Top 17 Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturers

Are you looking for the best stainless steel jewelry manufacturers? Notice that the whole search for a good manufacturer can be daunting. There are thousands of jewel manufacturers around the globe so selecting the right one is not as easy.

This is why this article will guide you to the right choice, but for the stainless steel jewelry manufacturers. You see, many manufacturers, and when you know the particular one you want, it’s easier.

  1. YIBI jewelry
  2. Monera Jewelry design
  3. Marlary design and quality
  4. Atlanta Jewelry supply
  5. Mass Jewelry
  6. Direct silver factory
  7. BMD trading inc
  8. Silvercity LA
  9. MKM
  10. Bailey Sheffield
  11. Gecko
  12. A2A jewelry
  13. Happy metals jewelry
  14. Winda jewelry
  15. HULPF
  16. SOQ jewel
  17. Dinor


1. YIBI jewelry

YIBI jewelry

When you are looking for the best jewels and watches, you can source them from this site. This is because they only sell the best jewels. YIBI is all about authenticity since they have tremendous experience in international watches and other jewels.

It further stands out for producing the jewels using its own steel jewel manufacturing company.

Therefore, when you are talking of stainless steel, it’s important to mention that they are the best in the game; no wonder. They create unique designs of the jewels so you can visit their site to check them.


2. Monera jewelry designs

Monera jewelry designs

Whether you want the stainless steel wholesale or to find the manufacturers, you can get them through Monera. They pride themselves on being the best producers of the best-looking jewels at a cheaper rate.

It doesn’t matter the kind of jewel you need, you will find them here, and you will never have a problem with the jewel since they are made using the safest medical grade stainless steel metals.

This company was founded in 2011 in Thailand. And it allows for creativity such that you will find unique jewelry pieces that you don’t see every day in other shops.

If you only want to get the very best jewelry makers, you should go to this site. With the right sales team and jewel manufacturers, you can be sure to find the best options. Their jewels are all made to give you a high-quality finish.

This is a ‘made to order’ jewel company that’s also driven by the customer’s needs. They will be of service to your business since they are even willing to customize the jewels if you need to. Expect perfect service and unique designs from this brand.


3. Marlary design and quality

Marlary design and quality

You have a complete manufacturer who is a specialist in different jewel designs, but the one type you can never go wrong with is the stainless steel ones. You will find all the different unique styles of jewels if you want.

They only have the highest quality jewels on this site. But the best part is that they custom-make the stainless steel types of the jewel, you know.

They like to hand-make the jewel, so you will find all the unique designs. Such options may include different pendants, cufflinks, and just about any choice of your dream. It doesn’t matter how you want your jewel to look; they will always make one work for you.


4. Atlanta jewelry supply

Atlanta jewelry supply

Here you have one of the best manufacturers to consider, especially if you want the jewels wholesale. They further offer you the best deals for necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and just about any jewels you think of.

They stand out for selling you customized options of jewels. They won’t just present any jewel; rather, they find the ones you ask for and deliver them. I love their charm necklaces as well as engraved ones. You can never go wrong with such.

They have different pendants that are made using stainless steel. Also, such choices come in different unique shapes.

Since they have a wide array of jewel options, you can be sure you will find several options you are looking for. They know you want to deliver the best to your clients, and that’s what they also give to you.


5. Mass jewelry

Mass jewelry

This is one of the professional and well-known manufacturers. They now have an R&D professional designer.

The jewels here are made using safe stainless steel that’s also free of nickel and lead. Notice that they have years of experience, making it easy for them to make the best jewels.

Since they have their factory, you can be sure you will only receive the best jewels from this brand. Notice that they don’t only make stainless steel jewels; you can find many other types.


6. Direct silver factory

Direct silver factory

This is a manufacturing site you don’t want to forget. They stand out across the globe for manufacturing some of the best stainless steel jewels. In fact, you will get some of the best jewels in the country from this site.

They will make wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many more. They are the best at producing wholesale stainless steel watches, among other precuts. The one thing you’re sure of is the high-quality jewels.

They have the best jewelers to do the work for them. So they will customize the different jewels to make sure they match your needs.

This site makes your work more comfortable because they act as a direct wholesaler, importer, and manufacturer.

If you at any time want to customize them too, you can make them easily. Here you will always get the best and the proper communication.


7. BMD trading inc

BMD trading inc

They specialize in the different styles and types of jewels, and that includes stainless steel. Here you have a jewelry manufacturer with its headquarters being in New York.

It brings together some of the best designers, manufacturers but also distributors. They will therefore sell the goods wholesale to you.

You can get some of the best 14k gold sterling silver or titanium jewels. They are always aiming at proving some of the best jewels to their broad range of clients.

They are successful at selling the best jewels. They always sell the best and high-quality standards of jewels. You will, therefore, always find the right jewels for you.


8. Silvercity LA

Silvercity LA

This is the leading manufacturer of the jewels, but they also supply and import them. So they will supply the jewels in wholesale or bulk selling, making it easy to sell them at a reasonable rate. When you are looking for the different jewels’ styles, you can find them from this site.

So aside from stainless steel, they also sell sterling silver, tungsten, titanium, and more jewels.


9. MKM

MKM jewelry

If you are an independent business, you will find this manufacturing business to be of service. They do manufacture all the different kinds of jewels and supply them across the globe. It’s further located in LA.

This brand has advanced technology, and they will go above and beyond to deliver the best stainless steel jewels on time.

Now don’t worry if you don’t want the jewels on a large scale because they will still manufacture the best ones for you.

Their jewels will look perfect for your store, and you can also find them when you visit this site.


Stainless steel jewel manufacturers in the UK

10. Bailey Sheffield

Bailey Sheffield

This brand manufactures the best stainless steel jewels and the most durable ones that will last for a lifetime. They take the time to curve pieces that can also stand the test of time.

