Should I Get My Nose Pierced

Piercing is the best way to accessories, and though there are many parts to pierce, nose piercing gives you an edge. They mostly look so amazing on anyone provided they accessorize well.

But nose piercing is a commitment, especially when it’s still at the healing stage. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure you will always look great with it.

If you are already asking whether you need to pierce, it means that it’s something you’re considering. So let’s break it to you.

Which type of nose piercing are you talking about?

We have a few nose piercing types, which means you can pierce the different parts of the nose and not only the nostrils. This is the one point that will make the piercing decision because even the pain levels may differ.

nose rings

So are you going for the septum, nostril, or bridge piercing? Remember, by the time you are going to the piercing studio; you will need to have made the decisions.

Which part will it be

The nostril: this lets you pierce either the left or the right side of your nostrils.

Septum: here, you’ll need to pierce your columella or the sweet spot that’s between your nostrils. The jewel then hangs closer to your upper lip.

girl with Septum Pierced

Bridge: it features an imaginary piercing where you pierce the skin on the bridge of the nose.

High nostril: this is literary the piercing you do on the high nostril parts.

Vertical nose tip: here, you will have the piercing going through the tip of the nose. The jewels go through the top and the other one under the tip.

Nasallang: this is more like an inverted triangle piercing because you have the needle going through one nostril, then the septum, and finally the other nostril.

Generally, they will take a longer time to heal than when you are piercing the ear lobe. It will take anything between 2-9 months. Also, expect the pain levels to be different.

Nose piercing is embraced.

Of all piercing styles, the nose piercing, like the ear piercing, is one of the oldest ones. People first began piercing their noses in the east. Ayurveda is part of the cultures that encourages you to pierce your left nostril for fertility. They believe that it makes women more reproductive.

Most cultures don’t find it strange that you can use the piercing for beauty. The world today is embracing all the different styles of living. It’s no wonder nose piercing is the second most loved piercing in the globe.

What should I know before I go for the piercing?

When we are talking about these piercings, there are several factors to think of. But the following are the most important.

Youll sign a consent form.

Before any professional piercer pierces your nose, ear, or any part of your body, you have to consent. Here you will fill specific forms. This is also the reason why you need to be over 18 for you to receive the piercing. You will notice that if you are 16, no one will allow you to pierce your nose.

Remember, you will even need to be 21 for you to go for that piercing alone. Otherwise, you will need the consent of your guardian.

Have you found a professional?

Take the time to search for the right piercer. Although it may cost you a lot more than street piercing, you will be safe and sure they know what they are doing. Of course, they will have a standard higher cost, but there won’t be piercings gone wrong.


By this, we mean a lot because this is also the time when you will determine whether you are the right candidate for piercing.

  • Check if you have an infection?

When you develop a bacterial infection, you can be sure it’s not fun, and as such, you should stay off piercing for some time. We say that because if you still have an infection, your immunity will go low as the cells are out fighting the condition in the other part of the body. This is why we say you should heal the infection first then pierce.

  • Are you skin sensitive?

Some of us are born with this sensitivity, and if you are allergic to any metal, you should know it at this time. Most people are allergic to nickel, which you’ll find in different metals. Surgical steel is excellent, but you can also choose the niobium and titanium metals. They will never cause a skin reaction.

So choose the right piercing, and if any metals have caused skin sensitivity before, you will need to tell your piercer.

  • Can I hide the piercing?

It all depends on the part where you intend to pierce. If you are going for the nostril, for example, it’s usually small. This means that you can remove the jewel and go by without no one knowing you have a piercing.

If you have a septum piercing, then you can flip the jewel on the inside. But if you will have a bridge piercing or Nasallang, it’s had to conceal the piercings.

  • For those who scar a lot

Some of us deal with many scars, and if this is you, then maybe you shouldn’t try to pierce your nose. However, you can go for those with hidden parts like the septum one. Avoid nose piercing if you develop keloids often.

  • Give it time to heal.

Aftercare is necessary for healing, but so is the time essential. It would help if you were willing to give your piercing the time it needs to heal.

Will the nose piercings hurt?

This is one of the most common questions that make people back off. But when you think of it, the piercing will hurt just once, and then the hole remains for you to use forever.

If you are one of those who experiences just a familiar pain, you should expect more and more than that.

Get this; you shouldn’t compare it to the ear-piercing because they aren’t the same. The piercing is quick, and you can expect to feel like someone’s pushing a bar through your nose. Nonetheless, it’s going to be a little painful because the needle goes through the cartilage.

