What Jewelry Can You Wear in The Shower (Complete Guide)

We hear this question in the jewelry store every time someone wants to buy their favorite jewels. It’s a legit question that anyone wants to understand genuinely.

The thing is when you are asking this question; then obviously you need a yes or no answer. Unfortunately, you can’t receive such a direct response as there’s more to it than just a yes or no.

We are going to break everything down for you here to help you clearly understand.

I know you can genuinely forget and shower with your jewel. Note, the gemstones won’t get damaged when you just forgot once and showered with them.

Nonetheless, you need to understand this topic based on the different kinds of jewels.

What jewelry can you wear in the shower?

Can I wear a diamond when going to the shower? No, it’s not a good idea. Diamond will react to the natural oils, the soaps and about anything will form a film over the perfect diamond.
Can I wear gold when I’m going to shower? Yes, you can; after all, nothing will harm it. But remember if you do so over time, then it will get dull.
Can I wear my sterling silver when I’m going to shower? You shouldn’t do it because sterling is silver is susceptible to tarnish, and the salts in the water and the humid environment may cause it.
Can I shower with my platinum jewel? Yes, you can because the metal itself is never affected by the water. Nonetheless, you don’t want to use it a lot when you are going into the water.
Can I wear my stainless steel in the shower? Yes, there’s nothing that will affect the stainless steel anyway.
Can I wear my gold plated jewel? No, don’t do it. Remember, such is just a thin layer of gold, so this showering in it will cause the peeling.
Can I wear the gold-filled jewels? Yes, you can shower with them.
Can I shower in my copper brass or bronze jewelry? Not a good idea if you are not sure about the purity level.
Can I shower in my aluminum, titanium, or niobium jewels? Yes, they are non-reactive, so you can wear them even in the shower.
Can I shower with my pearls? No, don’t this will destroy the jewels sooner than it should.

Can I shower with sterling silver earrings?

We all love sterling silver for its perfect shine. It doesn’t matter the kind of jewels we are talking about here; the answer is the same.

Sterling silver will tarnish faster, so you shouldn’t subject it to any environment that will trigger it.

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The humid environment in your shower will most definitely cause the tarnishing sooner. Sterling silver will start to react with the salts and oxygen in the bath.

However, if you forgot and went into the shower with it, the best thing to do is clean it soon. Also, dry it properly before keeping it.

sterling silver earrings

Remember, though that too much exposure to humidity will cause sterling silver damage over time. So the best thing to do is to remove it before you go into the shower.

Besides, when you use it in the shower, you will lose the perfect shine and give it a dull grayish look. Notice that sterling silver will also react to the harsh chemicals in your soaps like chlorine.

If you also take it through salty water, it will start to tarnish. Check out more about the sterling silver in our blog can I  get sterling silver wet?

Can you shower with a necklace?

That depends on the material that you use to make the jewel. Notice that you can pick the different metals in the market, which determines whether you can shower in them. So we will break it down for you


If sterling silver, you can be sure you will damage it just like you damage your sterling silver earrings when you shower with it.

A Gold necklace will not oxidize, and neither will you damage it. But if you frequently go with it to the shower, it will lose its perfect shine and luster. Remember, if you are using gold plated, though, you shouldn’t shower with them.

Platinum necklaces are the best; they won’t react at all and can stand your shower water. Nonetheless, over time the jewels will start losing their shine. Don’t go into the shower with them all the time.

Stainless steel is not affected by the water, so you can use it in the shower. But like the platinum above over time, then you will make it lose its shine.

Aluminum titanium and niobium necklaces, on the other hand, are non-reactive in whichever environment you put them.

Pearls are the best looking, but you shouldn’t go into the shower with them on. Get it off before you go into the shower.

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Can I shower with 18k gold plated?

Yes, you can, but it’s not always a good idea. With time the soaps and the hard water will tend to leave the residue on the gold, making it look dull. It will quickly lose its shine and its color too.

18k gold plated

So if you want it to look as good as new, you should remove it. Remember, it will last longer if you take precautionary measures to keep it looking as good as new.

Naturally, the 18K gold is already a durable type that is popular to last long. You don’t want to damage its shine and luster with some level of negligence.

More about 18K gold plated jewelry.

Can you wear gold-plated jewelry in the shower?

This one features the use of a thin layer of gold, and as such, you shouldn’t go with them to the shower. In most cases, that will lead to fast peeling off.

