10 Best Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizers Or Armoires

When you like jewelry accessories, you will never want to lose them. The worst part is that you will wind up losing one by one unless you have a place to organize them. Today we bring you the wall-mounted armoire as a tool to use in organizing and keeping them safe.

There will be different types you can choose from, but the following will be the best option.

A jewel armoire is the storage solution for your different styles of jewels. It makes sure the jewels are safe and corrode free.

Types of jewel armoire

Notice that even the armoire comes in different styles. So you will have to choose the one that fits your room perfectly.

Standing armoire

You can have the free-standing type that you don’t have to mount anywhere. You don’t need extra space to set it. Such will come in any shape as long as it fits the space you have for them. It will always accentuate the top part of your desk.

Wall-mounted ones

These are the types we are talking of today. People like them more, especially if you don’t have enough space to set more things. You mount it on the wall, so it doesn’t occupy large spaces.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

It will come in different lengths, and you can place it in a perfect space for you to reach it easily.

Over the door options

Here you have the type where it fits easily on the door, and it looks more like the regular wall mount one. Only this time, you mount it on the door.

Heres what to look for in the armoire before you buy it

The hooks, shelves, drawers

When you buy the armoire, you will need to check that the jewels hooks are safe and secure, and they will never fall off. If you can find the ones that have drawers for more storage space, the better. It gives you space to store unique makeup and other things.

What jewels do you have more of? If you have more rings, you will need the one with the ring rolls; if you have necklaces, the one with different necklaces compartments are the best.

In the end, you should choose the one that accommodates the different kinds of jewels you would like to use.

Confirm the security

You will always need a space where you can comfortably keep your precious jewels. Of course, if you want, you can get the one that gives you the security just the same as the safe does. A good lock and key piece is the best. Don’t overthink it; you are getting the lock for those in your household to ensure the jewels are safe.

What do you think of a mirror?

Sometimes you will need to reflect the jewel or just the right mirror to see how the jewel fits you. So yes, an armoire with such options are the best.

Other extras

The display will make it look beautiful, so you need to choose the one with the right LED but with the glass windows.

The size

Even when you intend to mount it on the wall, you want to check the place where you intend to set it. It would help if you had; it is easy to fit in the space but not causing too much congestion. This is why you choose the jewel based on the size of the space you have.

The budget matters

How much do you have set aside for this? When you know the amount you are willing to invest in the jewels, then you can be sure to buy the jewel that’s just within the range.

1. Rustic Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Rustic Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer with Wooden Barndoor Decor. Jewelry holder for Necklaces, Earings, Bracelets, Ring Holder, and Accessories. Includes hook organizer for hanging jewelry (Brown)

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There’s something about the wood finish that gives it a perfect look. It features the use of real wood and a barn wood finish. Everyone enjoys the rustic finish that’s also stylish looking. With this, you can always have a flattering look too. So this mount will give you the exact space to hang your earrings, necklaces, bangles, and many more.

It has a top shelf that you can use to hold all the other accessories you would like. The armoire has a large storage capacity. Generally, it will give you tons of space to use when you are looking for storage of different things.

You see, you will have it closed, but when you, therefore, open it, then you will have it looking even wider in length.

This one is an excellent choice because it comes with the other tiny storage part that you can set underneath it. This is the best way to keep your jewels with the barn style door. It features a great quality piece that you may use any time. You will further notice that it’s easy to install these pieces.

Remember, it’s often all pre-assembled before you can set it on the wall. This makes it all easy, and you can be sure it won’t lose any of your earrings.


  • It’s a wall mount, so it’s not taking any more space.
  • You will like the finish since it blends well with your interior décor.
  • It’s ecofriendly.


  • Although it has space, it’s not as large.

2. LUXFURNI Small Mirror Jewellery Cabinet Wall-Mount/Door-Hanging Armoire

LUXFURNI Small Mirror Jewellery Cabinet Wall-Mount/ Door-Hanging Armoire, Lightweight Storage Organizer

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This is a small one that will occupy just a small space while storing several jewels at ago. Therefore, with its three compartments, you can be sure to keep all the different kinds of jewel you need. It will further make it easy to adjust, thus making it suit your personal needs.

Besides, you will have clear storage bags to store more jewels or other valuables like makeup. With this style, jewels won’t rust or tarnish quickly. When you, therefore, use the bags, you will know what to store where. This makes it easy to find the jewels as you don’t have to remove all the jewels, preferably just the one you would love to use.

The best part is that it will serve you longer because they are made to last long. This is a modern style where you have the slim wall mount to organize the jewels. Besides, you will even have a mirror on one side to use when you are outputting the jewels.

Since it’s even a brighter color means it will compliment your style. Notice that the storage shelves are removable. To make it even easy to deal with, you can place it just above your make up table.

This is beautiful looking jewelry storage. And it matches your wall too.


  • It’s versatile.
  • It’s beautiful to match your decor.
  • The full-length mirror is ideal.
  • It’s easy to set
  • It’s slim; therefore, it doesn’t take too much space.


