Stainless Steel Jewelry Pros And Cons

Why would I use stainless steel jewelry when I can get other metals like sterling silver? (Check out the guide Stainless Steel Vs Sterling Silver)What makes it stand out?

There are thousands of questions going through your mind when you are going to buy the jewels.

You will know why people like stainless steel jewels so much when you get the pros and cons.

We have many people who swear by stainless steel jewelry. They don’t use any other types of jewels and all because of its features. So we are here to understand why people like it so much.

But first,

What are stainless steel jewels

First, stainless steel is a type of metal that’s very versatile, and it’s used to create cookware, automobile parts, and jewels, among other things. So here, we are referring to the treasures that are made using this alloy.

Stainless steel chain

The stainless steel alloy has a mix of chromium, iron, nickel, and titanium. But it looks so much like silver, which is why most people have embraced its use in jewels today.

Stainless steel looks elegant, shiny, and more like a precious metal, but you can have it at an affordable rate. The mix of different metals means it has all the positive features.

Notice that this metal doesn’t tarnish corrode or rust. Don’t also forget that it’s durable yet easy to care for.

The stainless steel will never lose its luster and shine.

Heres why we like the stainless steel jewels – the pros

  • Durability

One thing that will make you have return clients is if the metal you use on the jewels is for sure durable. Well, the stainless steel, if kept under excellent conditions, will last for generations.

It features a strong material-titanium as part of the alloy metals. This strength makes it scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and tarnish-resistant. That’s why you will have it serve you for a long time.

Stainless steel necklace with cross

It’s the kind of jewelry you can use even if you are in a hardship environment. It will serve you daily without deteriorating its value even if your life includes manual labor.

Notice that, unlike other soft metals that you can’t use in some conditions, these are very hard and safe.

  • It’s budget-friendly

Who said you can’t get a unique-looking jewel when money is a problem for you? Stainless steel jewels are perfect, giving you the same features as the silver pieces and at an affordable price.

You can get a jewel looking the same as the counter sterling silver, gold, or platinum pieces. But the cost of the stainless steel jewels will be very affordable. Remember, the stainless steel looks like a high luster piece with just the perfect shine.

If you are going for the looks, then you will have scored in buying the stainless steel at a cheaper rate. Notice that it has all the great qualities that include the fact that it doesn’t corrode, tarnish, or scratch quickly.

  • The appearance

Don’t be misled by the cost. The stainless steel jewels look just as good as the silver pieces. Besides, it can stand out even if you are talking about say platinum. You will enjoy the luster, shine, and take it over the most expensive white metal.

Notice that they enjoy a wide range of finishes even though it’s one of the hardest metals we have. Since it looks so much like silver, it has gained a significant following today.

  • They are adaptable and versatile.

Anyone using jewels would like to buy the ones they can use with all the different clothing and different occasions.

Thankfully stainless steel jewels will match your various circumstances. Do you want formal or casual?  You can use these pieces at all times.

Notice that it will pass for a costly metal, and still, it looks great with your dress up or dress down. This gives you different options to try.

  • Low maintenance

The one thing that makes any jewel attractive is when it’s easy to maintain. Well, the pieces here are effortless to maintain. Its tarnish, corrosion, and rust-resistant, which makes it easy to work with.

They are famous for being very durable pieces, which is why most people use them for rings. It doesn’t matter if you will wear it often; you will not scratch, dent, or damage it.

Notice that the stainless steel metal doesn’t need rhodium plating to protect them because it’s already hard enough. You may not need to plate it since it’s durable, and the chromium layer even prevents corroding.

  • It’s lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Although it’s strong, it’s not as weighty as some metals are. This means that you can use the jewels throughout the day and still feel much more comfortable. I know you would expect it to be heavy, but it’s not heavy.

Notice that the stainless steel is hypoallergenic. I know you are thinking, how is that even possible when it has nickel? Well, nickel is fixed within the alloy, and it doesn’t go out to react with your skin.

Besides, stainless steel has a layer of chromium that prevents any metal from sipping out.

The nickel is just part of the alloy that won’t react. You can use the jewels even if you are skin sensitive.

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  • It’s eco friendly

These pieces are the most ecological, unlike most other metals that create the jewels. Notice that you can recycle the stainless steel, and the energy you use to make the jewel is the same as the waste energy formed.

  • It’s versatile

It comes in different styles, shapes, and designs to choose the one that matches your needs. You can have the ones to use for parties’ events work and just for home use.


Like any other thing in the market, they have their drawbacks.

  • It’s hard to resize and adjust.

This is mostly about rings, bracelets, and anklets. It will be tough to resize it since the metal is very hard.

If you bought the wrong size, then it may just be as good as discarding it. Unfortunately, jewels are all about surprises, and sometimes you will buy the wrong size.

Of course, you will need special machines to resize the stainless steel jewels; this is not such a good thing.

