27 Types Of Necklaces (Chain Styles With Pictures)

Necklaces have been in existence for centuries. In the ancient days, different cultures used different kinds of ornaments to twerk their look. Mind you, both men and women wear jewelry.

Today we show you the different types of necklaces in the market.

Are you thinking of buying some necklaces yet you don’t know which one would work for you? Well, we are here to guide you to the best decision. We have been in this industry for many years, and sure enough, the necklace’s craze never fades.

1. Thread necklace

Thread necklace


These types are the simplest to make, but they are also gorgeous. They never go out of fashion as you can use them with any of your casual wear. Thread necklaces are not only stylish; it’s versatile too. You see, there are different kinds of items you could attach to the thread.

This gives you the leeway to choose the one that you like the most. You can have the pendants, large beads, woods, and many other items of your choosing.

Such necklaces are then usually 14-20 inches long. But the thread that makes the necklace is then thick, thus durable too. In most cases, you will have a knot at the neckline. Are you confused about which necklace to use? Wear the threaded options as it will fit the clothes and styles.

Whether you want to wear the saree, casual blouse, and jeans, or African kitenge, you will get this right every time. They go in dresses, shirts, blazers, and just about anything. You can use the thread necklace for both traditional and modern outfits.

2. Multicolored thread style

Multicolored thread style


Sometimes a little bit of creativity is all you need to amp your style. This stylish necklace will make you pop as it has two bright colors of thread we have. The additional pendants and beads make it look even better.

This we may classify under the threaded options just that it’s a different style. Well, this goes to show you that you can make the threaded versions of the necklace as you would like to.

3. Bib necklace

Bib necklace


Even the number two option can above classify as a bib necklace. So the bib necklace is simply what the name suggests. It covers the part where a bib would otherwise cover. This piece will cover your breast bone too. They are trendy, and you can use them at any time of the year.

One common thing is that they are chunky and often cover ample space on the front. Notice that these necklaces feature the use of silver, beads, gold, and any other metal in their different colors and sizes.

This bib necklace will then suit all the different kinds of necklines. You can then use this necklace for the modern casual style. They will adorn your neckline, and the good part is that they come in different variations. Now depending on the metal used to make it, they can be very costly. Still, they will match the different styles, especially when you have low neck clothe.

4. Chockers



Do you like versatile ones?

Here you have a piece you can use with your traditional, modern, and casual outfits. I’m sure even if you don’t know much about necklaces, you have at least seen this style. These are worn close to the neck, and in most cases, people use them for party events.

You can even wear them with your saris and other traditional wears. You will enjoy these pieces since they give the perfect definition to your neck. If you want elegance, find the stylish chockers to use.

Chockers come in different styles. Some have layers that you can use together with your saris and other different dresses. This chockers are often between 14-16 inches long. If you, however, wish you can incorporate the pendants for more styles.

Note that these versions will sit very high and close to the neck or just below the collarbone. They can be made using different metals leather and sometimes even beads.



Check this piece if you like to try the African style/Maasai pieces. It blends both the choker and the bib necklace too.

5. Chains



This is unisex and mostly preferred by both men and women. For example, the rap community uses a lot of chains. But if you don’t want the exaggerated chains used in the rap world, find the simple yet sophisticated chains for women.

You can find those that come in a necklace format. In most cases, you can use gold or silver for the chains. The one thing you will like about them is the versatility. They come in different lengths, styles, and sizes too.

If you want, you can also use pendants with them or not. Always makes sure you have a chain in your list of favorite necklaces as they will fit both formal and casual functions.



Check out the male chains, too, if you want. There are so many versions to the male chains, remember.

6. Collar necklace

Collar necklace


Are you going to wear an off-shoulder outfit, v neck, sweaters, or boat necks? Often people use the necklace to amp their style. For most people, the style looks like the regular crew neck outfits. Such necklaces are between 12-13 inches long.

The necklace covers your neck around the collar, and this is where it gets its name from. Now depending on the material you used to make the necklace, it can either be formal or casual. You can use pearls, beads, and many other gems to create these pieces.

The best ones feature the use of multiple layers of pearls, beads, or even silver. You can never go wrong with these pieces regardless of the choice you decide to use. This is another one of those pieces that fit all the different people.

