20 Types Of Earrings You May Want To Know

Jewels are the perfect method to amp your style and dress code. Jewels include necklaces, anklets, bracelets, and even earrings. Surprisingly men were the first to start wearing earrings back in the bronze years.

Warriors in the olden days used to wear earrings. It then became famous during the famous sailors’ ordeal, where they wore golden ornaments. Such they were to use for Christian burial in case the shipwrecked.

The earrings, therefore, would help to identify them. We still have warrior men who wear earrings to date.

Modernization has made jewelers even more creative to make styles that suit both men and women today. Keep reading to see the different kinds of earrings.

Different Types of Earrings

1. Studs Earrings

Stud Earrings

This is a classic and stylish style of earrings. They come in different shapes, styles, and designs. Remember, these don’t dangle down.

They can be formal or casual, depending on the style you choose to use. They will hug the ear, but the main difference is that they remain on your earlobe.

Notice also that people refer to it as floating earrings mostly because you can see the connection. Of course, they have the pin that connects the stud, but it goes through the piercing. It’s never visible; that’s why people call it the floating stud.

This is also the simplest earing to use, and they come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. It sits tightly on the ear lobe, yet you won’t see the bar. Of course, the studs are then familiar today. It’s the best option to use in the 20th century.

The feature that will make them visible is the piece of stone or ball that they may have. The shape looks geometric and conceptual animal-like. Notice that they can come in as a gemstone or diamond. Sometimes the tiny gems are made using silver or sterling silver.

Whether you decide to use diamonds or pearls, you will have the best type of stud. Take time to choose the one that works for you.

2. Hoops earrings

Hoops earrings

Hoops are the most popular types today that come in different styles, shapes, and colors. These have stood the test of time. From the celebrities to the girls next door, women and girls like to wear this kind of hoops.

One thing you can identify hoops with is that traditionally, they are large and circular, but today we have them in different shapes. You can have them in triangle, square, and diamond-like shapes. This kind of earring is longer than the shoulders.

Are you the bold type, and do you like sophistication? You should use these hoops. They can be fancy, or they can make a statement for you. You can use them to create artful sites.

So the hoops have a small bar or wire-like style that goes through the ear to the other side, and you can clasp it for security.

3. Drop earrings

drop earrings

Let’s just say that these are fun and exciting pieces. They look like longer or dropping types of studs. Notice that it will connect to your earlobe. So here it doesn’t rest on the earlobe; instead, it drops and hangs down low.

Note that the drop earrings are the kinds that will drop down the same way the hoops do. But you can have a single piece dropping down or a variety of pieces dropping down.

But they can be any length with some of them sitting just right below your earlobe while others rest down.

These pieces are better when they come in a charming design. They can be golden baubles, beautiful gemstones, or even pearls. Such pieces can be anything from chunky to single options.

Make sure though that you pick the ones that match your style. These are great styles you can use to create the perfect complement to your style.

4. Ear jacket

Ear jacket


These are some of the most common pieces available and new today.

Notice that they are the same as the studs, in that they are held in place by the studs. The latch or the stone will hold the jacket earing in place.

Here you have the body of the earing resting at the back of your ears, and then it hangs down. Crazy right? But if you look around you will notice a few people who wear this kind of earrings.

Most people prefer to use flowers for such earrings. The jacket earing has its decorative element coming on the backside of the ear.

Again, they can be as short or as long as you would like them. This is also the method you use to make it vibrant, but you can have it casual or formal.

5. Chandelier earrings

Chandelier earring


Just like the term chandelier implies the beautiful lighting system that creates a focal point to the house, you will have the earrings create the perfect look.

This kind of earrings hangs on your ears, creating beautiful and extravagant fixtures on your ears. The essence of the ornaments, in this case, is to draw attention to your ears.

Well, most people will not use them every day; they are made for a secluded occasions. Expect its shape to extend and almost look like a chandelier.

These look beautiful and complex in design. But wait to use them during events like weddings or significant dress fashion days.

6. Ear climbers

Ear climbers


Here we have other new designs that people are beginning to enjoy. This one climbs on the edge of your earlobe. Remember, it will only climb to the helix of your ears.

It’s hard for some people to comprehend how the pieces stay on your ear like they are climbing. You don’t need many piercings for the same; just a single one is enough.

You will secure it using the sturdy wire into the piercing. The crawlers and climbers are chic and innovative.