People like such jewels just because it gives you the shiny appeal as well as the color.

It’s, in fact, very affordable, but if you use it in the shower, then you risk damaging it even sooner. The fact that the layer is thin, the water will quickly peel it off. This will also stop it from getting chipped off sooner.

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Can you wear gold jewelry in the shower?

If you have real gold, you can surely serve you over a long time. But the best part is that it’s never affected by the chemicals or even the water. The only thing that may happen over time is that it will lose its luster and shine.

gold jewelry

So, yes, you won’t affect it, but you will reduce its lifespan, remember. The best thing to do regardless of the type of gold we are talking about is always to remove it first.

You want it to look as good as new, but if you go with it to the shower all the time, it will look like a knock-off piece.

Can you wear your alloy jewels in the shower?

Remember, the alloy jewel is a mix of two or three different metals. The aim is always to make it healthy or more durable. We can’t rule in favor or against this as most of the time; it will matter the kind of jewel we are talking about.

If the alloy contains metals like copper, you are sure to damage it if you shower with it. Bottom line is you shouldn’t shower with them since they are going to tarnish and fade.

Can you wear rope necklaces in the shower?

It’s best to remove it when you are going to shower because the chemical contents in the products will deteriorate the rope.

It will then start looking old and not at all beautiful. Notice that too much water and the shower soaps will make the ropes lose their flexibility. Also, it will feel or look stiff.

If you, therefore, forgot and used the rope in the shower, you should rinse it thoroughly. You don’t want the string to be stiff and weak. So clean it, then let it air dry.

Can I wear my tiffany and co necklace in the shower?

This is one of the best quality jewels. You can use it even in the shower, but remember to wear it safely so that you don’t lose it in the process. The good thing is that it’s easier to clean.

Although they are safe to use in the shower, you should be concerned about maintaining the shine. Remember, you will be better off; just keep it off the shower.

Can you shower with gold-filled jewelry?

You can use the gold-filled jewelry in the shower because of the way it’s made. This one usually has a base metal, and then there’s a thick layer to cover the base material.

But the layer is perfectly bonded to the base metal. That’s to say that it will not easily peel off even if you went into the shower with it. Nonetheless, you can also use it when you are going to swim.

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Can I wear rope bracelets in the shower?

You should do the same for the bracelet the same way you have to keep the rope necklace off when you are going into the shower.

Remember, the material is the same for the rope, and the effects are further the same.

Therefore, you shouldn’t use it when you are in the shower. If you go with it to the shower often, it will soon start to be very stiff. It will also lose its color, making it looks old. In some cases, it will even begin to tarnish.

Can you shower with a rhodium-plated jewel?

We all like the rhodium plating for the same reason that it makes the jewel look valuable yet shiny. It will stand out no wonder most people like to use it over sterling silver and more metals like sterling steel.

It’s everyone’s dream to make sure the jewels last longer with the same color and shine. This is why you must remove them before you go to the shower. However, if you keep going into the shower with it, it will soon look worn out and old.

It will also reduce the number of times you have to re-plate it since it won’t peel off soon. Water is not so suitable for rhodium plating.

Can you shower with stainless steel jewelry?

In this case, it depends on the type of stainless steel you are using. If you are talking about high-quality stainless steel, it will never be affected by the shower water.

The excellent quality stainless steel will never tarnish rust or corrode. As such, you can safely use them in the shower.

This is the best material that’s not affected by water. You will wash your hands even with the soap and yet not have them lose their beauty.

Even then, though, you don’t have to expose it to all the different chemicals because you just don’t know the one that would react with it.

If you go with it to shower, though, and you still use the shower gel, you should remember to rinse it thoroughly because otherwise, the residue will always mess your jewel up.

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Can you shower with your surgical steel on?

Of course, this is the highest quality of stainless steel, which means it will still look as good as new. The secret though is to make sure once you shower that you rinse it thoroughly.

Such stainless steel jewel is never affected by the change in the environment. Also, even if you showered with it, got into the pool, or in the ocean, it will still be the same looking.

Can you wear mood rings in the shower?

These change the color based on the temperature of your fingers. Some people like to use them to read the moods, but sometimes they may be inaccurate always remember that.

Even then, the mood rings will show the difference in the mood. It’s never advisable to go with them to the bathroom ever. If the mood ring comes to contact with the water, then we promise you will damage it. The mood ring will never work as it usually does when it comes to contact with the water.