They further make the piece so personal. They, therefore, make sure the jewel they sell to you is speaking directly to you too.

They use the customizable 316L stainless steel jewel that comes in several colors and styles. It brings together some of the most experienced jewelers to create the best jewels.

This company is about the people that make the jewels as that means they will always produce just the best.

They have innovative designers, craftspeople that will create some of the very best. So you will have unique durable, and best-looking jewels from this site.


11. Gecko


This site’s solid focus is to deliver some of the best jewels to the retailers speedily and efficiently. You will never have a problem with communication as they have the best customer service.

They have the best technology to make it easy to handle the different aspects of the jewel. But they bring together some of the best designers that are mostly the best in the jewelry industry. They will further make sure they incorporate fresh ideas for jewelry.

The company is more successful because they research constantly and are always producing just the best jewels. They will always produce new, reputable, exciting, but also affordable jewels.

Notice that they focus on producing many jewel metals and not just stainless steel. So you will get the one you like if you search right.


In China

Fortunately, most of the manufacturing brands have moved to China. This means you will find some of the best manufacturers here.

12. A2A jewelry

A2A jewelry

The trendy manufacturing site is here to deliver some of the very best choices of stainless steel jewels. Although the traditional manufacturing process is threatened, you can be sure you will find the right jewels for your store here.

This is the world’s number one stainless steel jewel producer. They have found ways to produce just the best jewels even though it’s not with precious metals. If you want a unique, innovative, and stylish jewel, you should visit this site.

Located in Guangdong, China, this company has all the metals you may need for manufacturing. They have raised their stands, making sure they stand out with the most unique-looking jewels.


13. Happy metals jewelry

Happy metals jewelry

When you are going to talk about the stainless steel jewels, we have to mention the happy metals. This brand opened its doors back in 2001. Notice that they manufacture the different kinds and styles of stainless steel jewels

This brand has luckily seen massive improvements in its quality; you can only get the best here. They show you how to go about buying the jewels with them, so be ready.

When you want unique options that you don’t need to pay a lot for, you can comfortably choose to buy from this site.


14. Winda jewelry

Winda jewelry

When you have or want to sell stainless steel jewels, you should only choose them from winda. Having been in business for more than ten years in their factory, they make the best jewels. They have worked with over 20000 great designers.

The company knows that stainless steel jewels are more popular for a reason. They are of excellent quality, yet they don’t even fade, and they are cheap.

If you really want even to visit the factory, then you can go to Guangzhou. You will find all kinds of products, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

They stand at an edge over their competitors because they only sell the best quality jewels. It further stands out for maintaining a good rapport with its clients. They make sure you will benefit from making all the great jewels.




This company focuses on making some of the best stainless steel jewels, and they have been doing so for ages on end. Although it was founded in German, and you know how they focus on making some of the best things, it soon transferred to China.

Since 2010 this company has had a definite aim to make some of the best stainless steel jewels. Their focus is to create the perfect working environment. They encourage creative designs to make sure they come up with great jewel options.

Notice that although this company is not going to be the cheapest choice, you can be sure they sell the best quality pieces. This site is ideal for anyone looking for a perfectly designed one. You can have the perfect stainless steel necklace, bracelets, anklets, rings, and more.

They aim at producing all the best-looking jewels while becoming the best company for stainless steel jewels.


16. SOQ jewel

SOQ jewel

This is a perfect brand that was first founded in 2012. It focuses on jewel shopping, marketing, and selling online. The brand is a wholesale but also a manufacturing brand. They have a factory located in Zhejiang.

The brand is focused on producing high-quality, unique jewels. They are also going to bring you competitive prices. If you want the latest and the trendiest of designs, then here you have it.

This company focuses on and works with the most significant jewelry companies. In fact, the market is European and American brands too.

They have a stainless steel branch called the YIWU SOQ jewelry factory. But remember, they mostly specialize in selling 316L jewels—everything about manufacturing and export.


17. Dinor


They have a fashion jewelry production company in Dinor. However, they also sell jewels wholesale. They sell 316 stainless steel jewels of different types and styles.

The company also sells stainless steel rings, bracelets, earrings, bangles, pendants, anklets, and more. You will have several 316 jewels that are not only stylish but also safe and affordable. This is a trusted brand; that’s why it’s popular among retailers. This is an eCommerce site that has its base in China.


But why invest in the stainless steel business?

This question arises because most people think that stainless steel was only meant for cookware and automobile services. Recent years have seen a rise in the use of stainless steel to make some very unique jewels.

Aside from the other precious metals like gold, people are buying stainless steel a lot more these days. The secret is to know the kind of stainless steel to sell for the people, and you will have business with them at all times. Always buy medical-grade stainless steel to be on the safe side.

Stainless steel is generally safe to use, and thus starting a business in this sector will mean you will be successful.

Things to consider when looking for a stainless steel manufacturer

Research and research again.

I have found research to be necessary when you are looking for different business activities. So while you need to consider the price, it’s a second factor to consider. It’s during the research that you will know the right manufacturers to use.

Check their reputations and reviews before you finally settle on the jewels. Also, check to see the kinds of stainless steel metals they use.

The price

Notice that you can find the best brand that will supply the best-priced jewel. Check out to confirm that you can make a significant profit margin when you use them. Also confirm that they give discounts and the lower the price sometimes, the better.

Don’t only trust the companies from the USA.

Marketing has made us all believe that the only brand you can get good jewels from is in the US. Well, this is not true because there are other manufacturing companies outside of this country. The trick is to know where to buy the jewels from.

So now you have all the stainless steel jewelry manufacturers and thus you can go anywhere to find the right jewels for your site.

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