Septum Piercing Pain – How Bad Does A Septum Piercing Hurt

I know what most people would say. I like the piercing but is it painful?

Ever since Jessica Biel walked the red carpet with her unique septum jewels in 2013, more celebrities and people have embraced its use.

If you think of getting this piercing, it’s logical that you will want to know how painful it gets.

Septum piercing is the piercing where you allow it to go through the nasal septum between your nostril.

Septum Piercing 6

The needle will often go through the thin flesh that’s at the very front of your nose rather than the sweet spot.

It’s your piercer’s work to aim right, just getting the sweet spot and not the cartilage to make sure you don’t feel too much pain.

So does the septum pierce hurt?

Any piercing will hurt somehow, but the pain levels may vary depending on several factors. As the needle is going through the septum, you must feel some level of pain.

For some people, the pain can be excruciating, while it’s just a mild pain for others. Of course, the short time pain is all worth the need to wear different styles of jewelry.

Let’s say that the pain will fade away sooner. Nonetheless, if you take care of your piercing, then the pain should go out more quickly.

I know you may ask, so ‘how painful it is?’ Well, as we have said, it will vary for different people. So you can rate the pain on a scale of 1-10. Most people say it’s more painful to get the septum piercing than the nostril.

So then the pain level is between 4-6. I know it sounds too painful, but it will be over in just a few seconds. If you, therefore, take care of it afterward, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

The pain will be more than the ear lobe, tongue, navel, and lip piercing.

Note, it hurts more than the ear cartilage too, and though the nipple has many nerves ends, the septum is more painful. You will most likely tear up from the septum piercing, but you won’t go to the extent of crying.

Often, the pain is one thing we fear, but you won’t feel that sharp pain again when the needle is out. When you have set the jewel right then, you will only have a warmer sensation. But the good thing is that other nerves will nicely relax.

Notice that the septum piercing is no longer for bad girls only, contrary to past beliefs. It was more popular back in the 90s.

Today, though, it is making a comeback where more men and women are using it than before.

Of course, though some people say that the septum piercing will hurt more than the nostril piercing, you can be sure the other way around is true. Since the nostril has more nerve endings, you can expect that it will hurt more.

For how long will it hurt?

This will depend on several factors but mostly the technique and the style of piercing you choose. Therefore, if you go to a skilled piercer, you will have it heal faster because they know the right place to pierce.

Nonetheless, they will also pierce it faster as they know when to pierce it and not do it. Therefore, if they pierce it right, you can be sure the pain will be done in a minute. You can wait for the new piercing, and the moment the needle and the jewel go through, then the pain goes.

Septum Piercing Pain 1

After the initial pain, the piercing will start to adjust, making it not very painful. You may sometimes experience pain because of the inflammation that you have. In some cases, the pain will stay longer than you expect it to. Mostly it will be painful for over six months.

What causes pain issues?

We all have different kinds of pain, and as such, the pain you feel depends on the body’s complexity. If you know how much pain you expect, you can use the strategies to make the pain lesser.

  • Your body’s physical condition

In the end, the most crucial factor is your body condition. If you have high immunity levels, you can be sure you will heal much faster. If you don’t feel well, then you don’t need the piercing. So, please wait for your body to readjust and develop its immunity before you start piercing.

  • Do you take alcohol

This is not the time to start drinking as that will make the whole process harder. For best results, don’t use the alcohol right before the piercing. It will slow the entire healing process, and if you want it to heal much faster, avoid alcohol.

  • You’ll need to rest

You need to sleep better if you rest too. Sleep is an essential part of health. So you have to take the time to rest. When every aspect of your body is tired, the body cells balance your energies, thus not working much on the pain. However, when you go into rest mode, your sections will help you with the pain.

The things you must remember

The piercing will happen on a ridge close to the tip of your nose. This is why you hang the jewel close to the upper lip.

You will still have to see the piercer just to follow up even though the pain is no more. The essence is to make sure you are healing right.

Septum Piercing Pain 2

Notice that just like the other piercings are painful, this one too will be painful and sometimes more painful than most.

Though this is the case, you can be sure your skilled piercer will show you how to care for it after the safe piercing to reduce the pain levels.

Remember, you will have to get through the epidermis, thus feeling a level of pain.

Everyone’s pain levels differ, but the secret is to focus more on aftercare, which will always ease the pain more.