  • Limited styles

It’s not easy to work with stainless steel because of its hardness and inflexibility. This is why you don’t have a wide range of unique pieces like you do for the other metals.

There are lesser wedding options. Notice that you don’t have several options that are pretty.

  • Not very hypoallergenic

You can classify it as one of the hypoallergenic metals, but that’s not always the case. Notice that it contains nickel, and the susceptible skin, they will still react with the metal. This is except for the surgical stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic.

  • It’s not as valuable.

Of course, because of this factor, you will find that it’s still not as popular as gold, palladium, sterling steel, and more. Stainless steel is an industrial metal that lacks the prestige that comes with jewel metals.

Of course, you must factor in the reasons you are buying the jewels too.

For some people, this isn’t a factor of concern. But if you are so much into the price, then you must find it valueless.

  • It can develop dents.

Although we say it’s hard and, therefore, the only metal that you can use if you are an active person, you don’t want to handle it carelessly.

If you subject it to sharp objects, then expect to have dents with it, and this is something that will lead to restructuring and scratching.

Is stainless steel safe to wear?

Most of you are already thinking, but isn’t it just safe since it’s used in the medical field? Let’s just say that it depends on several factors.

The significant factor though is which kind of stainless steel was used to make the jewel.

Stainless steel necklace

If you bought medical-grade stainless steel, then that is safe. But not all jewels are made from grade 316L.

Notice that grade 304 stainless steel is also reliable on the ornaments. If you want to go into details, make sure the stainless steel isn’t made of the following metals.

  • Cadmium: it causes different kinds of cancers.
  • The lead will cause damage to your nervous system, so you should avoid them.
  • Nickel: this one we already know is responsible for skin allergies.

Unfortunately, some stainless steel options contain the metals above. This is why we prefer that you only choose the high-quality ones’ stainless steel jewels.

To answer you, it’s safe to use stainless steel if you use high-quality ones.

Is stainless steel jewelry good or bad?

When you look at it, almost any metal we use on the jewels will have some positives and negatives. But when the positives outweigh the negatives like it does, in this case, then we must say they are right.

If you are planning to buy the stainless steel jewels, remember you have made the right decision.

Not only is it more affordable, but it’s also good looking it looks so much like most precious metals.

Remember to polish and care for it often for it to serve you for long. It will look as good as new throughout the time you have it.

How much is stainless steel jewelry worth?

Notice that the only thing making this jewelry famous is that they are durable yet affordable and good-looking—more people like them as they serve the same look as though they are very precious metal.

The pieces have way more pros, which is why I still think it’s worth a lot more.

But you will have the metal at anything between $30-$350. But sometimes it can be even more expensive.

Who buys stainless steel jewelry?

Let’s just say anyone can buy the stainless steel jewels. However, they are best suited for anyone on a budget but still looking for the best-looking pieces.

It doesn’t matter the gender, age, class, or race; you can have the ones you like. But remember some people may perceive that you don’t value them for buying cheap jewels.

Does stainless steel tarnish?

No, it doesn’t unless you expose it to adverse environmental conditions.

The most important points to consider when buying stainless steel jewels

Notice that most jewelers are stocking the stainless steel jewels more today because we have more people buying them.

You don’t always want to buy costly jewels sometimes; you just want the cheaper pieces. When you are going to buy them, check the following points.

  • Know the type that’s most interesting to you

There are several stainless steel types to buy. But to be on the safe side, you should buy either 304 or 316L stainless steel. They contain more chromium to protect the metal more. They also contain minimal to no nickel, and that’s why it is hypoallergenic.

  • Only work with a certified brand

To be safe, only order jewels from certified brands. Such brands then will have only the safe and best ornaments.

This is especially necessary if you’ll use the jewel on new piecing. Always choose surgical stainless steel for new piercings.

  • Be sure of the size

Unfortunately, stainless steel will not allow you to resize it, so when you are going to buy the jewel, you will need to be very sure about the size.

  • Check the design

You should factor in the design elements. Are you going to choose the clasp one, and is the clasp working? Confirm that it has no breakpoint or other weak points. Also, confirm that the inner parts that come to contact with your skin are smooth.

  • Comfort

You will need to be sure the pieces you have are comfortable to use. For example, if it has rough edges, then it won’t be comfy to wear. It shouldn’t further show any unevenness on the parts.

  • The cost

These pieces will cost you lesser than the other jewels. Still, make sure the price is what you have in the budget because either way, you want to order something you can afford.

Well, there you have the pros and cons of stainless steel. Now you know why you should use stainless steel jewels. Do you have a stainless steel jewel? We would like to hear what you have to say about it.

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  1. I’m glad you mentioned how stainless steel jewelry can look just as good as silver pieces while still being affordable. For Christmas this year, I want to get my girlfriend a nice stainless steel necklace that will look good on her. I’ll be sure to do more research and find a good necklace within my budget.


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