What Gauge Is A Septum Piercing – Septum Size Chart (With Pictures)

It’s much easier to buy jewelry online, but if you are going to do so successfully, you need to know the septum size.

Notice also that we have several sizes and if you want, find a gauge that you can use and the diameter that will fit you properly.

portrait of a young girl with pierced nose

Notice, though, that the gauge will make you understand how thick the post is. The inner diameter thickness is listed in millimeters or sometimes inches. So you will have to consider the part of the jewels and how it looks.

So what’s a septum piercing size?

Here we have a piercing that goes through the nasal septum. And the nasal septum is the one that separates the left and the right nasal. It goes through the front part of your nose and beyond the cartilage.

The sweet spot is also referred to as the columella. Sometimes other people don’t have a sweet spot. This then means that the piercer will have to pierce the cartilage even though it will be harrowing.

Now when it comes to the septum size of piercing, you can be sure we don’t have a one-size-fits. It may have different inner diameter sizes.

It comes in various sizes; for example, it will come in 14G, 16G, 18G, and more. In most cases, you will have the measurement is done in millimeters or inches. So you will need to measure the size of the piercing.

If you therefore want, you can measure the existing jewelry. Notice that the size won’t matter as it depends on how large or small your nose is. The inner diameter of the ring will mostly depend on how high the septum is placed.

When checking the size of the septum, then you must also know how to measure it.

How do you measure the septum piercing?

It’s better to get the help of your piercer to measure it for you. If you can, however, you will need to measure your piercing when at home. So you can use a piece of paper and a ruler to do the measurement.

Take the small strip of paper and also lines it up with the bottom of the piercing hole. Go on to mark the edge of your nose.

Choose the fine-tipped marker and use it to mark your nose’s several points. Mark the edge of the nose on the paper with a tipped marker.

Also, measure these marks you made using a ruler. Only use the millimeter measurements as this will give you the exact measurement. This will then make it easy to measure the smallest inner diameter.

With this, then you should measure several times to be sure about the size you’ve measured.

Which size of septum will you use in piercing?

Notice that the most common gauge here is about 16 gauge. Depending on several factors, the piercer will decide to use the different gauge styles to make sure it fits you right.

Some will choose the 14G, while others may also choose 18Gone, both of which are great to work with.

So no one choice will fit all of them. They work great and are in accordance with what you need.

Septum piercing gauge

Of course, the septum gauge shows you the thickness of your jewelry. You will, therefore, most likely need to know the aspect of sizing the jewels. Also, you won’t just measure the gems’ size based on the size of the hole.

It’s vital to know the gauge size if you don’t want to damage or hurt your septum piercing. Unless you want to stretch the septum piercing, using a thick gauge in a very thin piercing will hurt you.

There will be the right sizes for you, so you should go out and choose the right one for your piercing.

Portrait of a young woman with red lips septum piercing and blue necklace

The best way to go about it is to know the size of the gauge you used to pierce the septum. You may need to use the exact size here, too, for comfort.

Notice that you can also downsize the piercing size just by using a smaller jewel gauge size. If you keep using a smaller size jewel, then the piercing will start shrinking with time.

However, if you don’t remember the gauge size, ask your piercer what size of gauge they used before you even start to buy the ring.

Of course, this will also mean that you buy the right size for your piercing. You are mostly doing this because you can’t measure the gauge’s size just by using a ruler.

Alternatively, do you have another body jewel that you may have used in the past? Use a gauge card to compare the sizes.

Now, remember to use the gauge card as a guide to the measurements. Therefore, if the card graphics are accurate, you can be sure they will be real.

So do you have a micrometer at home then you can use for the measurement? Also, choose the bottom jaws which are meant for the caliper of the jewels.

So if the measurement is, for example, 1.00mm, you can wear about 18 gauge. 1.2mm, you may wear about 16G.

Can I measure the size of the diameter?

The inner diameter will guide you on how much is the right size of the jewel’s inner diameter. So then, you will measure the inner diameter in a straight and vertical line.

You will, therefore, measure the inner diameter of the jewels. Remember, unlike the nose hoop that’s round, this one is not entirely round.

In other instances, you may use the inner diameter measurements of the septum ring that fits you perfectly.

The secret is to use a ruler that has millimeter measurements. Notice, therefore, that you are using the septum measurement before you go on add the hoop in this case.