  • It has a lesser storage capacity.

3. SONGMICS 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry Cabinet, 47.2'H Lockable Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror, 2 Drawers, White UJJC93W

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When all you want is a jewelry cabinet that will last a little longer, you have it here. Notice that you will also have full-screen mirrors. But this one is the durable one that will last longer with you. Notice that you can easily stick the jewels’ armoire to the wall or the door. The wall mount will never slip off because you have the mechanism to secure it on the door safely.

This type of wall mount is on another level because it has 6 LED lights where you can easily choose the jewel to use for the day without switching on the room light. This makes it easy to use, even in the dark. They make sure the light is always working before coming to deliver it.

You will like this piece for the reason that it gives you a large storage capacity. So you don’t need your jewels to scatter on the floor anymore. You, therefore, have the space to keep all the jewels in just one place.

The glass mirror they have is the real type, so you’ll have it providing better performance. It further comes with its screws, all ready for you to secure it quickly on the wall. No need to worry about it falling off. It further has a lock and key, which means no prying hands can come into your jewelry store. And mind you, it doesn’t take any new space as you expect.


  • Its pockets have velvet, which makes it safer on the jewels as nothing will scratch them.
  • This wall mount is convenient to use.
  • It shows you the different heights for you to know the perfect one to choose from.

4. X-cosrack Large Rustic Jewelry Organizer Wall Mounted

X-cosrack Large Rustic Jewelry Organizer Wall Mounted, Wooden Hanging Jewelry Cabinet Holder Rack Hanger with Removable Bracelet Rod, Jewelry Display for Necklaces Bracelet Earrings Ring,Vintage

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When you like to have the more extensive storage options of the wall mount, you are lucky to have this type. This jewelry hanger has 34 hooks, but its rustic rod look is one thing that stands out. So this extra-long wooden rod is ideal for making sure you have all the jewels in one place.

The top display shelf will also offer you a chic display that you may also use for your favorite books if you like. The design makes it easy for you to see all the jewels at ago, thus you are choosing the right ones.

So the large jewelry holder features the use of sturdy pine wood that also has natural colors. When making this holder, the aim is to make sure it lasts forever. The holder is furthermore comfortable to mount, and you, therefore, need no screws with it.

It doesn’t matter where you would love to have it; then it will perfectly fit. This jewelry holder will often create a rustic look, and that then compliments different looks. It fits almost any decoration you want or have. No more letting the jewels hang on the floor. You will mostly like it for its design and ease of use.


  • It will match almost any kind of decoration in the house.
  • The organizers are hand-built
  • It can be a perfect gift for your friends.
  • It has the aesthetics in mind.


  • It doesn’t have the velvet for the jewels, which then may scratch some of the delicate pieces.

5. Angelynn’s Stud Dangle Earring Holder Wall Mount 

Earring Holder Organizer for Stud Dangle Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Belts, Wall Hanging Tree Branch Jewelry Storage Rack, Tree of Life White

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Sometimes you can have this unique piece of jewelry holder. The tree design, therefore, holds all the earrings. Until recently, I used to buy my earrings and lose them in a few days. When you buy such a holder, though, then you will keep them safe and easy to find.

The wall mount is smaller, but stylish in it won’t even crowd your house. Notice that you can store up to 52 earrings pairs and even up to 30 necklaces. So although it looks tiny, it has about enough space for your jewel storage.

You don’t have to worry about its security on the wall because it will stick in place with the right screws. You won’t even have it falling off, and the piece is ideal for your home use. You can further easily blend with your interior decorations.

It takes the reflection of light entirely, making it look even better.


  • It enhances your interior decoration, and it could easily create a focal point with it.
  • Your jewels are further cheaper to use.
  • You want it durable; you will have it durable here.


  • For some people, it seems over-priced.

6. Nathan Direct Laney Lockable Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire

Nathan Direct Laney Lockable Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire with Ring Holders, Earring Hooks, Necklace Hooks, and Compartments, Black

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You will have the perfect capacity to keep the different jewels—moreover, it’s lockable and looks organized while creating a focal point. Notice the mirror on the outside that you can use to make up or even see how the jewels blend.

The armoire is a whole package of options since you have the compartments to keep different jewels. You can have the shelves for the different styles of jewels.

It looks nicely simple while commanding attention. This jewel is chic and yet sophisticated.

Such a piece is further nicely crafted. Remember, it remains sturdy but also stable to use. You should find it easy to clean since you just have to dust it off and deliver a power cleaning. It features the use of high-quality wood.

You will like that it has velvet on the inside to keep it secure from scratches. Notice that it elicits the perfect quality here. Besides, no prying hands will come to your jewel because they are lockable.


  • These pieces are lined with plush to maintain the safety of the jewels.
  • You have a large capacity to store all the different kinds of jewels.
  • It’s durable, so you can expect it to serve you longer.


