13 Best Place To Sell Jewelry Online

When you are thinking of starting a jewelry business, there are several things people think of. But one of the main ones is where to sell them. The online jewelry marketplace has come a long way.

Gone are the days when people just waited for the opportune moment to go to the shops. Today they buy online too, which means you can do a profitable business if you know how to make it work for you.

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You no longer need a physical store to sell your best-preferred jewels. You can even do dropshipping and affiliate marketing for brands online. In this article, we are showing you how to sell your favorite jewels online.

But first

Reasons to use an online shop for your jewels

  • It’s a little easier

I’m not saying you won’t have to work at it because you have to, but you excuse yourself from the different costs you would have otherwise incurred. You don’t need the cost of a physical store and a lot of employees unless, of course, you have a factory.

  • You can target a broader scope

When you are in a particular location, you limit yourself to the people in that location only. This means that you can’t sell to any other person outside or in a far distant country. When you, however, have the shop online, you can choose to make it a global shop where anyone can buy from anywhere.

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  • It’s easier to know what sells more online

You will conduct research and take on statistics too. This then shows you what sells better than any other. If you choose to sell the necklaces, bracelets, rings, or anklets is all a personal choice based on what you have seen online.

  • It can work as a marketing strategy

If you keep selling good stuff, you will have more buyers coming to your shop. The secret, therefore, is to go to large marketplaces online.

Websites to sell the jewels online

1. Amazon

I mean, Amazon is the big market for online businesses. This is regardless of the nickel you like to venture in. If you want to sell the jewels, it will still work here. It brings both sellers and buyers together. This is why when you have a shop there, you may find it easy to reach a large group of people.

Did you know that you can sell the jewels best in mass? When you look at the site, you will notice that you have jewels that cost less than a thousand dollars. The secret is to make sure you have sufficient inventory to cover the extra amazon costs.

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Notice that Amazon has over a 300milion users and 197 million visitors. If you work at it, you can convert to sales, remember.

This site works best when you sell jewels that are not so costly. They should be less than $800 in cost. You should also make sure you are only working with those who do have not so many different sizes.

Also, it would help if you had your inventory ready to set on FBA at first. However, if you don’t send your product to the FBA warehouse, you won’t have many people buying from you.

This then means that you have to be smart with the logistics to always be stocked in the warehouse.

Amazon will only benefit you if you adhere to their set rules. Have everything in order before you start with the business.

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2. Amazon handmade

You can also have the jewelry that you have handmade on this platform. You can always sell your unique and one-of-a-kind jewels. So on this platform, then you won’t have the competition of mass production and cheap jewels.

This is for those who want to sell a couple of dozens and not necessarily the large-scale jewels. So it’s also the platform where you can find the cheaper stone jewels like lab diamond and Moissanite. It encourages creativity.

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For this to work for you, you will need to have at least two markets where you also sell your different products, making it easy to make your profits.

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When you want to sell the handcrafted good, then Etsy is the place to go. Although Amazon has a broader base of sellers and visitors, you can expect about 1.7 million sellers and 54 million active users from this site.

You will have a wide range of jewels, and surprisingly you can even get the jewels that cost $4000. The difference with Amazon is that on Amazon, you will not get such fine jewelry. You will find the cheaper stones like the Moissanite selling better here too.

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If you don’t want to engage in too much logistics, this is the place to go to as you will always find the best niche.

The secret here, though, is to make sure you show clear images of your products. This is the best way to make sales.

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4. Cash for the gold USA

You also have a sister site called cash for diamond USA, and they both belong to one person. If you have gold or diamond jewelry, consider selling them on this site. The good news though, is that they will sell the different kinds of gold for you. Just make sure that the gold types are of excellent quality.

You will have the right market for gold, that’s between 8K to 24K. Notice that this brand will pay for your gold based on the purity level and the weight too. The good thing, though, is that they don’t focus on the gold conditions.

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Most people say that their selling process is much easier than in most other places. You only need to fill in your different information. So once you have sent your information, then you receive your shipping package from this site.

From their then, you send your insured trackable gold package.

Once they receive the gold package, their personnel goes on to verify and then appraise the gold. You wi9ll like that they are quite fast when it comes to the analysis of the gold. It takes 24 hours. They will often contact you soon to ask whether they can pay you using PayPal.

