Septum Piercing Faqs – What Information You Need To Know Before You Get Septum Piercing

Septum piercing is one of the most common styles people are fussing about today.

I’ve had my piercing for about five years now; as such, I’ve come to understand a lot more about it.

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One of the most common questions though is whether it hurts at least.

Below are the questions you people like to ask and the answers too.

1. Can anyone get it?

All our noses are different, but generally, yes, anyone can get a septum piercing.

I want you to know that it’s not everyone’s nose that has the columella or sweet spot. Some people only have cartilage.

Well, that’s okay; for some, they don’t mind the piercing of their cartilage even though I find that to be a lot more painful.

The sweet spot features the thin strips of flesh that are in front of the cartilage.

In most cases, the piercers prefer to pierce the sweet spot and not any other part. This is less painful than cartilage.

Again in some cases, you will find that the piercing isn’t centered or relatively straight. All these are a result of the wrong piercing.

2. Whats a septum?

A septum features a wall that divides two sides of the nostrils. It’s generally a wall membrane that divides bodily spaces.

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In this case, the term features the membrane that’s between the two nostrils. It will separate the right from the left nasal cavity.

3. What is the septum piercing?

This you’ve probably had us explain a thousand times. It features the piercing that goes through the nasal septum.

A good piercer will have the needle go through the thin piece of flesh that we refer to as the sweet spot.

Notice that not all people have a columella, and that’s why the piercing may happen through the cartilage. So depending on the part where you pierce, it can be painful or not.

4. Does it hurt?

I know the thought of piercing your nose on the inside will always raise this question.

In fact, in regards to the septum piercing, it happens to be the most asked question. Albeit, it’s not the piercing where you will find it hard to sit through.

The needle will go through the sweet spot that’s between the cartilage and another thick part of the nose.


For me, it wasn’t even some pain to think of, but I would say we’re all different, and it may be more painful for you than it was for me.

I’ve had others say that they feel stranger than pain. They feel the need to sneeze, and their eyes also get teary.

So generally, you expect a form of discomfort. But if they pierce the sweet spot, it’s weirder than painful. When the needle goes through the tissues, you can expect the pain to last for a few seconds.

I’ve seen other people who say it hurts more to wear a jewel than it does to pierce the skin.

5. Should I get my septum pierced?

This question should be: do you want to pierce your nose septum?

Of course, you should if you like it because it will just make it easy to accessorize. Nonetheless, remember to ask for permission if you aren’t of age.

6. Can the septum pierce damage my nose?

I know most people say it’s painful. But another question that will always arise is whether it can damage the nose.

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Damaging rarely happens even though most people say that if you get a nasty infection, it could eat away your cartilage. Often you don’t even develop a mild form of the disease.

So if you think that there’s an infection, you should visit a doctor for medication. But my clear answer is no; it won’t damage your nose.

7. How long will it take to heal, though?

I know by the time you are piercing the septum, you already want it to heal. You will hear the piercer tell you that it should heal in 4-6 weeks.

However, mostly we say give it between 2-3 months for full healing. Notice, though, that sometimes it will take up to six months to heal.

If it developed an infection, you could expect it to take a longer time. Also, if you pierce the cartilage, then give it a little more time to heal.

So how well it will heal depends more on how well you will follow the aftercare solution. But you should also be generally healthy for you to experience the perfect healing.

Most of all, avoid touching your nose to ensure it heals even faster. There will be an aftercare procedure to follow when you want it to heal quickly.

Besides touching it, you should make sure you clean it with the saline solution to keep the bacteria off.

8. So how is the piercing done?

First things first, you will need to choose the best piercer specifically for you. In most cases, then you have to show your ID and fill in some consent forms.

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Once you’ve passed the test that you can get the piercing, you will go to the next level to sit ready for the process.

  • Now sit on the recliner sit to go on with the process.
  • You will need only a needle, but you can also buy forceps to open your nose wide.
  • Also, choose a receiving tube that you may use to receive the needle from the piercing.
  • For hygiene purposes, you will notice the piercer wearing their gloves, and then they will thoroughly disinfect the inner parts of your nostrils.
  • They then take the needle, and the jewel out of the sterilizing container, and boom piercing is done.

Notice that the process is relatively quick, with the piercing taking just a few minutes or seconds of the time.

