Titanium Vs Surgical Steel – Which One Should You Choose

There are hundreds of metals that work to create the jewels. The good thing is that most metals are beautiful; they are mostly all safe to use.

Most people only know of gold and silver for jewelry. But there are tons of other metals like titanium and surgical steel that you may not have explored yet.

Titanium Vs Surgical Steel

Bottom-line when you are choosing the jewels it’s everyone’s dream to have the most beautiful ones. But for those with sensitive skin, it’s our dream also to have the ones that have the ones that are hypo allergic.

The reason why both titanium and surgical steel metals work for jewels is that they are biocompatible.

Lets talk about surgical steel.

From the name, you can tell that this is a type of stainless steel metal alloy that you can use for your jewels. Even in this category, there are different grades, with only a few ideas for body jewelry options.Surgical Steel jewelry 1

We, therefore, have the 316L and 316LVM surgical steel types. Notice that they contain low carbon, and the alloy that makes the surgical steel are the ones that make it such that they can’t leave it. The 316LVM is also medical grade stainless steel.

For example, a standard alloy is a chromium, which is responsible for corrosion resistance. It maintains its shine, and if you choose the right surgical steel, you can be sure it’s hypoallergenic.

But if you use polish on the surgical steel, then it doesn’t matter if you have nickels in the alloy because it will be trapped in the metal. This means that it will never cause the reaction that would otherwise occur with other jewels.

This is one of the most common jewel materials, and for a reason, it’s safe to use and has the perfect aesthetic appeal. You will enjoy it because you can use it will the different kinds of jewels you need.

Notice that they come in different sizes to make sure everyone gets the one that suits them. It is further an excellent choice since you can customize it.

If you like to wear massive pieces that are bold, you can still attain the same look with a fine surgical steel jewel.

It contains lesser nickel if any than stainless steel.

One of the worst element to have in your jewelry if you have sensitive skin is the nickel. And even though stainless steel is a high metal that creates jewels, it contains nickel in higher quantities than surgical steel and titanium.

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However, I must agree that steel of any kind contains some form of nickel, although the surgical steel treats it differently. The surgical steel has between 8-15% nickel. The nickel is often trapped within the metal, which then means that it can’t come out to cause the reaction.

In fact, all the alloys are trapped within the metal for even extra strength and durability. This is the reason why you’re sure that it will never affect you.

And with that said, is it a good idea to buy the surgical steel jewel?

If you can find the best quality stainless steel, then you are good to go. And this often includes the surgical steel type of jewels.

It will often depend on your body of those who are sensitive; you should keep off the nickel. If you are sensitive to nickel, you should use surgical stainless steel with shallow nickel metal. Also, it won’t come to contact with your skin.

Also, you should make sure you choose only the highest quality one, and if not, then you can select the titanium that is free of nickel. It’s also the safest metal to use if you have allergic skin.

If you don’t have a skin reaction problem, you can choose stainless steel of any kind. Nonetheless, the clever ones know they should always use high-quality metals.

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Titanium jewel


Titanium jewelry

Is your skin sensitive? Well, you should not use any other metal aside from titanium. You shouldn’t even use surgical steel. Titanium contains no nickel, so it is body friendly.

The metal is mostly ideal for those who have sensitive skin. If, in fact, you will use the jewel on your pierced body, then you should use titanium jewels as they will never cause reactions. If you are thinking of piecing, then consider the titanium jewels too.

The good thing is that you can still use surgical steel if you are skin sensitive. However, if you want the utmost safety, choose titanium.

I would describe the titanium to be as strong as steel but as light as aluminum. And most people like it for the lightness since it’s not even strenuous to wear. Note that you can anodize the metal if you want to come up with other different vibrant colors.

Do you like to identify with the high-end choices? Well, titanium is the one choice. Of course, it comes in different grades that sometimes have alloys in the mix. But the alloys will never interfere with the quality. But to be safe therefore choose grade 23 for the body-friendly metal.

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Is it a good idea to buy titanium jewelry?

In the end, you just want to know whether it is safe to use the titanium jewel. Titanium is popular because they are safe and have a twitch of class to them.

Its for those with allergies.

If you experience any form of allergies when you are wearing jewels, you know what we are talking about. It’s never comfortable to use jewels, which has led most women to stop using jewels. You can opt for the medical-grade jewels instead, but other than that, titanium has proven to be the best and effective.

I know there are other metals you can choose that are also nickel-free, but titanium will offer you more advantages. It contains no alloys, which then means that it will never react with your skin.

