Plated Jewelry – Why Should You Buy It

I was never the girl who bothered to invest in the little jewelry pieces because of the cost involved.

Until recently, I didn’t know that the plated jewels are just as good.

Of course, when you have the money, you should only buy real or solid gemstones.

However, when you are on a budget, we have the best-looking plated jewels that you can use.

They will make you complete the particular look you are reaching for.

Plated jewels come in different colors, shapes, and styles. In this article, we show you the basics of plated jewels.

But first

What is plating?

The simplest way to describe plating is that it features the solid base metal that you cover with another layer of metal.

The easiest example is where you have a brass metal to create a particular jewel; then, you cover it with a rhodium layer. Such is what we refer to as the plating method.

Plated Jewelry Necklace

Most jewelers use the plating method to mimic some of the high-end jewels and thus make it affordable. This makes it easy and inexpensive to purchase. A significant characteristic of the treasure is that you will expose the metal underneath.

You will need to re-plate the jewels from time to time, remember.

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Why should anyone buy the plated jewels

Its cheaper

The only reason you would buy plated jewels is that they are cheaper. Our fashion idols use some of the most expensive jewels that even though we would love to wear, we can’t afford it.

Note that you will only pay a fraction of the regular price if you opt for the plated ones.

Silver Plated Jewelry 1

This is why most people love to buy them. In this case, you can get different varieties of jewels.

It will make it easy for you to quickly pull up a style, and you don’t want to spend a lot. It makes it easy for you to buy the jewel online. Most people are afraid to purchase costly jewels without seeing them, but the plated ones aren’t expensive.

It wont hurt you as a match if it breaks.

I know how most of us treasure our jewels. Imagine if you just bought a heritage bloom and then broke it accidentally. The thought of it breaking is traumatizing. If you had a plated piece that mimics the real heritage bloom, though, it wouldn’t hurt as much even if you broke it.

Such a piece will go well with most of your outfits, making it the best option to use. Of course, you don’t always need to wear what’s real; rather, use anything that makes you look good.

Besides, if you broke it today, you can quickly fix it again. So then you can use a stoner to fix the glue in case it falls off.

It will just match your style better.

I know it can be hard to find the jewels that match your style, which is one such choice. Whether you are choosing plated earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets is all okay.

The good news is that most of the jewels will go well with your outfits. So you don’t need to wear anything just because it’s authentic rather since it looks nice and new.

Often it just looks as good as the solid metal.

The jeweler is stylish and authentic; that’s why people like them. They like to jog their creativity with such jewels, and this is why they make sure it all looks like high-end jewels to make sure it appears attractive to you.

The secret is to make sure it’s not that shiny and flashy as that will create attention making the people want to know whether they are real. Also, if it’s excessively shiny, then it will look fake, which you don’t want to occur.

Silver Plated ring

In fact, if you have metal jewels, it looks more real, that’s why you shouldn’t choose the plated ones. Plastic ones will not woo people over as the plated jewels do. You will then love the metal jewel more because it goes easily with the other pendant and embellishments.

Notice that once you mix the embellishment with the plated jewel, it will always look as perfect as the authentic ones.

It’s readily available

Unlike the high-end jewels, you will realize that they are readily available when you go for the plated ones. Such a choice you will find both offline and online. There is a perfectly plated jewel in almost any cosmetic shop you go to.

So not only are the jewels cheap, but they are also readily available. You won’t have to think about finding the treasures a lot because you can always have them from anywhere you would like to.

The cons of plated jewels.

Of course, cheap is expensive literary as such; they have a few disadvantages.

The plating will wear off.

In time shorter time than you would expect, the plating will wear off. When this happens, you won’t want to wear jewels anymore. Of course, that depends on the thickness of the jewel, though. If the jewel plating is thick, it will take a longer time to wear off than thinly plated.

Its not very durable.

In most cases, the jewels won’t last as long as you expect others to do. This is whether you put them on or not. Within a short while, the jewel base metals will start to show. Remember when it starts to show out, then it’s on the verge of getting spoilt.

You will need to re-plate

Of course, with time, you will need to re-plate the jewels, but the sad part is that it will cost you a lot more money. You’ll further need some more metals for the process. The whole process takes time.

You must be ready for the fact that the jewels will peel off. So if you are comfortable with that fact, then you are good to go.

Everything you need to know when buying the plated jewels

Of course, like any jewel, you have to know what you are looking for. Here you have all the different kinds of plated jewels you can use

Gold Plated Jewelry

The quality

Although the plating determines the jewels’ quality, it’s not as high quality as the solid jewel. Expect that it will not last as long, especially when it has a thin plating.

The good thing though, is that such gems won’t always corrode or rust for you. If you use high-quality gold or rhodium, then it won’t corrode.

They will last up to two years, depending on the care you give them.

Plated jewels will often tarnish.

In most cases, the jewels that have inferior quality base metals will tarnish sooner. However, the jewel will not tarnish until the plating peels off when it comes to the plating. If you use a high-quality base metal, though, you can be sure it will not tarnish sooner.

Notice that the plating will often fade off while chipping out too.

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It was not as expensive.

There are different styles of plating for the jewels. The ones with thick layers are costly, while the ones with thin layers are cheaper. Nonetheless, remember that the plated jewels are much less expensive than the solid ones.

They are readily accessible.

The best thing is that the plated jewels are readily accessible. You can find treasures in online and offline stores. You won’t struggle to find them just because many jewelers make them with ease. They also come in different styles and shapes.

How to care for the jewel

The only way to have the jewel serve you over a long time is for you to do the following

Keep them clean

You should learn how to clean the jewels if you want them to serve you for a long time. Use the proper cleaning methods. Choose the chemicals that aren’t harsh when you need to clean the jewels.

Store them right

Where you store the plated jewels will also determine how long they last. Remember to store them in a cool, dry environment. If possible, keep them in the Ziploc bag to keep the air out and avoid peeling.

Polish them

Every time you remove them, you can use a clean, soft cloth to clean and polish the jewel, thus eliminating the debris and dirt before storage.

Could you remove them?

Don’t go to bed with the jewels as that will cause tarnishing and scratching too. Remember to remove them and wipe them before you store them.

To answer your question.

Plated jewels are fabulous for all of us at different times. Even when you like to use the high-end options, you can have a few great-looking plated options. So, of course, you should buy them as it will make sure you are choosing a wide range of options.

Although it has a lower value than a solid jewel, it will make you look perfect. You will look stylish and classy. This shows that you don’t have to break the bank to get the perfect jewels.

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