  • It’s costly

7. LUXFURNI Mirror Jewelry Cabinet 79 LED Lights Wall-Mount/Door-Hanging Armoire

LUXFURNI Mirror Jewelry Cabinet 79 LED Lights Wall-Mount/ Door-Hanging Armoire, Lockable Storage Organizer w/ Drawers (Brown)

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The fact that it has 79LED lights makes it even better because you will see the jewels for what they indeed are. You have the 6AAA battery to power it, but it also gives you an auto shut off and on. Notice that the jewels have a standing mirror for you to see yourself in full length. It has the anti-tarnish in the cabinets, which means that you can place even sterling silver options.

You will also have the traveling pouch with a zipper and hook for your personal belongings. Here you, therefore, have an elegant box with the perfect handle for easy opening. You will further have the locks to keep the jewels safe when you aren’t around. No one wants to come and find their precious jewels being lost.

You then have the four stylish drawers to store some other things like the makeups. The makeup organizer is excellent looking, but you can also remove it and clean it if you like. These options make it easy to see any of the makeups you want to see quickly.  Notice that you have an abundance of space and hooks where you will store different styles of jewels.

No more throwing makeups all over; you can organize them here.


  • It looks beautiful and blends well with your interiors.
  • The lights are ideal for seeing the jewels for what they are and the color they come in.

8. AOOU 6 LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Full Screen Display Jewelry Armoire Organizer

AOOU 6 LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Full Screen Display jewelry Armoire Organizer,47.3'H Lockable Wall/Door Mounted Makeup Box with 2 Drawers Pure White

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Here is the easiest way to keep all your jewels organized in this wall mount piece. The easiest way to ensure that you never lose your valuables is to keep them organized in the wall mount. It makes it easy to find the vital jewelry you would like to have.

Remember, a wall armoire is excellent for all the different kinds of jewels. It will fit in any kind of jewel you like. You can be sure it will have a large storage capacity. It will make it easy for you to find different kinds of jewels.

You can then lock the jewels in to make sure the prying hands don’t get ahold of them. It further looks nicely matched with your interior decorations too. The best part is that it’s easy to assemble it as you set it next to the wall. Even when you have the tiniest space, you can still hang it somewhere next to the door and on the wall.

You can use the two drawers below to store your valuables too.


  • It has proper lighting.
  • It’s eco friendly
  • Has a real mirror


  • You will have to replace the batteries.

9. LANGRIA 10 LEDs Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Jewelry Armoire

LANGRIA 10 LEDs Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Jewelry Armoire Storage Organizer for Accessories, Carved Design, 2 Drawers, 3 Adjustable Heights, White

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This piece is even more durable because it’s using the MDF board. This is a high-quality piece that’s therefore durable, and you can even distort it. Notice that it has painted surfaces that keep it moisture-proof. It’s further abrasive resistant and anticorrosive.

You further have a mirror that gives you a full-length view. Notice that the jewel comes with curved parts to enhance the beauty of the house. It has about 10 LED lights; this makes it easy to see all the jewels easily. Choose the 3AAA batteries and notice that it will automatically turn on and off.

It has large storage, and you can as well lock it to secure them. You can store other valuables on the two shelves. None of the jewels will rust as long as you keep them secure.

10. Wall Hang Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire 

Wall Hang Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Storage Organizer Christmas

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Here is another one of the unique styles of jewel you may use. Like the other types you have seen above, the full-length mirrors give you the full view. It will help in organizing all the jewels you like. It will fit in with your different decoration.

It will remain durable to use; thus, you can have it lasting for ages.

Best overall

All the pieces you see here are great, but overall, I would choose SONGMICS 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry. It’s durable and easy to fit anywhere you would like to fit it on. It’s further easy to use it.

Why buy the wall mounted jewelry armoire?

No clutter

Unfortunately, when you don’t have the right storage method for your jewels, you will have them scattered all over your room. This will create clutter, and ultimately, you start losing some of them. If you are the type that likes to organize your things, the wall mount will benefit you.

Notice then that you won’t need any more space to set the wall-mounted armoire. So you won’t need to figure that out of your space. Consider that it’s easy to set just on the door or sometimes on the wall.

It’s, therefore, your solution if you have small and tight spaces. You can set this set anywhere you would like to, including the wall next to your mirror.

It will give you large capacity storage.

This is ideal for you if you like to buy so many jewels, mainly because you will find it easy to store them. The wall mounts further to make it easy to set the pieces neatly such that when someone came out, they will see nicely organized jewels.

Well, you will make use of underutilized space.

Nobody thinks of storing the jewels on the wall, but you don’t have to create more space with these pieces. Remember just to set them on the wall.

Your precious pieces are safe.

You can choose the ones that will keep the pieces tangle-free. This means you will set them up a single piece at a time.

They are affordable

Remember, the wall armoire is often affordable; they won’t make you spend a lot on them. It’s nice that you will only need to use a little amount to get it.

It’s long-lasting, and your jewels are safe.

You see, this tool will serve you over a long time despite it being a simple tool. It will take years before you can finally settle on having a new one.

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