White Gold Vs Silver Vs Platinum – What Are The Differences

For most people, white gold, silver, and platinum look the same. I mean, it’s just jewels right, but there are fundamental differences that make each one precisely the metal that it is.

I know you may sometimes not know the exact metal to choose from the three.

In this article, you will learn about them and which type of metal will work best.


The common thing about platinum is that it’s one of the rarest options you could ever have. If you thought gold is rare, then you don’t know of platinum.

The fact that it’s this rare makes it even more costly. Notice that platinum is hard, and as such, you can use it in its pure form to make the jewel.

Platinum necklace3

We know platinum to be a chemical element that’s also dense yet very unreactive. This is why you won’t have it tarnish or corrode when exposed to different weather conditions.

Although it’s hard, it’s also malleable, making it easy to make the different styles and types of jewels. Expect to have it come in a silver white-like color.

Of all other precious metals, this is the heaviest, and thus, the cost is even higher. 60% of all platinum comes from South Africa.

Notice that you will rarely have it make the jewels in their pure form too. You can have it mixed with other alloys to create the perfect design.

The pros

  • It’s durable

We have mentioned already that platinum is mostly a dense and hard metal. This is also the reason why you need a lot of platinum to make the jewel.

This metal has a white sheen that’s also highly resistant to scratch, damage, or corrosion. So it will maintain the shine and over time from a patina, for some people that makes it even better.

  • It will enhance the diamond sparkle.

Its silvery-white color is everything for those who like white-colored metals. But if you have another gemstone like a diamond, the platinum will accentuate the look, making it even more precious and ideal for special events.

Most people use it as part of their wedding bands because they are durable, and they will prevent the reflection of the light on the stone as it will let it radiate out.

Most of the metals we have today have a problem when it comes to tarnishing. If you want one that will last longer and never even tarnish, you should use platinum instead.

  • It looks beautiful

It doesn’t matter the style of jewel you are choosing you will notice one truth that platinum is beautiful and will accentuate your look every single time.


  • It’s expensive

When we are talking of expensive metals, remember platinum is often at the top of the list. The fact that it’s rare doesn’t even make it easier. Still, though it’s expensive, it’s also a worthy option.

  • The weight

While this is a plus for some wearers, some people don’t enjoy the heaviness and would rather use a different metal instead.


Whenever you are looking for a lustrous, shiny, and classy metal jewel, you should go for silver. Silver is naturally soft and malleable, so you can’t use it in its pure form. If you are going to use it, then you have to use it as an alloy.

So let it be known that not all the different kinds of silver are the same. Since you can’t use pure silver to make the jewel, you will use the different types of silver known to make different kinds and perfect jewels.

silver necklace

The most common silver though, is sterling silver, although today you can even use the Argentium silver.

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There are facts you should know about silver. Facts like silver will help in regulating the heat within your body. It will help you balance your body temperature, but it also enables you to improve your mood.


  • It’s affordable

Compared to other metals in the list of precious metals, silver is much more affordable. The reason for this is often its availability or accessibility.

  • It’s versatile

You can use silver for different kinds of jewels. Whether you like bracelets, necklaces, rings, or anklets won’t matter, you can use silver. Besides, you can comfortably attach the gemstone to the silver metal to accentuate their look.

  • It’s light

While some metals may weigh you down, silver will not work since it’s lightweight. It’s a very comfortable metal to wear throughout the day.

  • It’s beautiful

Don’t forget the fact that it blends well with all the different skin tones. You can use it with any of your favorite jewels with ease.

  • Mostly hypoallergenic

Although sometimes silver may contain nickel in its alloy, this is not always the case. You will find that it contains only copper as an additional metal to make the alloy.

You can also find germanium in the case of Argentium silver, which makes it even safer to use.

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  • Tarnish

The number one effect of using silver is that it will tarnish. This is especially true if you are using sterling silver. If this is not something you like, then you could choose Argentium silver.

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  • It’s very soft and therefore, will scratch easily.

Since silver is very soft, it will tend to scratch easily. You can further bend it easily, thus making it not a very good choice.

White gold

Another one of the most common metals when it comes to jewels is white gold. It features the use of pure gold with other metals added to make the alloy.

It will make the silver-white color for the jewels. Often it features an alloy of gold, silver, palladium, and nickel.

white gold necklace 1

So the mix of the colors makes the gold white. The yellow gold will blend with silver to whiten it a little. So you can have the 14K white gold to 21K white gold. The most common choice though is the 14K white gold. I know that people will find the 14k one easy to use on an everyday basis.


