Stainless Steel Jewelry Care – A complete Guide

The secret to having any jewel lasting longer is in taking good care of it. Notice, though, that stainless steel is one of the most accessible types of jewels to take care of.

Stainless steel never fades, corrodes, or even rusts regardless of the environment you put it in. Still, you will have to follow the steps below to enhance its service to you.

But first,

Whats stainless steel jewel made of

When you know what the stainless steel jewels are made using, you will know how to clean it. Generally, stainless steel contains steel and chromium with a level of nickel in it.

stainless steel jewelry 1

With this, you are sure it’s not going to tarnish, corrode, or even rust.

Furthermore, it won’t lose its luster and shine unless, of course, you get it scratched, and it’s starting to peel off. Mostly the chromium will create a layer that then prevents it from rusting.

Which stainless steel type is the jewel

Notice that there are different types of stainless steel jewels. The best grade type, however, will never corrode, tarnish, or rust. But if you buy the poor quality ones, you can be sure you will be struggling with the tarnishing over a long time.

If you have sensitive skin, you should always go for medical-grade stainless steel. This will make sure you never develop a sensitive skin style.

High quality 430, 316, 316L

It’s one of the most accessible and great quality styles of stainless steel. So when you are out there buying stainless steel, you should know the type you are buying.

It contains between 2-3% Molybdenum, which will often help in the harsher conditions’ resistance.

You also want to know the meaning of the L at the end of 316, and it means that it has low carbon than the one that’s just 316. Both of the metals are great, though, and they contain minimal to no nickel.

They will never corrode rust, or fade, which also makes their cleaning very easy.

430 is another high-valued stainless steel that contains minimal to no nickel. This is the primary reason why people see it as a valuable option for the jewel.

Surgical steel

This is the type that you can use in surgeries or body implants. It’s medical-grade stainless steel.

It must be the safest choice with no nickel or lower amounts. It’s the highest quality of stainless steel with all the perfect elements to make it workable.

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There are times when you can use this type of stainless steel jewel just because it’s still a great quality type of jewel. This is one of the most popular options as it’s used even in kitchen cookware. Still, it contains all the safety elements. They have chromium, steel, and nickel in different quantities.

However, if you will take the lower quality options, you can be sure it’s not a good idea as they may not be real stainless steel.

Cleaning the stainless steel

Stainless steel jewelry happens to be one of the easiest ones to clean. You won’t have to think so much about what to use just because you can use simple cleaning methods.

In such cases, you only need to clean it with water and soap. Always make sure, though, that you use mild soaps.

Soap and water

The easiest method to clean it is when you use soap and water.

Start by putting some warm water in a sizable bowl.

Add in the drops of mild and gentle dishwasher soap. Next, place your stainless steel jewelry in the mixture to soak for about 10-15 minutes.

It would help if you also were having a soft cloth to help you get rid of the dirt that may have stuck. Also, this soft cloth will help you to polish its surfaces. Remember that when you are gently rubbing its surfaces, it’s better to follow the polishing lines.

You can then place it in another bowl with warm water to rinse it or rinse it under the running water. This will make sure you get rid of all the soap. Once you are through, you can give it one final polish with a soft and dry cloth. You aim to make sure it dries upright and also develop the mirror finish.

You may use other cleaning methods, like the vinegar method, the baking soda method, and many more. Check out the how-to-clean stainless steel guide for more ideas on cleaning.

Check out the video below to see more.

How to polish it

Although the stainless steel will never lose its mirror-like finish, you may hide it with the presence of sweat and oils. Therefore, it’s essential to keep it polished if you want it to maintain the same look.

You can even go on to polish it once in a while or in between cleaning. Notice that it doesn’t take time, so you can polish it right before you go to bed. It’s the easiest way to get rid of body oils and sweat, thus keeping it shiny and clean.

The first thing to do is buy or get your polishing clothes.

Gently wipe its parts as you follow the grains making sure you are gentle not to scratch. You will, however, like that it’s scratch-resistant and can stand different conditions.

Every once in a while, you can take the jewel to your jewelry to give it a professional polish, though. This is especially essential if you have those expensive jewels.

Alternative two

Use baking soda paste for the process.

This will make it easy to clean your jewels, but it will also polish the surfaces, remember. So you can use baking soda for safe polishing. This one will always remove stains and the mild smell too. It’s an excellent cleaner for those times when the jewel is very dirty.

Remember, it’s quite aggressive, so it will create the perfect polishing surface.

Create a paste by taking one part of the baking soda and ½ teaspoon of water. You can then form that paste and use the brush to apply the paste to the jewels. This toothbrush will help clean the crevices, ensuring you get rid of all the dirt and oils.

