10 Different Types Of Nose Piercings That You May Want To Konw

One of the trendiest styles of piercings is nose piercing. It’s also the second oldest after the earlobe one, yet more people are embracing it today.

a beautiful hipster woman with nose piercings

Did you know that, unlike in the past when you only pierced the nostril and sometimes the septum, today you can choose all the other different parts of the nose? In this article, therefore, we’ll show you some of the parts of your nose to pierce easily.

10 types of nose piercings

1. Nostril piercing

The most common piercing style is nostril piercing widely because it’s a basic style of piercing. You will have the jewel resting on your nostrils.

Nostril piercing is excellent, and anyone can pierce it comfortably, at least without being judged. You have all kinds of men and women wearing it.

From the name, the nostril piercing is the piercing you will do on your nostril. I like that we have many styles of jewels you can use on your nostrils. The piercing position makes it possible to use studs, rings, L-pin, circular barbells, and more jewel types.

Notice that you can pierce any side of your nose, whether the left or the right. If you are piercing for cultural reasons, though, it differs from one culture to the next.

For some people, the side you choose will coincide with female fertility, ease of the menstrual cycle, and more.

Learn the size that’s perfect for you, although most of them come in sizes 18-20G size. Notice that you can also pierce different parts of the nostril

2. High nostril

Again, when we talk of high nostril piercing, we are literary talking about high nostril piercing.

The piercing is often unique and stylish, but it will make it easy to layer the jewels. Unlike the regular nostril piercing, you will notice that we have a limited number of jewels for this piercing.

Only use the studs, L-shaped studs, and nostril screws are the best for this nostril piercing.

Since it’s high, the most significant challenge about them is that they’re hard to reach no wonder not many people use them. Here you, therefore, do have not many options and styles of jewels you can use.

3. Bridge piercing

The easiest way to describe this is that it’s one of the strangest methods of piercing. Like the other piercings we have seen here, the bridge pierces the piercing that you do on the bridge. I know what you are thinking, isn’t it just too painful?

Contrary to what you think, it doesn’t go through the bone but rather skin only. As such, it’s not even as painful as the ones that are done on the cartilage.

You will hear people also refer to it as Earl or Erl. The piercing is further a surface piercing because it just pierces the skin and not the hard bone.

Expect it to heal in about 8-12 weeks with proper care. It’s not as painful, but you have to be careful, thus confirming that your body is okay with it.

The jewels: when you are out looking for the right jewels, you should choose the curved barbell. It’s the perfect suit for your bridge piercing. If you, however, didn’t find the curved one, use the circular barbell.

Some people also use a straight barbell when the piercing is still fresh. Some people prefer to use the retainers; the only issue is that it won’t show correctly. Don’t worry, though; you can still wear your glasses or shades with it.

This type of piercing has shortcomings. The needle tends to move in either direction. Notice too that the introduction of foreign material sometimes makes the body reject the jewelry. The piercing may move closer to the surface, which is a sign of the body, leaving it.

4. Double nostril piercing

From the name, you have the same suggestion you need. It just means you have an additional piercing on your single one. Of course, they look so beautiful together, but the piercer will have to think more about the nose’s nerves.

It would help if you had a professional piercer to help you pierce the right spot and be safe for this piercing. Therefore, you should be careful and stylish with your work. The piercing will always take you about three months to heal fully.

The jewelry: Depending on the parts where you have pierced. You will need studs or nose bones, an L-shaped nose pin, captive bead, hoop, circular barbell, and almost any style. I love that, in most cases, the pain you have there is tolerable.

5. Triple nostril piercing

Do you want even more style? Try the triple nostril piercing. From the name, the piercing takes on the third hole. Here you have to go to a professional piercer to ensure they don’t interfere with your nerves.

Notice that you can have piercings on different parts of your nose. In most cases, you will have the piercer arranging the piercing in a triangular manner. They do so just because it’s much safer to place the piercings like that.

Sometimes you can pierce the two piercings on one side and another on the left side. Either way, you should find ways to make it look beautiful.

If you pierced them simultaneously, you should give your piercing up to a year to fully heal. Don’t tamper with the jewel for the first two months. After that, though, you can do as you please with them.

Jewels: This is the most versatile style of piercing that will let you use any type of jewels you like to use. In most cases, you will stand out when you have this kind of piercing.

6. Nasallang piercing

This is similar to the spectral piercing style. It’s one of the most intricate techniques of piercing. Here you, therefore, have symmetrical piercings on either side of the piercing. It mostly looks like a straight barbell that you take to either side of the nostrils.

Don’t worry; you will pierce both sides in a single day. So it’s where you pierce the nostril, then the septum, and the nostril again. This is the one style of piercing that we may also call the tri nasal piercing.

Within 4-6 months, you should have healed your nose if you remember to take good care of it. For some people, this is enough to create the perfect look.

A jewel to use: you should focus on either getting a straight barbell or an industrial barbell.

7. Septum

This is a trendy style today, with many celebrities wearing the septum jewel. Here you will need to pierce the septum that’s next to the cartilage that’s in between the nostrils. Most people say it isn’t just too painful, but it’s not when you pierce the sweet spot.

Again when piercing, it’s safe for you to go to a professional piercer as they know the exact spot to pierce. Additionally, they will brief you on what to expect and do during the healing window.

Most people say I don’t care if it will be painful within because it will heal eventually and enjoy the different jewels.

The jewels: choose the circular barbell captive bead rings or gauges. You can use almost any style of jewel you would like to.

8. Vertical tip

Some people refer to it as rhino piercing too. If you feel like the horizontal style of piercing is boring, then try the vertical one.

Here the piercing goes from the tip of your nose and between your nostrils. It will go down under the nose tip.

Expect the piercing to be a little painful, but it’s also one of the unique styles. You can use a straight barbell or a curved one for this style.

9. Austin piercing

This looks like the Nasallang, but it doesn’t connect the septum piercing. So here, the bar jewel goes through the tip of the nose.

It will take about 2-3 months for it to heal fully. So then, in this case, you should only use the barbell jewel.

10. Septril piercing

This is another unique style where you combine the jewel’s septum style with the half of a vertical tip.

It feels and looks unique when you’re piecing it. This is the piercing where you mustn’t do it at home. If you did this alone, then you may cause tissue damage.

It would help if you had it healing in two to four months, but you can use a curved barbell, small stud, nose bone, and flat back stud.

So how much will the nose piercing cost?

Of course, the nose piercing cost depends majorly on where you are at the time when you wish to pierce your nose.

But generally, you could pay $25-$100. For most people, this is inclusive of the jewels you will use of the same.

Does it hurt?

If you are referencing it’s been hurting to that of the earlobe, then yes, it does. The level of pain, however, differs from one person to another.

Additionally, some parts will hurt more than others. Septum piercing is one of those that will hurt you so much.

What should I know about the piercing?

That the aftercare will determine whether you heal the piercing sooner or not. Remember to only focus on mild products if you have to buy them outside.

You should only go for the piercing if you are free of other infections.

It would help if you chose the jewel you would need based on the comfort and durability since you may have the jewel on for a prolonged healing window time.

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