What Does 925 Italy Mean On Silver

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Anyone who buys sterling silver a lot will know that if you get a genuine piece, you surely will last longer. This leads us to the question is 925 Italy silver authentic? Keep reading to find the answer below.

Remember, anything genuine will come to you at a high cost. When you are buying it highly, you want to make sure you invest in good silver.

What is 925 Italy silver?

First, remember the term 925 Italy silver is a genuine type of silver. It just means it has 92.5% pure silver from Italy.

The name is self-explanatory is what defines its meaning. Now you will find these numbers only on sterling silver.

italy silver

Like all the other sterling silver, you will have additional metals to make up for the 7.5% is made using copper, platinum, zinc, and palladium. These metals will help make it harder and more manageable.

Remember pure silver, whether Italian, French or just the regular silver is very soft, therefore hard to mold and shape.

The factories use these terminologies to emphasize the uniqueness of the metal and jewels. And you could understand it’s because of the measures in place to make sure Italians sell the best quality sterling silver.

Lets talk about 925 Italy silver.

Different countries have either high or low standards than the regular 925 sterling silver. It just depends on where you buy the silver from.

Remember, in America; it has to reach the 92.5% mark for it to be referred to as sterling silver.

You have other countries like Germany whose sterling silver contains 83.3% pure silver on the sterling silver. Lebanon, on the other hand, uses even 70% silver in sterling silver. Note that such pieces aren’t high-quality silver.

Italy Silver 3

Unfortunately, the 925 silver checkmark will not tell you where it’s from. Because if they say call it 925 and it’s from Lebanon, do you see it will have lesser silver content.

Sadly, these pieces use the same 925 standards. This is where the 925 Italy silver wins the battle. There’s legit since it contains pure Italian silver at 92.5%.

Notice that the government in the 1800s made a law requiring that sterling silver had to meet. Although today they don’t have such a law, you can understand why they value high-quality silver.

How to know the real sterling silver?

As mentioned earlier, even in the US, you must have 92.5% pure silver to qualify as sterling silver. You may have it called 92.5, 925, S925, or sterling silver. Any other marking is not sterling silver.

However, it’s hard to tell a legit from a fake one. That’s why you should always choose the 925 Italy silver as it will never change its name.

Should I buy it, though?

It would be best if you understood that we are referring to the highest quality of sterling silver when we talk about Italian silver. Remember, Italy has checking units to prove that the sterling silver jewels they sell are all marked 925 Italy silver.

It’s, therefore, the best idea to only buy the 925 Italy sterling silver. They are legit, durable, and perfect-looking. They are, in fact, mostly safe to use even if you are hypersensitive because they are hypoallergenic.

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