What You Need To Know About Stretched Septum – How To Stretch Septum

So many people don’t get how you can stretch the septum. But if you have ever done it, you will know that it’s possible.

People enjoy the septum piercing just for one reason; its versatile means that you can make it as small or large as you would like. Also, you can use all the different styles of jewels for piercing.

Remember, a good piercer will pierce your sweet spot columella. You will stretch the sweet spot but it may extend to the cartilage. People like to play around with their septum piercing just because it stays hidden.

In fact, after the lobes, the other common piercing that people stretch is the septum. Remember, there’s so much you have to consider for safe stretching. It has several jewels to use in the stretching process, and today we are showing all the details.

What is the stretching piercing, though?

It features the process of slowly enlarging the piercing and making it easy to wear the larger gauge jewels.

Before you decide to go stretching the piercing, you should understand your body and what exactly it can take. For some people, the whole stretching is traumatic.

Girl in dreadlocks with septum piercing

You must be careful when stretching the piercing. Notice that the septum is excellent, but you will have to take caution because of the cartilage. It would help if you didn’t have to strain or hurt your cartilage.

The stretching process

Would you like to stretch yours? Check out how we stretch it.

Check the placement

It’s not everyone that can stretch their septum. You’ll have to check the placement to confirm that it’s safe to stretch it. You, therefore, can’t stretch the septum that’s set too high or too low. If you do this, then you risk causing somebody piercing issues.

The right placement is tight and high and you can then stretch to the middle of the lower side. If you found the sweet spot, then it will be easy to stretch.

Remember, you will be dealing with different anatomies. For some, the sweet spot is none existent, and if this is, therefore, the case, they can decide whether to stretch the piercing or not.

The right jewels to use

You will have to consider the jewel to use. If you’re going to stretch it safely, then you should consider the kind of jewel to use. You will need a smoother and healthier way of stretching.

Choose metals that contain no nickel like titanium and gold. Platinum alloy is equally great, but so is sterling silver. Notice that you will need a safe metal in stretching because you are stretching fresh where the piercing isn’t yet fully healed.

The bottom line; go for any non-porous metal to ensure it won’t hinder the healing process.

When you finally heal these parts, you can wear almost any material, including the bone, quills, wood, or horn. Some people even prefer to use silicone for secretive piercing.

Remember, you’ll only need the single flare for the stretching and not really a double flare. Notice, though, that the circular barbells are the best to use. Of course, if you are using the stacking method for stretching, it should be easy to make the stretching.

Note; you shouldn’t stack anything in the piercing as you risk hurting your septum and tissues.

How long will it take?

The stretching process will take some time, mainly because you may have to stretch it to the cartilage too. Expect it to take longer sometimes.

Generally, though, it will take about three months to stretch it fully. Nonetheless, depending on your body, you may have to wait just a little longer for it to heal or stretch fully.

Of course, you should tell the difference between tight and loose jewelry. I know you want to be able to insert a jewel and feel like it’s not tight. This might take time. If you have to wait another week for full healing, be ready for it.

Now let’s talk about the stretching itself.

Although other people say that stretching the lobe is never painful, don’t expect the septum to be painless. It’s not only painful but also uncomfortable.

If you want it so bad, though, you will have to let it sit through the months of healing. Notice that sometimes the pain can start afterward.

It would help if you didn’t tell between healthy pain and that which is excessive. Remember, your body may not be ready for that much pain, remember.

The excruciating pain is giving you a message that maybe your body isn’t prepared to stretch as you would like it to. The only solution, therefore, is to stop the whole process.

There’s something we call Denting in piercing. Here it’s about the time when you stretch the piercing beyond the sweet spot. You will have the jewel pressing on the harder part of the cartilage. This can be very painful and uncomfortable for some people.

To therefore save yourself from the pain, then you will need to wait much longer. This means that you increase the stretching by a step inch at a time. In fact, it should be from one level to another, thus increasing the stretch.

You will further hear of the term Drooping. This is about the time when you have stretched too long that your nasal septum is drooping.

So if you like such a drooping look, then it’s fine. You will find this style to be useful.

How to stretch

I want you to understand what stretching entails. You will be inserting a piece of metal into your skin to widen it.

So you can’t expect it to be smooth, and yet you will need to lube it, thus making it easily widen.