9. When can I change my jewelry?

The best time to change your jewels is after its fully healed; that’s at least after six weeks. And when you are doing so, you may need the help of your piercer.

Mostly it’s during this time that they teach you too, how to change the jewel. You can imagine how crazy it is to wear a single gem for more than six weeks without changing it.

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But do it this way at home:

  • Assuming you’re wearing a jewel with the balls. You can unscrew one side of it then slide it out. This is mostly easy if you had the treasure not tightly screwed.
  • Notice that there will be thousands of septum jewels, and it is upon you to choose one to interchange it with.
  • Clean and disinfect your hands fast.
  • Place the jewel in the hole as you pull your nose down just a little, and this will make it easy to get to the pierced spot. Push it through before you finally secure it.

10. How can I remove the piercing jewel?

It’s simple to remove the piercing jewel, clean your hands and possibly disinfect it too. Undo the ball or the clicker, then slide the bar out of your nose.

11. What happens if you change your septum piercing too soon?

If you do it sooner than you should, then you are bound to experience some irritations. It can even sometimes cause too many irritations.

You do know that with the infections, you also make it heal quite slowly.

Sometimes you may make it so bad that you have to remove the jewel. This is why you shouldn’t remove the gem sooner; let it heal before you do anything.

12. How can I stretch the septum piercing?

In most cases, the septum piercing will either be a 16 Gauge or 14-gauge size of piercing jewel. There are times when you want to stretch it to be an even bigger hole. Remember that you need to be patient with it not to damage the tissues or strain your cartilage.

The first thing is you should consult your piercer before you ever do it. The rule of thumb is that you should wait for at least 4-6 months. Also, remember to wait before stretching it again if you want to.

  • Before you do anything about it, remember to clean your hands and disinfect them and the jewels. Go on to massage it with jojoba or any other oil of your choice.
  • Get yourself an insertion pin, then take another jewel that’s one or two gauges up. So then push the pin through the septum.
  • And then go on to line the septum with the bigger pin end. Remember, you will need to add just a mm, not more, and then keep adding every after few months if you need to.

13. Can I hide my septum right after getting it pierced?

Yes, you can hide it because you still have to flip it up to hide it. But remember, it’s still tender and might hurt a little.

For that reason, it’s better to ask your piercer to do it for you. Remember, though, it’s better to start the flipping process when you already have it healed.

14. How to flip my piercing?

The best jewel that you can use and flip quickly is the horseshoe type of jewel. You can hide it for work, school, or when you will meet your folks who are anti-piercings.

There will be several methods you can use to flip the piercing with the most common one being:

  • Pull your mouth skin down as you want to make the piercing more visible.
  • Then push the balls up the nose.
  • Notice that it gets easier to flip when the piercing is fully healed because you won’t have to during the flipping.

15. What does a septum piercing say about you?

This is not the regular nose piercing; instead, it’s the type that a few people are bold to try. It’s a piercing style where the person making it is saying they don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Notice that some people feel and believe that the person making the piercing looks more like a bull.

It’s all about standing out but also impressing other people. It’s ideal for artistic people, and most people think it’s very painful and, therefore, not for everyone to use.

16. Will I have a scar from this piercing?

Of course, you will have a little scar, but does it matter since the piercing is on the inside and never visible. You should know that if you are going to pierce any part of the body, then you’ll have a scar.

This one though is invisible. People will only see the scar when they are looking directly at it.

17. Although we feel like its for everyone, we have those who may not use it. Why?

You may see that so many celebs have it looking great, but it’s not suitable for all. This is mostly because of the facial structures you have.

We all have different noses, and if you mainly have a non-symmetrical nose, you can be sure the nose septum won’t always look good. So the first thing to do is to find out if it will look healthily perfect for you.

I often advise you to find the fake nose septum jewel to see if it works for you first. Notice too that if you have sinuses or any other condition that will make you hold your nose a lot, you shouldn’t.

Generally, though, most people can use septum piercing.

18. How to blow your nose with a septum piercing?

You shouldn’t pierce the nose when you still have the running nose, but if you have to blow your nose, you can blow it very gently. Also, avoid the need to blow the nose, especially when your nose is still healing.

19. How to tell if you’d look good with a septum piercing

I would say it all depends on the facial features, but you can play around with the sizes to make sure it fits you well.

