4 Best Septum Piercing Kits In 2020

Septum piercing is one of the trendiest styles of piercing today. We have seen some of the A-list celebrities rocking the septum jewels. When you decide you want to have one, you will need to pierce it.

While you can get the tools to use in piercing it in the shops, it’s essential to buy a set with all things you need.

I always encourage you to go to the professional piercer for this piercing as it’s much safer. However, if you want to pierce it yourself, keep reading to find the best kit you can use.

Whats in the septum kit

The septum kit features a set of tools you need for the professional piercing of your septum. Often it will contain the needle, cork, jewel, forceps, patient bib, the alcohol prep pads, and gloves, to mention a few.

A professional piercer will have the piercing kit ready for you when you pierce your septum. This is great since it reduces the back and forth of looking for some tools you may have forgotten in the piercing process.

Nose piercing generally came to existence 4000 years ago in the middle east. Even if it took ages to reach the west, finally, people in the east were already having fun with them.

Which one will you use a gun or a needle?

You should know this to make your work easy.

This question arises because most people pierced the ears, rush to the mall, and get them pierced. The piercers in the studios use guns. However, it would help if you never used a gun for cartilage piercing because of its works.

You will take a blunt earring and then use the gun to push it into the cartilage. Unfortunately, then this method will damage your tissues. It’s even worse when you aren’t piercing the skin.

Piercing gun

You will be using the piercing needle, which is laser cut. They are often very sharp needles that will quickly go through the cartilage. In essence, you will also guide them by hand through the columella. You then go on to insert the jewel from the kit, and you are good to go.

It would help if you didn’t use the gun ever as that is more painful and damaging. Some piercers may, however, encourage you to use it but don’t.

Single Septum Piercing Kit – 14 Gauge by Superior Tattoo Equipment

Single Septum Piercing Kit - 14 Gauge by Superior Tattoo Equipment

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In this kit, then you have everything you need to get the piercing done by a professional piercer. Notice that there will be different kinds of jewels to use, but we use the captive barbell rings. Here you have a superior’s needle that’s very sharp too.

It would help if you always remembered to wear a glove for your hand’s protection. Also, it makes it easy to push the needles through the septum piercing.

Use the sterilizers to make sure you are using the cleaned tools that won’t cause blood contamination. The good thing is that everything here is new, but to be safe, remember to sterilize them.


  • Its budget-friendly.
  • It features the highest quality tools.

BodyJ4You 36PC PRO Piercing Kit

BodyJ4You 36PC PRO Piercing Kit Steel 14G 16G Retainer Nose Ring Septum Tongue Belly Jewelry

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This you can use for different parts of the body piercing, including the septum, though. You will have different styles of the jewel for the same that are made using surgical steel. Moreover, it gives you about ten needles to use for the different parts of the piercing. This means that you don’t have to reuse any needle.

The tools are durable and corrosion-resistant. It will retain the color, yet it’s much easier to clean it. You then have the sterilizing pads, which will clear the stains and the germs off.

With such tools, you will have it easy in piercing your septum.


  • It’s versatile with other jewels and tools to use in piercing other parts of your body.
  • It’s safe to use since it doesn’t corrode.
  • You have everything you need for the process.


  • The needles, in this case, aren’t threaded.

Septum Piercing Kit 

Septum Piercing Kit - Horseshoe Circular, Needles, Forceps, Gloves & pCare Pro Piercing Aftercare 4oz

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This set features the use of high-quality surgical steel; thus, they are nicely durable. It’s also corrosion and rust-resistant. Here you have the gloves to protect your hands. You have the disinfectant-ready to help you with the aftercare. It features the use of sea salt solution on your piercing, thus helping it to heal sooner.

You will have three hollow needles to use in the piercing of the septum. You will have the septum jewels coming in different sizes. They are further easier to use with the right gloves.


  • All the tools here are durable
  • You have the different sizes of jewels for the septum piercing only.
  • It also gives you the disinfectant to help you with the aftercare.


  • It won’t last as long.

BodyJewelryOnline LionGothic 14ga and 16ga Septum Piercing Kit 14 Pieces

BodyJewelryOnline LionGothic 14ga and 16ga Septum Piercing Kit 14 Pieces

View on Amazon

When you are looking for a septum piercing kit that will make your work easy, you can use it. It has the jewels you’ll need to use, the scissors, the gloves, and the alcohol pads. In this case, the jewels are made using surgical steel metals, and they will serve you over a long time.

You will have the needles to use in the septum’s piercing; besides, the tools are already sterilized. Since it features the most durable metals, you can be sure it will serve you over a long time. If you don’t trust any other type of kit, you should use it to serve you better.

They have the right forceps to use in holding the nose as you go on to pierce it.


  • The tools here are durable
  • The jewels will come in different sizes.

My top pick– Single Septum Piercing Kit

Although all the other septum kits you see here are great, the single septum piercing kit is the best for us. All the tools you find here are durable, and they’re made using stainless steel. This also means that it will never corrode or rust.

They will further come with the sterilizing pads to make sure you are safe before you start working with them. From the reviews, you can also tell that it’s a great set, with the needles being nicely sharp to use.

The set is further budget-friendly, which also means you can buy it all quickly. Besides, it’s one of the sets that the professional piercers use for the piercing process.

What makes a septum kit the right choice?

It will depend mostly on the quality of the tools.

You will always need the tools kit with high-quality material. Check that the tools you have in the kit are made using surgical steel or stainless steel.

What does it have?

You should always know what the kit has as part of the tools. It should at least have the hollow needle, jewels, sterilizing pads, and more. If therefore, it doesn’t have the forceps and the needles, then it’s not the best to use.

It should have a guide.

In most cases, a good kit will also have the guide kit. This will at least show you how to use it or the tools in the kit. It makes it easy to work with the pieces.

Is it durable?

Although you don’t expect to use the needle once you use it, other tools like the scissors are of value. You can sterilize them and then use them again. Even the studs are great since they’re durable, and therefore, you can use them again and again.

When you are going for the set, make sure you only chose the ones you are sure will last longer.

Whats your budget?

Sometimes the budget you set will make it easy to choose the right jewels to work with. Of course, there will be a kit you can use at whichever budget. You have to choose a set that will work best for you. Remember, the septum kits don’t have to be ridiculously costly.

Where should I buy the septum kit?

There will be various stores you can go to when you are searching for the septum kit. If you want to go to a physical store, the better because then you can see the kit tools you are ordering. Alternatively, check and order online.

Amazon is the best online store because it will give you a variety of options to choose from. Remember, we have different brands that have set their shop on Amazon too.

Check the review. Often this will guide you in knowing whether the kit they are selling to you is as great as they claim they are. Such reviews are coming from verified buyers; thus, they’ll give you an honest review. Through them, then you will know whether you should buy it or not.

The product description again will give you the exact information that regards the product you wish to buy. This will tell you whether it will work for you or not way in advance.

There you have it, if you are thinking of buying the septum kit, we have given you the best options. But always go to a professional because this is a fragile piercing.

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