7. Dangling



They are more sophisticated, and from the name, they will be dangling. It’s a version of the drop earrings. These will hang down below your earlobe. You can have the earrings being chunky and large, especially since they have space to move about.

You can make the dangling part look even more stylish by adding the cultural look or diamonds and just about anything you like.

The one we have above is just one of the cultural styles, but you can also have the diamond dangle sterling silver and many more types dangling.

Notice that these earrings, use beads to make them. Such earing styles are common among East African women. Now, if you want to be creative with yours, you can use regular jewel metals.

8. Teardrop



Are you looking for exemplary types of earrings? Here is one of the models you can use. It seems like the dangling earing with the teardrop shape. Have you seen such shapes before? Such earrings look classy and elegant.

It’s called a teardrop because it takes the shape of a tear. But it will look stylish even at some of your most important events.

If you want, you can use the pear-cut diamond to make it even more precious. Teat drop earrings will suit both formal and casual situations.

9. Tassel earrings

Tassel earrings


These are some of the most common types again today just because they match modern wear. You can use them with your casual or formal wear.

They are fashionable, stylish, and good-looking. When you have such earrings, you may not need necklaces and other jewels as these create the perfect focal point.

Such necklaces are colored light and perfect looking. Do you like kitenge wear? The tassel earrings above will go well with the cultural wear.

You can make them long or short of attaining a swishy look. They are ideal if you are looking for the perfect choice to use with your round face. Note that they are perfect layered, colorful, and stylish. It features free-flowing styles.

10. Cluster earrings

Cluster earrings


These look almost the same as the studs in the way you secure them on your ears. Notice that they are different in a way.

They have several stones that attach to the same bar. Such stones then are of different sizes, shapes, and colors. They can also come in different colors.

Such options are high, and they will often go well with any of your formal but classy looks. If you have a long and narrow face, you can use cluster earrings.

They will make your face fuller. The earrings are therefore made using decorative pieces that stand out to amplify your style and look.

11. Huggies



These are very similar to hoops that you could easily confuse one for the other. It features the use of large and circular-shaped earrings.

But they are smaller than the hoops, and that’s where the difference is. Notice that such options sit tight on your ear lobe.

Such pieces will also fit in the cartilage parts of the ear. And that brings another difference since the Huggies are snug to the ear.

They may choose to go the traditional style where the earrings are thicker or use the modern thinner ones. They are ideal if you like the hoop, but you don’t want them to be huge.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs


Such earrings will cover a more significant part of your ears. It looks like the ear climbers type except for the fact that they cover a larger part.

It will cover the top, to the edge, and then the ear lobe. You will have them sometimes combined with hanging earrings, and other times they won’t have any hanging attachment. Therefore, they come in different sizes, shapes, and styles.

This one, therefore, features the specialized and tropical styles of earrings. It will sometimes follow the ear curve to the top.

12. Threader



Here you have a simple long chain-like piece of earrings often still made of metals. It goes through the ear and dangles down on both sides of the ear. You will have other pieces having additional stones for more style.

Such options, therefore, act as decorative options. I mean, this is the easiest way to create an even better and more decorative choice.

These are very thin, but extended to that’s why people refer to them as threaders.

13. J hoops

J hoops


Well, this is in the category of hoop earrings. They, however, look like a partial circle, and they are mostly not large. Remember, the back of the earring is open and makes a full circle.

This is also where it gets its name from since the remaining part then looks more like a J. Notice that they look more like the huggie hoop earrings.

Most people like them because they are comfortable and stylish and they will suit any dress style. You can use them for formal events or casual ones. Most people like to buy shiny gold or silver styles.

14. Barbell earrings

Barbell earrings


Are you a gym fan? We have some options for you. They look so much like the weights in the gym.

The difference here, therefore I that you will have the bar that connects the balls to the ends. So these pieces will sometimes have the ball bar stretching from the ear lobe to the top.

If you want, you can also decorate it just a little to make it look even better with more hanging parts. Of course, here you should have at least two piercings.

15. Jhumankas



These are timeless styles of earrings that were more preferred by Asian women. Therefore, when you use such pieces, it will add extra zeal to your traditional and contemporary style. The pieces are often just bell-looking with embellishments.

Such options are accessible in Nepal and India, especially during critical events. Such pieces have more variations in that they may use different types of earrings.

With it, therefore, you will create a new look. Remember, they will create a focal point but make your face look fuller.

16. Ball earrings

Ball earrings


The name gives you an indication as to what the earing looks like. It looks as though the ball is resting on your ear.

