Sterling Silver Vs White Gold – Difference Between Sterling Silver And White Gold

When you go to a jewelry shop and see so many jewels, choosing the right one is never easy. Sometimes they almost look the same, making a choice even harder.

Many people like the shimmering colors of silver tones on white gold and sterling silver.

Sterling silver and white gold may look so alike that it is harder to know the uniqueness of either metal.

In this masterpiece, we show you the differences and similarities for you to decide the best.

Notice though that the whole selection process will mostly depend on your style. But the reason why you are buying the jewels also matters.

Before we go deep into the question, note that the two types of ornaments have a notable differences.

Understanding The Differences

Note that sterling silver and white gold are both earth metals that are found in the earth’s crust. They come in the form of pure silver and gold.

So silver and gold can’t make jewels in their natural way.

You have to mix them with other elements and metals to make them manageable. Even though you will create the alloys, with them, they still maintain their preciousness. As such, you will create the best and most precious looking jewels.

The composition

With the addition of the other metals to create a perfect piece of jewels, you make durable and manageable jewels.

Sterling silver is made using 92.5% silver and then 7.5% copper. When you are out looking for your sterling silver jewel, remember that it should have the hallmark stamp of 925 or 92.5.

Sometimes STER will indicate that it’s sterling silver. Through this, you will know whether you have gotten the authentic piece of jewel or not.

Sterling Silver bracelet

Like sterling silver, white gold doesn’t exist on earth; it comes from pure gold. Naturally, we have the yellow gold that comes from the earth. To make the white gold, you will mix it with other alloy metals to change its appearance and texture.

Often it will resemble platinum. In most cases, jewelers will mix the yellow gold with zinc, palladium, manganese, or nickel.

White gold stands out for not being lustrous, and this then means that you can use rhodium to increase the brightness and the luster.

Note that there are different kinds of white gold because different jewelers use different additional metals. The best option contains a mix of gold, silver, and copper. This then gives the advantage of being hypoallergenic. Such is also durable, and you can pass it down to generation.

white gold necklace2

On the flip side, we have the one that contains nickel in the alloy. That’s even stronger and malleable, but it’s not for those who have allergic reactions. If you have skin sensitivity, don’t also try it.

Before you, therefore, order your silver, be sure you know the composition of the metal. Remember, though that almost all white gold jewelry has about 50% white gold.

One difference then is that, unlike sterling silver where you have the hallmark being 92.5 or 925 sterling silver. White gold has no specific trademark. Often it will use the same hallmark we use for gold.

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The value

When you are talking of valuable metal, then silver and white gold are both in this category.  These metals are precisely the definition of some of the best options we have in the world.

It’s further necessary to note that sterling silver is much cheaper than white gold. However, this doesn’t compromise on the quality of the jewel since it’s less expensive than gold; it’s ideal to use sterling silver as a custom jewel for day-to-day wear.

I know you may not believe it, but not long ago, silver was once valued more than gold is today. Gold is more valuable than silver; however, gold more affordable than platinum.

You can use white gold to attain a platinum look without spending thousands of dollars.

The value will depend on the amount of gold in the alloy that makes the white gold, though. Although sterling silver and white gold look the same, they are actually of different values.

Now sterling silver is usually brighter than gold. But if you want to know the value of the gold, then you have to know the karats. So the white gold has a maximum of 21 karats whereas the yellow one has a maximum of 24 karats.


Of course, before anything, it’s more important to know the cost so that we are sure about our budget. Remember, the market values gold more than they do silver. As such, you will have the gold costing you more than the sterling silver does.

Notice also that several factors influence the cost, but the price will fluctuate from time to time. Although you may have a difference in rates at different times of the year, sterling silver is more affordable.

Nonetheless, if you are going for the platinum look at a very affordable rate, you should choose white gold. Most people lean towards white gold when compared to platinum since it gives you the same effect while being scratch-resistant.

Both metals have a mix of other metals to make them manageable, but always remember it will never negatively influence quality. You will often have the silver being cheaper, but if it has other precious additions like gemstones and diamonds, it will be costly.

When caring for it

Another major factor of concern is how you care for them. Therefore, in this case, the silver will tarnish over time regardless of how you store it or care for it.

It’s this tarnishing that makes anyone prefer one option of a jewel over another. Nonetheless, if you remember to polish it often, then you will restore its natural state.

It’s important to mention that white gold is much easier to maintain. We all want the jewels to keep looking new. Thankfully white gold doesn’t tarnish. It’s never affected by the heat and water elements. This makes it even more durable than most other choices.

The only thing you should prepare for is that the white gold will soon lose its shine. Don’t worry when that happens; you can have a professional jeweler who can help you retain its look. If it, however, wears off, the jeweler can coat it once again.


