoallergenic.

They are readily accessible.

You won’t struggle to find the plastic-type as you do other metals. I particularly like to go to amazon for the same.

They are the best for pregnant women too.

When you are pregnant, your stomach will start to stretch, which may often cause a reaction with your skin. Sometimes the metal jewel is even shorter; thus, the piercing will migrate. Most plastic jewels, on the other hand, come in very long.

1. Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style

Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style Pregnancy Sport Maternity Flexible Bioplast Belly Navel Button Ring Retainer 14G 1 1/2Inch (38mm) - Silver

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Although this one works for pregnant women a lot more, you can use it too, even if you aren’t pregnant. It features the use of a super long post. You can cut it to fit you properly.

So the ball here is made using the cubic zirconia. And even though it’s mostly colorless, you will find that it looks stylish. It’s flexible to use, and most of all, you will find it useful because you can cut it to trim the plastic.

So Ruifan makes the plastic belly ring in unique styles to make match different needs. You can further trust this brand because the best part is that they sell the best looking jewels.


  • They’re comfortable to wear.
  • You can adjust them to fit your belly button ring.
  • The ball parts fit on the plastic post perfectly.


  • They say it’s too long. But that’s the essence for you to cut it to your desire.

2. AtoZ Piercing 10 Pieces Pack

AtoZ Piercing 10 Pieces Pack of UV Glow in The Dark Ball with 14 Gauge - 12MM Length Bioplast Flexible Banana Belly Button Rings

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Do you like the colored ones? This one stands out for its colored looks. They’re made using the safe and acrylic plastic, which means you can use them, even when you have the new piercing.

This piece also offers you a quality fit just because it has the right measurements for your belly button. These pieces will never feel loose like other options as they are designed to fit you just right. You can imagine having a set that you can change as many times as you like.


  • People enjoy its versatility. It’s ideal for those who don’t like being bored by one type of ring.
  • You will find them in just the perfect size to suit you quickly.
  • They are safe to use, too, because they won’t cause any irritation.


  • Some clients complain that the balls won’t stick in place, and they, therefore, come off quickly.

3. Hoeudjo CZ Pregnancy Belly Button Rings 

Hoeudjo CZ Pregnancy Belly Button Rings 14G Clear Flexible Adjustalbe Sport Long Pregnant Navel Rings Retainer 1 1/2Inch Bar Rose Gold 6 Pieces

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Although it features a belly ring’s design meant for pregnant mothers, it will work for you too. You can enjoy the glitters making people look around your belly.

You will have each of the jewels safely stored in the velvet gift pouch. Although it’s made using plastic, these pieces are safe to use by all and sundry. They are also resistant to rust and always good looking. They will never corrode or rust easily.

Therefore, it’s long so that you can use a pair of scissors to cut the post, thus making it fit you. The different colors make it easy to wear for different functions.


  • You will have it coming in different colors to fit your different occasions.
  • The lengthy post makes it suitable even for when you are pregnant.
  • It remains hypoallergenic, safe, and rust-resistant to use.
  • People in sports can use it just the same way the regular persons do.


  • Some people react to it.

4. BanaVega 2PCS Flexible Acrylic Body Belly Button Navel Ring

2PCS Flexible Acrylic Body Belly Button Ring 14 Gauge 3/8 10mm Aurora Borealis Crystal Ball Earrings Piercing Jewelry 3587

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Did you know that we have plastic jewels that you can use as an implant for your body jewels? Such jewels are compatible with your body. You won’t have to deal with different skin irritation levels. Notice that these pieces are durable but also easy to clean.

The belly button, in this case, gives you that sexy look. It’s ideal for your beachwear styles. This is one of the very best choices because you will have lasting longer. Notice too that it’s comfortable to wear, and you will also stand out with this style of jewel.

Here you have a lightweight material of jewel. It will most likely rip your belly, thus causing irritation and infection. It’s readily available yet budget-friendly.


  • They are simple to wear
  • They are lightweight
  • They are durable
  • They are beautiful to use during your summer beach travels.


  • Though it looks so lovely, some customers say it breaks easily.

