Where Can I Buy Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Pregnancy will change your body structure, making you look different. You will have your belly stretching as well, and that includes your navel or belly button.

So when you have the navel ring, it’s only natural to want to know whether it’s safe to use the ring.

As your belly enlarges, the navel will enlarge, which means your regular ring could rip your umbilical skin, causing danger. Some people decide to remove it altogether, but you don’t have to.

Pregnancy woman with Belly Button Ring

You need to know the right size and types of rings to wear.

While you may still want to slay during your pregnancy with the ring, it shouldn’t be something that you focus on. Sometimes it’s just best to know the safe metals and styles you can use for the pregnancy.

Also, the place where you can buy the rings matters since you won’t buy just anywhere.

What happens to my belly button ring during pregnancy?

Well, you probably are just curious because you just found out you’re pregnant. If this is the case, then congratulation on your pregnancy first.

So here are the things that may happen to you in the coming weeks that regard to your belly ring.

Expect your belly button to stick out.

Of course, when you have been one with the belly button that sticks inside, it may appear strange. This occurs as a result of your abdomen expansion.

When the belly button then pops, that means that your navel stretches as well. You won’t need to do much about it when you know it’s because you’re carrying a soul within.

Of course, some women wish to hide the belly button, but you don’t have to. Visit your doctor to find out if the navel is okay, and at this point, they’ll give you ideas about whether to keep using the jewel or remove them altogether.

It goes flat

This is not one of the most common ones, but it happens sometimes. You will realize that as the baby is growing, then the navel flattens just as the abdomen stretches.

It could go very flat and attached to your skin but don’t worry at this time. Once the pregnancy window elapses, it will go back to normal.

Relax, not everyone’s belly button stickles out, and it should be okay. If you check with your doctor and tell you that there’s no complication, you can keep using the ring.

There may be a stretch, of course, but expect it to be not that bad. Enjoy the different styles and the different sizes too.

For some people, the belly button itches

Sometimes the belly button will become itchy, you know. This occurs as your skin is stretching. When it continues to stretch, then you can expect it to get uncomfortable yet itchy.

Notice that this is not something you will have forever it’s temporary. The itchy feeling should leave you as soon as the baby becomes out.

Remember theirs an average level of the itch, and at some point, it becomes too much. Remember to confirm with your doctor if this occurrence is expected. I bet it may be uncomfortable to use the ring, but you will decide how you want to go about it.

It may hurt for some.

Some pregnant women experience severe pain in the belly button as the abdomen is stretching. There are situations where you have to see a doctor, but not all of them. At this level, of course, you won’t even wear the jewel just because you can’t stand the pain.

With that said, should I take my ring out?

Like we had mentioned already, some of you think that the only way out for this is to get the ring out, but no. Unless you have critical conditions where the belly button is painful, you don’t need to take it out. You can even have the bully button ring on the last day of delivery.

Notice that if you have had the piercing long enough for it to heal, it’s safe to wear them even during the last trimester.

However, the best thing is to buy other belly rings to fit you right during the pregnancy.

Belly Button Ring

Everyone is afraid to hurt the growing baby; thus, most women will ask whether the ring hurts. Well, remember the belly button has nothing to do with your baby. It’s just that the belly button made you connect to your mum. You won’t have it affecting your health or growth in any way.

Nonetheless, your general well-being is essential for the healthy growth of the baby. It’s why you need to clean your belly button to make sure it’s never infected.

So you can wear the rings but be on the watch to make sure the belly isn’t doing anything weird. If you notice that it’s getting red and too stretched, you should remove the ring, then ask your doctor.

Note that your belly won’t get big just in a day. Some people decide to wear the belly ring up until after about six months to make sure they’re safe. After this time then the belly has changed its shape, and the button is very stretched. This is when they decide it’s time to remove it.

Remember, though, that you may lose the hole if you leave it open for a long time. This is why you will need to try the jewels every once in a while.

So what do I need to do if is still want my belly piercing?

You will need to buy flexible and comfortable rings that won’t cause an itching sensation or allow you to lose the piercing.

It would help if you were sure you are buying the safe nickel-free and hypoallergenic options.

Just make sure you only buy the rings that have long pins. This will give room for the piercing not to cover the post. In the end, you want to be comfortable and stylish without looking at your piercing.