If you are buying any jewel, you will want the piece that will last for decades. We can promise that both of these pieces are great if you will take good care of them. Of course, with the addition of other metals, then the pieces are more durable and strong. Expect to have the jewel for more than 30 years.

Sterling silver remembers it will start to tarnish eventually, and it does scratch much easier, which makes it less durable than white gold. Nonetheless, if you will take good care of it, then it will last even longer.

White gold is famous for being stronger and more durable. It doesn’t tarnish or scratch easily.

If you need the kind of gold you can wear daily, choose 18K, 14K, or 10K gold. These are resilient and strong to stand everyday use.

Unfortunately, the white plating will peel off over time, which is why the inner parts may start to wear out.

You will always need to re-plate the jewels to get them looking as beautiful as it is. The secret is then to seek the service of a professional jeweler to re-plate it after some time.

Check the shine

Although they are both shiny, they have different kinds of shine, and the levels differ too—notice though that the white gold will have a level of shine where you have the yellow tint. The silver is nicely shiny, but remember, it will soon begin to tarnish.

In most cases, the jewelers use the rhodium plating in both instances to maintain the perfect look for either of the options. This is what then will cover the yellow hints. On the other hand, the sterling silver will not tarnish if you use the plating. Such options will, therefore, give you the ease of maintenance.

Both the choices are perfect, and they have an almost similar hue. However, sterling silver is brighter and a little shinier.

Nickel allergy

It’s important to talk about this aspect. Most people don’t use these jewels for fear of allergic reactions. Both white gold and sterling silver may contain nickel, and if it does, then it’s not ideal for skin sensitivity.

Often though sterling silver is free of nickel as the additional metal is copper. On the other hand, white gold contains nickel, thus not a good idea for sensitive ones. Often you can use rhodium plating for skin safety.

When cleaning

If you are anything like me, then this will be a deal-breaker we don’t want to use jewels that are hard to clean.

It’s easy to clean the sterling silver. You can be sure to clean it already with ingredients that you have in the house.

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If you have baking soda and vinegar, you are about ready to clean it. These ingredients will get rid of the tarnish too. Mix the vinegar, and the baking soda then soak the jewels inside for about three hours. Get it out and rinse it.

So then you can rinse the jewel and dry it as well. Cleaning the white gold, though, it’s a little harder even though it doesn’t tarnish. The solution is to clean them all the time.

Mix some mild soap with the warm water and then soak your beautiful jewel for about 25 minutes. You can use the soft cloth to brush out the dirt, but if it doesn’t come out, you can use the soft brush too. Finish off by rinsing it in warm water. Dry it using a soft cloth and then let it finish air-drying.

You can seek the help of a professional once in a while.

Finding The Perfect Option

When you are looking for jewelry, the first thing you ask is which one would be the perfect piece. Well there will be different factors you must check to know you are buying the ideal option

The brand

Of course, the market is a flood of jewel sellers, but to be on the safe side, you should only buy from popular brands. This will cut off the fake jewels making you only order the high-quality options.

Make sure you are ordering from a brand with an excellent reputation. That way, you only buy value for your piece.

The budget

Remember, the budget will sometimes influence the quality you order. If you want a good quality one, you may have to spend a little more on where you are buying it.

White gold, for example, has varying prices. If you are ordering a white gold jewel with more karats, you will have it being costly but valuable.

With that said, you will still need to set your comfortable price to choose the one that works for you. It will make your search easier as you just get out the amount that’s way out of your league.

Whats the occasion?

While you may just buy these pieces for everyday use, you can be interested in the pieces for special days. Depending on the occasion, you will find the one that will work for you. If you want the one for an engagement, remember it will not be the same as the one you use at weddings.

Your personality

Whoever is buying the jewel should feel like the jewel says more about them. If it doesn’t match their personality, then it’s hard for them to wear it often. Of course, you should choose the one that’s uniquely for you, her, or him.

Check the reviews

If you are going to buy online, then you need to check the reviews. Are they giving detailed reviews? Such will guide you to the right jewelers.

Which One Is Ideal for Engagement?

I know there are more people buying engagement rings today than ever. Today there are many metals you can choose from, but sterling silver and gold options remain some of the most preferred choices.

Because of the market value, most people are choosing white gold than they do sterling silver. Of course, if you are really on a budget, then you can choose silver.

Which One Is Ideal?

Both the options are great, as you will have understood now. White gold and silver are both the perfect choice for you can use. It all depends on the reason you are buying the jewel and the budget. Of course, white gold is most preferred because it’s gold, but if you want a cheaper and more valuable deal, choose sterling silver.

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