5. 6pc 14g Belly Button Retainer Ring Flexible Bendable Clear Plastic 

6pc 14g Belly Button Retainer Ring Flexible Bendable Clear Plastic Navel Piercing Rings Sport 12mm

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When choosing the jewels, especially for your new piercing, you should consider the type you are using.

This is the best choice if you want the piece that you can easily bend. Here you have a hypoallergenic option. It’s lead and nickel free choice that makes it biocompatible. This is a 14G jewel that’s biocompatible. Besides, you will look your best with it.

Here you can use the jewel for the belly button or the navel. You will like it because it’s secure and comfortable to use on both men and women. It will always give you the service you need.


  • It will look stylish through the time you have it on.
  • It’s safe and secure to use, yet it will stick in place.
  • You will have six different kinds for you to change them from time to time.


  • It may look cheap for some people.

6. Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style Pregnancy Sport Maternity Flexible Bioplast Belly Navel Button Ring 

Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style Pregnancy Sport Maternity Flexible Bioplast Belly Navel Button Ring Retainer 14G 1 1/2Inch (38mm) - Black

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This is one of the very best choices but especially for the pregnant women remember. Here you have a very long jewel style that will allow you space for the navel piercing to enlarge. You can wear it even when you aren’t pregnant as you need to trim the post, and then you are safe to go.

You won’t need to have a stylist fitting it for you. The balls that you attach on the post then contain cubic zirconia to make the jewels look good.

It features a blend of different materials that include acrylic surgical steel and more.


  • It looks beautiful on anyone wearing it. They are shiny looking, and it does maintain the sparkling.
  • It’s lightweight, which then makes it easy to use.
  • This is stylish and cute for actual events.


  • Some people say they react when wearing them.

My top pick:

7. CrazyPiercing Assorted Lot of 100PCS Banana Piercing 

CrazyPiercing Assorted Lot of 100PCS Banana Piercing 14G Belly Button Rings Piercing Jewelry

View on Amazon

If you’re one of those who like to change to different styles, this is for you. They come in different colors but also styles. You have many pieces that are all made using acrylic, which is safe; it’s further comfortable to use.

If you are one of those who react to metals, then this the perfect choice too. They’re further budget-friendly, which makes it nicely attractive. They are secure to use, and you’ll find the best options to use for the different events.

If you have a group of friends with belly button piercing, you can gift them this.

It’s my top pick because we have several rings to choose from here, yet they are all safe. They also have all the positive reviews making it stand out.


Is it safe to use the plastic for my belly button ring?

Yes, it is, but it depends on the kind of plastic you decide to use. Remember, there will be low-grade quality plastics that you don’t need to use for your belly button.

You can use PTFE/TEFLON material for the jewels or choose the Bioflex type of plastic to ensure you are safe. Please don’t use other cheap types of metal as they can cause reactions. Ensure the material you are, therefore choosing is without monomers and carcinogens.

People use acrylic because it’s a high-quality piece of metals.

How much does it cost?

The good thing about the plastic jewel is that they cost you less than most of Thea precious jewels. You could spend anything from $5-$50 for the jewels. The plastic belly ring looks perfect, but then they cost you not as much, remember.

Can I use the double piercing for the plastic jewels?

Yes, you can do it.

You will have the jewels that work for both piercings just the same way as you do have the metals sometimes. Of course, you will even get the fabulous jewels that work for the initial piercing. The secret is to make sure you choose the safest choices.

Can you clean the plastic belly rings?

Yes, you can clean it. It’s the easiest to clean the plastic belly rings. They will mostly not have a lot for you to do. It would help if you used the disinfectants to clean it correctly.

Can I wear the plastic belly ring when pregnant?

Yes, you can, it’s best to wear during that time. Remember, you can have it with a long post. The plastic is further one of the safest material to use.

Do you want a belly ring?

Now you know everything you need to in regards to the rings. You can invest in plastic rings, especially when you aren’t looking for the ones to last long. They are great looking but also safe to use.

You’ll find the best belly rings on amazon remember because they give you a wide range of options. The competitive prices make it easy for you to get a perfect looking jewel at a cheaper rate. When you want to buy the plastic belly rings, therefore, go to amazon.

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