Lets talk about aftercare.

Of course, this is where you have all the work. If you don’t focus here, you can be sure your piercing will not heal any time soon.

  • Keep the piercing clean.

If you aren’t going to bother about cleaning other body piercings, remember you must do it here. The saline solution¬†will make cleaning easy. Always remember to work in a clean environment.

You should do the cleaning both in the morning and evening, mainly on the piercing’s early days.

You can decide to buy the solution or make it using sea salt and water. The piercing will soon heal. Don’t use other harsh chemicals on the piercing to be on the safe side.

  • Please don’t touch it.

You should avoid touching the piercing every time. When you touch it, you keep transferring bacteria on the piercing. Also, you may interfere with the healing process.

This is not even the time to change the jewels. Give it about two months to fully heal before you can start to use other jewels. The only time you are allowed to touch the piercing is during the cleaning.

I have an infected nose, how do I go about it?

Something about piercings is that sometimes you will develop the infection. Of course, there’s no cause of alarm, especially when it’s not so bad or septic.

You should know the signs of infection, including swelling, redness, and sometimes pain. The first way to solve this issue is by using the saline solution. Notice that if you find that it’s severely infected, then you can use the saline solution.

If it, however, gets worse, you can use antibiotics that will kill the germs. It will also mean the infections won’t spread everywhere.

Remember, you should wear makeup on your piercing either as that will contaminate everything for you. Be gentle and give the nose some time to heal fully.

I also developed a bump. What will happen?

Some people will develop these bumps from the piercing. It will mostly occur when you catch it on things, and then the tissues are disrupted. Here the bumpy lump then appears. Also, the bump will never go off for weeks and longer.

You don’t have to worry too much about it because it will go away after some time, though. There’s no definite time as to when it will disappear, but it does go with time.

I love nose rings. Can I get my nose pierced with a ring?

The best thing to do is to pierce with a stud first and then wait for the piercing to heal before you wear the ring. It may not take long for some people just because of their unique skin structure. The best advice we can give is for you to wait until the piercing is healed before you change the jewels.

Heres the guide to choosing the nose piercing

With this guide, we will show you what you expect with the piercing. So when you are finally ready to make the decision, set the trip aside first and think through the following.

  • What’s your career?

What work do you do, and are they open to piercing? Before you finally say yes to the piercing, think through your profession, and if they are okay with the piercing, you are taking.

Of course, for most organizations, it depends on the part of the nose you are piercing. Today, most companies are welcoming nostril piercing, which is also the most common.

  • Consult with other people that have had their noses pierced

You will always have some people in your surrounding that made you want to get that piercing. Ask them all the questions that regard their piercing. When you talk to others, you will feel more confident in making the decision.

  • Avoid listening to myths.

First of all, there will always be myths that regard piercing. Some people will tell you that when you move the jewel around, the piercing will heal faster, but this is never really the case. It will make the dirt go into the piercing.

Others will tell you that it’s too painful to work with but don’t listen as that will scare you away.

  • You will go under the needle.

Of course, you have to prepare that you will go under the needle. When you are prepping for the piercing, you should check the shop to see whether it’s nicely sterilized. If it’s clean, then that shows you that it will be safe to pierce.

For those who are needle phobic, then you should prep for a little pain.

  • Remember to clean the nose properly.

This is a crucial aspect when caring for the nose. You should therefore have the saline solution with you to care for it after the piercing.

  • Remember to look out for infections.

When caring for the nose, then you have to observe the cleanliness. Of course, the cleaning process will look gross, but it’s necessary. If you maintain cleanliness while observing for changes, you’ll stop the infections way before it starts.

Don’t worry, though, the occurrence of the infection is almost always rare. The conditions can be as a result of touching it and contamination or metal contamination. The piercer will ever advise you on the precautions to take.

  • Be ready for the unexpected.

I’m always one of those who believe in prepping for the different adversities that may occur. Since it’s a piercing, you can expect anything to occur. In case you suddenly react to the piercing, you may want just to let the piercing go.

So, should I get my nose piercing?

I first saw my sister having pierced her nose, and I have to say it’s such a chic look. Luckily, by the time I was going for mine, I was sure I wanted it, and no one could talk me out.

So if you meet the requirements, then it’s okay to get the piercing.

Notice that the aftercare of the nose piercing is essential to making sure you heal the nose correctly. But don’t worry, I know how nerve-wracking the whole process of piercing can be. Think of the end goal, though, and that will give you that push to go on with the piercing.

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