What do I expect to feel?

Generally, there will be a painful sensation for a few seconds to minutes. If it prolongs to hours, then your body doesn’t conform to the piercing.

If you can’t hold on to the piercing pain, remove the jewel because maybe the body rejects the piercing.

Notice, though, that you’ll have a burning sensation with significant irritation on the spaces where you have been affected.


Anything you do may cause infections and thus more pain.

Always use a sterilized needle to pierce the septum because otherwise, you may cause blood transfusion diseases.

You’ll need to look after your piercing if you want it to heal fast. Remember to keep it clean, but most of all quit touching it all the time.

Before you ever change the jewels again, you will need to make sure the piercing heals properly. This will keep you from eventually developing complications.

The nose is never that clean, so you ought to be careful and clean it right first.

If its that painful, why do people pierce?

  • For beauty

You know it will make it easy for you to try different jewels’ styles. Many celebrities are using other jewels; sometimes, they use even the faux nose septum jewel. They’ll do all this to look more beautiful all the time.

So if you find that you like the faux ones too much, try the real piercing. I’m sure you will love it.

  • Some of us like to try new things; you will never go wrong with such piercing.

If you’re the daredevil type of person, you can try the piercing any time. You will never go wrong with such jewels for the piercing if you’re sure you know what you like. I know you may want to try something new that you never do all the time.

Septum piercing is one of the reasonably new styles of piercing in the market. Unlike the past when people considered you defiant for using such piercings, today, it’s naturally embraced.

  • For some cultures, it’s a rite of passage.

Everyone will need to go through it in some cultures. This may also differ in other cultures, and that’s okay. This is why you should learn all the details of such beliefs before you go for it, primarily if it’s cultural.

If you are using it as a rite of passage, it’s okay but remember people today use it just for pleasure.

  • Some of us did it just because we look so fly.

Are you one of those who did the piercing because you couldn’t resist the look when you decided to use the faux rings?

Everyone has a right to do the one thing that makes them happy. In most cases, some people do the piercing just because they feel that they look perfect.

What I must do

Since it’s true, it’s a bit of a different kind of piercing that’s also delicate; you will need to do the following.

It would help if you searched for a professional piercer and made sure they are experienced in piercing the septum. You want to get the right piercing at the right spot by the one person who knows how to do it.

Make the piercing a little loose and not very tight. This will make it easy to use any jewel you would like to try.

Be careful with the piercing to make sure you dont pierce the very soft tissues resulting in the septal hematoma. This will also cause the infection to prolong.

Notice that the nose may sometimes swell. But in taking good care of it, then it won’t swell every time. In fact, you’ll have it healing reasonably easy.

For some people, the pain experience may occur much later when you experience

  • Mild pains
  • Fever for some people.
  • Minor nose bleeding
  • inflammation

This is about all you can expect when you have a septum piercing. If you experience anything excessive, then this has nothing to do with the piercing. You may have just developed other complications, and thus you need a doctor.

Before you finally decide on it, you will need to consult with your piercer to know if you’re the right candidate for it.

Is it normal for it to generally cause pain?

Notice that we have discussed in length what happens when you pierce your septum. You expect some pain, but to know the levels, read widely on the topic before finally piercing it.

Assuming you did the piercing right with the help of a professional, it should hurt but not to the extent where it’s overwhelmingly painful.

It’s one of the most painful piercings that’s further worth it for those who like it like me. If the pain is too much with other experiences like swellings, then you need to check yourself.

It’s important to know that any piercing on the face will often heal faster because of the rapid blood flow on the face. If it takes too long, then it may be that the piercing has other complications.

The secret to a safe piercing is choosing the right studio to go to first and the best piercer. After that, then they’ll make sure they only use sterilized equipment. Sometimes this has more to do with the trust than how they’ll work. But we all want to be safe.

Another vital aspect is to focus on the aftercare, thus making sure even after the piercing, you still take good care of it intending to make sure it heals.

Its a wrap

A minor level of pain is acceptable, especially if it takes place in just a few seconds to minutes, and then it’s gone. But you should make sure you do everything right to keep the pain at bay. With that said, you can be sure the pain will be something you can handle.

If you want to enjoy your septum piercing, then you should be ready to feel the instant pain too. Also, how you care for it will determine whether it’s the best option to use or not.

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