What Kind Of Jewelry Turns Your Skin Green And How To Avoid It

You recently bought your ring or necklace, and you are over the moon. But you discover something strange; when you wear it over prolonged periods, your skin turns green.

First off, note that the skin turn has no cause for alarm as you can simply wipe it out.

Also, the skin turning green has no health effects, so you don’t have to worry. It’s often a result of the chemical reaction between your body acids and the chemicals in the jewels.

Here are the reasons why the skin turns green

Of course, the first question you will hear people asking is why does the skin turn green anyways.

The corrosion may occur.

As you would expect, some jewels will still corrode. It all depends on the metal content and the kind of weather you also subjected it to. Notice that some of the metals will corrode and tarnish quickly. This is what then may cause the green color.

jewelry turns green

If this happens often, then you can simply plate or polish the jewel more often.

The acid levels of your body

While for some, this may seem irrelevant, but it has a significant impact. So the PH level of your body may vary from time to time.

If your body, therefore, has high acidic levels, then it will turn your skin green faster. But this also depends on the kind of metals you have in the jewels.

Metals like copper will react with your skin acid salts to cause the oxidization of your skin. If, in fact, you are wearing the jewel that has copper, then the salts in your body will react with the copper to cause green skin.

Metal abrasion

We all like to wear different perfumes, lotions, and petroleum jelly before you, therefore, go on to wear the jewelry. Some of the chemicals in these lotions and perfumes will quickly react with the jewels to cause the skin to turn green.

Notice that the reactions will only occur when you are in moist and humid conditions.

If you used the cheap metals

Unfortunately, the jewelry industry is full of counterfeit products. And if the jewel sometimes posed as a high-quality one, sometimes it’s just not. This may often occur if you accidentally purchased a gold plated jewel, which will then come out with time.

The base metals usually are what will react with your skin to cause the skin to turn green. Sometimes too, you will have bought just the regular high-end jewel, and still, your skin turns green. If the gem has extra metals like copper and nickel, then the skin must turn green.

When you have iron deficiency

You may have heard this proclamation that if the jewel causes the skin to tan, it means you have less iron in your body. This is also the reason why you have a different PH level that’s furthermore acidic.

This acidic environment will also be the cause of oxidation that would cause the green color on your skin. It’s the same case for a pregnant woman who has the skin turning green.

Presence of copper

Did you know that most jewels are made using copper? You will find it in metal alloys but especially the cheaper versions of the metals.

So the copper being a reactive metal will react with your skin or, better yet, the products on your skin. The reason for the green color is the oxidation and the reaction of the copper and your skin.

Is green skin from jewelry bad?

Before anything, we want to let you know that there are so many myths out there regarding this topic. The truth is that the jewel that turns your skin green doesn’t always equate to a weak quality type of gemstone.

Also, if your skin turns green, don’t worry, it has nothing to do with harmful toxins and you, therefore, shouldn’t freak out at all. It’s a chemical reaction, but never adverse reactions remember. Notice too that it has nothing that would cause harm to you.

I know we are different and hyper skin sensitive people will find it irritating and uncomfortable. But generally, it will not harm you in any way health-wise.

What kind of jewelry metals turns your skin green?


This is the number one metal known to man that causes the skin to turn green. You will notice that the metals will soon become green because of the oxidation that takes place. Therefore, the copper oxide formed is the reason why it turns.

Due to the humid or moist conditions, it will often tarnish much faster than other metals. Nonetheless, the copper used in the alloy will determine whether it tarnishes or not.


Most people use nickel to make the metals manageable and even deliver a perfect shine. Unfortunately, nickel is responsible for skin reactions. But not all people react to nickel, so if you don’t react, don’t worry when you notice a green color.

Know more about Nickel Free Jewelry.

Sometimes the nickel can cause a green color too. For those who are sensitive, then the green color may also form skin inflammations. So you will experience redness, itchiness, and a severe case of inflammation that will cause pus formation.

Does rhodium turn skin green?

In the recent past, we have noticed one common trend; jewelers are mostly plating their jewels using the rhodium. Such plated jewels develop the perfect color and smooth finish.

You will notice that they use it even over their sterling silver. It will not only prevent the tarnishing and skin rashes, but it won’t turn your skin green either.

Note that rhodium is naturally a non-reactive metal, just like titanium and platinum. So it will not react with your skin unless you mix it with other metals generally, though this will never occur.

Does sterling silver turn green?

Sterling silver is on the list of the most precious metals. It features the use of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Of course, the copper will make the silver manageable and easy to mold to different shapes.

However, copper oxidizes in the presence of oxygen and thus forming copper oxide. This is to say that it will turn your skin green. Nonetheless, remember the green color isn’t harmful to your skin, and as such, there’s no cause for alarm.

Does stainless steel turn green?

This is an excellent choice of metals, and just as it doesn’t tarnish, it won’t cause the skin to turn green.

Stainless steel doesn’t have any elements or metals that will react with your skin to form the green color. It’s the ideal metals for everyday wear because of its strong, durable, and beautiful. It can stand different weather conditions without damaging it.

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Does brass turn green?

This is, by far, one of the most affordable metals to use in jewelry. In most cases, people use it as a base metal and then plate it with another precious metal. However, it is made of an alloy of copper and zinc, which gives you the answer.

Brass will turn your skin green. Notice that the copper in the jewels will react with your skin salts and body lotions to form the green color.

Does zinc alloy jewelry turn your skin green?

It depends on the alloy content. And although the zinc alloys that contain lead and nickel are non-hypoallergenic, such won’t cause the skin turn. If you buy the one that’s an alloy of copper, you surely must create the green color.

