How to Choose a Nose Ring

‘I like this ring and that one and the other one.’ This is what happens when you go to the jewelry store.

Note that since you can’t buy every jewel, you see; you will need to decide which one to carry. Of course, you will choose them based on specific requirements. In this article, we guide you to the best option to use for jewelry.

Nose rings are some of the most common jewels in the market, making it hard to choose. Like earrings, they come in different styles, sizes and with different features. So if you are on the fence about which ring to go with, then we have you covered.

How to choose the nose ring?

Where will you wear the ring on?

Remember there are many parts of the nose where you could wear the ring, and therefore you ought to be very specific.

· Nostril

This is the most popular one as more people have the piercing just as they do the ear piercing. You, therefore, choose where to get the piercing ‘the left or right nostril.’ Most people prefer the left, but it will also depend on your facial symmetry.

· Septum

It’s becoming just as popular as the nostril one. People like it because it’s versatile and unique. It’s the type worn on the septum. Here there are again many types of rings you can choose, like the circular or captive barbell.

· Nassalang

This one is rare, but you will mostly like it when you find the right piercer. You will have the nostrils and the septum piercing. Also, when you are wearing the ring, then you will have it worn on either side. If you like, you can use a straight barbell. We have different styles of nose rings you could use.

· Austin bar

Austine bar is another one of the not very common piercings but a beautiful one. Here it has the same concept as that of the nassalang, with the difference being that it will not go through the septum. Some people like to use the straight barbell but with the chain flowing.

You see, there are different parts of the nose where you can wear the different styles of most rings, but the above ones are the most common.

The types of nose rings

Remember, when you know the type of nose rings you intend to wear, you can easily choose the one that matches your piercings.

· Nose hoop

This is one of the most popular styles of nose ring. It comes in different styles and colors too. You will therefore choose the one that matches your desired piercing. These rings were much common in the 90s.

In some cases, they will have an open end. You can wear them on your nostrils or the septum. However, even then, you have the captive bead ring, closure rings, seamless segment rings, and more.

· Nose screw

Here is a nose stud nose twister and a nose hook. The name gives you the perfect idea of what the nose ring is about.

You see, it comes with a straight flow, and then towards the end, it bends either to the right or left. This then acts as the backing for the nose ring. With this, then you have to choose the backing side that you would like.

· Fishtail

Here you have the straight nose rings with straight and extra-long lengths. It’s rare for you to find a nose ring that will not fit you as it has customizable lengths.

· L-shaped

This is more common when you just had your piercing. From the name, you have the jewel being a 90-degree angle or the L shape. If you have a problem with the rings falling off, then this is yours to try as it will never fall off.

Check its gauge

This is one of the essential features you have to consider when choosing the nose ring. The gauge is the thickness of the post that you will insert in the nose post. It’s essential to allow the gauge that you already have to guide you to the right one to use.

You will measure the gauge size in millimeters, and mostly some people like the very thick option, which is 18G. If you choose the 20G one, though, you will have it being thinner. Remember, the thinnest we have is 22G, ideal for those who like the silver nose jewels.

So the 14G & 16G jewels are ideal for the septum while the 18G, 20G & 22G are the best for the nostril.

Have you checked on the length?

You can check the length from under the stone where you also have the post. It’s mainly where it starts to bend depending on whether you are talking of L-post, for example. Basically, it’s the length that goes into the piercing. You, therefore, just count the part that’s inside the flesh.

So the easiest is for you to measure it in millimeters. You can also have the caliper serve you in that they then give the accurate measurements.

You could also measure the current nose ring; you have to guide you to the right measurements. It will mostly even let you shorten the wearable length.

Take the time, therefore, to check the diameter as well. These two options determine whether you will have the perfect fit for the jewel or not.

Generally, the ideal length of your nose ring is 6milimeters. However, if you have the thicker or thinner cartilage, it can be 5milimeters or 7 millimeters. Note, though, that unless you have that large nose or the very thick one, the chances are that all the suggested ones above will fit you right.

Check the gem or the decoration.

You will like the part where you pick a sparkly gem to make it visible from wherever you are. You can also decide to check the decoration, thus make sure you stand out. How big do you want the diamond or gem to be? All this is also dependent on the size of your nose.

