Silver Plated Jewelry – Is Silver Plated Jewelry Good

Silver-plated jewelry isn’t new in the market. It delivers the perfect appearance, the shine, the durability, and all at an affordable cost.

So silver plating is the method of depositing a thin layer of silver over other base metals in jewelry.

The plating method is the best jewelry style when you want to wear expensive looking jewelry but on a budget.

What does silver plated mean?

Silver Plated Bracelet 1

This is the thin silver layer that you will generally coat over a base metal. The base metals can be anything from copper, brass, silver, aluminum, and just metal.

This layer will make the jewel appear like a silver jewel and not the base metal one.

So then you silver plating is the process where you deposit a thin layer of silver on the metal. Of course, this then will enhance its look while giving it the perfect shine.

Notice that the coating has the microns’ thickness. Its thickness will range from 1-40microns and 1-20microns, and the range of thickness is at 2 microns.

The plated silver jewelry is not solid silver; it doesn’t always contain a lot of silver. It has a mix of other metals combined in the silver. Sometimes though, they may decide to use sterling silver to plate the base metals.

Since it features just a thin layer of silver, it’s understandable that it’s often cheaper than any other silver style jewels.

This is further to say that the plated silver will sometimes cause allergies as it contains large quantities of nickel.

Why do people like the silver-plated jewels

  • A great luster

There’s the perfect choice to achieve the silver-like shine and color, thus an ideal luster to compliment your clothing. People like it for the two features, the color, and the brightness.

However, if you are on a budget but you still want to wear the jewels that look expensive, maybe you should use the plating method for your jewels.

Silver plating will give you the same shine and luster that the regular solid silver does. The only difference is that you have it as a layer over other base metals.

  • It’s cheaper

Most of the precious metals will cost you a lot more. Sometimes the beautiful looking jewel will cost thousands of dollars. When you choose to use the silver plating, then you will attain the same look at a lower price.

  • They are versatile

You can make different kinds of jewels with the silver-plated jewels. Whether you need earrings, necklaces, or even bracelets and anklets doesn’t matter; you can have it with the silver plating. You can easily use the method to make the perfect jewel.

  • They will fit any occasion.

If you choose the stylish looking one, you can be sure they will serve you for different occasions like weddings, dinner parties, and many more events.

  • They are readily accessible.

Contrary to the real precious metals, silver-plated jewels are readily accessible just because they are cheap. You can find them almost in every other jewelry shop. And this then makes it readily available.

Can you tell the difference?

Unless you are in the jewelry field, you may not quickly tell the difference between the solid silver and the plated ones. Now the easiest way to know the difference is by checking the stamp mark.

Real sterling silver jewelry will have the 925 marks somewhere, but the plated one doesn’t have the mark.

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Also, check them clearly, and you will notice that one of the silvers is lighter. The lighter one, therefore, is the plated silver, not the sterling silver or Argentum silver.

Is silver plated jewels great type silvers?

We all like to look stylish, and that’s why we mostly prefer to wear expensive jewels. But when you’re on a budget, you can use plated silver to attain the same level of beauty.

Would you instead look stylish with the different kinds of silver?

Silver Plated ring2

Sometimes you don’t have enough money to use when buying silver jewels; therefore, you can use silver-plated jewels.

Depending on the silver thickness, we can either say that the silver plating jewel is great or not. The thicker the silver plating layer, the better.

Therefore, the plated jewels are of excellent quality, especially if you will use it for just a few days.

They give you the perfect looking jewels at a cheaper rate. If you are, however, looking for jewels that will last even longer, choose sterling silver.

Silver-plated ones, though, you will need to re-plating from time to time.

Some jewelers will position the stainless steel as though it’s sterling silver. It’s much easier if you know how to identify the sterling silver from other metals. Use a magnet, and if you notice that it’s responsive, then it’s not silver. Instead, it may be a stainless steel plating.

Is gold plated sterling silver worth anything?

For anyone who likes to go buying jewels, you will go purchasing the gold and silver plated jewels from time to time.

The truth is that they are cheaper than gold-filled or natural precious metals ones. They look more like authentic gold or silver jewels.

Of course, the durability depends more on the quality of the based metals beneath, and such will either cause a fast breakdown or not. Therefore, it will mean that the jewels will last longer if you choose the best base material. It will cause the wearing off of the plating to be fast or slow.

So, of course, it’s worth your investments, especially if you choose jewels to use temporarily. Just remember it’s affordable, just like the costume jewels are.

Does silver plated jewelry tarnish?

I know this is a common question people ask when buying any jewel. As for silver jewels, it’s just almost always that it goes on to tarnish. The plated jewels aren’t any different; they will tarnish too.

Remember, the plated silver contains even more nickel and copper, which means that it will tarnish.