Can you wear Pandora bracelets in the shower?

Pandora is an excellent kind of jewel too, but it’s famous for tarnishing too, and as such, it will be uncalled for to go with it to the shower.

Also, don’t expose the bracelets to the harsh chemicals from the shower gels shampoo, and any other chemicals in the products you use. Remove the Pandora every time you are going to the bathroom to sustain its look.

Can you get cubic zirconia wet?

A little bit of water on the jewel, especially when you are cleaning it is a non-issue. However, you should keep it off water just the same way you do with sterling silver.

However, if you couldn’t resist it because maybe you forgot or were caught in the rain, then there’s no cause for alarm. Just clean it the moment you get back and then dry it perfectly thoroughly.

Can you wear 14k gold in the shower?

Yes, it’s a great quality jewel that’s never affected by water as much. This is one of the best metals that are resistant to reactions.

Don’t take this jewel through the harsh chemicals, as that will often cause severe reactions. Remember to wipe it down, thus polishing it once you are through with the process. You will have it maintain the shine and perfections through the time you have it on.

Can you wear platinum in the shower?

We all love and enjoy our jewels, right? Platinum jewels are famous for being nicely shiny and elegant, looking through the time you have them on. The only problem you will incur when you shower with your platinum is that it will start to lose its shine; thus, it becomes darker.

So the truth is you can shower with it the only difference is it will start to lose its shine and develop patina sooner.

I love pearls, can I wear them in the shower?

Don’t even try it because of all the different styles of jewels pearls are the most delicate ones. Unfortunately, the outer surface of your pearls will get affected by the exterior environment. Aside from the shower, make sure you keep the pearls from chemicals, soaps, oils, and other alkaline and acidic products.

Finally, you can use your soft cloth to wipe out the excess oils from the pearl jewel.

What if my watch, can I put it on in the shower?

You know we can categorize the watches in the list of jewels. Look at the back of the watch, and if it’s written water resistant, then it’s safe you can go swimming, to the shower, or even in the ocean with it.

Generally, though, you don’t need to shower while wearing your watch. I know it’s waterproof but don’t you just want to keep it safe I mean the internal parts shouldn’t come to contact with water. So don’t shower with them regardless.

Things to Do to Keep the Jewels Looking New

  • Remember to take the precious jewel back to the store for a fine polish

In the end, you always want the jewel to look as good as new. So after some time, you can take it back to the shop for a thorough cleaning and revitalization. It’s at this time that you will check for any more damages you could have.

  • You should clean your jewels.

Some people don’t remember to clean their jewels. It doesn’t matter which material of jewel you have; you will always need to clean it from time to time. Use the simple home cleaning method to make sure it never loses the shine.

But when you are cleaning it, remember to use mild detergents if you need to. Also, dry it entirely before you store it. You don’t want it to develop watermarks. If you need to, then you should use a soft toothbrush to clean the crevices.

Notice that if you use the wrong and harsh chemicals to clean the jewels, you will damage them. Understand the jewels metals to know the right detergents you can use on them.

  • Avoid showering with the jewels.

Although some metals are safe to use in the shower, it’s best to get the jewels out, when you’re going to the shower, start by removing the jewels. It doesn’t matter whether it’s safe to use them in the shower; they lose their shine.

Also, some of the chemicals in the shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners aren’t so good for your jewels.

  • You should store them right.

Some jewels are okay if you hang them in the open, but some will tarnish. So you should know your jewels first. Sterling silver tarnishes, so you should keep them in the zip lock bag. Also, make sure you polish them fast.

  • Wear the jewels last

The first thing to do with your jewels is to make sure you only wear them once you put on your makeup and everything. Some jewel metals will react with the makeup; that’s why you should wear them before the makeup.

  • Take a break with the jewels.

I know you love3 your new jewels but don’t keep wearing them all the time. This is why you can buy several jewels so you can keep others sometimes as you wear other types. Exposing the jewels will make them wear out over time.

  • When you wash hands

Remove the jewels when you are going to wash your hands. Before you start to wash even your hands or go to the pool, remember to wash your hands first.

Those who like jewelry know that they amp our style. This is why you should handle them with so much care. You can go into the shower with some jewels, but remember to rinse them right and dry them properly. However, if you can just remove the jewel, go into the bathroom to shower.

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