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We have listed our Frequently Asked Questions, documented Our Commitment to Safety, and are proud to be a member of the Silicone Jewelry Alliance.

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Mom Life by Dee Review

We were recently reviewed on Mom Life by Dee. You can read the review here:

Our favorite part of the review:

“So I found this totally awesome company that makes TEETHING necklaces! They are necklaces that MOMMY gets to wear that baby can chomp on, play with or whatever their little heart so desires! I got mine in the mail and I absolutely LOVE IT!”

Best Baby Products You’re Missing Out On

We were recently featured as a Top Baby Product. You can read the review here:

International Reviews – Italian

The following is a link to an Italian review of our product: from March 25th, 2016. For those on Facebook they also posted their review here:

Exclusive Reviews

Snowbirds 2 Seashores

Trista Anderson with Snowbirds 2 Seashores posted her review here: Trista reviewed our Donut Shaped Pendant

Chatting Over Coffee

Kassee Lane with Chatting Over Coffee posted her review here: Kassee reviewed our Sugarplum and Lapis Gift Set.

Glow in the Dark Signature Pendant – Perfect for Halloween!

Michele with Green Baby Guide posted her review here:, but had this to say:

“If you like the idea of glow necklaces but want something reusable, how about a glow-in-the dark pendant? We’ve found Smart Mom silicon teething jewelry to be invaluable, and were excited to see that they’ve come out with a glow-in-the dark pendant just in time for Halloween!

It your child is past teething age, it’s still a fun necklace that they can wear out trick-or-treating every year.”

Mummy Times Two

We were recently reviewed by Mummy Times Two. You can find the full review here.

Our favorite part of the review:

“In short not only do I love this for me, it’s jewellery I certainly buy as presents for friends who’ve just given birth. After all which new mum wouldn’t appreciate feeling a little bit special?”

 Pink Gemstones & Turquoise Gemstones

Danna Davis with True Vivant recently reviewed some of our products. You can find the full review here.

Our favorite part of the review:

“The Teething Bling is the Dr. Quinn for your precious pearls and the safe alternative in keeping whatever goes in your baby’s mouth harmless. Teething Bling has so many necklace styles for any occasion you might have, without making you feel like your identity is completely gone.”

Beaded Line

Amethyst and Pearl Gift Set

AllAboutBabysWorld posted this review on their website:

Heart Shaped Pendants

AllAboutBabysWorld posted this review on their website:

Jade Beaded and Pearl Shimmer Donut

Crazy Life as Mom posted this review here:

Jade Beaded Teething Ring

Cait’s Beauty – Making Life Beautiful posted this review here:

Jade Donut

Samantha Rawag posted this review on her website:

Heather Corley posted her review here:

Baby Recs posted this review on their website:

“I love this necklace it is cute and it is baby friendly so when you go out to a friends house that has little babies you know that if that baby puts your necklace in there mouth that it is perfectly safe!!! It is made out of silicone NOT rubber and it is food grade safe. This company is amazing if you have a problem or just want to ask question they will get back to you super fast.” – Sara Ward

Jade Gemstones

Lapis Donut

Kristen Cromwell with OMG Goodies posted this review on their website:

Moonstone Donut

Theresa posted this review here:

Moonstone Donut & Grey Gemstones

Christine posted this review to her website:

Onyx Donut

Amber McClure posted this review on her website:

Pink Donut

The Sequined Mommy posted this review on her website:

Pink Cupcake and Pearl Gift Set

Heath Swarthout poster her review here:

Turquoise and Coral Gift Set

Karen posted her review here:

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