Septum Piercing Price – How Much Is A Septum Piercing

If you’re one of the many people in the world who like septum piercing, then you will want to know the cost.

Of course, most people think it’s absurdly pricey, but it’s not. This is why we bring the ideas on how much you ought to spend on the same.

Notice, though, that such piercings are never as straightforward as you may think they are.

We have several factors that determine the price, as you will see below.

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Remember, most of the price differences depend on the reason.

To know the exact cost, you will need to find the value of the different septum jewels and the studio prices.

First of all, note that you should always seek the services of a professional piercer.

What will determine the cost of the septum piercing

Sometimes, you just need to check the studio, and that will tell you the amount you expect to pay.

But remember, one thing is really the septum piercing price will vary from one shop to another.

Here are the reasons why the prices will vary, though.

The metal they used

Remember, the metal they use for the jewel will determine the cost. If you say they’re using pure gold, you can expect the treasure to be very costly.

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The set piercer fee

The piercer fee will determine the cost of the piercing. Of course, other factors will influence the price. The set piercer fee will determine how much you spend.

The rent cost

Of course, they have to factor in the cost of the rent in the price. This is why the location often determines the price too.

If you are in a high-end area, then you can expect to pay more. However, if they’re in a regular place, then they’ll pay lesser.

What do they charge you for?

You know different charges regarding the piercing price. Some shops will charge you to have a piercer insert your jewelry, so you need to know the cost you expect to pay.

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But remember, if you’re hoping to stretch your piercing, you may have to pay as they will need to use wider jewels. But some may do it as after-sale service.

In such instances, it’s best to tip your piercer, mostly if they did a good job. This leads us to the next point.

Is tipping part of the cost?

The tip is part of the cost for some people, so you don’t have to tip. They, in fact, refer to it as a service charge. However, I always say a tip is a token of appreciation that you give to your piercer for their excellent work.

The tip can be anything from $5 and above. Sometimes other people give 10% of the piercing cost.

Remember, if the service they provide you is more time-consuming, you should pay more tips for a job well done.

The piercers experience

Notice that different piercers have different price points. Most of the time, it will only matter how many years they have been piercing.

I say they’ve pierced for six months, they won’t have as much experience as those who have done it for ten years. Remember, with such differences, even the cost of piercing is different.

Notice the person who was in business for more than ten years will charge you more than the one who recently started.

They are furthermore comfortable yet trusted than the ones who recently just started.

You see, the more they perform the piercing usually, the better the experience. Remember, it’s harder to pierce the septum than other body parts.

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Septum piercing is not your regular style of piercing; thus, not many people can make it. This is the sole reason why people try different types of piercing.

Although the prices can vary, you don’t have to break the bank for the same. Ensure you get one experienced person even when the price is a little higher than the regular ones. You can be sure you will be safe if you go to them for a piercing.

Of course, the piercing will be a little bit painful. However, if you go to the experienced piercer, they’ll know how to get to the sweet spot without hurting you. This makes their fee all worth it.

The studio or shop

It matters the studio you are going to and the city it’s in. If you go to one of the more popular ones, you can expect to pay a lot more.

But remember, it’s vital to confirm that the studio has safety and hygiene practices. This makes it the ideal place to go.

Septum Ring

Notice that it doesn’t matter whether you are talking of the five or ten-dollar difference to receive the perfect-looking style.

The place where the studio is can also determine the price. If you buy the jewel in some of the most popular cities, you can be sure it will be costly.

Although you pay more, you should know that you will get the best service because most of such places are working to deliver the perfect look.

What’s the shop’s reputation?

All the things discussed above will determine the reputation of the shop. When you’re out looking for which shop to go to, then you can check the reputation. It’s easy to know where people trust because these days, you can find all the information online.

Take the time to check their reviews online before you decide to visit them, though. Also, if you aren’t sure about the directions, you can use google maps. Listen to the grapevine outside, as it will guide you to the right decision.

Notice that the piercer who makes the shop reputable is nicely-informed and confident about the price they settle for.

They will know exactly what to use to make sure you heal faster, which is why you should go to a reputable shop.

The jewelry cost

Notice that different studios will give you different prices for the jewels. Ask your piercer if the price they are providing you is inclusive of the gem or not. Notice that some places are going to charge you the essential jewelry and the piercing fee.