If you are okay with the money, then you take it, but if not, then you can send the money back, and they will send you the gold.


  • You will like the fact that their process of selling is straightforward.
  • They will pay you in just24 hours.
  • It’s an old brand that’s here to stay.


They are not fit for the high-end jewels. However, if you want to sell your jewels first, they are the best platform to use.

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5. Worthy.com

This is your site if you have jewels that are at least $1000. They can be the best engagement rings, different kinds of diamonds, and other jewels for high-end jewelers. They will always give you a marketplace for such options.

The good thing is that you will have hundreds of buyers bidding on your jewels. This makes excellent profits for you on the site.

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Notice, though, that the brand will charge a commission they sold. Remember, the higher the price, the lower the percentage of commission. This is why you should take them the high-end jewels.

Remember, it’s an auction site that will engage with you to the transaction stage. The essence of having professional here is to make sure you don’t sell your jewel at a lower price than you should. Besides, be sure only to send them jewels that cost at least $1500.

How it works

Visit worthy.com to try and estimate the price of your jewel. They will give you this information for free.

Once you set the information right then, they will send you a FedEx-insured mailer that you will also track online. They will then give you the GIA certificate with the estimated price of the jewel.

When you settle on the price and are willing to sell, you can sit back and watch the bidding. This will also make the whole process transparent. Thus, you can see how much the item will make.

Once it’s sold, then expect the payment through PayPal in 24 hours.


  • You will like them for being the most transparent site with your jewels. They are very open to allow you to see what’s going on there.
  • Notice that there are multiple buyers, which means that it can be anyone who sets any price.
  • You are almost entirely in control of the jewel because you still see the process even as they are bidding.
  • They will pay you first and precisely 24 hours to don’t have to think about following up on your cash.
  • They are known for having the best customer service.
  • Your jewels remain safe, and you can also follow up; that’s why they even focus on getting the best shipping method.

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6. Art Fire

Here is another site that makes your work easy as a seller. The buyer will post their orders or wanted ads. This will make it easy to show the items they would like to commission. This is a site for those who are looking for customer orders.

They will charge just a few pennies to post your listings. Besides, it’s a professional site; thus, they do everything professionally.


  • Although you set an advert, you will choose whoever can buy from you to give you the ultimate control.
  • They are honest, so you can make good sales.


  • You have not only jewels being sold here, so there won’t be a specialist in the gem world.

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7. WP diamond

When you want to sell your favorite diamonds, you can go to this site. They will often focus on selling luxury jewels. Here you have a site to sell some of your favorite jewels safely and also quickly. Whether you want to sell loose diamonds, diamond jewels, fine watches, or if you have designer jewels or estate ones too, it’s okay.

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This works almost the same way as the cash for the gold USA does. You won’t have to wait for someone to buy your jewel. The brand will buy it from you.

Here’s how its process goes

  • You will need to fill out a form that describes your jewel.
  • They will often give you the initial valuation by email or on the phone.
  • If you like the price they give you, they will go to the next step, direct you to the shipping platform for free. You can then ship the jewel to them free of charge.
  • They will then inspect the jewel before they give you the last decision in regards to the price.
  • If you accept their price set, everything is easy because it goes way too fast now.

In most cases, though, you will receive your payment in less than 24hours. If you went to the site by yourself, it’s even better as you may walk out of that place with your money or Cheque.

The good thing, though, is that they use their internal valuation party to check the jewels. Also, they have them in New York, Hong Kong, and the UK.


  • They are way too organized.
  • They will pay you as soon as you accept their sales price.
  • It’s a safe place to sell your best diamonds

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8. Ruby lane

This is another popular marketplace, and it specializes in different jewels. You will find vintage, collectibles, fine art, and antiques. Ruby is another one like Etsy, where you, the seller, have to form a shop. From the shop then you can list it on the item for sale.

Etsy is way too lenient where anyone can open their shop but in Ruby lane as you will have to meet their requirements. They will need you to meet the strict and set standards. Notice, though, that most new websites are denied access as they never meet the set rules.

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You should therefore make sure you sell the antique, vintage jewels that are way too old. If you also have the artisan jewels, then this will further make an impact.

This is not a site where anyone can go to. You only need to go to this site if you are a professional jeweler.


  • It’s not for the mass, making your work easier to sell.
  • They like to sell vintage and antique choices.


