Pros And Cons Of Nose Piercing (Should I Get A Nose Ring)

Nose piercing is one of the most famous piercing styles, and for a reason, it mostly looks great on anyone who likes it.

When you are looking for a chic style that also makes you look young and vibrant, go for nose piercing.

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But getting a nose piercing may mean a commitment to take care of the nose at least until it’s fully healed.

We have different anatomies, which means that the pain and healing times may vary for other people.

The problem with this is that you may develop infections.

The way you take care of your nose will determine whether you heal it sooner or not. So, before you go for it, it’s crucial to know the pros and the cons.

The Pros

1. It’s versatile

Contrary to what’s out there and famous, you have several options when it comes to nose piercing. You can pierce the nostril, septum, bridge, Nasallang, to mention a few.

Some people decide to pierce two or three points to enhance their style.

Nose Piercing


Make sure you pierce them to the level where you’re comfortable. If you are getting a new piercing, ask yourself if you are bold enough to go out in it.

I must say all of the piercings look great on different people, but mostly, it will depend on your face’s shape.

2. I like the style

Although it’s the second most popularly pierced part of the body, more people are quickly embracing it for the jewel style.

Some people believe that the more the jewels, the better, while others like me like them in moderation.

Whether you like more or just a little over the minimum, you will find the nose piercing to be a must-have to amp your style quickly.

In the east, nose piercing at weddings and other significant events is nothing new thanks to Ayurveda and acupuncture.

Don’t you want to be a part of the style and talk of the city? Join the club of those who enjoy piercing their noses.

3. The cultural beliefs

As we have already mentioned above, the use of nose piercing is not new. People in the east used the left nose piercing as Asians believe it’s related to the female reproductive organs. They say that the left nostril will help to cure the menstrual period pain.

left nose piercing
Beautiful Indian woman covering her face with hand with many bracelets and big ring and looking at camera

They further believe that the left nostril eases childbearing. This is why you will notice most women in India, for example, have the left nostril.

Besides, other religious aspects believe in nose piercing right before the wedding to please the goddess.

4. The piercing process is straightforward.

Contrary to what you would expect, the piercing process tends to be easy, chiefly, to familiarize yourself with the process. Besides, you will like the fact that the piercing will heal pretty fast with proper care.

It’s also about marking the exact spot where you will get the piercing then just using a needle to pierce it.

If you also develop a heart change, you can remove the stud, and it takes a short time to close.

If you didn’t scar, you’d notice that no one can even tell you have a piercing.

5. It will heal fast

Most of the nose-piercing parts will heal faster. Nonetheless, to make sure it heals quicker and well, you will need to take good care of the piercings.

Notice that parts like the bridge piercings are surprisingly easy to heal. The same goes for the nostril piercing and septum when you pierce it right. Please give it up to six months to fully recover, but it will take a year for even better healing.

6. You will have different styles of jewels.

The good thing is that you don’t only have to use studs; you can have hoops, circular barbells, and more. With the different piercings, you will choose how you want to look.

nose jewelry


The only essence of the noise jewels is to amp your look. This is easier because it’s on the face and, therefore, more visible.

Choose the style of jewel you like to use from the stores in your neighborhood or even online.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy the nose stud, hoop, nose pin, l-shaped nose pin, horseshoe, or nose screw; you will always look the best.

Cons of nose piercing

Unfortunately, like any other body piercing, you will find that the piercing has some cons. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with them before you go in to pierce your nose.

1. Infections

One of the common issues you may find with a nose piercing is that you may develop infections.

Unfortunately, your nasal piercing has a high chance of causing infection, which is worse if you are going to touch it.

Nose Piercing Infections

We can only hope that your body doesn’t reject the piercing or even cause the reaction. Sometimes you can do everything in regards to care, but body infections still occur.

It’s not every day, though, that you develop such conditions. But if you don’t care for it properly, then the infection will always occur.

2. Are you ready for some form of bias?

Depending on where you are, some nose-piercing parts make you fit in a social group. Some employers aren’t even open to nose piercing, and therefore you should learn how to hide them when you go to work.

By wearing some piercing like the bridge and the septum, you will have some people label you a flawed character that maybe you aren’t. Your job, in this case, is to develop a thick skin and do you.

3. Are you patient?

Mostly the piercing will take time to heal. It mostly means that you should wait for anything between 4-12 months.

Of course, by four months, you will have the piercing already fully healed. Although we say it heals fast, it will mostly depend on your body’s ability to heal fast.

You will have time to start changing the jewels; it’s just not during this healing window. Take all the time but maintain the cleanliness.

4. The sensitivity and allergies

Contrary to what you may think, it’s possible that piercing may cause sensitivity and allergic reactions. The worst part is that it will form the response with your jewelry.

So the first thing to do is to get the jewels that don’t cause skin reactions. Let the gems be nickel free to be safe. Also, choose the hypoallergenic ones.

Please don’t use sterling silver, especially for your new piercings, because it will tarnish and mostly leave your skin’s green mark.

You can wear it maybe later when your piercing is fully healed.

5. The risks involved

Although this is a rare occurrence, it can happen sometimes. Imagine developing a septal hematoma, perichondritis, and many worse risks.

The worst one is where your breath is in the rings or jewels, and that could cause choking to death.

We are not scaring you away, but we want you to know what you are getting into before you go in.

The aftercare

Of all the things related to any piercing, aftercare is the most important. It will always determine whether your piercing will heal sooner or not. Below are the things to do thus making sure you take good care of it

Cleaning the piercing is everything

If you would like to have the piercing healing sooner, you must clean it right but mostly with the saline solution.

Remember, you can even make your saline solution. Take ¼ tbsp. salt and add it to 8 ounces of water.

For you to attain the proper healing, you should wash the parts every time. Other times you can soak it in the saline solution.

The touch, in this case, is the enemy.

Our hands are home to staphylococci bacteria, and when you touch your piercing with it every time, then you risk infecting it. You will be transferring the bacteria back to the piercing.

Besides that, touching will agitate your piercing, and this may sometimes lead to too much bleeding and infection that halts the healing.

Check for the allergic response.

Although the jewels may not react with your skin regularly, your new piercing may cause a sensitive reaction.

If you notice the redness, swelling, and itching sensation, don’t hurry to the hospital because it’s just a skin reaction.

Remember, though, to only choose titanium jewels or surgical steel to be on the safe side.

Also, watch out for infection.

When you are cleaning, take the time to watch out for infection signs to treat it sooner. If you don’t work on the piercing, you will infect it sooner, making it all worse.

Check out for the lump appearance or the pus color. If it comes in a brownish color, then know that it’s septic and needs a doctor’s attention.

Now you know the pros and cons. Will you pierce it?

I wouldn’t force you; rather, I would say, ‘is this something you like to do?’ The nose piercing is beautiful and stylish, but the piercing will need some work. If you aren’t up to the commitment, then you should not pierce it.

Once your piercing is healed, you will have an array of jewels to choose from. One thing you can be sure about is that you can never miss some jewels for your piercing.


Why are you going for the nose piercing? are there more pros? If it will make you feel even better about yourself, go for it but make sure you know what you are choosing.

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