You can then lube it up as you massage it to make sure you don’t rip your skin. Remember to be as gentle as you can.

Give it time

Again we had mentioned this already; you will need time to allow the stretching to occur. Don’t expect it to happen in a day.

It will take time to heal, and it’ll be less painful. Notice that if you are too fast, then the piercing may bounce back sooner than it should.

Most of us prefer to size it up in that you will use one size larger at a time. Remember, to heal stretching; then it is something you will do over a long time. Therefore, this is to say that you shouldn’t skip any size; instead, take everything slowly.

In most cases, you will find that you have pierced the septum at 14G or 16G. If you had a 16Gone, if you use a 14G jewel, it will downsize, not stretch. Sometimes it won’t even do much.

I think different people will react to other piercings differently. If you can, therefore, remember to use the tapered jewels.

I like using pinchers and crescent, though, and you can consequently start small as you go on to stretch it. Also, do it from the center as you go on increasing.

With this, you can be sure the piercing won’t hurt as you stretch it systematically.

Remember to stick in an O ring then let it rest there for 10 -15 minutes. Go on to push it further in, but if you notice that it’s not going through, you can wait just a little longer.

If you want, you can jump a size higher, but it would serve you if you went to a piercer for the same. The professional piercer is great as they’ll know whether to stretching it higher is okay or not. Nonetheless, it’s better to stretch safer than to jump a size higher.

When you’re piercing, then you should give your piercing some time to heal, mostly a month or two, for the same.

Notice, though, that the nose will often bubble a little or gain a round shape for the same. It may even hurt but know that in the end, it will all be okay.


Some people give up sooner because they feel like it’s too much work and pain. But if you will hold on just a while, you will give it the final push. Most people take steps to upsize the septum an inch higher.

Remember, it will be uncomfortable at first, then it gets easier with time again.

When stretching, you shouldn’t have blood oozing out of your skin, as that will mean there was a tear. This is, therefore, to say that the stretching didn’t work in the right spot.

Bottom-line, you should never rip the piercing off as that will not be a pleasant situation. Besides, it may hurt too much for you to know what you wish to do. Add a single gauge at the time and let it rest in for a while before you choose another size.

Which tools will work best?

Do we need tappers?

I mean, it will depend on several factors. I believe that it’s not a must-have though you can use it to stretch if you like.

It will help to increase an inch higher. You shouldn’t, therefore, use the rings right with the aim of making sure they don’t crisscross each other.

The taper is better when you are going to use the plug or the circulars. I, however, encourage the one using the taper to go to a professional piercer.

Again the tapers you will find online come in different sizes, which can cause excess strain on your nose.

This is also why you can best trust the taper you buy from your piercer. You don’t have to use them, though; you can use the plugs for this.

For ease in stretching, then you should try using a balm oil and personal lubricant.

The healing

Again when you are stretching, the septum interferes with some of your nerves. This is the reason why your eyes will be watery and even swell sometimes.

Expect your nose to be tender, and then it will also swell. It will depend on how long you let the piercing stretch; if you give it enough time, you can be sure it will take time. Sometimes though it’s healing, it will take more than two weeks for the pain to go away finally.

Nonetheless, wait for the damaged tissues in the septum to heal before you even change the jewels. Don’t use compounds like hydrogen peroxide or alcohol during this time to avoid contamination.

It would help if you also used the sea salt solution for healing and not any other complex solution.

Allow your body to heal itself too. Check it out to make sure it heals right.

Lastly, what about the aftercare

Note that it will be essential to care for your septum as per instruction. I mostly like that it’s not a complicated process to take care of them. Notice too that you must use the distilled water if you want it to work correctly for you.

When you have the solution, you will need to wash the piercing the same way you do with the regular piercing. The best way is then to heat the answer in the microwave to a warm temperature.

Next, you’ll need to hold the nose over the solution and do it at least twice a day for the next few days and thus help your nose heal.

Avoid touching the septum every time to make sure it maintains its look. If you keep feeling it, then you will cause bacterial infection.

Don’t expect to have the same experience as anyone else. Yours is different, and while you may experience pain, someone else won’t.

Are you going to stretch the septum?

Now you know everything you need to know; also, are you going to pierce the septum yet? Just be realistic, and if you find it is too painful, it’s better just to downsize.

This will make it easy for you to work on. It will take you an even longer time, but at least it won’t be painful.

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