When Can I Change My Nose Piercing (Find Your Answer Here)

Nose piercings are a very significant art that has different symbols traditionally.

Its meanings vary from a different culture to another. Nose rings have become trendy in this generation with updated designs and styles.

Nose piercings, just like any other piercing done on the body, are quite painful. It is a complicated procedure that requires patience through the healing process and pain.

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You might get bored of the nose ring initially installed and feel like you need to change the ring design. Changing the ring almost immediately after piercing is a reckless and unsafe decision. Changing the rings to your preferred model needs a slow and gradual process.

Nasal piercings are fragile and vulnerable piercings that when the rings are removed, the healing process is fast as the hole will quickly close.

When they are changed shortly before the piercing heals, it causes swelling and reddening of the nose.

Nose piercings are very tiny but with new and fashionable designs with each changing time.

However, the piercings have some pain associated with them where the nose rings are placed. This pain continues until the healing process is complete.

Things to consider before deciding to change your nose ring

Before swapping jewelry, there are important facts to look for to avoid hurting yourself. Here are some you can evaluate before changing the jewelry;

When the jewelry choice is terrible.

It is a significant factor when changing the nose rings. You need to understand and know the correct sizes for your septum and nostril piercings, for instance. A wrong gauge of jewelry will bring considerable damage to the nose.

It is vital to double-check the jewels’ surface for any unusual particles and scratches.it also assists in identifying the composition of the jewel.

Nasal jewelry is specifically created for the inner nose due to the sensitivity of the inner nose.

Septum Ring

The jewelry is hook-shaped and circular to prevent the rings from falling out of the nose. The hooked ends stop the rings from drooping on the nose.

Choosing a nickel-free jewel is also essential as nickel accelerates the reaction between the surface of the jewel and the skin.

Allergic reactions.

Allergies are slower in the healing process of the piercings. The piercing takes a long time to heal when the jewel used triggers a reaction.

It is compelling to know the composition of the material used in making the jewel before settling on using it.

Some small bumps may swell from the point of piercing. Using salt water to clean the surrounding of the piercing helps in reducing the swells.

If the jewelry used for piercing is old, changing it is the best decision and replacing it with stainless steel.

It is necessary to ask a professional piercer to change the rings because they are skilled rather than do it at home and add more complications.

Healing time and aftercare

Nostril piercings take about 4-6 months to heal completely. It, however, varies from one individual to another due to different factors.

Levels of stress, diet, and immune system all significantly depend on how the body will respond to the wound.

Changing your nose ring relies on how strictly you follow the scheduled routine management practices given to you by your piercer.

By not following the routines, the healing process and time are primarily extended and may take a lot of time to heal.

Avoid touching the piercings with your hands as they contain pathogens that cause the piercings to react with the jewelry.

The jewelry should also be in the piercing and not removed as the piercings shrink despite how long you have stayed with the piercing.

Septum piercings take a shorter time to heal about 6-8 weeks compared to other nose piercings that take longer because blood flow in the nose cartilage is not much.

Caring for the piercing is mandatory, and failing to do that slows the healing process down, which causes infections and an unanticipated removal of the nose ring.

When at work.

Some professional jobs do not allow piercings in their offices and environment.

Many corporate and standardized industries and organizations gloom at these piercings. You can use other types of jewelry to fix this.

You can also read this article: How to Hide a Septum Piercing.

To avoid the piercing hole from shrinking and closing up, use a “spacer” or a retainer. A spacer is a modest and inconspicuous piece of plastic jewelry that fits into the nose hole, thereby preventing it from closing.

Nose Ring 1

On the other hand, a retainer is a jewelry type that comes in a glass form, and it is usually very clear.

This jewelry tends to hide the piercing from being visible and also prevents the hole from closing.

There is a possibility your colleagues and other people not noticing the jewelry during work time.

The piercer should provide these jewel pieces to you to use for the purpose of work and school to hide them at such places.

You can then return to your regular rings after work or during the weekends.

