Septum Jewelry Types – Different Septum Piercing Rings You May Want To Know

A septum jewelry piece is not new, as some cultures used the septum piercing to accessorize.

Notice the jewels comes in different shapes and styles, which are also posh and exotic.

Besides, the types of piercing jewelry you use will give you more drama and sophistication.

septum piercing 2

If you can change the variety of jewels, you will have even better looks. This then means that the treasures will either make you comfortable or stylish.

Today it’s more popular than it used to be. It’s the best choice for most people when you want to have an additional piece that’s, in fact, hidden.

Notice that you don’t see the scar, which means that you will have the ring flowing mysteriously but making you look beautiful.

Types of septum jewelry

We have different styles of jewelry for piercings. Septum jewelry features the type of jewel that you place on the septum of your nose.

The septum is the bridge that’s between your nostrils. They are often inexpensive, but you will still benefit if you buy precious metal jewels.

1. Circular barbell

Do you know what a horseshoe is? The circular barbell will first off have a spike or ball at the very end. So you will have a ball and the spikes, which are the best choices as they hide your septum. They seep into your nose, and then it will flow outside.

These pieces are comfortable to wear; they are further easy to use when you want to. It’s one of the most common ones in the market. If you choose the circular barbell, then you are sure it will serve you right.

Notice that you can also have curved barbells, but they aren’t as common as the circular ones are.

Ocptiy 8G Internally Threaded Circular Barbells


Made of surgical steel, these beautiful nose rings are incredibly durable types, but they will serve you longer. This is also very easy to clean, and it will be very comfortable and easy to use. In fact, the rings are ideal for your daily and casual use.

It will nicely blend with the different styles because it has a neutral color. You can even have it for daily use. Since you use a surgical steel jewel, you can be sure it’s perfect for you to use.

2. Captive bead ring

This is almost the same as the circular bead ring you see above. The similarity is where you have a ball fitted at the end and the beginning of the rings. You will therefore know it from the ball that’s attached.

You don’t have to thread it, though, yet you will only use the rubber, gold, silver, or glass for the beads. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a romantic style we are talking of or a minimalist style; you can choose the one that serves you best.

Ftovosyo PA Ring Captive Bead Rings 


Here you have one made using the stainless steel material with the perfect polishing. Its nicely solid, shiny, and yet durable. It’s further hypoallergenic and smoothly polished. Notice that it’s also easy to clean, which makes it a perfect choice for you.

It’s further versatile to use; therefore, you can have it for your nipple, lip, and even nose septum. It maintains the shine making it match your other styles. It’s easy to clean, and it will fit any style you like.

Kridzisw 24PCS 12G Surgical Steel Horseshoe Captive Bead Nose Hoop Ring Septum.


Here you will have high-quality material that will match the different styles. It’s a hypoallergenic kind of ring that won’t fall off. You will have it in different colors to match your different clothing styles.

Besides, you will enjoy the comfort that comes with it. It’s easy to use, and the ball will make it even more stylish. The jewels then have the perfect thickness to fit in your piercing.

3. Septum retainer

This is a more traditional-looking type where you can flip it to the upper side, hiding the ring. They are often angular or flared in style, and this then will add some shape and an edge to the septum style. If you want, you can add some pop of color to your style; you should choose this style.

They are great to use, and you can have them while hiding the piercing because you need to do so. If you can use stainless steel, then you are sure you have the minimalists style. Additionally, if you are looking for the type to flip, this is the easiest choice.

Ftovosyo 20pcs 14G 16G Clear Flexible Septum Retainer


Such options are lightweight, so you won’t even feel as though you have them on. Additionally, the rings are hypoallergenic but also durable.

They will always make it easy to hide your septum piercing. They are further comfortable to wear and remove. Choose the one that matches your style today and another tomorrow. It will never rust, and it’s also nickel free. I like that they’re easy to flip if you need to.

4. Faux nose ring

Remember, the septum piercing is one of the most painful because sometimes you may need to pierce the cartilage. Faux types are made for those who fear the needle. Sometimes though, you may not be ready for piercing, and as such, you can use them.

The problem, though, is that the rings could fall off, and that’s why you have to know the kind of faux ring. This is, therefore, the easiest way to wear your septum without really feeling the pain.

Aoyoho 8pcs Fake Septum Clicker


For those who fear the needle pain, you won’t be left out with the jewel choices. They look so real even though you haven’t inserted them anywhere. The only problem is that sometimes they may fall off when you least expect it.