As long as the oxidation will take place between the copper elements in the zinc and the oxygen in the air, then with time, it must turn green. Of course, most people want to know this because zinc alloy jewels go-to options when you are out of budget.

Although it’s cheap, it will have different tarnishing problems, causing skin allergies, and sometimes even the changing of your skin green.

Does real gold turn green?

When we are talking about real gold, we are talking about pure gold. Such gold has the best quality features. Its biocompatible, inert, good-looking, soft, and durable. Thus pure gold will never cause the skin to green.

Gold ring

Unfortunately, you can’t make jewels with pure gold because it’s very soft. You will have to mix it with other metals to make it manageable. Now depending on the metals, you add to the gold, it could be a 14k or 10K real gold. It may or may not cause your skin to turn green.

The reason is that they contain some form of copper in the mix, and thus, the copper reacts with the oxygen to form the green color.

If you, therefore, subject the low karat gold types to certain atmospheres, then it will turn green.

Does aluminum jewelry turn skin green?

Anyone in the jewel world should be excited about aluminum. It’s a beautiful metal that’s non-reactive.

As such, it won’t tarnish nor cause skin irritation, but it also won’t turn your skin green. If you notice that it tarnished, then it can only mean that it has some alloys within.

Does cubic zirconia turn your finger green?

No, it doesn’t unless, of course, you chose the low-quality one. Some jewelers will mix the cubic zirconia jewel with brass, copper, and such as metals.

Cubic Zirconia

If, in fact, you are using the plating, then when it peels off, you can be sure it will turn your skin green.

Generally, though, cubic zirconia is an excellent metal that will not cause skin reactions.

Does copper turn your finger green?

This is the master of turning the skin green. The moment it oxidizes with air, then it starts to transform your skin green. Remember, it will also cause tarnish, just like we had already mentioned above.

As long as you wear copper metal or alloy, be sure that it will cause green skin.

Does alloy jewels turn your skin green?

Most of the jewels you see in the market are made using alloys. Some of them are good rich and good looking while others are cheap and not so good. Depending on the metal content you have, it may or may not cause the green color.

They are mostly affordable but made using copper, bronze, and brass. Such types will cause skin discoloring. The copper element will, therefore, react with your skin to form the color change. So it’s safe to say that yes, they may cause the skin to turn green.

Does the pewter turn green?

Pewter is an excellent metal that will not tarnish as silver does, but it doesn’t cause the green color. If you used it in the plating of the jewel, you notice the color then know that the base metals seeped through. The color, therefore, has nothing to do with the pewter metals.

Does rhodium-plated brass turn green?

Rhodium plating is just the rhodium metal, and it will never cause the skin discoloration. However, if you notice the skin color change, then know that it’s more of the base metal seeping through again, not the rhodium plating.

But if you use the rhodium plating brass, then yes, it will tarnish because of the brass metals.

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You can have very cheap metal that doesn’t cause tarnishing or skin discoloration. This one is made using stainless steel. You can rest assured that it will never create a skin color change.

How to prevent your skin from turning your finger green

No one wants their skin to turn green from wearing different jewels even though it isn’t harmful. Also though it’s sometimes not easy to avoid, you can use the following methods.

Stop buying cheap jewels.

Of course, not all cheap jewels will turn your skin green, but it’s a start. Of course, you get what you pay for. In this case, since you bought cheap jewels, it’s the truth here. If you are going to spend less, be ready to handle issues like tarnish, skin irritation, and even turning your skin green.

Keep your skin dry

Unfortunately, this is not easy. Some parts of it are just a natural process. If it’s sweat we are talking about, then such we may not prevent. Nonetheless, if you use lotions and oils, make sure the parts you set the jewels remain dry.

Use the clear nail polish.

If you are sure the type you have contains the elements that will cause the green color; you can apply the clear nail polish. In essence, that will create a barrier between your skin and the jewel; thus, no skin turns.

Can you avoid the copper jewel?

Copper is the number one culprit that causes the color change. So you can choose just to avoid it. Or use rhodium plating that will prevent the color change.

Clean and polish those jewels regularly.

This will mean it has no room to start the oxidation process, thus keeping your skin free.

Buy other rings

You can use other rings if you don’t want the ones that will cause the green color. Choose stainless steel, platinum, or gold when you want the ones that won’t change your skin color.

How to get rid of green skin from jewelry

Although sometimes we fuss about it, it may not be such a big deal after all. It’s easy to remove the green color.

bracelet turn green

Use soap and water.

You just need to scrub the skin with soap and water gently, and it will be released off quickly. But if it’s stubborn on your finger, soak it in the soapy water and use the nail brush to clean it thoroughly.

Go on to moisturize your skin with cream to make sure it maintains the moisture.

Use alcohol

If you didn’t know already, you should know now that alcohol is an excellent cleanser in the house. It will, in fact, make it easy to clean your green hands or skin that’s stuck. So damp a piece of cloth with the alcohol then rub it all down.

Just remember that this is very drying, so once you finish, you can use the cream and lotion to give it the perfect moisture.

Once you have cleaned it entirely, you can then coat it with polish to make sure it doesn’t turn your skin again.

bracelet after washing

Important tips to prevent jewelry from turning skin green

Make a polymer barrier.

You can use the jeweler skin guard to prevent the skin from turning green. This forms a barrier between your skin and the jewel.

The good thing is that you can apply it once and have it serve you for about two months.

Keep the skin dry at all times

In most cases, dry skin will also mean there’s no room for skin reactions. Therefore, remember to dry your face

Hypoallergenic jewels

Notice that in most cases, if it’s hypoallergenic, then it’s safe from reactions.

So now you know all the metals that would mostly cause the skin to turn green. You can, therefore, choose the kinds that don’t. Alternatively use preventive measures.

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