It’s ideal if you are going to use the jewels for the first time on your piercings. Although it’s costly, you can be sure it remains safe on your skin.

Titanium is lightweight

Its lightweight makes it even more beneficial since it doesn’t feel like the regular metal. You will, in fact, like that it’s comfortable to wear and use. If you like heavy jewels, that’s good for you, but for those like me who want light, we can use titanium.

Even then, the titanium is hard and durable, making it easy to use over a long time.

It’s colorful

Contrary to most metals that will come in a single color, this one comes in different colors. So if you want it in a different color, you can choose to anodize it, and that will then form multi-colors. It has all the safe colors for your jewels.

It will never compromise on your health even if you used it directly on your pierced skin.

The clear differences

Now for you to really understand everything you will need to understand the differences. That’s what’s going to be below.

The weight

Of course, you are using metal, so you would expect the jewels to be heavy. Well, it goes true for most metals but not titanium. Notice that titanium is about 50-60% weight of stainless steel.

We also know some women like to feel the jewel weight, but there are those like us who like it light. If you want the light jewels, choose the titanium if you choose between titanium and stainless steel.

Skin allergy

If you wear jewels a lot, you will know that some cause allergic reactions. Well, if you are the sensitive type, you have a friend in titanium metal. It contains no alloys and individually, no nickel to cause the skin reaction.

Nonetheless, you can use the surgical steel jewels too as they don’t react with many people. But remember only to choose the best quality ones. Most titanium jewels are generally significant, but you can be sure it will serve you if you decide the high-grade ones first.

Lets talk of color

Of course, when you are looking for a color of comfort, you can choose the titanium option that will change to any color. You can choose the best color to go by; remember, this gives you the chance to create the jewel that matches your color needs.

But the essential part of it is that it will serve you even if you are skin sensitive. Most men prefer it to most others since its lighter, reliable, and durable.


At this point, you will notice that both pieces are versatile; you can use them anywhere and for any jewels. Notice that we are talking about the high-quality types of titanium and surgical steel. Whether you need a bracelet, anklet, necklace or earrings, you can use any piece of your choice.

Which one is shiny?

I must say stainless steel stands out here. One thing is really that the stainless steel is scratch resistant for this; you are sure you can’t damage it even if you went with it on a game. You can use it even with your everyday activity.

However, you will need to keep polishing your surgical silver if you want to have it last longer. Everyone likes shiny pieces, and if you can have the shiny stainless steel, you can be sure it will maintain cleanliness.

Did you get real titanium? It’s durable

You can be sure if you bought the real titanium that you have a stronger than surgical stainless steel metal. Although it’s light, it’s very strong and no wonder most people use it during weddings.

Of course, this also means that the titanium will last much longer, and remember, you don’t need to worry about maintaining it. But notice that unlike the scratch-resistant stainless steel, if you are using the titanium, you may scratch it, so be careful or remember to polish it often.

The price

When you are going to buy jewels, the first thing you want to cater to is the budget. You may, of course, like a jewel, but if it’s out of your budget, you won’t take it home. When we compare the titanium and the surgical stainless steel, then the titanium is pricey.

Many features make it costly, including durability, hypoallergenic, versatility, just to mention a few.

Pros and cons of the metals

Titanium pros

  • The metal is very strong, and it comes in a silver-ish color, but you can have it anodized to create different colors. Mostly it will come in blue, purple, yellow, or even rainbow colors.
  • Even if you anodize it, then you can never damage its quality.
  • This metal is a solid piece, in fact, much stronger than most other metals.
  • You will like it’s malleable and easy to shape too.
  • It’s corrosion-resistant, which also means you will not have it rust.
  • It’s lighter in weight, and it has low thermal conductivity.


  • It’s costly than most jewels

Surgical steel pros

  • It comes in different grades giving you the leeway to choose the one that works for you.
  • It won’t cause an allergic reaction.
  • It has a higher level of shine than titanium.
  • It’s readily accessible but also affordable.
  • Its corrosion, tarnish, and scratch-resistant, and that means it will last longer.
  • It’s easy to wear and maintain too.


  • With years coming, the jewel will lose its shine unless you polish it.
  • It has a high melting point, which means it’s not easy to resize it.
  • Be wary of counterfeit surgical steel items.

Which one will it be?

Now you know it all from this article, but you will need to decide which metal works best for you.

Notice that both the titanium and surgical steel are great; therefore, you will choose one based on your preference.

Do you like the shiny ones or do you enjoy the hard and durable ones? Are you looking for pricy ones with even higher values? Choose titanium. I wouldn’t guide you to one since I use them both for different occasions.

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