6 Best Unique Septum Rings

Are you looking for a new septum ring for your septum piercing? Let’s just say today is your lucky day as we are showing you some of the unique septum rings you could use.

Here you will find the different styles of septum rings made using different materials and styles. They remain a trend among A-list celebs, which is making them even more popular.

We have different septum rings, but we will show you some of the unique ones in this article. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a Jessica Biel style, Kylie Jenner, one or even the faux one Rihanna wore; we will show you the best choices to use.

We have done our research, and here are the options we see best to use when you want unique styles.

When you pierced your septum, and you finally have it healed, then you can go for the best rings to use for a complete look.

1. OUFER 16G Daith Septum Rings 

OUFER 16G Daith Septum Rings Unique Design Clear CZ Paved 316L Stainless Steel Daith Helix Earrings Septum Piercing Jewelry

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Look at that classy piece?

This surgical grade material of the septum ring is unique yet stylish, and it contains cubic zirconia. This makes it even more attractive on different skin tones. It will give you an entirely complete look. These rings are safe for sensitive skin levels, mostly because they contain no nickel or lead.

This simple yet unique piece will make a statement of elegance for you. It’s further dainty to make you stand out in the crowd. It’s the one piercing that will mostly suit all. It’s safe and comfortable to wear the ring.


  • It’s meant for both sexes.
  • Its material is safe to use and, therefore, free of nickel, lead, and cadmium.
  • It has the right diameter size for the different septum sizes.
  • It’s versatile, and you can therefore use it for the septum and as an earring as well.


  • Some people say that it’s not as durable.

2. Jewseen Septum Rings Daith Piercing

Jewseen Septum Rings Daith Piercing 16G Nose Piercing Ring Septum Jewelry Teardrop Clear CZ Paved Tragus Helix Earring

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Here you have a stainless steel option, and it uses high-quality stainless steel. Besides noticing that the jewel also has the cubic zirconia added to its parts, thus amplifying its look. The jewel will therefore create the teardrop style of jewel.

This is the easiest way to stand out even though it comes in a silver looking color. The daith jewel is hypoallergenic, yet it’s nickel and lead-free. Notice that these pieces are rust-resistant, which means it will last longer.

It has a smooth surface, and it’s comfortable to wear. Besides, the jewel will last longer, and it’s a stylish piece that will stand out. When you want a gift to use then, this is the best choice. Notice that this is easy to open and close for you.


  • It features the perfect shape to use, and that’s what uniqueness is about.
  • It’s comfortable to wear and remove. It will maintain safety to remember.
  • The jewel is corrosion resistant.


  • They aren’t as durable

3. Hinged Nose Ring Hoop 316L Surgical Steel Septum

316L Surgical Steel 16G White Opal Cartilage Earring Hoop Septum Nose Rings Daith Helix Tragus Earring Jewelry, 16 Guage, Silver, 8mm

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Although it’s a simple hoop septum jewel, it has unique exterior colors that make you stand out. It comes it pinkish colors but also light blue ones. Here you have a classy style that will make it easy to have a fun time while standing out in a crowd

Hoops are great because they are comfortable to wear and yet it features the use of a 316L stainless steel material of septum.

Notice that you will receive three colors of the jewel to use them to switch from one style to the next. You can have it casual, classy, and formal looking too.

The jewels are then safe and gentle on your skin. The good thing is that you don’t have to use it as a septum ring instead of making it an earring if you want to. This piece is utterly stylish and versatile for the different styles of piercings. You can use it on your helix and again on your nose, so you all get to choose which side is best.

Its uniqueness also means it will surpass the expectations. It looks good, whether you want it for formal or informal situations.


  • It’s for those who like the simple, elegant style.
  • It’s unique with a perfectly shiny look.
  • It’s easy to click in place if you want to use it over a long time.


  • The shells will soon come out, making it lose its elegance sooner than you want it to.

4. Jew seen 14K Gold Opal Lined Set Hinged Segment Hoop Rings 

Jewseen 14K Gold Opal Lined Set Hinged Segment Hoop Rings 16g Septum Clicker Nose Rings Daith Trgaus Helix Earring Body Piercing

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Do you like the gold style of jewels? Here you have some of the most unique looking choices to use. It will make you stand out in a crowd as someone who is intentionally fashionista. Although you would think that you can only wear it on your septum, it will let you wear it on other parts of the body. Just like above, you can use on your ears, nose, and lip.

This jewel gives you an elegant and exquisite look, and it’s best to use when you have sensitive skin too since it’s free of nickel, lead, and cadmium.

When you want the unique septum ring, consider buying from jew seen. They’re further comfortable to wear and more excellent options for the price. These options are going to protect your ears from other parts of the allergic material.

You will find it being the perfect solution because it’s exceptionally easy to maintain.

5. Finrezio 16PCS 16G Stainless Steel Septum Piercing 

Finrezio 16PCS 16G Stainless Steel Septum Piercing Nose Rings Hoop Tragus Cartilage Retainer Body Piercing Jewelry

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The most common style of the jewel when you have a septum is the retainers. They come in rose gold or sometimes or even silver style of jewel. Here you have a set that comes in different styles to change every time you want to. You will like that they come in the perfect size that fits you almost any time you are wearing it.