7. Opera necklace

Opera necklace


When you are going to wear blouses or dresses with a deep neck, you should consider opera necklaces. This is one of the longest versions that most women like. Its length is between 26-36inches.

Well, would you like to create a little bit of drama? Use the opera necklace method. You can use a single strand for the same or double-layered types. Also, some people make the double-layered pieces different colored.

Additionally, some people opt to double it on the neck, thus creating a choker and the opera hanging. I mean, it’s quite versatile for you to do as you please with it.

It creates the versatility for you to create the necklace using varying gems, including beads, pearls, and anything you wish to think of. Also, you can make them casual or formal, depending on the material you used.

8. Princess necklace

Princess necklace

When you are after a fancy look, choose this one. With its regal look, you can expect to dish out some good money for it. The princess necklace is made using beads and gems, but it can be 17-19 inches long.

You can have the necklace being light or heavy in design. The best part, though, is that you can use this necklace for all different occasions. Whether you are going to wear a suit or a dress, you can comfortably wear the necklace to twerk your style. You can use the necklace with your v neck style too.

The necklaces here look like a queen’s piece. If you want, you can also play around with the colors just to make it look even better.

9. Multi string necklaces

Multi string necklaces


You can be as creative as you like with the multi-string types of necklaces. The good news is that you can choose a neutral color with the diamond piece addition or just have the strings in multicolor.

Such neutral colors you can use with any of the clothes you have. It will look good if you are going out to parties with friends. Additionally, you can use it for official events with the right outfit. If you are wearing a strapless dress, scoop neck, or off shoulders, it will always work.

It comes in at 12-16 inches long and might be a little heavy, depending on the material you use. Often though, people use pearls or beads for a most multilayered necklace.

10. Pendant necklace

Pendant necklace


This is another one of the common necklace styles in the market. It features the object piece that hangs on the necklace.

The term refers to the French word pendre, which means hanging. These kinds of necklaces were in the past used as a talisman, but today they are just pieces we use to amp our beauty. You may even have religious symbols hanging on the necklaces.

You can have the pendants in whichever size, color, and style you like. Besides, you will have it hanging on the threads, strings, leather, chain, and more. The one above is just one example of many we have in the market today.

11. Graduated necklaces

Graduated necklaces


I know you may ask, so what’s graduating?

The term graduating refers to the gradual reduction or increase in size. So they will have the small pieces of diamonds, beads, or whichever gems you have at the back then gradually increase to the large ones in the front chest part.

These necklaces came into existence back in the ’50s, and to date, people like them. You can use the chain if you have the cowl neck, v neck, and boat neck. Whether you want to use them for formal events or casual events is a choice you need to make.

They can be 17-19 inches making it easy for you to choose the suitable one.

12. Religious necklace

Religious necklace


If you are a religious person, you will have seen these somewhere. Different religions use different pendants. Often such necklaces feature the use of a simple pendant that reference to certain beliefs.

Such necklaces vary in length, and they are worn almost every day; that’s why they are often very light. Of course, wearing them daily, they symbolize your faith. If you are going to make sure it matches your dress code, the better as they are mostly neutral.

13. Festoon necklace

Festoon necklace


You will like the fact that these necklaces will easily drape on your neckline. They further feature the use of beads, drapes of chains, and gemstone. This style is often flattering your neck. They also feature a garland of decoration that comes in form of flowers ribbons and leaves.

It will add some color to your outfit and style. Notice that the necklace has gone through different levels of a makeover to suit your style. Whether you want to blend it in with the off-shoulder or the v neck style, it will work in both instances.

14. Plastron



The perfect definition for this type of necklace is that they are heavy. And this is because it uses solid necklace pieces. Often it will cover just above your bust, and of course, it will add elegance to your style. It fits almost any kind of hair you have.

They are made using wood, silver, beads, and sometimes even glass. When you are looking for pieces that will give you the over the top confidence in an instant, then use these pieces. It’s also for this reason that they are this popular—most people like them since they suit your fancy and casual events.

Just makes sure you use the right ones that will blend well with your clothing.

15. Lavaliere necklace

Lavaliere necklace


Check out this necklace and notice the lovely embellishment. It further has a gorgeous pendant, and the focus is on the pendant form that hangs here.

For more elegance, choose the one that has a chandelier like a drop. Such will make you stand out in a crowd. It will work best if you have a deep collar to draw attention to the necklace.