  • You have no spot if you don’t meet their set criteria.

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9. Diamond buyer’s international

The name says it all. This is a site that focuses more on diamond buying. They will further buy your high-end jewels, and they will even buy the high-end watches.

They will then offer the peak season to buy the jewels at the best prices for their sellers to benefit.

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When you have a loose diamond or any other diamond style, don’t worry; you can sell them here. They majorly focus on diamonds even though you can also find other high-end pieces.

Notice that you won’t need the middlemen, which makes you benefit the seller. You will further notice one thing with them that they are easier to work with.


  • Your diamond shop.
  • It’s easy to sell your jewel
  • It will work no matter where you are.

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The Real Real

This will help you sell the jewel you already used as long as you maintained it well. So they let you sell items like jewels and watches together with other items like bags and so many others.

Notice that you can sell high-end items and don’t expect the selling process to be the same as the others you have seen above. You know they don’t only specialize in jewels, so they may make you wait longer.

Here’s how it works

  • The first thing you do is create an account on their website just as you do on the other platforms.
  • Go on to send them your jewels together with any other item you were looking to sell.
  • Their gemologist will then inspect jewels as they also evaluate them. From this, they will then contact you with the best price. This call is for you both to agree on the price or not.
  • After that, they will take the best pictures for you and upload them on the site. ‘
  • Lastly, when someone buys the jewel, you will receive the money, but it’s less than their rechargeable fees.
  • Again like worthy.com, they have to wait for someone to buy the jewels first.
  • While it’s also a great site, they have a right to lower the price if they want to, so you should think about it.


  • Here is an easier way to sell old jewels. You don’t have to throw anything you no longer want.
  • The process is easy to understand.


  • You wait so long to get your money.

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10. Circa

Whenever you are ready to sell your diamonds, you can do so at circa mostly because they will make it easy for you to maximize the jewels’ value. Now, these, unlike other brands, only buy the diamonds from you.

The process of selling here is more like a regular style. You have to fill in info online showing the state and type of diamond you have. Next, you have to agree on the price. You can then ship it to their shops using their free shipping process.

Septum Piercing Pain 6

Once they check and they agree on the price, they can quote it to you. If you agree on the price, then they pay immediately, but if not, then they will send your jewel back to you.

Circa will earn its cost directly from their price since they didn’t have a structured commission system. Whether you want to sell preowned ones or the best freshly new ones, you can.


  • They buy it from you
  • They give you the chance to agree on the price


  • The price depends on what their jewels suggest.

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11. Diamond valet

Here you have another site that will buy diamond jewels, watches, and jewels with diamonds. The best part, though, is that they will even offer you a free evaluation of the jewels. Contrary to the other options you see here, diamond valet isn’t such a big brand, but you can still use it.

The platform’s essence is to make sure you sell the diamond jewels with ease and that the consumer also receives the best deals just as you make the profits.


  • Your diamonds are safe
  • You can trust their evaluation.

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12. eBay

eBay is the other place where you can sell some of your best choices. Contrary to your beliefs, you will only sell the junks and collectibles you can sell here. You don’t always have to be selling your old items; you can sell the jewels too.

Remember, it has over a billion active listings. Within the list of 180 million buyers, you may quickly find buyers for the jewels that you are selling.

Necklaces For Your Girlfriend

The site here operates almost the same as amazon does, and you will only make good sales if you have an extensive product catalog. It works best for those who sell goods in mass.

Unlike Amazon, if you have fine jewels and you would like to sell them, you can do it here. They will sell even your best jewels that cost $5000.

You can have a small shop here and start your business. When you are looking for a place to sell, then Amazon frequently is one such place.

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13. Your website

You know you have control of your website, and therefore, people come to your site to buy whatever you want. It’s even easier on your site as you can create content that best describes the jewels you are selling.

Remember, though, that this takes work, and you will have to market it too. The essence is to start slowly and build a clientele base. Your visitors will also be your subscribers and buyers.

Gold filled jewelry

When you want to set up a store, you can use Shopify, Salehoo, Woo-commerce, among others.

You can then use the advantage of the store to sell your jewels. But I find it much easier just to use my website as it gives you ultimate control.

Through your website, you can also use your social media fan base to get the information out there that you have different products you would love to sell. Instagram is excellent when it comes to getting the word out.

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