Of course, the length between your nose and your upper lip will further determine how large you want the nose ring to settle.

So the total height will also matter and determines which jewel you can settle for. In the end, you want to have the most comfortable ring to use. If you wish to even more accurate results, you can use a digital caliber.

Remember, though some of the jewel designs will take in a portion of the diameter, you should factor in the additional sizes.

Note: you must measure the septum first and find the inner diameter that fits you best. The easiest way to go about this is that you can also take the previous measurements and use them.

You will further need to know the right size to avoid having the ring hanging so low.

My septum is tight. What should I do?

It’s not right for you to have the septum jewel being so tight and constricted. It will make it hurt, so there’s no fun in wearing the jewels anyways. Always seek the service of your piercer. They will always know the right size that would work for you.

Make sure the jewel fits you right because otherwise, then it will look not right. My advice is: always take the next whole number when you measure the septum and come to an in-between size.

14G vs16G

Remember that the higher the gauge is then the thinner the barbell. So 18G has a thinner barbell than a 14Gone. So the higher the gauge, the smaller the ring. This is the one way to guide the piercers on body piercings. Different gauges are used with other parts of the body piercings.

When you’re measuring the septum ring, you can check the chart below to guide you to the right millimeter measurement of the septum ring.

For the septum, you can use either the 14 or the 16 gauge. They are both effective, depending on several factors like the length between the upper lip and nose.

Importance of knowing the septum size

Remember, this is a fragile piercing, which then requires you to pierce an exact spot. You will need to know the precise size of the piercing that would work best for you.

  • It will make the jewel sit right.

The only way you will find the right jewel and the perfect size is if you know the exact size of the septum piercing. This makes it easy to buy the right kind of treasure that will also fit you right.

  • It reduces the chances of you hurting yourself.

The septum piercing size will make it easy to ensure even when you are stretching. You don’t actually hurt yourself. Remember, the septum is much closer to the cartilage, which is also why you should know the jewel’s size to wear.

What should I consider before I get my septum piercing?

Notice that the septum piercing is not permanent, and you can do away with it whenever you need to. This is mostly true when you haven’t stretched it.

Girl in dreadlocks with septum piercing

  • The size of the jewels

The number one thing to consider when you are getting the piercing is the size. Contrary to my and other people’s belief before this, we will only fit in different sizes of septum rings. In fact, the number one factor that will determine the perfect size is the shape of your face.

Remember, the area between your nose and lips will help to identify the exact size you need for your jewels.

Basically, if you have a smaller length between the upper lips and the nose, you should only choose the smaller septum rings.

When you know the right size of jewels to buy, you will never look ridiculous.

  • Take time to research this.

Before you even go on to pierce your nose, understand more about it. When you are doing the research, therefore, you will find even the best piercer in town. Also, it makes it easy to understand more about aftercare.

By the time you finish, you should decide whether it’s worth it for you or not. If you couldn’t make the decision yet, take the time to understand it even better.

  • Will it hurt?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this question. Of course, you expect it to hurt a little because you know the needle is going through your skin. It shouldn’t be excruciating pain, though.

If you can’t stand the pain, then maybe your piercer didn’t pierce it right. Also, perhaps they bruised a vessel or some tissues.

Remember, the pain should be temporary, and it goes away soon, especially if you take good care of it.

When the needle goes through the septum, it will be painful, but then you can expect even more pain when you have to insert the jewel. It will hurt, but if you sit with the jewel through then, it will stop hurting.

  • Let’s talk about aftercare.

When you’re taking care of the piercing, you should know that this is the one thing that will make it either hurt or heal faster.

One of the hassle-free styles of piercing is the use of a saline solution. You don’t have to go out to buy the solution because you can easily make it at home.

Most of the piercers will encourage you to sea soak so you can go out to try it yourself.

  • The septum piercing is surprisingly scar-free

Although you didn’t know this, you can expect that the piercing will be scar-free. You may have minor scars, but the good thing is that generally, there are no real scars. Besides, the scars are all hidden.

  • How long will it take to heal?

This is one of the most important aspects to consider. Generally, you can expect it to heal only after 7-8 weeks. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t touch it frequently, making it hurt even more. I like that for some people; you only need four weeks to be ready.

Basically, we all have different styles and kinds of septum sizes. This is why you will need to measure your septum size to know the one that will work for you.

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