Artistic and stylish designs

It is one of the primary reasons for changing jewelry because of the wide variety of jewel designs and models found in the market.

They range from horseshoe rings, straight barbells and diamonds, and golds, all of which can be used for different events.

Silver rings are not a good selection for nose piercings as they cannot stay for long periods without their surface attracting pathogens and are susceptible to oxidation.

You can choose the jewelry you want according to your preference and let the piercer change it for you. You can switch and change the jewelry as you want and to your liking at this stage.

The appearance of the piercing.

It would help if you observed your nose piercing appearance once the healing process is done to avoid tampering with the piercing before the healing is complete. Check if the skin on the nose is normal with no infections or bumps around it.

If there is no existence of bumps and the nose is clear, then changing the rings at this stage will not have any significant problems.

Septum Piercing 1

Any presence of redness, discharge from the point of piercing, or bumps would mean the piercing is not entirely healed.

Extra care is needed when using appearance as the only method to identify if your nose piercing is healed, the outer part of your nose may be healed, but that does not necessarily mean that the inside part is healed.

Suppose the symptoms of the swells, discharge, and redness are not making any progress. You should consult with your doctor to ensure no infections are there before considering changing the nose ring.

Ask for assistance from a professional

If you are not sure your nose is completely healed, ask for help from the experts. They will examine and give you all the details on when you can switch the nose ring.

Kiosks and jewelry stores are not the best places to find the answers you need should you have been pierced there.

You should direct your concerns to the experts as they will advise you on the jewelry type and if you have to wait or not for you to swap your ring.

Changing your nose rings by yourself is not advisable if it is the first time. It is imperative to consult with a professional about the processes involved in changing the jewel.

Can I change my piercing after four weeks?

It is essential to care for the nose piercing religiously for quick healing. The precaution measures are crucial in preventing swellings and discoloration of the nose around the piercing. A complete healing process would last for four to six months.

Swapping your nose rings at four weeks is a hasty decision because the piercing would not have healed; however, it happens in very rare cases provided there is no inflammation and swells on the nose.

Septum Piercing Infection 3

It is essential to stick to the correct precautionary measures because this will not prolong the piercing healing process.

If you cannot wait for a maximum of six months to change your nose ring, you need to wait for a minimum of four months but with a lot of supervision and precautions to fasten the healing process.

It is also necessary to consult with your piercer before changing the nose ring for more information and suggestions on what is best.

Changing the nose ring also relies on piercing and the jewelry type used in the piercing. A septum piercing, in particular, takes about 6-8 weeks to heal, while a nostril piercing takes about six months.

The piercing type influences how long the piercing heals and how long it will take to change the rings.

How long should you wait to change your nose ring?

The length at which you should wait to change your nose ring depends on how fast your piercings heal. Your healing cycle is based on certain factors like the body’s immune system, dieting, and how well you take care of the piercing.

It is unnecessary to change your piercing before the healing cycle is complete, but if you contract keloids by any chance, then changing the rings is necessary.

You will have to change them weekly or monthly regardless of how soon your piercing was done.

A nose piercing heals between 4-6 months and after this changing the rings is possible. Any altercation before this would lead to inflammation and infection of the piercing.

It is essential to wait for the complete healing of the piercing before swapping for new jewelry.

How do you know if your nose piercing is healed?

The healing timeline of nose rings runs between 4 and 6 months but with a minimum of 4 months. If you don’t feel the piercing itchy, swelling, or any discharge of pus after this time, then your nose is healed.

Septum Piercing Infection 1

The inside flesh of the nose might not be healed even if the outer part shows no symptoms. The inside flesh might still be delicate; thus, extra caution is required.

However, you are urged to consult with your piercer for examination and confirmation of the state of your piercing.

Is it painful to change the piercing for the first time?

Basically, it depends on how your piercing heals and how you take care of it. Changing the jewelry before it is completely healed is painful.

This is because you may have tampered with the flesh inside the nose, causing sharp pain.

However, if your piercing is completely healed, swapping the nose rings is not going to hurt.