So the tarnishing mostly occurs when you have the metal beneath pops out.  This is bound to happen when all you have is a plated silver. Over time it will always peel off and release the metals under.

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How to keep silver plated jewelry from tarnishing?

There’s not much you can do when it comes to silver plated jewels. You will prevent it from tarnishing, though, by doing just a few things.

  • Remember to keep it dry.

The humid temperature, especially for silver alloys, is the cause of the tarnishing problems. When you put on the lotions, wash your hands, and use perfumes over your jewels, tarnishing is inevitable.

If you want to keep it safe, you can put it aside anytime you want to go into the water, and the times you are going to exercise. Sweat and water will often cause damages to your jewels.

So when you remove them every time you had it on, use a safe sterling silver cloth to wipe out the dirt, sweat, and creams. Be gentle since the silver plate layer can peel off.

  • Your storage matters

Silver is an excellent precious metal, but it’s also such a delicate one, especially when it has the plating layer. This then means that you will have to keep them in a cool and dry environment. So once you clean them, you can store them in a soft velvet bag. Make sure, though, that its zip locked.

Ensure you get rid of as much air as you can. You don’t want to create room for exposure to the air.

  • Please don’t wear them all the time.

You will need to put it down sometimes because if you wear it all the time, you will soon damage it. You can keep it safe when you are not wearing it. This means you don’t have to damage it any time.

  • Could you clean it?

You will need to keep the jewels clean because the watermarks and dirt marks will cause the jewel to tarnish with time. Other times, it will start to change its color, making it lose its authentic luster and shine.

Some tips to prevent jewelry from tarnishing, watch the video below.

Does silver plate jewelry rust?

The silver coating will, at some point, start to peel off or wash off. When the peeling occurs, then the base metals will show, leading to rusting and corrosion. Regardless it’s always possible that the rusting appears since the silver plating features a mix of different metals.

Of course, you will subject the jewel to different chemicals from time to time, which then causes the rust. In most cases, it will react with the air, and that then causes the tarnishing. You must be careful when cleaning the jewels to make sure you don’t peel off the jewel coatings.

How to care for your silver-plated jewels

When considering the care of your silver plated jewels, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are delicate.

  • Don’t wet the jewel

The one thing that will damage the jewel is the wetting. So if you are going into a swimming pool, shower, or cleaning with the jewel, you can be sure it will damage it. Silver will mostly have other elements like copper that react with water and the air.

This then means that you shouldn’t spray your jewels, use lotions or other deodorants. Don’t even allow the sweat to go onto the jewels.

  • Storage

The way you store the matter of the jewels. In this case, you need to keep as much air as you can out. It’s the reason why you should place them in the soft and velvety cloth. You can then set then in the zip loc bag and only open it when you want to use it.

Also, remember to keep a single jewel in a single zip loc bag. If you put the different jewels together, you will cause tangling, scratching, or denting. You aim to make sure the treasures never scratch or peel off.

  • Remove them when you are going to sleep.

If you had worn them, you should remove it when going to sleep or for a nap. Remember, the plating is a thin layer that will come off from a superficial scratching or rubbing.

This will then make it easy to avoid contact with your bare skin, especially when you are sweating.

  • Cleaning the jewel

You will need to clean the jewel often if you want to sustain it. Every after use makes sure you clean it before storage. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt. You can also use the soft cloth to polish it, thus making it look as good as new.

How to clean it

Unfortunately, it’s when cleaning that you may sometimes peel the layer of plating off. The worst part is that you can’t evade the cleaning option as that will mean it deteriorates again.

  • Light clean the jewel

When you have realized it’s starting to tarnish, you can gently use the sterling silver cloth to polish its surfaces. This polishing will work even if you used another method of cleaning. It will deliver the perfect shine.

It would help if you were very gentle to make sure you don’t peel it off or scratch it.

  • Clean with water and soap

In most cases, you need the mild, gentle soap detergent. So take the warm water and then add a few drops of soap.

Submerge the jewels to loosen the dirt. Let it soak for a few minutes before you start to work on it. You can use the soft bristle brush to clean the crevices and get rid of all the dirt.

Go on to rinse the jewel with warm water and then finish off by wiping it using the lint-free cloth. Also, dry it right before you store it again as the watermarks will cause more dirt.

When its tarnished use the method below

Use aluminum foil baking soda and salt for cleaning

When you have the tough stains developed, you can use the ingredients above.

Line the can with aluminum foil first.

Place your jewel in the can and then add a tablespoon or two of the baking soda.

Add the hot water to the baking soda to sizzle and help it loosen the dirt. You will notice that the black and the yellow spots release, living your jewels spotlessly clean.

Next, rinse it and then dry it with the perfect cloth.

Now to you

You now know everything, especially that you can take care of it. If you want the silver-plated jewels, therefore you can go to amazon for the different choices.

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