20. If I take the ring out, will it close up?

If you are talking about just changing the jewels a little bit, you should make that work. The piercing will never block easily, but it will close if you live a fresh piercing for long.

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In most cases, though, if the piercing was already healed, you can remove the jewel for some time. The good news is you will still have it quickly go in without the need to re-pierce again. Try to insert the jewel also, but you should re-pierce if you notice it can’t go through.

21. Is septum piercing for girls only?

Absolutely not. Men can wear their piercing jewels as well.  Notice, though, that women get the septum piercing more than men do.

The men developed the culture of piercing the septum from the traditional warriors. In most cases, the warriors pierce their noses, which is why more men feel comfy to do so.

22. Is it also possible for me to fake a septum piercing?

I know many people that do it too. Notice that some people who like piercing have a problem where they fear pain and commitment.

Sometimes though, you don’t have the money for the same, you will not afford the piercing process.

Using a fake septum jewel makes it look real. It’s the ideal method to use when you want to know whether it can work for you or not.

I know you may be wondering if it looks real. Well, it will mostly depend on how you wear it and the type you wear. In most cases, they will look real.

23. Which material is best for the septum rings?

Of course, this is a question you will hear people ask, especially when they are sensitive. I know surgical steel may be safe, but it’s not ideal to leave it in direct contact with your body over long times.

Always choose biocompatible metals like gold, titanium, and stainless steel.

This is also not the time to wear a plated jewel.

24. Which one do you prefer; the needle or the gun piercing

In the end, you will need to pierce the septum. Therefore, you should know which one works best for you. You can use the gun, which has been in use for ages, but you can also use the needle. The way the gun works is what makes people like or not like it.

A gun will work just the same way a stapler does since you’re piercing your ears or any part using a blunt jewel.

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In most cases, this method will damage the tissues because it will force the jewel through the skin.

I wouldn’t say I like it since it’s harder to sterilize the jewels and the gun too.

I encourage you to use the needle instead of a gun. Such needles are often laser cut making it easy for the jewel to go through. Notice that you will also find it cleaner since you can sterilize them.

25. Should I be concerned about hygiene?

I encourage people to be informed consumers just because that will determine whether the septum piercing develops an infection or not.

You don’t need to pierce or make the tattoo in a dirty environment. After all, you want to achieve quicker healing.

Choose to go to a piercer who does it legally and professionally. Through this, then you are sure you will have proper hygiene.

If you want to heal faster and avoid contamination, check the method of piercing you are using.

26. The average cost of piercing

I know that the piercing will cost you anything from $40, depending on the place you’re at. Other factors that influence the price are the professionalism and the tools they use. It can be higher or lower, as you will see in our article on septum piercing prices.

27. Do septum piercings get infected easily?

This one has the same risk and so do most other styles of piercing. Notice, though, that some of the infections may be more serious than others depending on your body.

It’s rare to get an infection from the septum piercing just because of the present mucous membrane. Nonetheless, it would help if you never triggered it as that will mess you up.

28. Is it normal for a septum piercing to be crooked at first?

Yes, it is. The moment you pierce your septum, you will have the parts swelling, and this is also why it will appear crooked at the start. When the swelling goes down, so does the crooked piercing straighten.

29. Are the septum piercings culturally appropriate?

For most cultures, septum piercing is not new. It was like a rite of passage for them. Some Hindus and Muslim women use it as a show that they are old enough to marry now.

Septum Piercing 1

To answer you, let’s say that it all depends on the culture you’re from. It can be appreciated or not. It’s fine to try it if you want to try it because not all people will embrace it, but a good number sees it as another beauty style.

30. My piercing stinks, but why?

It’s easy to notice that your piercing stinks mostly because it’s right under your nose. When the skin stretches, you will have a collection of dead cells gathering on your nose. The smell is from the discharge that accumulates around your piercing. Don’t fret and worry about it, though, as that’s normal to happen.

31. What kind of aftercare is necessary?

Of course, the only thing that will determine whether the septum heals sooner or not is the aftercare you give it.

One of the most common things to do is to use the saline solution to clean it twice a day. We have covered this topic in the septum piercing aftercare blog. Check it out for more information.

32. What jewels are best for me to start with

Notice that there are many types of jewels to use, but you can use a circular barbell, septum retainer, or a staple when starting out. Also, if you have a captive one, you will make it work. When you are finally healed, though, you can use any style of jewel.

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