How to change a nose piercing

After the piercing is completely healed, you can swap the nose ring to your own preference. The jewelry can be swapped to fit your style.

While nose piercings are trendy and fashionable, changing the jewelry to your preferred one may not be easy because they are very fragile.

It is essential to learn the correct way to change the nose rings to prevent causing infections to your nose.

Here are some steps to be followed while changing the jewelry;

Wash your hands or use sterile gloves.

It is a crucial procedure that you should not skip. Human hands carry a lot of bacteria from different sources like the doorknobs.

It is vital to wash your hands intensely with soap and water to prevent infections.

You can also use sterile latex gloves for your piercing as they can quickly grab the loose ends of your jewelry and fit them in well.

Remove the existing nose ring.

The piercing should have appropriately healed at this stage. There is a wide variety of nose piercing, but your piercer would have put the most uncomplicated ring design.

This nose ring should be comfortable to pull out without any complications. Before removing the jewel itself, you should first remove the fastener depending on the piercing type.

You should remove the jewelry smoothly and very slowly to avoid tampering with the nose’s inside flesh.

Sock a cotton wool bud into a saline solution and gently rub it on both sides of the nose to sterilize and clean it.

Sanitize the jewelry

The possibilities of the jewel you are about to put in your nose getting into contact with bacteria are high. Clean the new jewelry by placing it inside a saline solution or by using alcohol. This will ensure the elimination of any pathogens on the surface of the jewel.

It should then be left out to dry. Dropping the jewelry in alcohol solutions and inserting them directly into your nose sometimes causes sharp pain; however, the pain does not have any severe damage.

When inserting the new jewelry.

Before inserting the new jewelry, it is essential to sanitize your hands again. Inserting the jewel at this stage is very simple; depending on your jewel’s design, remove the fastener and glide it into the nose piercing.

Try pushing the jewelry in by inserting your finger into the other side of your nose piercing. It will help in fitting the jewelry in the piercing.

After inserting the jewelry, you need to use the fastener to hold the jewelry and prevent it from falling. Fastening these jewelry depends on what type of piercing you have and what model of jewelry is used.

Consult with your piercer.

Should you develop any technicalities or complications after changing the jewelry, consult with your piercer to find the solutions.

If by any chance, there is an occurrence of inflammation and discoloration of the nose, then your piercing was not completely healed. It is essential to visit a doctor if there is no change in the symptoms previously seen.

Risks involved while changing nose rings and taking them out

There are a lot of risks involved while changing the rings. It requires caution and prevention measures that will help in reducing any infection risks.

The skin around the nose is fragile and vulnerable. It requires precaution while removing the nose rings so as not to tear the skin.

Septum Piercing Price 1

Swapping the ring almost immediately after piercing is a risky decision. By doing this, there is a risk of infections and swellings. The skin may sometimes tear, causing the piercing to bleed.

It is essential to be cautious while inserting the jewelry; however, much of the piercing looks healed. Pushing the jewelry using force will cause the tearing of the skin.

You should also ensure that you fit the right gauge of the jewelry into the piercings. Putting a big gauge would cause the same problem of tearing the skin. Sterilizing the new jewelry that is to be inserted in the nose is very important.

Cleaning and washing the hands is vital as, by this, any pathogens that may stick on the surface of the jewel are washed away. It regulates any risks of infection to the piercing and prevents the bacteria’s transportation to the jewel.

What not to do

It is essential to avoid using alcohol, hydrogen peroxides, and spirits during the healing process when washing your face.

Cotton balls tend to stick around the piercing when used for drying; avoid using them by all means as they cause irritations.

Water bodies like the oceans and lakes or any public water bodies are not suitable for your piercing as they facilitate the introduction of new pathogens in the piercing. Avoiding using them will prevent this bacteria.

Is changing the nose rings difficult?

Changing the jewelry in your nose is not a difficult task to undertake. It, however, requires you to be very patient to avoid causing any damage to the skin.

Your piercing has healed immediately. You can then swap as many times you like to fit your style and the occasion in which you are attending.

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