So the combination is almost like a pendant piece where you have a delicate chain connected to the large focal piece that’s always hanging.

Also, expect the necklace to sit at the collarbone, and for this reason, it matches almost any neck style and type we may have.

16. Tassel necklace

Tassel necklace


This is one of the most common options. Remember, putting the tassel at the end of the chains isn’t new. If you own a jewelry shop, you will know that these types of necklaces are much popular today. And I understand it’s because more people like to wear t-shirts and blouses yet this necklace fits easily with them.

Such necklaces give you a choice to use it with any metal, which is why it comes in different materials, colors, sizes, and styles. You can use them for formal or casual events.

17. Locket necklace

Locket necklace


Soulmates best prefer these, and they like to use them to keep their loved ones close to heart. It features the use of an amulet and a pendant where you can store your memento of your special one.

These are the particular types that are passed through generations. They are also quite personal and sentimental to specific persons. Today you can store the personal photos inside, but in the past, you could keep the hair inside and paintings too.

Often they are durable to last for ages. They are usually 18 inches long, but they can be made of platinum, pure gold, or silver.

18. Statement necklace

Statement necklace


The reason why we call them the statement necklace is their boldness and how they make you stand out. Such accessories are just made to make a statement and steal attention. They are made using anything, including the different metals, beads, and they will make a focal point.

Do you have a low neck or strapless dress? This would work great with it. If you look keenly, you will notice women wear them even with their kitenge dresses. Also, you can wear them with your tight pull neck sweaters.

19. Torque



Do you want a beautiful, unique necklace?  Try these pieces. The one thing that stands out is that they are often open on the backside. Such necklaces are made using solid metals that make them heavier and they are worn very close to the skin.

These pieces are chic, and they will match any dress code you choose. Besides, they will always make you stand out too. They are much closer to the choker pieces of necklaces.

20. Sautoir



Again this is a French word, and it refers to the long type of necklace. This necklace, though, suspends itself on the burst area. It’s very close to the tassel with the difference that it may have a pendant and is longer.

You can make it using different metals, beads, or even ropes. They are mostly 30-36 inches long. Notice that you can style it however way you wish since it’s longer.

21. Twisted



Such necklaces are commonly made using beads and, in this case, the different colored ones. As you can see, it’s also made using multiple strands, and it gives you a unique look. You can use such types during the summer with your favorite summer wear.

They come in different length options, but it may range between 14-20 inches. I think here creativity is all you need. Beads are great, but you can also make them using pearls.

22. Lariat necklace

Lariat necklace


The difference between it and the opera types is that it’s longer than the opera length. You will find other places call it the Y necklaces. For some people, it’s like a scarf piece, and it has no clasp points because it’s so long to fit your head comfortably.

If you have u shaped neckline for your dresses or blouses, then you can use these pieces. One thing you will like is elegant. Notice again that you can use and metal you choose or beads.

23. Riviera necklace

Riviera necklace


Here you have the necklace with one or two layers of the gemstone. Now to the back, you will have smaller gems. This piece comes either 12 inches or 16 inches. Notice that usually the links used are so close together you may not even see them.

You may use these pieces for party events. It will also fit almost any dress code you choose.

24. Matinee necklace

Matinee necklace


You can use these pieces when you are wearing a dress or blouse. This is especially ideal if you have a plunging neckline. It comes at a length of 20-22 inches. It uses both beads and stones, and it’s perfect if you have a wider neck.

25. Negligee necklace

Negligee necklace


The one thing that makes it stand out is its asymmetrical lengths. Even with this functionality, you are sure it will look good on you. Remember, you can use any gemstone. Also, use such pieces for the party events.

26. String/thread necklace

String or thread necklace


Such pieces are more casual, but they are also great for your casual events. The versatility makes them accessible since you can put a diamond or any other item on the string.

Now notice that they will vary in length, but they can be as long or short as you would like them to be. In most cases, a knot is at the back to fasten the necklace.

27. Charm necklace

Charm necklace


Such pieces have a combination of beads and pendants and many other gems. One thing, though, is that they are customizable, and the pendant is something meaningful to you. Some may use zodiac signs others the religious pendants. Anyone can wear these pieces but remember it has a crucial meaning just to you.

There you go with the necklaces now you can choose the option you would like. Take the time to match the outfit you have with the necklace. Remember, the jewelry is going to accentuate your look every time.

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