If possible, use the comfortable bare made using Teflon, especially since it’s smooth on your skin. Of course, people prefer them just because they are more flexible and not real metal. You can even cut them if you need to.

So where then can you get these pregnancy button rings?

I would say several sites offer belly rings for pregnancy.

You will, however, need to search and find the one that works for you. Amazon is home to everything but most significantly, the best pregnancy belly rings.

I like to buy my day-to-day jewels from amazon because they offer you a wide selection. You will also have reviews to check and understand what the others who have used it previously feel.

Remember to buy the ones with higher star ratings and those with a high level of purchase. In this case, you have to be careful since you don’t need to buy a jewel that will cause skin sensitivity for you.

You will like it at Amazon because you have several options. They will come to you in different styles and colors. This also means you will have the best just with a click. But take your time when you‘re out searching for such. Keep in mind that pregnant women are fragile.

If you try the rings and still feel uncomfortable, you can either consult your doctor or just let the piercing go for now.

Here are the tips to consider when you have a belly button piercing

You’re pregnant but is the piercing healed.

I’m sorry, but if you just got your belly button piercing when you discover you are pregnant, you may need to remove the piercing for now. You can always take another piercing after you give birth.

Remember, you will have different changes in your body. The last thing you should be worrying about is the unhealed pregnancy at this time.

It may become too uncomfortable for you. If you sustain the piercing, then you may have to deal with the piercing hole stretching. If you, therefore, have a more massive hole, then the piercing will take longer to heal.

If you decide to remove it, you should care for the piercing part to heal sooner. Keep the area clean, making sure germs have no room here.


Regardless of whether the piercing is new or not, you have to make sure it’s clean when you are pregnant. So take the time to clean the surrounding spaces, minimizing the pain or discomfort you would naturally develop.

The thing is that if you notice that the button is completely healed, you won’t have a problem with cleaning it all the time.

You don’t want infections.

The easiest way to cure your infections is when care for them daily. The stretching may sometimes cause the tear, and that will then lead to infections.

There are ways you can use to heal your infections. One of the fast ones to do is to use a saline solution if it’s just a mild occurrence. However, if you notice the pain is becoming excessive, you can visit your doctor for advice.

When you have an infection already, you should make sure you keep the area clear. Otherwise, keep cleaning the parts gently when you are in the bath. This is also the time to check for infections.

Change the jewel

You can’t expect to use the same jewel you were using when you weren’t pregnant. There are fabulous and flexible jewels you can use from amazon and other shops.

It would help if you wanted to use the flexible and long ones to make sure the belly doesn’t stretch beyond.

Just make sure the rings you choose are nickel-free and hypoallergenic because the last thing you want is to start handling the itchy sensation.

How about dressing for comfort.

You shouldn’t wear tight clothes, especially around the belly area, to keep the ring. Make sure the ones you wear are loose and that they won’t rub over the jewels. This will then mean that your navel area remains safe.

Why buy on Amazon

I know there are many other shops you could go to, but I encourage you to buy from amazon. If not for any other reason, go out to buy from amazon for these reasons.


I know it’s just the pregnancy belly button ring, but then we all want to choose from a wider selection, remember.

On Amazon, you will have different shops with rings giving you a chance to choose the best one.

The secret, though, is to take the time to choose the one that works for you.


The easiest way to buy anything online is when you can check the reviews as well. Such reviews will then guide you to the right jewel.

Remember, the people who will mostly give the reviews are the legit buyers. So if they’ve heard bad experiences, you shouldn’t also blindly go for the same jewel. Ensure you are reading from a verified purchaser.


Since we have different shops here, the prices may vary, but they are highly competitive. This will work as an advantage to you as the buyer.

Different people sell the same jewel at a different rates. If it has the best review, take it. It may be cheaper than you expect, but that’s just because of the competition.

The description

Amazon will give you the perfect product description making it easy to understand what they are selling.

There may not be any other shop that gives you such a detailed description. So buy from Amazon. They will make you know what you are buying and even how to use it.

Its easier to order from Amazon.

The best part is that you don’t need too many skills to order. They made everyth8ign easy for you to order even when you are new.

You just need to know the keyword, and you are good to go. With a click, you will order and have the package at your door in about a week.

Back to you

Are you looking for the best-looking pregnancy ring? Check it on amazon and decide which one works best for you.

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