Titanium Vs Gold Vs White Gold, What Are Their Differences

The market has different kinds of jewel metals and depending on the purpose of buying it different people prefer the different styles of metals.

Today we bring to you titanium, gold, and silver to show you the differences and similarities. They will also show you the types that are better at certain times than others.

Anyone who likes jewelry already knows about the different gold types and titanium. The two are some of the best choices to use.

Understanding titanium, gold, and white gold

Generally speaking, gold is the most expensive kind of jewel because it’s hard to come by. It’s also on the list of the most precious jewels which is why it’s costly.


This is a light grayish color which is also shiny and with a reflective look. You can polish it to give it the perfect shine and smooth finish.

Sometimes though, some jewelers apply the textured finish to the titanium thus making it look even better.

Titanium ring

It has some of the unique features in that it’s a lightweight piece of jewel. It’s in fact as light as titanium but, after tungsten, titanium is the strongest kind of metal.

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It’s no wonder most men use the titanium since it can go through different levels of abuse. You can therefore not bend or break it even if you took it through different levels of hitting.

This is one of the metals that will last forever you can’t, therefore, damage it. Nonetheless, you may scratch it when you wear it regularly which is why you will need to polish it from time to time. Also, it’s lightweight and good looking.

Pros of using titanium

It’s inert and will never react to your body chemistry. It’s mostly used in the body which makes it a biochemical metal. For anyone who is allergic, this is the best metal to use.

It gives you room to combine it with other metals like platinum and gold to make it even more beautiful.

  • They are affordable

Of all metals then this is the most affordable choice especially for what it gives you.

It will not deteriorate when you wear it frequently thus it will keep looking great and safe to use.

On the downside

You can’t resize the jewels. They are very hard to resize so they sustain the same shape. Before you go out to buy the ring therefore you should be sure of the size.

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When we are talking about some of the most precious jewels in the market then that’s a gold jewel. Gold in its pure state is very soft which then means that it will never make the jewels in its pure form.

Gold ring

Often the metals that make the jewels are an alloy of gold and other metals. Now the level of purity is based on the percentage of gold you have in the alloy. In its natural state, it’s yellow.

But the white gold has a different color from the rose one and the yellow gold. Often they will add copper, nickel and many other metals to make it shinier or harder.


  • It’s durable

Being a precious metal if you take good care of it then it will last longer. It’s going to maintain the shine the appearance and the color. We like that the gold is scratch resistant. Often, the gold metals are passed down the generation.

  • It’s valuable

I mean everyone says It; the gold is perfect and it looks great.  The gold jewels look perfect and expensive which is why most people use it for their special events

  • It will hold the stones right

You will have the jewels metals hold your pieces of diamond and the platinum well in place. Also, it will amplify your style making it look even better.

  • It looks stylish

There’s a reason why people like the gold jewels and it’s that it looks stylish, colorful, and smooth. The yellow color will also blend with other different styles and looks.


  • The cost

When it comes to gold be sure to spend a lot more than you thought you would.

White gold

The truth is that the natural color of gold is yellow but when you add the nickel to the gold then it will be white gold. White gold is pure when it’s 21K and then when it’s 14K then it’s still a good option. It has 58% gold and 42% other metals like nickel, copper, and cobalt.

White Gold ring

Nickel is mostly the reason why it changes the color to white and it also becomes shiny. Because of the hypoallergenic features, most people prefer to plate it using the rhodium plating method. But remember you will need to re-polish it.

  • It’s precious

White gold is one of the precious metals which means there are so many people interested in precious jewels. It’s used in weddings, engagements, and many other official and major life events. It has the perfect shine and appearance which b gives it an edge.

Expect it to be an off white color rather than the yellow color. It will maintain the perfect shine.

  • It’s durable

Such rings are made to last long so you will notice it’s made using the metal alloys. It has all the best features which if you handle right then will last longer.

  • You can mix it with other gemstones

Of course, if you want it to look even better then you can add some gem to it. The white gold will perfectly stand it when you add the different kinds of stones.

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On the downside

  • It’s expensive

Like most other gold types, this one is one of the very expensive options. So when you are going to buy it, prepare to spend a higher amount.