Now rinse the jewels with warm water to remove all of the paste. Take your time on this step, though, to make sure you clean it correctly. This is the perfect solution to clean any jewel, but it will not give you the perfect polish.

So take a soft cloth and then add a few drops of olive oil and then start to polish its surfaces gently. Make sure you gently rub all the jewel parts if you want it to develop the right sparkle.

Will the stainless steel jewel tarnish?

One of the reasons why people choose it over any other jewels is that it never tarnishes. It doesn’t matter whether you set it in a humid environment or go to the shower with it; it will never tarnish.

This jewel contains no elements that will cause tarnishing. With nickel, steel, and chromium, you can be sure it won’t tarnish ever.

This shows you that you are lucky because you won’t be dealing with such issues as tarnishing and change of color.


Another important aspect is how you store any jewel. Although it’s scratch resistant and never rusting, you should keep it separately to avoid scratching.

Also, have safe places where you can organize your jewels. No one wants to see jewels scattered all over and forming clutter.

Always keep the jewels dry before you finally store them wherever you have secluded them. Ensure you wipe out all the sweat or water to ensure it’s all dry.

Remember, you don’t want to lose or have it start scratching, which is why you ought to have a soft cloth that you will use to wipe it.

Always make sure you keep the jewel in a place that has less to no humidity. This will also make sure it’s safe even though it’s never affected by the outside temperature. Remember to keep the jewels safe in a dry place.

Is the stainless steel affected by water?

It all depends on the water we are talking about here. Any jewelry can get damaged if you don’t care for it properly.

Although you can have it safe if you remember to dry out immediately, other water types aren’t so safe for your jewel. Check below to know.

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Shower water

If you are going to shower and have a stainless steel jewel on, you will not have to think through it as it’s never affected. Nonetheless, when you are drying yourself after a shower, you should also dry the jewel. Remember to keep the jewel safe too so that you don’t lose it in the drains.

For swimming

Where are you going to swim? If you are going to swim in the pool, you should know that a typical pool must be chlorinated. Do you know what that then means? Bad for your jewels. It doesn’t matter the metal you are using; it’s just not great.

Before you get in the pool, therefore, remove the jewel first. However, if you forget to clean it with a mild soap right after you are out of the pool.

In the ocean

I know people like to go into the ocean for a swim, and that’s great, but not with your jewels. If you use your jewels in the ocean, you are making room for the tarnishing possibility.

So please don’t do it. Ocean water is full of salts, and those react badly with your jewels.  The first thing to therefore do before you go swimming is to remove the jewel.

Tips to use in caring for stainless steel.

When you want the jewel to serve you over a long time, you will need to remember the following. Although your stainless steel jewelry is a high-quality choice, you need to care for it and remember the tips below.

Put the jewel on last and take it off first.

It doesn’t matter the material you have of jewel make it a habit to put on the jewel as the very last after you make up. This option is going to give you an overall finished look.

Depending on the material of the jewel, sometimes the perfumes and make-up tend to damage your jewels. This is why we are supposed to put it on as the very last choice.

When you are back home, the first thing anyone ever wants to do is to remove their day wear, and you should. Before you, however, start to remove the clothes, remove your jewels first. Again this is to make sure your jewels are safe.

No harsh chemicals

Although it’s the best quality stainless steel, you don’t want what to subject it to harsh conditions expecting it to stand it all. For example, if you use bleach and chlorine, you can be sure it will pit the stainless steel jewelry. This is why when you are cleaning or doing your household care routine; you shouldn’t have the jewel on.

Even when you’re going to clean them too, remember only to use the mild soaps.

Always store them separately.

If you have precious jewels but don’t have a place to store them, then buy one. You will need to keep them separately to avoid tangling and scratching. Get the types that let you hang the jewel or store them in the jewelry boxes.

Never go to bed with the jewel on

Learn to get the jewel off as you go to bed. It’s much safer for you but also for the jewel. If you have ever slept in your jewel before, it’s okay but remembers it’s not right for you.

You can cause tangling if it’s very long, bending of the chain, scratching as you rub it on the surface of the bed.

You further don’t want to bend it, thus losing a gemstone. Remove it first.

Polish it

Even if you are not going to clean it today, make it a habit to polish the jewel. With this, you will make sure you get rid of the body oils and sweat, thus maintaining the shine. The material you then use to polish matters. Don’t choose the one that will cause scratching.

Meanwhile, make it a habit to deep cleanse it at least once in two weeks if you especially wear it daily.

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