Some other places will give you just a flat fee for the jewel and piercing regardless. Therefore, as you can see, the treasures will determine the cost of the piercing all the time.

Remember to check the treasures you want, and if you wish for other upgraded styles of jewels, you’ll pay more.

Expect, though, that you will only use the jewels made using surgical steel or sometimes gold. Both metals are safe to use.

Sometimes they will give you aftercare products.

You know you will have different products you can use to care for your newly pierced jewels. Of course, if you are going to pierce your nose in the studio, you might as well pick their products to cleanse and care for it.

If you, therefore, follow their advice, you will find that it’s easier to care for it.

Dont go for a lower price. Its not always the solution, you know.

I know you may be tempted to but don’t go for cheap.

Some people go for the cheapest option assuming that it’s still the same, but then it may not be. Remember, you will have the needle go through your skin, and if you want to be safe, choose those who practice hygiene.

You have to choose the best piercer, who also uses the best materials. This is the easiest way to make sure it heals fast and maintains a formal look.

Septum Piercing

Spend some money on an excellent piercing because many things go into the whole piercing process. You will find that you have the perfect experience with the best results too.

Notice that all these things go hand in hand. You will most likely cause an infection when you go for a very cheap option.

Don’t use cheap as a reason to choose the price. Don’t even wear cheap jewelry, incredibly when you are just piercing, and you need the part to heal. When you pay a good deal, you can be sure you will even be given safe material.

So how much will it cost me?

Septum piercing happens to be one of the costliest piercings you can ever have. But you would understand why.

It’s a very sensitive style of piercing where you have to pierce a sensitive septum. Well, you can generally expect to pay about $40-90.

For most shops, this cost is inclusive of the desired jewelry. They will therefore have the kinds of jewels to use at that cost.

You may pay a little extra but be sure that you will only receive good service, especially if you choose an experienced piercer.

Do they give discounts?

Of course, you will have discounts sometimes. Also, if you go during the holidays, you can receive offer sales as well. So you should check to find out about the discounts they give.

Often they can give you the following discounts:

You will see things like buy two get one free for the jewels.

You may have youth and student discounts.

They may give you an offer to even re-pierce an almost blocked piercing. The good news is that all this will encourage you to come for the service at the time.

Another typical offer is that of multiple piercings, so if you go and pierce different parts of your body, they give you discounts.

A good shopper will always watch out for such options.

Are there extra costs?

All this may only depend on the studio you go to. Nonetheless, it will mostly happen when you go to a cheaper studio because they have other additional costs. Remember the saying ‘cheap is expensive?’ this may be true in this case.

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You can expect to pay extra for those legit shops when you have an appointment for the checkup, and they notice something not right. They will treat you, but you have to pay for such.

Other than that, if you want a more stylish jewel-like, the ones made using pure precious metals like gold, then you should expect to pay more.

A good shop though, shouldn’t have hidden costs. If it has hidden fees, then it’s not a good place. This is the sole reason why when I find a very cheap shop. I would often ask if there were any other hidden costs.

Will it take too long to heal?

In most cases, this will depend on the aftercare. If you follow the steps on how to care for it, then it may heal sooner. The window of healing is often between 4-6 weeks. But mostly, you can expect it to heal in about eight months fully.

What if I go and pierce at a cheaper rate that will cost more?

I would say it depends, but there’s a good chance it might be safe. However, you may still have hidden costs, which is why you ought to go to a place with detailed pricing. I encourage people to go to a reputable shop even if that means they have to pay extra.

Why do we have such a wide gap regarding the piercing?

As you have seen, the factors above will determine the price. If you are in a high-end and at a reputable shop with a more experienced piercer, then the cost is much higher. However, if you go to a beginner, the price may be lower as they still are learning the roots.

So generally, how should I choose a piercing shop?

I often rely on google and word of mouth from friends. You ought to go to a reputable place, especially if you are going for such a piercing form.

What do you think about piercing at Walmart?

I just like that they won’t charge you for the piercing. Instead, they charge the jewels; this makes it cheaper. I also like that you will find experienced piercers in most cases, which means you are safe there.

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