They can be as large as 7MM or as small as 1.2MM. Of course, the 1.2MM is a micro nose ring, and you can therefore use it for official roles.

You also don’t want to choose an oversized nose ring. If you specifically have a petite nose, chances are that a medium-size nose ring will look oversized. Therefore, ensure you choose the best one based on the size of the nose.

Did you check the post style?

It may seem like not a very crucial point, but it is. How you like it, or the one that makes you comfortable is what you should choose. Check the following options first, though.

· L-post

When you are piercing for the first time, you will find it easy to use the L-post. People like it more because it’s easy to insert. Notice that it’s the ideal choice for you to struggle to get the other posts in, like the U post. This is the most secure option and ideal for you if you like to change your most jewels.

· U- post

Here is one of the attractive options that is meant to fit you securely too. Remember, you will have to thread it through the piercing, and that’s what gives you a secure fit. While they are the best choices, you should get the piercer to insert it for you at first.

It gives you an even more secure fit where it will never fall off. It’s ideal for anyone who likes an active lifestyle as they will never lose it.

· Pin post

This is another one of the most comfortable options to wear. Here you have the little ball on the end of the post pressed through the piercing. That post then secures the jewel in place. Make sure you choose the ones that won’t flip around your nose, and they will therefore stay put and in place.

Choosing the right metal

As you choose your jewel metal, you should match it to the metal style you want to use. Remember the purer the jewel, the safe it is, and the more beautiful it further is.

· Gold

There are different kinds of gold metals, and most of them are precious and good for your nose rings.

For example, white gold is good, but for the fact that it contains nickel, and some people may react to it. This is why you should use either 14 or 18K white gold if you need to.

Yellow gold is another one of the best-known kind of jewel. This is also a safer choice, which is why most people like to use it.

Rose gold, notice that the jewel, in this case, will also give you the best features. It’s beautiful and good looking and its unique style.

· Platinum

This is one of the most durable choices you can ever make. It’s the best looking white metals. This jewel is famous for its strength since it looks more like a diamond.

· Titanium

Another one of the most common metal you can use is titanium, which is safe yet durable. They will never cause skin sensitivity, yet they look perfect. This is also a cheaper option compared to the two above.

· Niobium

This is one of the softest metals you can use. Here you have a softer heavier, and more expensive than titanium metal. If you will, in fact, find the real authentic niobium, then you won’t have a problem.

· Stainless steel

This is readily accessible, and yet it’s also stylish, giving you the silver color too. This looks more precious, and they look nicely beautiful. Don’t forget only to choose the medical stainless steel, though.

Other points to consider

Online or offline

Remember, the jewel industry has a wide range of options that you can buy from. And while you can get them at the store next door, you should also explore the online options. You will like the versatile choices you have. Remember, you just have to know where to buy the jewels.

Remember, when you are buying online, you will need to check the reviews keenly. Reviews give you the exact idea of how the jewel is. Other than that, check for terms like nickel free, hypoallergenic metals, and durability. This, of course, is depending on how long you want to have it.

The star rating is also your guide, as you shouldn’t choose a jewel with a poor rating and expect it to serve you.

When you’re buying the jewels offline, though, you will need to touch it feel it also to know whether it’s an authentic piece.

What’s your budget?

You should have a set budget for the same. Remember you can buy one that costs your thousands while another costs less than $100.

Albeit, it’s not always that the cost determines the quality. The fact that the jewel may be costly doesn’t always mean it’s a good option. Choose it based on the feature you are looking for.

Where should I buy the jewel?

There are many places you can go to find the jewels. But the most common place to find them is in jewel stores. If you want a variety and reasonably priced jewels too, you can go to Amazon, where you will find the authentic jewels.


Which ring type or metal should I use?

While the nose rings are the greatest options you can use in jewelry; you must be sure about the metal you should use. So the best metals are titanium, but you can also use niobium for the metals. For the fresh piercing, consider the metals that done cause sensitivity. Such include titanium and niobium. When it’s a little bit healed, though, you can use surgical steel.

Will the jewels rust?

It all depends on the quality of the metal. Some of them will rust easily, while others don’t. For example, if you are using metals that contain copper or iron, you can be sure it will rust. Keep of metals like sterling silver that are beautiful but hard to maintain.

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