What Does 925 Mean On Jewelry

Jewelry, like any other industry, has some of its unique terminologies. If you are new to jewelry, you may wonder what 925 means as it’s standard in jewelry.

In this article, we answer your question and much more, as you will see below.

This is a hallmark stamp, but it’s not the only one. Well, you may have seen: 14K, 22K PT950, or even 925.

They all mean different things, and it’s essential to understand the jewel language when you are going to buy the jewels.

The stamp shows you the amount of metal that the jewel in question is composed of, unfortunately for most metals. If it doesn’t have a stamp, it’s almost always true that it’s fake.

So Whats 925?

If you have a ring or any jewel and look on the inside to notice it has this 925 stamp, you will know it’s legit sterling silver. 925 is about the amount of silver the jewel has. In this case, it contains 92.5% pure silver.

925 ring

I know what comes to your mind next, what about the 7.5% remaining? Well, that is covered by another metal like copper. This will make the silver manageable but also durable.

Sterling silver is the purest form of silver in the jewel industry.

When you are buying the silver though, remember to check if it has the stamping. If it doesn’t have it, then it’s a fake choice. It doesn’t matter even if it’s plated; if it has a sterling silver, it must have the hallmark.

Pure silver has a stamp of 999, but it’s rare to have it in the jewel industry. Although most people use the terms interchangeably, sterling silver features the use of other alloys, not only silver. Pure silver, on the other hand, is just that silver only.

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What does 925 mean on gold jewels?

I didn’t know you could find it on other jewels until recently when I just bought my new gold jewel. I saw the marking 925 and couldn’t help but ask myself whether it’s a real gold piece.

I did my research and found that first of all; the gold is legit. There’s nothing wrong with my gold. But like silver, remember gold is very soft, so you have to add other metals to make it manageable. In this case, it meant that there is an additional sterling silver mixed in with the gold to make it manageable.

Also, such gold that mixes with the sterling silver then is gold vermeil.

Please don’t fall for the misconceived information that it refers to 92.5% gold and 7.5% of other metals. Well, this is not true. 925 is not an accepted value or number showing the gold purity, and neither does it equate to any karat.

The karat number will show you the amount of gold in each piece, and none of them, by the way, is 925.

  • 24K is pure gold 999
  • 22K this has 917 or 91.7% gold
  • 18K this has 750 or 75% gold
  • 14K this has 585 or 58.5% gold
  • 10k has 417 or 41.7%
  • 9K has 397 or 39.7% gold

That’s the basic breakdown of the amount of gold in each piece. So as you can see, 925 has nothing to do with the gold; instead, it shows you that sterling silver is part of the gold alloy.

This will also show you that the jewel’s base content is sterling silver if it’s sterling silver jewelry with just the gold plating.

What of other jewels?

Well, this goes true for other jewels too. You should know that the hallmarks stamp is as easy to interpret as you have seen it here. If any of the jewels that are not silver contains the marking 925, it can only mean that it contains the sterling silver as part of the alloys.

But different jewels have different markings, and they mean different things, so you should check them.

When buying silver, is it okay to choose the ones without markings?

The truth is if you bought jewels without markings, you bought fake ones. There’s no better way to say it. For example, countries outside America sometimes like to call the jewels that are not even 92.5% silver as sterling silver doesn’t buy that.

They may call their 90%-coin silver as sterling silver. Our standards here suggest that if it’s not 92.5%, it’s not sterling silver.

Other times the jewelers like to be naughty, and they want to get around the country standard by not marking so beware. Invest in legit brands to be safe.

You will quickly test this silver by checking out the fineness mark. This will show you how much silver is in the alloy. But don’t fall for any silver, make sure it’s a certified and stamped option to be on the safe side. It should have the words sterling or 925. Other connotations used are sterling STER or SS.

In case you come across a number 925 Italy, it’s still a great type of silver. The only difference is that it’s from Italy.

925 EP is a little different in that it refers to sterling silver with a thin layer of gold over the silver.

Unfortunately, you could fall victim to fraud if you are not careful since most of the jewelers are not honest. Check out our blog on how to tell if the silver is real for a guide.

Can you find a diamond in sterling silver?

Yes, you can just because the jewelers are more creative. However, they like to set them in the small Karat weight ones.

You will, however, see gemstones cubic zirconia, and chips of diamond in sterling silver.

Would you advise me to buy a jewel with the 925 marks?

But of course, this is one of the best types of jewels. Remember, this is the most excellent silver level in jewelry, and even if your gold is marked 925, you are still very okay to use it or buy it.

Now you have the answer.

You have the answers already now, and you are ready to either buy the sterling silver if its stamped. Take your time to research the best ones to use.

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