The difference

Of course, although they are almost similar, then they aren’t the same. They both have the best features but it’s important to note that gold and white gold are in the list of the most precious.

Titanium is not in the list of precious metals it still one of those that will serve you longer. Besides, it will deliver the colors, style, and shine at a cheaper cost.

The appearance

They come in different colors and specifically the white gold comes in metallic white color. This is because in most cases you will have the rhodium plating.

Also the addition of nickel, palladium, and manganese influences the color. Notice that over time the plating will wear off but you can just re-plate it.

Titanium on the other hand comes in grayish silvery color. We also have the black type of titanium that will come in black color. Also if you want to have titanium in different colors then you can anodize it.

Gold comes in yellow color. But the one that we use on the jewels then come in silvery pink and yellow depending on the gold you use.

It doesn’t matter the metal you choose to use you will notice one common thing being that they appear shiny with the perfect colors.


Of course, the most attractive metals when you are looking for jewels is the one that will last longer. Generally, titanium although it’s very light is popular for being very hard thus you can bend or break it.

It’s important to note that gold is very soft. If you were to wear it in its pure form, then it wouldn’t last.

White gold with its additional metals like copper, nickel, and more metals are hard enough to last longer than titanium. So in the category of the most durable metals then we have titanium. Still, you will need to take care to prevent the scratching of the titanium surfaces.

Hardness vs malleability

Not many people understand the difference and these features yet they are important when you’re going to buy jewels afresh. The hardness, therefore, refers to the metals that are resistant to scratch and bending.

Notice that the softer metals will scratch easily or bend much easier. When you want a harder metal then you have titanium no wonder most men use it for their rings.

Now malleability then refers to how easy it is to bend the metal when shaping it to different jewels. In this case, gold is the most malleable followed by white gold. Titanium is the harder one therefore is not as malleable for this reason it’s even harder to resize it.

Density vs weight

Although they are not very weighty, gold and white gold are a little heavier than the lighter titanium. It’s not like if you bought gold or titanium you would feel the distractive level of the weight.


The major variance will come at the price and this is because of the perceived value of each of the pieces we have here. Gold is generally the most expensive of the three. Remember gold is not readily available white gold is also a great quality of gold and as such it will still cost you as much.

This is to say that generally, the titanium is cheaper than the tow. But since it’s hard to work with it sometimes you may find that the labor cost increases the cost of the jewels. Still, it may be a higher cost than the but not more priced than white gold and gold.


Of course, all the metals here are versatile and you can use them for different needs. You can have the necklaces, earrings, anklets or bracelets. But of course, the gold and white gold type will work for the different styles.

Do they cause skin allergies?

One of the problems most people have when wearing their jewels is that sometimes will cause skin allergies. Well if you are going to use gold in its pure form then it can’t cause the reactions. The titanium also will not cause skin reactions in its pure form. It’s considered the biocompatible option.

The white gold though is an alloy that contains nickel and as such it will always cause a skin reaction especially if you are nickel sensitive. So of the three, the white gold is the only one that will cause skin reaction unless of course, you use titanium alloy or gold alloys.

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Can you resize it or repair it?

Often the gold metals are very soft which then means you can resize them if you want to. However, for titanium which is perceived to be the hardest metal then you can never resize it. Often the jewelers suggest that you should be sure about the size before you go out buying it.

This goes true for even repairing when you are using other metals like gold and white gold then you can easily repair. Titanium is hard to repair because of its hardness. Always choose the perfect jewel just for you.


Of these three the only metal that’s readily available is titanium. No wonder it’s often cheaper than the rest. White gold will be much easier to find too than pure gold. Also although nowadays it’s much more available it’s still scarce when you compare it to titanium.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter the metal you decide to use they are always stylish and trendy. You will have them looking perfect regardless of the style you choose to use. They all have their ups and downs which is why different people prefer either white gold, gold, or titanium.

Where to buy them

There are many places to buy these jewels but the one place you will never miss is at amazon. Here you will have all the different styles you would like to try.

Also, before you buy them you can check the reviews to guide you to the best choice. You should only choose the jewels with the best ratings.

With that said you are ready to go out and find your best jewel. But before you choose them then know that you can never go wrong with the metals discussed. Nonetheless, you must be clear about the one you would like.

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