This piece will never corrode or rust; it’s going to last over a long time, making it ideal for different occasions. It’s further light in such a way you won’t know you have it on. Do you like to flip the retainers?  Here you have the unique style to use if you like. Notice that these pieces are, in fact, comfortable to wear.


  • Retainers are the best options to use for the septum but especially these types.
  • They look stylish yet colorful too.
  • You can quickly wear them and hide them when you want to.


  • If you want the high-end choices, then this may not be it.

6. Ruifan 12PCS 14G Surgical Steel Nose Septum 

Ruifan 12PCS Assorted Colors Surgical Steel CBR Nose Septum Horseshoe Nipple Earring Eyebrow Tongue Lip Piercing Ring with 5mm Balls & Spikes 14G 14mm

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I like it for its uniqueness in color particularly. Also, it stands out since different people can use it at different times. It’s hypoallergenic and nickel free, which means you can use it even for different fashion styles. This is one of the few unique styles that anyone will find useful when buying the jewel.

You will enjoy the smooth finish because it can easily fit your piercing, making you feel stylish. The pieces here are lightweight, and they’ll fit anyone perfectly.


  • This is for those who don’t like complications as it’s comfortable to wear.
  • They will let you use different colors.
  • It’s versatile, allowing you to use it on different parts of your body.


  • For some people, these are too big for the septum.

What should you look for in the unique septum rings?


Of course, you want to buy the one style of jewel that looks appealing to you and uniquely stylish. Well, different brands offer different and nicely unique septum jewels. Where you buy them, though, will determine the creativity you need.

Unique Septum Rings

Remember, there are many unique styles, as you can see above. One of the best shops to go to is Amazon, but you can have other shops too.

Take your time to search for the one that makes you happy. You may have to spend more for the same, but it’s all okay.

Choose a high-quality septum jewel.

The material you go for will determine whether the jewel is perfect or not. If you choose the right material, even if it’s, therefore, precious, you can be sure it will be a durable piece that will last for ages. The best example is that you use the hypoallergenic material that will never cause reactions.

Therefore, most of the materials you choose are made using surgical steel, and although they are cheaper, they are also biocompatible. You will also find the one made using titanium or gold material. This will often cause skin reactions making it the perfect choice.

Check the size

Before you finally settle on the jewel you wish to buy, you should check the size to make sure you only choose the one that serves you. Confirm that you can quickly flip them if you need to because you are sure they will fit you right.

Once you have the right size, go on to choose the right style for your face. Remember, even if you are looking for a septum jewel, there will always be one that matches your needs. If you also need a dramatic look, then you should pick the piece that matches that dramatic effect you want to attain.

The upcoming fashions

Remember, the trends are always changing, so you should be ready to change it, making it look stylish. You know most of the rings you decide to use here are stylish, sometimes very small, but they look like nicely fashionable.

It will depend on the event you are going to. Different events will give you different styles of jewels and fashions to try. Remember, events like romantic dates have unique jewels for such days.

Alternatively, choose the one that will complete your statement.

Choose one based on your budget.

I mean, you can’t just go out there looking for any jewels; you will need one that matches your budget. We have different options you can go out buying at different budgets. Make sure you choose the one that matches your needs. How precious the metal you are choosing is will determine the cost of the jewel.

For example, if you choose gold, don’t expect it to cost you just the same price as that of surgical steel.

It should match your personality.

Most of the jewels, just like your dress code, will often match your personality. If you choose the one that doesn’t send the right info about you, it will be hard to handle. Sometimes when you don’t want to talk, you can use the jewels to show your real personality.

This means that if you are going to use precious metals, you should expect to show sophistication.

What makes a jewel stand out as a unique

We say the septum jewel is unique when it has an additional personal touch to it too. Of course, you can decide to make it just the usual way others would, but you make it unique when you use different styles and creativity.

Unique Septum Ring

It should be a style that’s out of the regular for it to qualify as a unique piece of jewel.

The jewel is the styles a list celebrity also use

When talking about the unique jewels, you will notices that this is the same kind of jewels that the celebrities choose. Remember, they like to stand out, so they will go for the most unique that may cost even more.

They are sometimes costly.

Of course, that’s why we call them unique jewels. Since they entail too much work, they’re also costly. Of course, you will have to spend some good fortune on anything that costs you a lot.

They are stylish

Expect the jewels to be stylish and incredibly nicely styled. This is what makes it stand out and be referenced as unique.

They have a story behind

A good unique septum jewel has a unique story behind it. So you can ask about its story from the manufacture or better yet read about it.

My top pick unique septum- OUFER 16G Daith Septum Rings 

I started with this piece because I can clearly say it’s the best pick here mostly because of its perfect shine and versatility. It also matches your different skin tones, and you can quickly go with it to any of your significant events.

And to you

Now you know everything you need in regards to unique septum rings. Will you go out and buy them? Well, check out some of the best jewels from amazon if you would like to find the very best.

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