It will rest very close to your earlobe. They usually have a small but smooth metal that you clasp with and give you more security.

The unique thing about them is that the balls are smooth and are made using silver or gold. Don’t get me wrong; you can use a diamond and other options as well.

17. Circular barbell earing

Circular barbell earing


This is another type of barbell earring. This one will form a full circle with a round bead on both sides of the earring. Well, it’s many common styles even for nose piercings.

Of course, you have to remove one bead side to insert it in place. You can have gold silver, stainless steel, or any other stylish metals to use.

18. Mismatched earing

Mismatched earing


This is a modern style of earring that looks wrong, but it’s perfect. You will notice such style mostly on the runway. It’s just a fashionable look since you get to use a style that looks nothing like the expected.

So you can combine two different earing styles to make a different look. Nowadays, so many women like to use the inconsistent contemporary style of earrings. Of course, you will never go wrong, therefore, with such styles.

19. Bajorans



Some people refer to them as slave earrings. If you watched the show star trek, then you will know where it came from. Today this option is quite popular. It’s very versatile, giving you the different styles to hang it.

When you use this slave earring, you may not need other jewelry like the necklaces because it creates the focal points.

20. Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings


Although you can classify them in the list of studs, pearl earrings are stylish, and they create vintage beauty.

You can wear them just the same way you wear the diamond studs or make them playful by allowing them to dangle.

Notice that such pieces though simple you can use for your party events. You will also have pearl earrings for formal and casual events.

The Earring Backs

Well, this article can’t be complete without you knowing the different backs or closing mechanisms. When you know how to secure it at the back, then you want instances where it loosens. You want to have it on through the time the earing is on as it keeps it safe.

We are going to highlight a few here to know the one that can work best for you.

Fish hook

Fish hook


This is my all-time favorite because it’s more comfortable, but not all earing styles use it. The front part has a circular ring which the other part of the earrings will hang from. It’s more comfortable to use.

So this hook can stand alone, or it will have plastic to keep it in place. In some places, they call it French wire.

Continuous hoop

Continuous hoop


You will find this choice being famous if you are using the hoop kind of earing. They will look to you as though they are naturally connected to your ears, and there’s no separation. It will look seamless but beautiful. Again this one is one of the most comfortable choices to use.

Hinged snapback

Hinged snapback


Such options will spread open at the hinge parts. It’s also called a latch back, and it looks as though you have to shut the garden gate.

It swings on the back and goes through the ear hole.

Most people enjoy it more because it will not let you drop the earrings.

Omega back

Omega back


Such options also have a hinged, but O-shaped lever at the back. It’s this O that closes over the post to have it keep the earing in place and shape.

Some people call it an English lock while others call it a French clip. With this, therefore, you won’t have the ear-bending down.

Push back

Push back


This one is common when you are using diamond earrings. Here you have a wire that just jets at the back of the earrings. This piece will go through the ear lobe, and then you can snap it in place using the stopper.

Screw back

Screw back


This one is common too, and you will notice, especially when you are piercing your ears. They are common with your studs as they set the studs in place—They notice that you can still use them even with your regular earrings.

Which Kind of Earrings Will Suit Your Face

It’s good to try the different styles of earrings to find the one that suits your face. But when you know a few that will amp your style, the better. Remember, we have different face shapes, and if you can learn how to make the earrings match your face shape, the better.

If you have a diamond face shape

This means you have angular cheekbones. But you also have a slimmer forehead and chin, thus creating a diamond-like shape. The good news is that many earrings will suit your face.

But the best ones are the elongated styles of earrings where you have dangling earrings. You can further use the climbers to attain the perfect look.

Heart-shaped face

Here you have a broader or fuller forehead and a sharp chin. They also have a gradual jawline, which means you can use the drop earrings to shape the jawline. You can also use the jacket earrings to amplify good qualities.

Oval shaped face

This is kind of common too. You have the face parts being even, and almost any earring will work here. Hoops work well with the ovals; you can also use studs. But you can use nearly any kind of earing here.

Round face

Here you have uniform sides, and you can use the earrings to break the monotony. Long earrings are the best for such people, but you can use Huggies hoops and even circular types.

You can use studs and still attain the perfect look. If you like chandeliers, make use of them here too.

Square face

Such have a sharp jaw with the corners so you can use hoops and Huggies to soften the angular shapes. If you like studs, you can use them too to show your natural beauty.

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