Notice that even celebrities sometimes use such jewels only recently, Rihanna had a great-looking faux septum ring. You won’t believe how nice it looks on your nose, so you can choose to buy the set for the style’s easy interchange.

5. Seamless hoop style

Of course, if you want the one that comes to you in the simplest ways, then this is it. The hoops will give you a stylish look. Also, if you want to make a subtle style, you can choose this type. Again, this one will sit easily on your septum, thus giving you that edgy look and jewels style.

Jstyle 5 Pcs a Set 316L Stainless Steel Septum Piercing Nose Hoop


Here you have the durable style of stainless steel metals. These are simple and will fall over your upper lip. They will mostly suit different styles of piercings. They’re comfortable and easy to put on and remove.

The hoops offer you chic style and nickel safety. Besides, the hoops will never fall off. They will come to you in a set of five like you have already seen. The different colors are great for easy change of style.

6. Clicker ring

Another style of septum jewels is the clicker ring style. They make sure the rings will never fall off since you have them set in place. It has a hinged mechanism that makes it easy to work with. This is a more straightforward style that you may use for your jewels.

SCERRING 3-10PCS 16G Stainless Steel Hinged Clicker Segment Septum 


These are the other simple but unique styles you can use. The good thing is that you can click them in place to secure them too. It features the use of safe stainless steel that’s further safe and free of elements like nickel. Besides, the metal will maintain the shine and stylish look.

Septum Ring

Notice that this type is hypoallergenic yet durable too. So you will have it giving you that perfect look you so desire.

It’s versatile, and as such, you can use it in most body parts piercings. You will like the way it makes you look and feel but especially that it’s light.

How to glam your septum jewels?

Of course, with the right jewels, you can maintain a simple and stylish yet glammed look. The common thing to do is to be modern and creative to make a fashionable look.

  • Make it small

Remember, the septum jewels are sometimes large, and other times they are small. So you’ll have to choose the one you would like to work for you.

I prefer the smaller ones, and I like that they will have the round ball ends sparkling outside your nostrils. It will make your style look even better.

  • The more extensive options are epic.

Another alternative is to try the bigger options. In this case, you can start with the 16 Gauge size, and then as time goes by, you can enlarge it.

  • Hipster glam

To make your style even better, you may use the thicker framed glasses, which will often work best if you have the heart shape face or the oval one. This is not so common to see, but it’s still one of the best ways to have you looking stylish yet standing out.

  • How about a meaningful look?

Sometimes the different jewels have a unique meaning to you. Well, here you have the septum jewels that will give you a perfect look for its style.

You always need to be creative in that you can use a simple, stylish jewel. The common one is a small heart with wings.

Septum Piercing

Sometimes you can also choose to use the words to pass your desired information. Of course, it may also have other special meanings unique to you.

In this case, make sure you use either silver or gold metal, but you can also use diamonds.

  • Make it playful

It’s upon you to make sure the septum ring is the only ring that calls for your attention. Notice that it’ll be nicely fixed but also subtly visible. To create even more attention, you should make sure you don’t use many other jewels.

Things to consider when you are buying the septum jewelry

  • Choose high-quality septum jewels.

There will be different kinds of jewels, but the secret is only to order the highest quality types. The best part of buying the jewels is that you can choose the best-looking one that’s further hypoallergenic and nickel free.

Here you have a biocompatible type of jewel that will not cause a skin reaction or color change.

  • You tell a story with your jewel.

It will show your personality, so you should choose the one thing that’s comfortable yet speaks volumes about your character. It should make you comfortable yet show people who you are.

  • Choose the perfect size for you.

Of course, the jewels come in different sizes and styles. This means that you will always find the one style that matches the shape of your face.

If you get the wrong size, then you will not only look weird, it will be uncomfortable.

  • Know when you wish to use it

The fashion you choose should also match your jewel style. Of course, the septum jewel is just for accessorizing, but it should amplify your look. Of course, the color and style of your dress can either make the septum jewel pop or not.

Where will you buy it?

If you want the legit types, you also have to know the place to buy them. Remember, there are very many shops you can buy the septum jewel from.

Septum Piercing 7

You will also find them online or offline, but if you are going online, then Amazon is the place to go for the jewels.

Its a wrap

When you know the type of jewel that will flatter your face, then you’re in the right place to find the right one. You can use different types of jewels for other occasions.

Maintain your safety at all times going for the jewels that are safe on your skin. Remember this part of your face is more visible so you should show off the best jewel to stand out.

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