Jewelers find it easy to use since it’s a soft metal, and therefore you can make different styles of jewels with it. Jewelers find it very easy to use this metal; thus, they can jog their creativity, making it easy to even add other gemstones to the jewel.

  • It’s just beautiful

Anyone who knows these metals knows that it’s magnificent no wonder, it’s one of the most preferred options. When people are going to their weddings and engagements, they can use this.

The white color can amplify your gemstones. Since it’s a neutral color, you can be sure it will match your different choice of dress codes.

  • Although it’s still costly, it’s cheaper than platinum.

Of course, platinum is, by far, one of the most costly choices. But you can attain the same platinum effect when you use white gold. Notice that gold is not as rare as platinum. If you are not nickel sensitive, you can comfortably use this metal.

  • You have several options to choose from

Jewelers make different versions of white gold jewelry because it’s more readily available. In fact, compared to any other gold type, you will have more options when you decide to use white gold.


  • It’s not hypoallergenic

Anyone who is nicely sensitive will react to white gold because obviously, it contains nickel. So although it looks perfect, it’s not the best option for those with reactive skin.

  • It’s very soft

This is to say it’s also easy to scratch, so you will need to handle it with care or make the dented spots repeatedly.

The differences


When buying jewelry, we all want to buy the ones that will last much longer. While both of these pieces are significant options that will often work for significant life events, the most durable one of the three is platinum.

Remember, it’s harder thus; you can’t scratch or dent it easily. It will maintain the same look over a long time. Even in regards to density, platinum is about 20% denser than white gold and silver.

You won’t even need to polish it as often. White gold is second when it comes to durability, followed by silver. ¬†Platinum will also change its color one time to form the patina finish. Of the three, therefore, platinum is more durable.


This is another one of the most critical aspects of any jewels. And while most of the jewels are safe, we also have those that will cause your skin reaction. That’s not something you wish to experience, remember.

Platinum is more hypoallergenic as it contains no additional hazardous metals. Silver, too, is often hypoallergenic, especially when you didn’t use nickel in the alloy as some brands do.

White gold, on the other hand, is just not hypoallergenic. While it looks perfect, it’s not the best for anyone with skin sensitivity. It has nickel, which is known to cause different skin reactions.

The cost

Of course, we are talking about some of the most precious metals we have in the market. As such, you can be sure they will cost you a little more than the regular metals. Silver is the cheapest of the three, and that’s because it’s readily accessible.

When you are talking of white gold, though, it’s a little more expensive than silver. I mean, it a type of gold, so it has to be a bit costly. Remember, it’s not easy to come by gold either. Besides, it’s considered one of the most valuable metals.


This is a topic we always want to cover before we go out buying the jewels. Silver without a doubt will tarnish, especially sterling silver. However, if you buy Argentium silver, then you can be sure it won’t tarnish. Nonetheless, the most common type of silver is sterling silver.

White gold is part of gold metals that won’t tarnish regardless. This makes it even more attractive. Guess what though even the platinum will never tarnish too.

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Weight and hardiness

Of course, the heavier the metal, the more the cost. In this case, platinum is not only hard; it’s also weighty. As such, the gemstone you would like to set on this metal is safe, as it will hold everything correctly.

On the other hand, both silver and gold are lightweight, especially compared to platinum.

Which metal is great for an engagement ring?

Whether you want to propose or it’s a wedding, you will realize that the most common rings are made using platinum or gold. They may have other additional stones too.

The reason is that metals are not only precious they durable and great-looking.

In most cases, pure platinum is made using 95% platinum. The other 5% features the use of metals like iridium, rhodium, palladium, among others.

Platinum necklace2

Remember, though, that if you buy a platinum ring that has less than 95%PLAT, then it’s considered an alloy.

If you are going to invest in platinum, you must be ready to spend a reasonable sum of money. You will have the advantage which is that you don’t have to polish it. But it’s further very durable you could even pass it down generations if you like.

You can also go with white gold, you know. It’s great looking and durable.

Also, choose the 14K gold that’s a little harder. Rhodium plating is great; it will make it look even better and prevent skin reactions. So if you want white gold, it’s okay.

Most people don’t choose silver because it’s very soft. Also, if you choose metals like sterling silver, it tarnishes a lot more than the other two choices.

For the silver, most people say that if you expose it to harsh weather, it will break or bend over time. So when you want to pop the question choose platinum.

Which one is better of the three

I would say it all depends on what you are after because we presented you with all the great choices in a different aspects. If price is a non-issue for you, then you can choose platinum

If you like the versatility and the perfect looks, choose white gold

If you want affordable with the perfect shine and durability, choose silver.

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